Eagle Gate College : Layton

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Eagle Gate College : Layton is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  



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Institution Type:  Unknown

Established:  Unknown

Campus Enrollment:  N/A

Acceptance Rate:  N/A

Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A

Campus Endowment:  N/A

Tuition (Local):  N/A

Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A

Tuition (Foreign):  N/A

Mandatory Fees:  N/A

Housing (Room):  N/A



Tax ID:  N/A

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3 Student Reviews of Eagle Gate College : Layton

  • The instructors really care and work hard to prepare students for a great paying career. I love it here and feel like the staff and faculty really like being here too. The nursing program is rigorous and a Bachelor level which really drew me to it. I think the negative comments come from students who flunk out because they don’t want to do the work and thought they could just pay for a degree. This school is perfect for older students who want to get their degree quickly and be hired with great education to back them up.

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  • The “professors” at this school are a joke! I would be marked wrong on tests and when I showed them in the books that I was right they would not change test scores. In class I would tell them they were wrong and that mad them mad. One teacher would mark me as absent, which got me booted, now 6 years later they are coming after me for more money! What the heck!!! They don’t know the ciriculum, They wouldn’t let me finish, now they want more money – for what!?!

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  • Promises Promises!They tell you how much it will cost but beware!You are to take 4 classes per 10 week term.They will all of a sudden give you 3 classes per 10 wk term rather then 4.This puts you behind.You don’t think anything about it because they schedule it. You end up getting charged more in the end because they charge by term. This is how they make more money off of their students. I was offered an internship from a law firm and they refused to let me do it early. Why? They still get their money. I would have received 6 credits for this but they refused to let me do it 2 mos early because they said I still had to take two more classes. I was still going to take my classes. They have done this to so many students. Some can’t get their diploma unless they come up with the extra money that is owed. Half the time we are just sitting around watching movies in the classes. One class that is all we did. That is not what I’m paying all this money for. They don’t care about the success and welfare of their students…it’s all about the money. I would have paid for my boys to go here, but I’m going to tell everyone I come in contact with how shady this school is.

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