Interview: Luke ‘Gold Jacket’ Eilers From YouTube Talks Girls, Psychology, And The Human Experience

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with Luke Eilers, who has developed a strong following on his YouTube channel, where he focuses on social experiments, human psychology, moral questioning, and other intriguing topics. I first came across Luke due to an experiment he did a few years back dressed up as Santa Claus where he […]

Interview: Jeme Deviny, Former Neumont University Director Of Financial Services, Spills The Beans

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with L. J. Deviny, the former Financial Services Director at Neumont University, a for-profit technical institute based in Utah. Followers of CollegeTimes know that we’ve had several run-ins with Neumont over the past few years after we refused to remove negative student reviews posted on the school’s profile. After […]

Interview: Felicia Anna, Romanian Prostitute From Amsterdam, Humanizes The Life Of Sex Workers

Author’s Note: Below is an exclusive interview with “Felicia Anna” (pseudonym), a Romanian prostitute working in Amsterdam. I came across her comments on YouTube in regard to a prank video that CollegeTimes had written about in August 2014. Intrigued, I checked out her recently launched blog where she offers unique insight into the world of […]

Interview: BFMin, Korean Graffiti Artist From Seoul, Talks About His Inspirations, Challenges, & Hip Hop

BFMin poses in front of a tunnel in Apgujeong, Seoul, Korea. He was among the first well-known graffiti artists to emerge in Korea in the late 1990s. A.K.A. “Case Study in Korean Hip Hop Culture” – Interview with BFMin, a professional graffiti artist from Seoul, Korea July 2007 As hip hop music and culture spreads […]