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19 Student Reviews of Charter College : Anchorage

  • Hi, my name is Patisepa Taugavau, and I’m attending Charter College right now, I’m almost done with my Medical Assistant program. Charter College help me all the way from my first day until now. I want to thank you all for everything.

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  • Please stay away from this place. Lack of transparency. Lack of morals. Very high student to teacher ratio. It’s run for maximum profit but it is not customer oriented. If you run out of favor, you will be held back. I have seen dozens of students in various cohorts suffer without appropriate means of dispute. It all comes down to two people with a basic background. There is no board. Please be aware. This hurts and costs people. This is not a joke. This place is awful.

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  • Good day,

    As a past student, I can state that Charter has a real goal for students to be successful in the field of study they pursue. It rest’s on the students shoulders to pursue the challenges and overcome the educational situations that hold the other individuals that have commented negatively below from being successful.

    Honestly, I failed to fully read each comment below as they were riddled with spelling errors, grammar issues, and untruthful comments that just aren’t true. If you have questions regarding the school reach out, ask questions! I’m extremely happy with the education I received and as it appears I might be the only one out of the comments to have actually graduated (based on grammar and spelling) I highly recommend it as an educational option for post-secondary schooling.



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  • I have been attending Charter at this location, in both on-campus and online programs, since 2013. I have noticed a striking decline in quality of education as I have moved from a vocational certification into online degree programs. I actually dropped from my second online degree because all of my “lessons” were links to things published by other school and YouTube… I wish I was kidding. I made the choice to enter an on-campus program to pursue my dream career. This program would have been 20 months for an AAS, which was something I could live with since everyone I know in the field said the program sounded great and as though it was have perks they would have liked in their education. I made it less than half-way through before the staff for the program’s administrative side (NOT my teachers, they were wonderful) began treating me as less than human. Other students in the program had issues with the same people I did, with one person going so far as to say they felt as though one faculty member “hates everyone” and that they “wouldn’t want to talk to [them] more than once a week” if she could help it. Other students in this program lied to their friends and family about which school they attended due to shame over attending Charter College. I was effectively bullied out of the program by one faculty member in particular, and honestly I feel uncomfortable whenever I have to go into the building. I made the choice to petition to re-enter the program I originally left just so I could say that I had a degree with some meaning, but I am not sure if I made the right choice to continue with the school. I’ve noticed an incredible amount of turn-over in the staff, both in teaching and administrative positions, which I think may be part of why there is so much dissatisfaction felt by students. I will say that I think there are improvements being made in terms of appearance, and the staff they retain are of a high caliber, but Charter leaves a lot to be desired. As with all online education, you get out of it what you put into it, however I still think I am paying far too much compared to the effort I can see in the online courses from the teachers and coursemakers.

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  • I attended in 2006 2007

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  • Have I worked in the industry and they don’t teach you what you need to know.more paperwork then anything else. That the most the grade on. Teachers talk shit to you J and Tories. Very fun equment to work on. Won’t help you get Jobs. No contact jest get shit of the internet.

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  • Although I Supported the company in the early days of working three, over time I started to see things that made me wonder about the company.

    Not all, but much of what is being said here is truthful. Currentstudent1 – very interesting point about the timeline regarding online classes, By mid November 2013 management definitely knew that several programs, including currentstudent1s networking security, were going completely online in January 2014. i think that’s when the announcement was made to staff and the redesign of classes and other stuff began. It’s possible that Reno knew about the switch to online earlier than November 2013. They did a ‘road trip’ in November 2013 and they announced it literally a day or two after the first stop. That spread like wildfires among the campuses. That kind of indicates that they were already planning this massive move of several programs to a total online format. Odd that they were telling you there was shortage of networking faculty at the Alaska campuses. I wasn’t tied in to Alaska, but the rumor mill was pretty significant and we almost always heard of layoffs, firings, etc, but I don’t remember any shortage of instructors at Alaska during the time you mention.

    Penny makes an excellent point: online classes require no physical facilities to be mantained and are cheaper than on ground classes. Additionally you don’t have to provide actual equipment, classes can be larger and the same material can be used over and over again. All driving down costs. Their welding program is largely virtual. I believe a charter will move every program they can, including truck driving, to online in order to cut costs and keep them low.

    7 makes a really good point about renting your text books (at the same cost I think when students actually bought them) and not being able to write in them. Who does that? Who studies a textbook and doesn’t highlight it or write notes in the margin. Never
    understood that rule. Really, what’s the point of having a textbook if you can’t make notes in it?

    Angie and Sarah, that happens way to often for various reasons, but is does happen a lot.

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  • Charter College takes your student loans and gives you nothing in return. They give you a lot of flagged alerts regarding your tuition loans received from the government toward your tuition but no alerts pertaining or regarding your academic progress. Charter College started me with advanced courses, two courses at a time with research papers and weekly posting research projects. My final grades were hard to find and Charter kept on sending me the next module of courses so I thought that I was passing and after four months, Charter informed me that none of my grades were passing grades and since I had to maintain a passing average to continue receiving financial aid, I would be expelled from Charter College and to start paying for what my student loan did not cover immediately or a collection process will begin. There is no academic counselor to help you or monitor your grades and academic success, only the money that they can get from you with no education in return. Shortly I was dropped from Charter and I now get email alerts on how much I owe, and when my student loan payments will begin. Don’t go to Charter College. They don’t care about you are your education. I learned my lesson and am attending a community college,…A real college.

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  • Where does one even begin to detail the multiple problems that are present at this school. They should be ashamed. No standards, any agreements broken, policy changes every five minutes, failure to follow the curriculum ~~best teachers certainly fired with untrained, falsified teachers instructing on topics they have never experienced. Saves the company money. Inappppropriate male instructors, realizing what you were taught is not the correct way at all, lack of supplies, obvious drug abuse among students that instructors ignore. Majority of prior students did not even hold a GED or HS diploma. Holidays not recognized and make up days required, lack of teachers. Pushing for all online as it saves the corporation money. The list is endless. Please consider any school but this one.

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  • Here is the real truth.. If you are looking for a sub par education in a hurry that is handed to you with out really working for it and are willing to go in debt for it. This is your school.
    If you want to be in a classroom environment that gives you the skills needed to make it in the real world. Stop right here and don’t consider this “College”. And the people in the front office ar not to be trusted. They will tell you what ever you want to hear to get you to sign up for there extremlly exspensive school. They are on a commision based pay schedule. Most of them dont even have a college degree. So how could they possibly know what works for anyone. I know this because im a current student in my 8th week there. As i was looking into the program of my interest i was told many things that turned out to be straight up lies.
    I had been attending a traditional college for the past few years on a part time basis in the lower 48 and was ready to jump in full time and get the degree done.
    The main question i asked several was are these classes on campus or online. Since i was taking a Network Security i wanted a on campus school. I was assured that all the technical classes would be on campus with a teacher. I wasnt told that was if they had a teacher for that class. Point 1 they do not employ enough dedicated staff to fulfil there class scheduleing. 4 weeks into my experince their i was alerted that my first introduction class to the security side of my schooling would be online because they had no teacher for the classroom. I went to the administration and voiced my concerne and asked how many of the technical classes would really be online. I was assured in writing that only a couple more would be online possibly. So i decided to push forward aqnd hope they hired staff to teach me after all im paing the $40.000.00 for a degree. Point 2 Classes are rediculously over priced and keep in mind this is a for profit school. Kinda like a used car lot. I did know the cost of the classes before i signed but thought if i could finish my degree in 9 or 10 months with my transferring credits it would be worth it. Point 3 there credit are not the same as a traditional college and will not transfer. Halfway through my second set of classes i get a mass email to all in my upcomeing classes that do to not haveing a teacher they can not offer the next two classes for day students and would i preferr night or weekends. Well i dont have the luxury to switch my work schedule every five weeks to meet their schedule. Keep in mind i signed up for daytime classes do to this reason. I contacted the administation again and was told they have no one to teach day classes and this would possibly be a ongoing issue since the people in the IT field they need to teach their classes already have full time jobs and dont need a part time job teaching for what equate to about 12 dollars a hour before taxes. They Have lost 3 Of the 5 teachers that I’ve had in the past 8 weeks due to the way they run thing. They have all moved on to better jobs and gave their resignation’s. At this point i am tapping out and am going to UAA. . I figure Iwill have to stop working but after looking at the curriculum for UAA. The classes their will give me ten times the skills needed to perform at a job than Charter’s would. Iwill have to stop working but after looking at the curriculum for UAA. The classes their will give me 10 times the skills charters classes will give me.

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  • Charter college is not regionally accredited, thus your credits will not transfer and few companies will consider hiring you. They have national accreditation which sounds sexy, but is just something that the non-accredited schools made up to sounds legitimate. Thus, if you ask them if their school is accredited, they will give you a half-truth “yes.”

    Why not go to a local community college that is regionally (truly) accredited and far cheaper? If you can’t hack it at an accredited school, then maybe you aren’t meant to go to college. Nothing wrong with that. Save yourself 30,000 bucks.

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  • Dont beleive a word the President says! I have been a student at Charter college for almost a 1 1/2 years and the school is cutting out programs like Certifications and boot camps. Seriously a screwed up place. The teachers are awesome- its just a matter of when the President will fire them.

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  • Very nice place to learn

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  • Words seriously cannot define nor describe how horrible, unprofessional and crappy charter college is. Its a blatant joke that they are given accreditation in the first place. Charters thing is all about money..potential “students” are just $$$$ to the administrative staff. They will tell you exactly what you or need to hear make you feel excited and warm inside,they gain your trust and when you think your about to get a cookie they said not gonna happen. Its sad that “students” who go there work their tails off get great grades cant do anything with it after its all said and done! The colleges that are transferable are to ITT-Tech, who was sued for doing exactly what Charter is doing! The key things to know about Charter college are Charter college is a National accreditation “school” whereas UW, WSU,Penn State, MU ect are all Regional accreditation colleges. So if anyone goes to charter and they contact a college to transfer they will basically tell you good luck because your AA-BA on the National accreditation scale falls sorrily short of the AA-BA on the Regional accreditation scale. Another thing is they will try to convince you to join the Bachelors program, this is because you have no real other options available to you or so they think you think that. In reality there are other options ones that will run way less expensive and will make you a smarter, more intelligent person..not leaving you stuck wondering how you will find work after blowing $30K dollars on a college that does not support the students, nor do they do provide quality course work materials for the students to gain sufficient knowledge and understanding about the classes they are taking. Another thing is they charge you for books you have to return. $300+ a pop for a used crappy book that you cannot write in, take notes in nor damage because you don’t own it but your still paying to rent it. This is one college that does not deserve to be called a college, with them constantly changing the attendance policy to making students make up national holidays now that fall on week days, yes i said it they mandate that all students make up for the days off that our federal government has deemed days of importance, but not charter they see those lost days as lost money which is why they are marking down students who dont show up on the fridays after the national holiday absent! This did not bode well with me, considering how much crap charter puts people through this was a kick in the stomach makes me want to send them a gas bill for everyday that i show up! This is not a place of “higher education” not a place that deserves to be accredited nor have the title college in its name. This is because this place is a profit school only caring about making the owners more money. If there was any caring for the students by this administration they would focus less on the money, less on how to makes the students go through hell to get a low graded non transferable AA! Ive seen instructors fired for no reason and instructors let go in the middle of the “mod” and then telling the students that their final grade will be dependent on the final test in the class and the school will disregard any previous work or tests taken. Garbage! Complete and total garbage! No professional school would ever do this nor treat students like this! So far the Dean and President have been fired at a charter campus that i know about, as well as they lost some of the best instructors ever because they didn’t want to pay them more or the instructors disagreed with the “supervisor” who goes in and critics the instructor in the middle of class, calls meetings but never shows up for them and requires other instructors to take over shifts spur of the moment! The scheduling at this place is so atrocious that they end up changing students schedules the day of the new classes starting..the whole wheel model is terrible and needs to be thrown in the fire and forgotten forever, its inconsistent and a terrible method, new students who know nothing about IT or any other field can end up in say a Visual Basic class which is a computer coding class as their very first class, now how effective is that?!
    Charter is in need of a total overhaul or they need to close up shop. In the end they are hurting future graduates and leaving them in a very bad place, some people are graduating not knowing anything about the program they just graduated from! I think charter has intentionally let people fall through the no child left behind cracks because there are students there who are overpaying for an awful education, and going to be screwed when it comes down to finding a job in the IT field! If anything charter needs to at least refund the students for the failures they are allowing to happen because of the accreditation and the low overall standard that is charter. Now i do agree that its up to a student to get the most out of a college but in this case theres an exception when the college does not present the student the opportunity to learn the most they can and build them up for success and the student has been studying and doing what he or she can and still doesnt know the material and charter allows them to graduate anyway there is something majorly wrong with that picture!
    I would personally say if someone wants to experience overpaying for a horrible education with an ever changing staff thats turnover is equal to Mcdonalds staff turnover rate then hey go to charter, but not on my recommendation bc i would not recommend charter college to anyone!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Words can’t describe how unbelievably terrible this school is. Let me just start from the beginning. All through high school I had my heart and mind set on going to Northwest Nazarene University for college and had everything ready to go towards the middle of my senior year; was excepted to this university and everything. The middle of the summer rolled around and I panicked; decided I wanted to stay home and go to school (big mistake #1). I didn’t want to go to the local community college because pretty much half my senior class was going there; considering I didn’t care much for the majority of my senior class, I wasn’t going to continue my education at Columbia Basin College. So, I settled upon Charter College (big mistake #2). I started there August of 2010; summer after my high school graduation. At first, I liked it! I was making new fiends within the first week of school, the instructors were awesome, and they actually got everyone’s name down within the first week! Then, after a few mods (5 week classes, kind of ridiculous. I need more time in my classes!!!) things started to change. The truth about that school started to come out and many of the employees started to show their true colors. Ok, flash back to orientation; the campus president runs the orientation, really super hipped up about new students and how great their time at Charter is going to be! Yeeeeaaaa right! Joke. He puts on a fake act every 5 weeks to get the students excited about school. Not cool. And after the orientation not a single student will ever see the campus president again. Want to know why? Because he, the puppet master, has the rest of the employees do his dirty work…ie, disciplining students, for example. Now, fast forward to the middle of my time at Charter. Some time after I started going to school there, I became an employee (big mistake #3). At first, I loved it! The department I worked with was truly amazing and I wouldn’t have switched to another department if my life depended on it. I love them and they are all still a huge part of my life. They definitely are some of the few employees at Charter who actually care about the students and whether they succeed after finishing school. As for other departments and employees, I have some beef to pick with them and corporate office. A lot of the employees are arrogant, self centered, fake, and don’t belong in the field of higher education, let alone any type of education. It’s employees like them that run the school to shit…and the policies too. There’s a lot of undercover policies they don’t let the students in on until long after they’ve already graduated. On to another subject; anyone want to guess why I no longer work there and big mistake #4?! Well, I was terminated for some I said that got twisted and some how got to my boss (not somehow, I know who did it). Anyways, I said some words on ranting mode to a few employees I thought were my friends (that would be big mistake #4) only to find out no one can be trusted at that place. The working environment is truly a toxic waste plant. It seems like school officials are continuously terminating great employees just to hire more. I wouldn’t be surprised if their firing sprees were due to those employees making more money and working their way up the raise chain, in turn causing the college to lose more money (which, they hate doing! All about money and numbers there). Ohhh and Charter College is a Nationally Accredited school. That DOES NOT mean you can go to any college in the US! Ha! It means there isn’t a single University out there that will accept your credits!!!! If your the kind of person who couldn’t care less about your education, would like to deal with crappy employees, sign your life away, and hand over every cent you earn; then by all means go to Charter College! Definitely the place for you. Now, if your someone like me who cares about their education, wants to be around employees and administrators who are going to help you out, and get a decent paying job after graduation; then please do not waste your time and money at this place! I wouldn’t even recommend Charter College to my worst enemy. I hope that what you see here you’ll believe because I was an employee as well and I was (un)fortunate enough to see the ugly side to this money/time waster they call an institution of higher education.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I too went to charter college in pasco washington. I would never recommend this college to anyone. When i started the college they plormised me a full time job before i completed my schooling. I have finished and i graduated with honors. it has been 2 years and guess what? i still don’t have a job and can’t even find a job. Most employers will not accept any credits from this crappy school. I know people that have started going to college there and i tell them that they are stupid for going cause this school SUCKS big time and they don nothing but lie. they are the worst school out there and the board of education needs to shut them down.

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  • Hi my name is Sarah and i went to charter college for 5 weeks after 5 weeks charter withdrawn me from school which i had no idea they had done this until 6 weeks later. Now they are keeping my pell grants and are charging me for almost 9000.00. I’m writing this because i wanted and education and now im am being denied and education. For those that want and education this college i would never go back to. They like to make you feel good about it and them screw you over. They just want your money. I have tried to call them several times and they ignore my calls,no one will even call me back. If there is any questioned that you may have please email. I hope that there is enough people out there that will help stop this college from taking avenge of people, and their money.

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  • ??????????????????????????????

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