What I Learned, I (Didn’t) Learn in the 2008 Elections…

By   |  September 2, 2008

Reading through latest TIME magazine issue, there was a short but fairly enticing article entitled ‘The Moment – Day One: Back to School‘ that reminds readers that most primary and secondary schools across America are about to or already are in session.  It also reminds readers that both main candidates in the upcoming elections are not really giving any new or substantial plans to upgrade and prepare these students for the 21st Century…an issue that over the past decade has become a bigger and harder one to deal with.

Yes there are some charismatic messages, such as from Obama who vigorously told viewers, in his latest Democratic Convention speech, that he supports the “moral obligation to provide students a world-class education,” and sure, both sides do have a small list of talking points from replacing the ineffective ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ to creating ‘Online Tutors.’ However, a lot of heavy issues linger such as overcrowded school systems, unprepared second-language students, a lack of true national current globalization curriculum, stories of the resurgence of shorter school weeks, to school buses coping with soaring gas prices, and the list goes on.  These views come into play whether one’s view is nationally or locally oriented and whether one may already have plans to send his/her daughter or son to a private or charter school and much more discussion needs to be made.  Simply looking around Orange County and Southern California and taking a look into the various schools in Santa Ana to Costa Mesa, these issues permeate everyone’s life.

Luckily, talk is slowly trickling down from both candidates and the public should hear more from a much more intimate debate between the two senators in the coming month.  Additionally, of course, education is just one of a bevy of issues facing the presidential nominees, but it’s another reminder, in the face of ‘Back to School’ sale specials, of what is definitely at stake in this upcoming election for adults and children and children alike.  The President may not have the power to drastically change the way an old clock works but does have the ability to inject new life and ideas.

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