The Princeton Review Reveals Top 5 Luxury College Dorms

By   |  August 24, 2009

College students are trading in ramen noodles and futons for posh college amenities. Why not live like a rock star in college? You can always cram some roommates together in an apartment after you graduate and start making your student loan payments. Princeton Review’s The Best 371 Colleges 2010 rates colleges based on dorm comfort. If you want to study in style, here are the top 5 college dorms that made the “Dorms Like Palaces” list by the Princeton Review.

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# 1 Smith College Dorms (Northampton, Mass.)
Tuition & Fees:  $37,758 / yr
Room & Board: $12,622 /yr
Weekly tea parties & Candle-lit dinners with teachers: Priceless

As an all-girls college, it makes perfect sense to focus on romance and creature comforts.  This liberal arts college woos the ladies with intimate housing arrangements. Students live in spacious wood-frame or brick houses on a beautifully landscaped campus – “complete with a pond and a waterfall”.  It is a tradition at this school to have weekly tea party socials and candle-lit dinners with faculty served in the comfort of their homey dorms.

#2  Loyola University in Maryland Dorms (Baltimore,MD)
Tuition & Fees: $36,240 / yr
Room & Board: $9,740 /yr
Food catering service: Priceless

As with most universities, there is no such thing as a “school cafeteria”. Students get “dining services.” Perhaps what makes these dorms special -aside from the unusually large walk-in closets, is the dining options. There are over 10 full-blown restaurants spread out on this campus. Students can chose between Sushi, Indian, Italian, or southwestern cuisine along with American delis. This Jesuit-based college offers catering services if you would like to host a study group.

#3 Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Dorms (Needham, MA)
Tuition & Fees: $37,900 / yr
Room & Board: $13,485 /yr
Required to live on campus: Pricey

In addition to high-tech data ready connectivity of their residences, there is a homey feel too. Students enjoy fireplaces in the residence hall lounges, private baths, air conditioning, and cable. This college also features “Just-In-Time Cooking,” a service where dining faculty prepares food to order. The eclectic and varied menu in the dining hall includes vegetarian, vegan, and healthy choice selections. Unless given an exception from the Dean of student life, all students are required to live on campus.

#4 Scripps College Dorms (Claremont, CA)
Tuition & Fees: $37,950
Room & Board: $12,600
Sea foam graduation gowns: Priceless

According to their website, #4 on their “Top Ten Reasons to Attend Scripps College” is the designer chimney tops on the campus buildings. Designed by architect Gordon Kaufmann, the chimney tops were crafted “with individuality in mind”. Their top ten list of reasons to attend this all-female college also include: the secret gardens (#7), fresh baked cookies (#9), and the sea foam graduation gowns (#10).  As far as dorms go, Students enjoy rooms with balconies, walk-in closets, private bathrooms and community living rooms with a grand piano and fireplace.

#5 Bennington College Dorms (Bennington, VT)
Tuition & Fees: $39.760/year
Room & Board: $11,100 /year
A weekly dose of chocolate-covered strawberries: Priceless

This campus resembles nothing less than a beautiful country club retreat. At Bennington, “dorms” are referred to as “houses”. Students can choose a house based on its architectural style – from modern to traditional New England. Most houses have a kitchen and living room complete with fireplaces.  As with many of the colleges on this list, the dining hall serves entrees from Thai to Cajun to Italian with a wide range of options, including vegetarian and vegan selections.

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