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Stimulating Courses
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19 Student Reviews of Webster University : Cha-Am (Thailand)

  • Run, run, as fast as you can from this place. It is run by kao-kwais. A degree from this schizophrenic, unrealistic institution is actually worthless, possibly more detrimental then not having one at all.
    The American staff are all ex military dirtbags. Where did they find these guys? Pat-pong district? ‘I was in desert storm, I used to work for US AID’. -Webster Instructor. Note that US AID is a notorious cover for CIA scum-suckers. I call them scum because they hide behind a supposed charity.
    The creative writing instructor stated that ‘we’re just going to watch movies all semester’ mostly ‘Shutter Island’. A movie in which, a mental patient believes he is an investigator for the US Government.
    Seriously, save your money and go somewhere else. Worst, piece of crap college ever.

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • Don’t go here. It’s a business scam to get your money. It’s not a real school. False promise to Indians + Vietnamese that they can transfer to the USA. A con job.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This is a fake university. Do not attend. Students and staff are mistreated and abused. The Indian management and staff are criminals.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The administration is so obviously cashing on its own name and its a shame because the campus has so much potential

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • Who would be willing to take the director position after they cut-off the head of the snake and get rid of the rat?

    After reading the background, would people not be afraid he would hire a hit man?

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • Get rid of Ratish, Jain, and the two Indian cronies Ratish brought over from Stamford. Send Roy A. packing while your at it. This is a truly rotten bunch, and a blight on the Webster brand. Webster’s Provost appears unwilling to act. So, it is hard to be positive about this schools prospects.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • I am surprised with Grenoble accepting the charlatans sent by WUT for the DBA Program. GEM’s reputation took a hit for selling out.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • Webster University Thailand is a joke. I can’t believe that such bad university could even exist. Please do not attend to this university, there are plenty better options out there. I am a study abroad from the Webster university Leiden campus (The Netherlands). I have to say that Webster university is awesome there, but NOT in Thailand. Any good reviews of this university are fake. The only good thing about this university is that it is situated in Thailand. I am happy that I will be returning back to my home campus soon, I will do everything in my power to decrease enrolment at Webster university Thailand. I have to say, if you go to Webster Thailand and you graduate there, you will NOT be an “educated” person. Please read the link below which shows exactly what I mean:

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • I do not see how Webster’s home campus in St. Louis can continue to allow all the negatives surrounding the administration at Webster University Thailand if it considers itself a moral institution with academic integrity. With so much dissatisfaction, so many, many complaints, and such a negative image rippling around the world, it is time for the Provost and home campus administration to terminate Ratish Takur, Nisha Chadhuri, James Jain, and Ramona Paun. Webster should get a fresh start by installing a new administration with a bright new outlook aimed at making Webster University Thailand a better, more productive university that will make it truly a “Tier-One” institution of higher learning.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • WUT claims to be an American school for marketing purposes. But the Thailand campus is not specifically audited or accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and their MBA program which they aggressively push now at the Thailand location is not accredited by AACSB (actually none of the Webster campuses are AACSB accredited). For a school completely focused on liberal arts and business, this is a huge red flag to begin with.

    But the WUT campus is especially disgusting. It is ran entirely like a for-profit institution with TV commercials now in Thailand, etc. WUT even paid the Bangkok BTS to paint their trains with Webster ads a few years back. All this, yet the campus has $0 endowment fund. Does that sound like a non-profit campus to you? Just to clarify, the WUT campus is NOT an American campus and is fully owned and ran by Thailand entities. They play this line very cleverly, sometimes being “Thai” and sometimes being “American” whenever it suits their purposes.

    For over a decade now, the WUT campus has had all types of scandals. Most of them have been buried by way of the WUT administration threatening legal action (or worse) against former students, teachers, and beyond. For such a small campus it is amazing how many students have died while studying at the Cha-Am campus, usually in traffic related accidents due to the horrible traffic safety in the area and WUT’s lack of concern for it.

    WUT markets aggressively to U.S. veterans and Asian students who want to “show off” with their American degree but either don’t have enough money or “smarts” to actually go to America to study. The price tag, around $11,000 sounds fantastic until you realize you’ve been duped. But like many students who are scammed by for-profit colleges, many WUT students are embarrassed and decide to believe the WUT experience was somehow on par – that, or they complain, and get personally threatened.

    It is true that many of the students and faculty are good people with a true desire for academics. However, the irony is that most “good” teachers are either fired or quit within a few months or years, and many “good” students are caught between wanting to just finish their degree and move on or risk losing their investment in WUT by complaining.

    Webster headquarters in St. Louis have long known about the issues at WUT and have purposefully turned a blind eye because the campus is making so much easy money from all the easy-to-scam Asian students. It is just a matter of time though before WUT probably shuts down for good, either by Webster’s public shame of what’s gone on, or from the Thai government getting fed up after they continue to learn about more fraud at the campus (after you know, paying off public officials stops working for WUT, which is probably any day now).

    The issue is that Thailand has strict anti-defamation laws, a.k.a. the richest person’s opinion wins in court (or mostly, out of court) so saying “bad” about WUT or any of their admins gets immediately threatened with “you are going to jail! we will tell the police!” etc etc.

    The WUT campus used to have some American rectors but apparently they got pushed out for losing too much money. Ratish Thakur, the new rector, is making a killer profit and that is why St. Louis seems to accept the corruption and fraud that he has introduced, including taking fees from students without any explanation (normal in Thailand), submitting fake “research” to Thailand’s Ministry of Education in order to renew their university-level accreditation year after year, among tons of other shocking things that will probably never be known as so much of what goes on at WUT is smoke and mirrors.

    It is true the campus has recently become more ran by Indians (friends of Ratish it seems) which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, when it becomes nepotism and cronyism, it is surely a bad thing.


    Overall Score: (1.63/5.00)
  • Like a moth drawn to a flame, resist, avoid this phony school like the plague. Until St Louis replaces the petty despot director and cronies. You should keep walking and look elsewhere. If you are a scammed student, I recommend you complain to their Thai and US accreditors. If you have a legitimate gripe the accreditors will listen.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The reason why PhDs are not forthcoming is those placed into the program are not PhD material. But they were doing a DBA anyway, right, that is a little bit easier. It sounds like the best any of them could do was Nisha Ray being halted at ABD. The rest of the bunch are dead in the water. Ratish is not PhD material nor is his finance flunky. Who else got in on the golden handshake?

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • Ratish Thakur is crooked and corrupt and should never have been allowed to be director; talk about the fox guarding the henhouse-this has been a total scam on St. Louis. The Indian and Pinoy teaching and admin staff have all been there forever and are equally corrupt. Why is there no foresight in the Walker School of Business. Even Nisha the long time ABD faculty member who is Ratish’s hand picked crony, is weak in implementing effective academics. Can’t they bring in an American academic who knows what they are doing to straighten things out?

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • This university is Indian – Pinoy university under the name of American University. The standards here are nothing near third rate colleges in US.

    The top management level of this school control by a bunch of Indian people while most of the staffs and faculty here are Pinoy. I heard a lot creepy rumors about them regarding of power abusing and frauds which over my authorities to confirm but it does fly a lot around campus. They impose so many rules and regulations on students but there are no clear policies or guideline when problems come up. If something happened to students, they will just tell students to submit a report then turn a blind eyes on it like nothing happened. Their events or activities usually very poor organized and costly. If it is not thanks to SGA and the students here who constantly trying so hard to improve students life, this school would be dead long ago.

    The tuituon fees seems to be cheaper than any US universities but the finance office here is really really suck to be honest. The Head of Finance never appears on campus. They set a Thai staff who cannot speak English in charge of the office and all he does is giving you Finance staff email in Bangkok campus if you have any problem. They are very blurry when it come to wire money transfer and refund. They overcharge tution fee a lot.

    Except International Relations, most of professors here are pinoys or non native-English speaking countries. The teaching here is way below the standards for an American University. There are very few dicussions and group works in class. Absolute traditional teaching learning style. Teachers very often just read their powerpoints which are taken out of the book leading to not much learning. This makes the class quite boring and does not motivate students.

    The administration is full of Thais which most of them cannot even speak English. There are no student services or student support on this campus. Students most of the time have to play their survival game by learning bit by bit through experiences or asking help from locals.

    Suprisingly, rent a house is way cheaper and safer then sign housing contract with school in term of cost, deposite and extra fees when move out.

    For facility and infrastructure, it is located in the middle of nowhere, moldy classrooms and restrooms, poor internet connection & only available in certain areas like library and canteen, repeated power failures especially during rainy season, old computers, broken gym equipment and air-conditioners, a lot of snakes around campus, old whiteboard and leaking markers, library full of out dated books, cheap food from canteen but not very hygiene.


    Overall Score: (2.18/5.00)
  • The university is nothing like they advertise it. As stated below on another review, the campus is falling apart. The classrooms and bathrooms are moldy, there are cracks in the walls everywhere, and the gym has very hazardous equipment that look like they could break any moment. The administration needs to be more student focused, I once send an email about housing to find out how to pay and did not get a reply for weeks. The teaching is below the standards of the other Webster campuses, teachers very often just read their powerpoints which are taken out of the straight out of the book leading to not much learning. This makes the class quite boring and does not motivate students to learn so of course you get A’s in class but you do not learn much. The upper administration also imposes so many regulations on students, that there is no room for many extra-curricular activities and when problems come up between administration and students, administration just turns a blind eye and acts like they have not done anything wrong. The best part of this university is the students, there is such a feeling of community here thanks to the work done by the clubs and by the SGA. They do a great job of creating events that bring students together such as BBQs and trips. I applaud the students because they are the best part of WUT.
    The saddest thing about Webster Thailand is that it does not feel like a Webster University. Granted it is a branch campus so there will always be differences. However, this does not excuse the vast differences between the home campus/the European campuses and the Thailand Campus.

    Over all I would not recommend this university

    Overall Score: (2.27/5.00)
  • Looks like the PR/Marketing department of this school has already tried to sway the reviews. Below is the REAL review.

    Moldy classrooms, repeated power failures, overflowing septic tanks, old computers, broken gym equipment and air-conditioners. The Director of the school didn’t have any money for things like these over the past few year, but there’s plenty of money for other things, like free PHDs at Grenoble for himself and his yes men subordinates. Create the benefit, self-approve, write the checks, no questions, no oversight. 90,000 Euro and counting, and don’t forget to add all the yearly travel expenses, flights, hotels, delicious meals with plenty of that Rhone-Alpes wine, sweet deal, It’s 2014, where are the completed degrees? Anyone want to ask the Director or Academic Director? It’s only another 5000 Euro per person for each extra year. So happy they spent all that money on their European vacations while they let the campus fall apart.

    Until the USA home campus fundamentally changes the corruption, nepotism, everyday unethical practices bordering criminal, bullying and intimidation of students and staff…


    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • The only problem with the Thailand campus is that students have to worry about which teacher is teaching the classes they’re interested in, because many of us has faced teachers being biased, not knowledgeable enough in the subject, unreasonable teachers and some who takes it personally when we have opposing views.

    Students get together and share experiences on teachers they had which sometimes results in us deciding not to take a class due to what we have heard about a teacher.

    I did not face any problem close to this at all in St. Louis campus and so I really wish this factor was eliminated so that we could choose our classes freely without any concerns.

    Overall Score: (3.09/5.00)
  • I think this is the best American university in Thailand that you can find. I love the diversity at Webster. I have friends from lots of countries and we can share to the others our culture, food as well as travel’s guideline. I also love the size of the class, it’s small so we can interact with other classmates and the teacher easily.The living expense for food, housing and the other stuff is affordable, not that expensive. Basically, the school is small so there are not much students. It leads to there are not much activities and clubs for student to join like the other universities.
    In brief, I think that Webster Uni in Thailand is one of the best uni that offer an American degree with affordable price. The environment is nice, students as well as Thai people are friendly and there are lots of interesting places for you to explore in the town that Webster is located.

    Overall Score: (4.36/5.00)
  • WUT is a great campus if you’re looking to experience a new culture in a new country. The teachers are very helpful and passionate about teaching, they will also take time to talk to you outside of the class as well. The campus itself is quite plain and there isn’t much to do there besides eat, and go to class. There aren’t too many extra curricular activities so most of the student socializing is either done in the canteen, coffee shop, or out in Hua Hin town. WUT is the perfect uni to go to if you want to travel around, live in an exotic low-cost country, and meet extremely diverse people. If you can manage to fit your schedule into 3 days, you can use the other 4 to travel to the capital city Bangkok, or to some of the many islands around.
    Student Housing is definitely a plus factor to WUT as they’re all well located, affordable and almost all have a pool. The bus system at WUT is also very good. There are buses almost every hour that run from the Campus, past all the student housings, straight into town and back again.
    Overall this campus is the best if you want to explore South East Asia and live in a relaxing yet fun country. The campus is plain, but the teachers are passionate in what they do. You will learn a lot if you’re prepared to learn.

    Overall Score: (3.54/5.00)

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