Colorado State University : Global Campus

18 Most Popular College Review Websites

College rankings are kind of bullsh*t. There, I said it. In recent years, the “higher education” community has become so preoccupied with the annual campus rankings that appear in publications such as U.S. News & World Report or World University Rankings that the satisfaction and development of students has ceased to be a priority. In […]

Coastline Community College : Newport Beach

Coastline Community College : Garden Grove

Merced College : Los Banos

Yik Yak: The Anonymous ‘Shaming’ App That Recalls Unpleasant Bullying Memories Of JuicyCampus.Com

Quick! What do Facebook, JuicyCampus, and Yik Yak all have in common? They were all started by college frat boys intent on shaming other students. They say that history repeats itself – and nowhere does this appear more true than in the saturated, copycat world of over-hyped mobile apps and websites. Yik Yak: Yet Another […]

North Island College : Comox Valley

Southeastern Louisiana University : Baton Rouge

Pikes Peak Community College : Falcon Campus

City College : Thessaloniki