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Hult International Business School : San Francisco (Education First)

  (0/5.00)   |  2 Reviews
Hult International Business School : San Francisco (Education First) is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  
Phone:  (no local phone number)
Email:  (no public email address)
Institution Type:  Unknown
Established:  Unknown
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  N/A
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Tax ID:  N/A
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2 Student Reviews of Hult International Business School : San Francisco (Education First)

  • The goal of this school is to make money. The admission process changes depending on who is applying. Some people did english tests to get into the school but others they did not do anything. 50% of the students have bad English levels. Considering that 70% of your grade depends on team work, having people that barely can talk and write in English will be an obstacle for your work. At the same time, a lot of the students are happy just having an American university on their resume so they are not motivated to work. As I said before, 70% of your grades will depend on team work so it will affect you as well. Why does the school admit this students? Because they want to make money.

    Furthermore, the faculty is not that good. If you don’t have any work experience you will be able to learn something. If you have work experience, you won’t learn anything. Professors should give better content so students can really learn. I’m sure most of them are here because they have a good salary but they are not motivated to teach.

    The university doesn’t help you at all to find a job. They will tell you they have “advisors” that will help you during your academic year. They will be there to review your resume and pretend they are helping but at the end they are unuseful. They don’t have an alumni community so that you can connect with previous Hult students who could help you. Unless you work your ass to find a job in the US, you won’t find it.

    On the other side, I’m very happy I have met amazing people, friends that I will keep for life, people that have come here with the purpose to work hard (but you will never be in their team group as we are divided, 1 or 2 per team groups). I have also learnt to work in a team with people from different nationalities, different ages and backgrounds, and try to encourage people that are not motivated.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hi.. I m a current one year MBA student from Hult International business school san francisco.
    Its a rigorous one year mba program. you are exposed to various industry speakers and many events throughout the year. There is a mix of students from many nationalities which makes ita great platform for learning different cultures and doing businesses in those cultures.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

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