War and Conflicts of Humanity

By   |  December 17, 2008

The  concept  of  war  conflicts  with  the  principles and values  of  our  Humane  Society, even though  throughout  history  war  and  violence  have  been  a  vast  notion  of  sustaining  the Americas  as  well  as  many  other  countries’  imperialistic qualities. It’s  nature  is both  reckless  yet  sometimes  necessary  to impose concepts  of  governing  and  manners of conduct. violence  in  itself  is  a  major  part of  insinuating  war  abroad  America  and  various countries. Starting  usually  at  home  from  ideologies  that  conflict  is  a  significant  part  of our  nature  as  human  beings.

I believe we as humans are not destined to violence or war, granted the ability to sort and analyze our circumstance and act according to what we are taught and exposed to. It is in the nature of animals to find conflict through instinct of survival. As humans have taken this very portion from being part of the class of mammalia and magnified it to the altitude of warfare. This is not our destiny however an imminent poise we as humans have manifested because of enforcement of law and acts of sabotage.

Due to our nature to find meaning in our fluctuating lives and maintain the security of our own beliefs we impede war as a resort when failing to find harmonious options of living amongst one another. For example a person may be destined for greatness. Throughout this persons experiences in life they may find themselves in a position in which they will divert away from the path towards achieving greatness. In a sense war is a stepping stone to enduring a circumstance while your true calling still awaits you.

No one in life no matter where we are should seize to exist due to efforts of conformity. Which is why I feel we are not properly asserting ourselves to our highest degree of reasoning and making amends. I think war is a means to empowerment such as empowering oneself with steroids but by no means does that mean you are destined to become a body builder. This very nature of humans deprives all of humanity and has a domino effect on us all. America represents freedom we are responsible for setting this precedence that war is not a necessity. We must act peacefully to achieve it.

“ The  world  has achieved  brilliance  without  wisdom,  power  without  conscience. Ours  is  a world  of  nuclear  giants  and  ethical  infants.  We  know  more  about  war  that  we  know about  peace,  more  about  killing  that  we  know  about  living”.

I believe this statement is self explanatory. War is a mere mind state believing there is no other way of achieving greatness within countries abroad without conflict in war. Often the concept  and reason for war is the layout as the foundation of consigned peace throughout our nation. To achieve peace can never surface if we are so readily able to kill another or destroy another’s view of living. We as Americans believe and have constituted the right to express our own ideologies and freedom of speech.

Yet we contradict these same beliefs fighting abroad other countries claiming to void disparity and create opportunities for peace. We all see on media the death tolls scratching the surface and causing even more conflict and dislike of our methods to justifying war. Wherein we manage to construct peace for some the negatives far out weigh the positives and are objective to accomplishing democracy. Negativity in any manner can never produce positivity. If it is deemed necessary for one to think positive in order to see positive results.

We must create an equal right government in Foreign countries abroad without acts of violence. Resorting to war in any sense of reasoning regardless of the intent is just barbaric. We claim to be a country of leadership and justice for all. Yet we are willing to eradicate those which we consider Tyrants in a means to upholding our law of equality. Peace can never be achieved this way.

“ Give  me  the  money  that  has  been  spent  in  war  and  I  will  clothe  every  man, woman,  and  child  in  an  attire  of  which  kings  and  queens  will  be  proud. I  will build  a  schoolhouse  in  every  valley  over  the  whole  earth.  I  will  crown  every  hillside with  a  place  of  worship  consecrated  to  peace”.

This quote goes back to what I mentioned before about the true intent and reasoning behind War and violence. While violence itself can be an impulsive reaction to feeling threatened or deprived of some sort. Warfare has been proven to be a stipulation of accumulating mass funds for major corporations and government facilitated organizations. Since when has achieving peace or democracy at least what it stands for  been a course of financing our economy. Claims have been made that eliminating war would prove to be devastating to corporations such as Haliburton. As well as technological and manufacturing industries.

Our economy would lose large sectors of our society thus providing less opportunities for employment. However, aren’t we in a large economical deficiency due to war and the over spending of budget cuts provided for such companies that fuel war as we speak. There have been cases of precast profits for example the San Francisco based construction and engineering giants (Betchtel) have received reputations of being lucrative. While following the track records of such profits may be true. There is also truth in the matter of given budgets to improperly reconstruct schools within opportune time. As well as failure to reconstruct a large hospital in Basra.

I would think such organizations built on the greed of money consumption would prove to be contradictive to the state of achieving peace abroad. Knowing this I would suspect will cause more chaos and corruption across foreign countries as well as faithfulness in our own. Democracy can never be achieved under such circumstances.

War and peace the concept of it indeed is loathsome. If we as humans are destined for peace it could never be cohesive with a peoples destiny of martyring. Lasting peace will never be attained through humans dying for this achievement. It’s like setting a goal to acquire a degree. Could it be possible to see through to the end and accomplish it if one dies for it. Who then will be the bearer of it and if it’s not to be achieved in one’s lifetime relinquishing their life for another to witness it. Would that individual not feel discomfort in accepting peace after fathoming the reality it took to get to that state.

Just like the author Leo Tolstoy expressed in his own discomfort analyzing the Russian society during the Napoleonic Era. Often feeling contradicted by his own interpretation of War and the attempt of finding peace. For the sake of censorship he had to revise his original text and compose a new edition he felt disgusted with. America and path to conforming democracy in foreign countries invokes this same loathsomeness. Glorifying our troops in support of their atrocious acts of killing and sabotage as well.

Destiny is inevitable and war is not the answer nor are we as humans destined for acts of violence amongst one another. Since the beginnings of war propaganda has played a strong role in manipulating humanistic beliefs and structure of existing. As humans we should turn those same efforts over to exploiting ways to coexist with one another. How we all can benefit from each other and live according to the true meaning of justice and peace. For example of why sabotage or enforcing one’s law which may constitute for peace is simply not achievable.

“Hate  begets  hate; violence  begets  violence; toughness  begets  a  greater  toughness. We must  meet  the  forces  of  hate  with  the  power  of  love…  Our  aim  must  never  be  to defeat  or  humiliate  the  white  man,  but  to  win  his  friendship  and  understanding.” — 1958

This  quote  is  critical  to  any  aspect  of  violence,  conflict,  or  war.  It  pertains  to  our  thought  and  reactions  to  those  we  consider  our  enemies  or  a  threat.  How  are  we  as  humans  to  counteract  our  opposition  and  achieve  our  true  destiny  as  humans  through  afflicting  the  same  behavior  on  those  who  inflict  pain  and  suffering.  Peace  will beget  peace  and  it’s  just  as  simple  as  that  being  said.  The  road  to  achieving  lasting  peace  by  disposing  peace  in  our  approach  has  proven  to  only  magnify  the  multitude  of  disaster.  We  must  set  a  new  agenda  to  reproach  this  matter  of  war  and  violence  with  an   impeccable  drive.

We  must  stop  thinking  in  the  aspect  of  Darwinism’s  “  Survival  of  the  fittest”.  Because  we  as  human beings  are  all fit  to  survive  once  we  adapt  to  integrating  amongst  each  other.  Social  Darwinism  explains  a  theory  that  competition  among  all  individuals,  groups,  nations,  or  ideas  drives  social  evolution  in  human  societies. That  is  true  but  doing  so  has  concluded  it’s  not  so  much  of  a great  evolution  we’ve  come  to  now  is  it.  Yes  we  have  come  so  far  with  our  ideologies  of  diversity,  equal  opportunity,  technological  industries,  arts,  energy  and  culture.

Although  we  are  far  from  being  effective  in establishing  peace  as  the  only  resort  to  pioneering  the  values  and  benefits  of  long  lasting  peace  within  humanity.  First  we  must  seize  the  notion  of  war  and  violence  being  an  intricacy  and  sensibility  to  the  nature  of  humanity.  Once  this  is  accomplished  then  we  can  pave  the  road  for  a  peaceful  and  unified   life  for  all humans.

“If  we  have  no  peace,  it  is  because  we  have  forgotten that we  belong  to  each other”.

This is the outlook we should all have on each other as the human race, one race of people coming together for a common goal. We are all the same and need to realize this in order to settle the state of crisis we all have been in since the beginning of mankind. If it was meant for us to destroy each other would we have survived  this long. For some mysterious reason we continue to reproduce at such alarming rates creating more chances of achieving what is our sole purpose for humanity. That sole purpose is to harmonious with one another and develop one nation under all.

“Imagine  all  the  people  living  life  in  peace. You  may  say  I’m  a  dreamer,  but  I’m not  the  only  one.  I  hope  someday  you’ll  join  us,  and  the  world  will  be  as  one”.

I continue to emphasize this very point and way of thinking and encourage all to carry this message with them in order to achieve what is not impossible but may seem at times. We all need to understand we all face hardship, and  we are all in dire need of support. Once we can admit this to ourselves then we  are responsible of commitment to these beliefs. We must understand the human race is not divided but one to the conjunction of our survival. “Peace  is  not  only   better  than  war,  but  infinitely  more  arduous”. I will close my point with this statement if we are to find peace amongst ourselves we must seize with ideologies because it only stirs up confrontation.


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  1. Fighting the terrorists !
    who are the terrorists ? USA ,,, CIA USA ,,, CIA USA, this was the slogan that the protests were chant-ing years ago.

    The continuation and supporting the continuation of the armed resistance in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the armed resistance of the Islamic State of Iraq as well as the resistance in the pakistan is the only way thats guarantee the continuation of the most robust defensive frontline to prevent criminal America warmongers from continuing its aggressions on the world.

    Its almost, more than 9 years ago when the criminals-warmongers ignited wars on the world, wars on the freedom and wars on the mankind which are all aimed for depopulations and for disaster infliction on the planet. Criminals-warmongers began war on the Afghanistan as a first step and then began another war on Iraq as further step and already had planed to go on for igniting more wars everywhere else !

    At the earlier stages, everything went out of the expectations of the warmongers. Criminals-warmongers were confronted by the most fierce and the most intensive armed resistance in the both countries in which the military capabilities of the warmongers were wrecked and are no longer properly functional.


    Eternal War For Imperfect Mankind “For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world.”

    American Threats: Building a Pretext to Wage War on North Korea?

    Stop NATO’s orientation is anti-militarist, international and internationalist.

    U.S. intelligence, criminal espionage agency, penetrated the heart of the Ecuadorian police force.

    A third US sponsored coup d’etat against a member state of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas.

    Gloria La Riva: ‘U.S. behind coup in Ecuador, details will come’

    The terrorism activities by the criminal espionage agency CIA.

    Death Squads in Iraq

    Ex-C.I.A. Aides Say Ayad Allawi Helped Agency in 90’s Attacks

    Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

    New Death Squad in Iraq

    CIA-Sponsored Child Abduction & Prostitution

    CIA, criminal espionage agency, crimes

    Unreported war is being waged by the United States, and Britain, to restore power to the privileged classes.

    The Secret Wars of the criminal espionage agencies CIA.

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