You call this a (good) strategy, McCain?

By   |  August 29, 2008

Way to steal the spotlight from Obama!

I was shocked this morning when greeted with the news that McCain had announced his VP pick – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

I had already heard about Palin in the news when she gave birth to her youngest child, Trig, who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.  It was impressive that a mother who already had four children chose to not terminate her pregnancy due to the prenatal diagnosis, but that she was a major political figure to boot.  I was also shocked when she returned to meetings at work just days after giving birth, but I understand that such sacrifices must be made when you have such a high-powered position where hundreds of thousands depend on her leadership.  Of course, the public must be understanding when it comes to her personal life and the caretaking of the newest addition to the family.

Well, how about when millions of people are depending on you?  How understanding is an entire country to one’s personal dealings?

I am a liberal Democrat, through and through, but even I don’t think McCain being elected President of the United States would be the End of the World (like it felt when Bush was – *choke* – re-elected).  But there’s the very real issue of McCain’s age – he turned 72 today.  Although his health seems to be in good condition, we all know how quickly things can turn for the worst at an advanced age, which means his VP pick better be a damn good back-up.

It’s kind of funny then that he picked someone who was 1) young and 2) pretty inexperienced, two supposedly negative traits he has built a campaign against Obama on.  So why choose her?

Unless you’ve had your head in a hole, the answer is pretty obvious: he’s looking to scoop up Hillary’s voters.  It’s a cheap shot, and he knows it.  It’s also a crazy risky move, one that will be recorded as brilliant if he makes it to the White House.  However, as a woman who has been pro-Hillary (and still is), there’s absolutely no way I would vote for McCain simply because he chose a woman as his running mate.

On the contrary, it makes me dislike McCain even more and actually lose respect for him.  Clearly, he doesn’t think he could win based on his platform and what he has to offer this country alone so he instead chooses to use a gimmick.

Yes, choosing Palin is a gimmick.  She has nothing to offer this country – yet.  She is too green and inexperienced and the McCain campaign will probably use this to their advantage as well.  How in the world would she stand up to super-experienced Biden in a debate?  Can you imagine if Biden ate her alive and how the public would respond?

I think it’s important that there are more women in leadership positions to look up to, but Palin is not VP material, nor presidential material.  (Not yet, anyway.)  But in my opinion, Palin’s greatest weakness is also her greatest asset: motherhood.  Yes, it is possible to balance career and family life, but being Vice-President???  Especially having a baby with Down’s Syndrome?

I know she most likely has nannies, and I have my own opinions about that.  Sorry, but my stance is pretty firm on this issue: small children need their mothers, and I doubt having such a position allows for much free time.  It sounds to me like it involves a lot of travel and a lot of stress.  Honestly, I wouldn’t think much of her being a mother if all of her children were teenagers, but they’re not.

Whatever the outcome, no one could ever state that this election year is boring!

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  1. My thoughts exactly. While I’m all for female advancement, it just doesn’t seem appropriate in these circumstances. All political issues aside (as that’s a whole ‘nother story), the vice presidency is a demanding position unlike any other, and with a baby in tow, I can’t imagine her efforts would be optimized being split like that.

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