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25 Student Reviews of Centennial College : Progress

  • This college is located in an area which has bigoted white people who harass and attack Sikhs and Muslims.

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  • If it weren’t for the international students, this campus would be just another boring, uptight and bland suburban campus. The Canadian university and college lifestyle is not what is seen in American television. There is a growing suspicion of single males, females are taught to hate males, and the local Canadians are welcoming of your money, but behind your back they join racist Facebook groups and want you to leave.

    Regarding Centennial College, this is located in a remote part of Toronto and there is absolutely NOTHING fun around this area, except for condos, condos and more condos!

    If you have gaps between your classes, there is nowhere to enjoy some time. In this campus, just like every campus in Ontario, are posters warning men that approaching females on campus is “sexual harassment”, and illegal posters on notice boards encouraging white males to fight migrants.

    As a non-white student, you have no love or sense of belonging in Canadian campuses.

    Centennial College has a larger international student population which makes it better for a non-white student, but if you plan to spend upwards of $20,000 a year to study in Canada, you might as well give Bernie Madoff your money.

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  • I’m not sure if you’re going to get a job in the general labour market unless you have connections.

    Jake, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of the immigration system that enriches the few Canadians, but unpaid internships exist at this college, and getting paid Co-op placements are dwindling.

    There is an unpaid internship which requires a semester worth of tuition, and this doesn’t guarantee a job.

    Canadian citizenship is a joke these days!

    Once the right-wing government cuts healthcare and eliminates social safety nets, lots of immigrants and even Canadians will flee the country.

    Toronto is declining and is going towards third world status, and I’m from a third world country and view Canada as a scam.

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  • Who told you that international students want to work for free. They start working the day they land here through corrupt employment agencies. They work more than 20 hours as stipulated by law. They don’t attebd classes, cheat and force profs to water down the learning. The government and college administrators are corrupt as they fill their classes. After graduation, these students get work permits and residency. It is an easy way of comming into the country. Serious international students only go to university.

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  • I used to remember way back in 2012 that my high school counsellor would encourage us to go to college rather than university due to the “practical” education at the colleges compared to the theory syllabus at university.

    But today, college is no different than university. As a fact, it’s far worse. I studied for FOUR years gaining my advanced diploma in a field that was in-demand while I was in high school, and the only jobs that I’ve discovered are unpaid work internships and entry-level data entry or cashier jobs.

    What has happened to Canada?Ten years ago, one could get a high school diploma and start working at a bank or retail place and work their way up, but today, advanced diploma and bachelor diploma graduates are struggling to even find jobs to work for free and unpaid interns.

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  • Getting a job after graduation is very hard, and I’m a Canadian.

    Some of my friends complain that the only jobs that are being offered at this campus involves working for no pay or employee benefits (volunteer) for 20 hours+ a week for a few months, while being employed in the company is a 1 in 80 chance, as only one student was offered to work as a full-time, salaried employee.

    The remaining 79 were not hired and the company left them to fend for themselves in this costly city of Toronto.

    It baffles me why Canada encourages fake students to enrol in our post-secondary schools to cheat their way into Canadian citizenship, while bribing gov’t officials in the process.

    I can’t find a job despite my program and GPA, but thousands of international students are able to work part-time.

    I don’t hate on them for their determination, but some of these international students were in the limelight recently for buying their way to PR and also offering to bribe hiring Managers for a job.

    Graduates are having a hard time finding even work for free jobs at this college!

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  • @Cotton:

    This is what happens when Canada brings in too many third worlders from mice-level populations. They drive down wages and raise up house prices.

    The working for free thing is new to me, but this is insanity!

    This is even worse than illegal migrants offering to work for half the legal wage down in the USA!

    Who is that clownish to work for nothing, especially in this expensive city?!

    You know what is even worse? Pajeets bribing immigration lawyers here tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands to obtain jobs in gas stations and convenience stores.

    What has Canada come to? I don’t want our country to be like those sh!tholes in Asia tbh!

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  • The problem is that many students from overpopulated and caste-system countries would rather live in Canada, at any cost, even if it means working for free.

    The only foreigner students who scoff at work for free are those from former colonies which experienced slavery. They know what’s up with the colonial exploitation of non whites in this country.

    Globe and Mail: Mr. Nguyen says he’d much rather do unpaid work at the ad firm this summer than get paid to do labour that wouldn’t help his long-term career goals.

    “I tell my friends who make fun of me and say, ‘Oh I’ll buy you this because you can’t afford it,’ I say, ‘Well … I’m getting paid in the experience. I’m getting paid in knowledge. I’m getting paid in connections.’ ”

    Nguyen is a Filipino name, and like many Filipinos, would accept anything to improve their living situation than live in Manila slums, but working for free? C’mon man don’t be naiive.

    Canadians want you to work for free, while they become richer from the rent you pay them and also for your free labour they benefit as profits and dividends.

    The CEO of this college earns almost half a million per year, the student dean earns almost 150k a year, the administrators earn almost Sunshine list wages, but you as a student or graduate with a pile of debt will settle working for $0.00?

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  • Those social justice warriors complain of capitalism & patriarchy, yet they will work for free for the same capitalists and bourgeois patriarchs who rule Canada.

    Ever heard of sunk cost fallacy? Who in their right mind would invest tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds, to study at a post-sec school to only have exploitative unpaid jobs waiting for them?

    And I thought that the stereotype of the Arts major graduate serving coffee for min. wage at Starbucks was bad.

    Would these colleges offer free room and board rather than gouging students with exorbitant rental prices? Surely not!

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  • I’m not sure if the college is money grabbing or unreasonable, but recently Centennial sent an email demanding that all students pay their upfront deposit plan before mid-June. However, there is no Osap deferral option on the payment website. When I contacted the school, they said it was ‘technical difficulties’ yet demand that I pay through other options, which would not be available as I’m not a piggy bank.

    I used $200 of my own money to load on a prepaid Visa, and now the school demands that I pay this in person, but the school doesn’t accept cash, and I have to provide 2 pieces of ID to pay with Visa. This is highly onerous.

    And yes, lots of students who was aware of the internship scam, forcing students to work for free when they should be paid for their labour. It should be condemned in Ontario to pay someone $0 for doing work that a paid salaried employee would be doing.

    By the way, many professors have job insecurity, that they protested a while back because they were not being compensated properly and having their contracts respected, while the Deans and CEO earn six figures.

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  • At: Your Well Wisher January 10, 2019

    It’s almost every college and university in Toronto which has this problem. High school educated school administrators earning and retiring with six and seven figures, while graduate of even Masters and Phds working as cashiers at Tim Horton’s or cleaning toilets for minimum wage.

    Toronto’s educational system is ranked by social status, and if one wasn’t born into a certain class of education, such as being educated in the top private schools, their futures are bleak compared to what was once a middle class lifestyle. Only the elite privileged are becoming richer in this country, and this is a fact.

    International students pay $20,000 in fees and tuition, to apply for $0 pay, an unpaid internship as one student has lamented.

    This should be a shame, that students are spending these types of cash to have the college offer only unpaid internships where the job is working for free. This is unbelievable in a first world country.

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  • Working for free is the only job that you will get after studying for several years at this college?

    You apply for thousands of dollars, to pay that tuition, to work for free?

    Canada is a scam for immigrants.

    It doesn’t matter how much money you waste studying, the Canadians will give you a hard time getting a job in your fields! The Canadians only want you to pay lawyers, bureaucrats and bring in money into the country, nothing else!


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  • Studying in Canada overall is a bad deal for you if you are not White and Canadian. They only want your money, but the system is racist against you if you apply for those cushy and well-paid jobs, as they are only for the Canadians.

    There is no option for OSAP students to pay their down payment via the online portal, but they would suggest that you pay this down payment before the deadline.

    It makes little sense because it’s their fault for not upgrading the payment system online. There is however, payment options to pay a higher down-payment, or in full.

    Regarding jobs and networking opportunities, this college was advertising an internship called Design Jam, which promised job readiness and “working” on a “project” for employers.

    However, at the info session, the Co-ordinator, a white individual, while the majority of applicants were International students of racialized backgrounds, stated that these projects are unpaid, i.e. work for free jobs.

    This didn’t mention this before the info session, but only waited last minute when everyone who sent their resume had to attend this info session. I wasted hundreds of dollars for clothing and accessories, but to work for free?

    What irked me was that these employers were basically demanding work experience and job duties which would have replaced a salaried employee.

    What was icing on the cake, was when one of the applicants asked the Info Co-ordinator if there is a chance for permanent and paid employment. The answer was that of almost eighty interns working for free, only ONE was given a permanent job.

    Who pays tens of thousands of dollars in tuition to work for free?

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  • If you want to build your career then don’t think to choose this college even in your nightmare. If you want to ruin your life, money and time then choose this college. If you already choose this college, then my friend GOOD LUCK!! (or change ASAP). Don’t expect to gain any knowledge from these college.

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  • These is worst college in the whole Canada. They just need your money, specially if you are international student. They have worst teacher to teach except some exceptions.
    recommend to never go to these college.

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  • Beware of this college, and any other college located in Toronto! Not only is college education very expensive in Toronto, there is hatred towards racial minorities by these white females who claim that there is “rape” on campus while calling security on hundreds of innocent men just for existing on the campus.
    There was this one white female who dressed like she works in a brothel, and I was waiting in front of the door for the other class to finish, and while she walked past by, she turned at me, stared at me and gave an angry face. I did nothing!

    I could have almost been falsely accused of rape on campus. These white females on campus in Toronto are like Ku Klux Klan Nazis using feminism to promote their veiled, sneaky racism on visible minority groups!

    I regret wasting over 30k in foreign student tuition to attend this college so far; but at least I earn a diploma after 50k in tuition and living costs for a three-year diploma. I can’t wait to move back to Australia and never come back. The white female students are racist women in Canada.

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  • They litteraly just want your money. Especially if you are an international student

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  • Mr. Jerry, I feel your pain.

    Centennial College is in fact much worse, antisocial and no fun compared to other campuses in Toronto mainly because the Progress Campus is located in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t even anything to do.

    The majority of the female faculty train the female students to become militant femi-nazi that as a visible minority, I feel like I am not wanted on campus because the females on campus, mostly the pales, keep on giving off this dirty look at me.

    When I told my friends in the States about this, they bluntly stated that it is no different than when pre-Civil Rights America endured racism against former Black slaves by using rape libel against lower class men.

    I do not think it is even helpful for a man of any colour to be on that Centennial college campus because it is disturbing that every bulletin board contains racist libel and rape hysteria about the delusional claim that there is rape on campus that there is even a flyer which encourages students to “intervene” when there is a sexual assault on campus. Like, right? As if anyone would risk getting stabbed or gunned down by a violent rapist, should that rapist even benefit the opportunity to rape some innocent feminazi snowflake after bypassing the tremendous numbers of security guards, surveillance cameras and the nearby Markham Road & Sheppard Ave East police department? Where is that rapist going to run away from the crime scene? The 401 expressway?

    Centennial College and any other post-secondary institution in Toronto are incubators for feminazis and man-hating women who promulgate rape hysteria on campus. My advice is that you seek a campus which is far away from Toronto. It only appears that in Toronto that there is this anti-male discrimination packaged as rape hysteria and fear of men which would cause Americans to revolt because even my friends view the feminist agenda in Toronto as racist as the Segregation Laws of the pre-Civil Rights United States before Martin Luther King Junior and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    At least in Montreal I heard that the campuses there is nightlife, less stucky behavior and more acceptance of other diversities than in Toronto. Toronto campuses are like Segregation because of the pale feminazis who influence the education system in Toronto.
    The only reason that the complaints about feminazis at Centennial College are more common is because there is no where to seek refuge, compared to downtown Toronto where one can at least visit a stripclub between classes. There aren’t even any of those adult entertainment venues near Centennial College. I walked about 30 minutes to relax at the nearest Massage Parlor, but if I were at UofT, Ryerson, or even Humber College, I would only need to walk 5 minutes to seek relief from those feminazi witches who infest Toronto campuses. It sure is great to be 18 and over because that is the age to enjoy some adult venues rather than that Puritan, neo-FeminaziVictorian campus in Toronto.

    Oustiders might wonder why the percentage of complaints are about women, but feminazi professors & female students turn those college campuses into no-fun, anti-male zones which marginalize men because of indirect discrimination.

    Only in Toronto do they view a white female Professor as being more oppressed than a poor Black child living in Orton Park or Jane & Finch in Toronto.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • There are a few incompetent teachers at Centennial who are guilty of favouritism toward young women. As a young strong man I receive little to no help from teachers or e-mail response. If you are going to school through Second Career do not go to Centennial, as soon as my funding is up I’ll be taking my credits to George Brown.

    When I voiced my concerns with “Student Relations” I was met with an asshole who was trying to goad me into a verbal argument to gauge how I was going to handle the director/professor meeting. Now that the summer is over and I bought my complain forward with Security through the proper channels regarding The Violence and Safety Policy I have heard nothing.

    The entire summer I spent trying to resolve this issue with the teacher and director of SETAS was a complete and utter waste of time, nothing was accomplished. I requested to have a separate marker for my course work and I was denied, I redid the course load and the same professor failed me again, no doubt based on bias. I was provided with ZERO feedback, and the director was of no help accept to try and placate me.

    There is fuck all places to go around Centennial and the housing situation is grim and expensive for the students who live on res. as well. With little to no options in the vicinity to buy food you are forced to buy expensive cafeteria food.

    The administration doesn’t know how to operate their online registration system properly and as a result has to field thousands of registration fuck ups that the students end up paying for.

    You pay for “full-time status” which means you aren’t paying for your course load, you are paying for a minimum course load. So it doesn’t matter if you are taking 4 courses or 8. In a way it’s good if you can handle a large course load but if you suffer from anxiety like myself you end up paying more and getting less.

    There aren’t enough tutors at the school, booking fills up quickly and you aren’t able to book a week in advance only a few days, people ape the system and hog it so other people who are in need can’t use it.

    There are peer lead study groups but good luck finding one during a time when you don’t have class, as there is only one a day at the same time every day. If you live 2 hours away from campus forget about it.

    Having to take transit to this school makes it almost entirely unbearable, I’ve been so stressed I’ve needed to start taking medication.

    Don’t bother trying to get together with your classmates to study, they only want to study by themselves and could give a fuck about how you do in the class. If you are lucky someone will like you and that ONE person in each class will put their neck out for you but don’t count on it.

    Most people in this school are just out for themselves which I understand because the cost is so high and the teachers are such shit that it’s a make or break situation.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • If you’re an international student and you’re paying exorbitant fees for tuition just to see an incompetent Canadian cleavage professor femi-natzi, then you’re getting RIPPED OFF.
    Canadian education is a JOKE. They hire women based on how provocative they dress to teach in class rather than what they can contribute to society.
    Toronto is one of the most femi-natzi cities in the world, so expect a majority of women to hate men.
    Centennial College even has all of those anti-rape posters plastered across the campus as if there was an epidemic of violent rapists on campus. Those flyers and posters are only there to spread hysteria.
    You will also be surprised when the love of your life, a woman, from your home country suddenly starts to resent you and hate you after attending classes from a miserable feminatzi professor who wants to dress like a street walker to class because that is what women’s empowerment is all about in Canada.
    Many of the colleges in Toronto are also boring as compared to the campus life in the States.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • waste of money for international student. Racist professors including whole department of engineering’s authorities. They are just doing business not an educational institute. All my worst words goes to this department of the college. Professors are uneducated people. Looks like students are teaching them. There is no one to listen to something happening wrong with students. No services are better here. I wasted my 3 years in this worst college of Toronto. I know i am not going to get my money back. I would never recommend this Business to eat others money. In one word It is a big ” JOKE ” on a name of education.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Torontoized women are some of the worst breed of women on the planet. Some of the female professors purposely arrive to classes in cleavage tops and leg-baring attire, yet if a male student tries to pay attention to the board, they start giving out hostile vibes as if the male student seksually harassed her.
    I have no issue with the male professors in Toronto because they don’t dress as if they are singles in an adult bar or as an escort.
    Torontoized women are becoming so desperate for attention that they start to dress down and show cleavage when she is fully aware that she is supposed to be in front of a classroom. However, any undesirable male student is automatically confronted with bad body language by those female professors, but the female teachers in Toronto should know that dressing like an escort will give them the impression that they are hookers, but to be frankly honest, a stripper will not present herself so indecently if she knows she is teaching..Well maybe a few who are feminatzis, but strippers have integrity and proper social skills than these female Toronto professors!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Centennial College appears to be just another money-grab institution. I know of a person who complained against incompetent behaviour of some of the staff, and he was told my one of the Resolutions advisors, “Why are you here?”.

    This college appears to defend cleavage-showing staff who can’t do jack crap properly, but when a student voices a legitimate concern against a Professor, the staff at Centennial College harasses people by asking them why are they at Centennial (I had to tell this guy that the question is doublespeak for “If you don’t like it, leave”)

    Now think about it: If a college is known to have bad reviews, why would you attend it? I already told you that during summer I don’t even know if I’m at a stripclub front entrance or at an academic institution when I go on Centennial College campus.

    Centennial College can keep defending their cleavage-showing stripper staff members. I deserve a better education! It is such a shame that Centennial College does not listen to students and instead behave very arrogant.

    Centennial College and any other post-secondary institution in Toronto is fine if you wanna come to work dressed like a stripper and get protected from incompetence.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • So I’m at progress campus, and unfortunately I had to miss weeks of classes, I have been emailing my coordinators non stop to let them know whats up. But no form of reply or anything. Like what’s the point of having an email to correspond to with your instructors to inform them of emergencies if they won’t even look at your emails , because its not worthy. I am very annoyed, worried, and frustrated. Idomt know if I’m going overboard but what can I do. I left voicemail for the Bussiness coordinator or w.e but did not call back or anything. Smh I feel like I am writing to a brick wall, I feel like giving up . my situation that has made me not able to go to classes is non life threatening and I’m not I’ll, but does this mean I shouldn’t be given a chance to catch up on missed work. Missing classes is beyond my control. And if I could bring my child to the classes I would. Because it seems like only if your sick and dying that’s when or maybe your emails would be replied to.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • In my experience at Centennial College, I have observed and witnessed prejudices not only from fellow students but from faculty members such as gatekeepers of facilities, and member of the student associations.

    I notice that most students that go there are not from the surrounding areas of East/North York- rather they seem to come from suburban towns and various locations part of the GTA. Some of them are very prejudice towards Muslims, church oriented people. I have witnessed Christianity and at it’s worst with in the student population in a form of bullying and demoralization- they made fun of people’s identity, places of origin, religion and names. Also, they made funny accents that resemble immigrants. The funny thing is most immigrants at CCC are Christians themselves, e.i Hispanics/Latinos, Africans, west Indians, east Europeans, Iranians, and Turkish.

    There are also Americans here and I have no idea why they are here but I do know they are people that did not accept the change that has taken place in America (African American presidents) which is worst behavior and treatment for us as Canadians by these foreign students who have an attitude towards Islam.

    These students get others in trouble for saying “grow up” yet roll weed and drink inside labs and they do not get in trouble – wearing big crosses on their chest that resemble medallions of the ancient Rome. We are constantly reminded by instructors, “in this industry you must be able to work with others” so you may have to integrate in nonprofessional behaviors and if you want to remove yourself from them then the instructor says the students claim you are not participating in group work, so you may want to explain but then you will be known as a snitch so they really are one family and you being a Muslim will always be the outsider despite being born in T.O being trashed talked by fellow nationals and hated on by christian immigrants, they can do the worst things and nothing will happen and yet for making a statement you can be threatened by students and instructors for being in a file that will be reviewed by the dean leading to your dismissal and removal from school property.

    The faculty seems to be on the level- although the gate keeper for equipment and guidance (teaching) play favoritism and are very rude and not the same as she has been with students who are Jewish. These powerful people cannot be removed from having a full time job due to support from other faculty members. (they stick up for each other). This woman whether she is Jewish or Catholic is very prejudice and I wish I had a video camera at those times where I witnessed her behavior, and they do play favors with students, some are given opportunity for work in the industry (Film Unions, Studios etc), some are given access to $6,000 plus equipment for their personal use i.e church events, sports, etc when school is off, even faculty members utilizing facilitates in peak times or off time of the school year i.e- May-August for their own purpose, and the funniest thing is I had witnessed ex-students, 1 year old (graduates of the program) utilizing facilities from Centennial College.

    The “cage” place where the all the equipment is stored and managed and the gate keeper (the woman in charge of media production, equipment and “INTERNSHIPS” is prejudice, they will give you bad equipment, will play favors with each other and how they treat their own is different they how they would treat you, i.e. snapping, yelling, cutting sentences, accusations, demoralization and intimidation in regards to being suspended to rent equipment or having a chain e-mail of complaints even if pure accusation being forwarded to the dean, V.P and others as form of fear being put in the student’s head here at Centennial College at the CCC campus- this College is funded by MINISTRY of education- highlighting the word “ministry” not Governmental department of Canada so exactly how will they help us resolve this issue? Also, CCC is not Progress, which is a very multicultural and diverse campus. CCC is actually the opposite of Progress campus in Scarborough when regarding student race population and religion, Just look at the surrounding neighborhoods of CCC then look at student population – clearly you will find the difference- hate or prejudices that can be found in towns, suburban areas of Ontario somehow make it here every Sept-April and the faculty loves them and encourages them to come to the hood!

    The student association in my opinion takes away money from students who can receive better education with better equipment. Having ex-graduates getting a small salary from the College. Then we must consider the major problem in the program which is when some instructors would always come in late and ar3 not part of the student review every semester. We also experienced having bad blocks, being stuck with few students who always tend to fail – with part time instructors who really do not give time. The blocks of registration are full with in half hour and if you do not have iPhone or are logging via their internal system then you will not be able to access registration and you will get screwed despite the coordinator of the program saying all instructors are good etc = B.S.

    The truth – some students get better learning experience and others get B.S. – some worked hard to get into the program -others have internal connections -and this is not fair for those who are serious, there are many students who somehow got into the program, there are also others who just don’t care about education, they make noise, talk all through out classes, gossip and make it worst for people who want to get what they paid for -learning about Broadcasting and Film.

    I think being enrolled at a college in Montreal is much better then Toronto in this particular field or even America. There is allot of talent but it seems in Canada the same kind of people continue every generation, one after another- whether they are in the film union, television, radio or just broadcasting this might explain why the media production or broadcasting in Canada really sucks and there is limited room for innovation and talent.

    This is my second year at Centennial College in East York, Toronto, ON. The program is the most basic and the lowest cost to students compared to any Broadcasting Television or Film program in Ontario .I am very thankful for the opportunity to be enrolled in this program, the program coordinator is a great guy and over most of the staff are friendly. I do not take this opportunity for granted, considering how I was denied entry in Ryerson 2010 and Humber in 2011 for similar programs despite having more then exceptional portfolio and experience thanks to the people of America and now I hope for the change in Canada.

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