TeachingCenter: ‘Key & Peele’ Video Spoof Of ESPN’s SportsCenter Show Is Hilarious, Thought-Provoking

Sometimes, satire is the only good way to make a point. In this example – when whacking at balls and sticks earns you millions of dollars a year, while teaching and inspiring (in theory, anyway) young minds barely breaks $40,000 average salary across the United States – to parody the most watched sports show in […]

Video: Russian Teen Hangs From Skyscrapers With Only One Hand – Pushes Limits Of ‘Urban Sports’

If this doesn’t make your stomach churn, there probably isn’t much that will. In the latest compilation video released by Mustang Wanted – a young Russian man who performs urban stunts with a GoPro camera – the daredevil is seen performing outrageous new tricks on various structures including hanging off the edges of skyscrapers with […]

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