Interview: Felicia Anna, Romanian Prostitute From Amsterdam, Humanizes The Life Of Sex Workers
Author's Note: Below is an exclusive interview with "Felicia Anna" (pseudonym), a Romanian prostitute working in Amsterdam. I came across her comments... [Read More]
Reverse Prostitute: What Happens When A Young Man Asks Hookers In Amsterdam To Pay Him For Sex?
Just because a prostitute expects one thing, doesn't mean the tables can't be turned. In the latest video released by our friends at /whatever, a y... [Read More]
Social Experiment: Santa Claus Picking Up College Girls In California With Practically No Resistance
Turns out, it's hard to say no to Santa Claus. Or so went the theory that Luke Eilers sought to test in his latest "social experiment" video, poste... [Read More]
Erikson Institute
... [Read More]
Michigan School of Professional Psychology
... [Read More]
Ryokan College : Los Angeles
... [Read More]
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