Change MAC Address: Use Public WiFi Signals Without Any Limits, Not To Mention Serious Privacy Benefits

Chances are, you’ve heard of an IP address before. But in the vast world of computing, have you ever heard of a MAC address? See also: Digital Life Backup: How To Organize, Secure, And Sync Your Data To Minimize The Risk Of Loss Or Theft Knowing the difference between the two could mean protecting your […]

Five-O: Teenagers Launch App Built To Monitor Police Brutality, Inform American Citizens Of Their Rights

Police brutality? There’s an app for that. Three teenagers from Georgia have launched a mobile app called “Five-O” designed to record and document everyday encounters with local police. In turn, users are able to “rate” police behavior in any area of the United States, allowing the public to see how counties stack up in regard […]

Sharks: One Of The Top Threats To Undersea Internet Cables? At Least, That’s What Google’s Saying!

Who would have though the future of the internet depended on sharks? Well it does, according to an announcement by Google last week – or rather, on our ability to protect undersea fiber optic cables from the rather peculiar attraction that the underwater creatures seem to have toward them. At a marketing event in Boston […]

HostGator Sucks! My Website Was Suspended Without Warning, Then They Demanded To See My Passport?

In an age of rampant identity theft, you’d think that asking for scanned copies of a “passport” would be reserved for, oh I don’t know… Homeland Security. But here we are, well into 2014, and web hosting companies like HostGator (among some others) still believe they are entitled to ask for scanned copies of your […]

Digital Life Backup: How To Organize, Secure, And Sync Your Data To Minimize The Risk Of Loss Or Theft

Whether you like it or not, everything is now officially digital. From submitting homework and listening to music, to watching television shows and even filing your #%@!&$* taxes – the internet is no longer a hangout for geeks, but rather a cornerstone of 21st century business, finance, learning, government, and beyond. While most people these […]

Push For Pizza: The App Started By Five New York Teenagers That Does Only One Thing – And Does It Well

It’s been called the “Yo for food delivery” and claims to be the “Uber for pizza” – but one thing is for sure, their teaser video on YouTube is pretty awesome. Meet Push For Pizza, the currently iPhone-only app made by five 19-year-olds (two being college dropouts) from Brooklyn, New York, that aims to make […] – Now Offering Free Advice On Selling Drugs To Kids, Finding ‘Bukkake’ For Your Wife

How do you counteract unemployment? “Sell drugs too [sic] children,” is a good solution, according to, now one of the most visited reference communities on the entire web. Update 1/14/2014: It appears that has quietly deleted the above content without comment, in response to our tweeting the story. The website, which hosts thousands […]