Fleming College : Sutherland Campus

A.K.A.  Fleming College : Peterborough / Brealey Drive
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Fleming College : Sutherland Campus is a Public, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute established in (unknown). The campus is located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and hosts students with an endowment of $0 (2014).  
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Website:  www.flemingcollege.ca
Address:  599 Brealey Drive, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6X4, Canada
Phone:  +1 (705) 749-5530
Email:  info@flemingc.on.ca
Institution Type:  Public, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute
Established:  Unknown
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  $0 (2014)
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Latitude:  44.266385
Longitude:  -78.37396
Tax ID:  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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23 Student Reviews of Fleming College : Sutherland Campus

  • Just look on google reviews for the school , there is lots of bad but some good about this place

    Overall Score: (1.90/5.00)
  • I am an international student who fortunately completed my diploma in Fleming college. As an international student you won’t get any support from the administrative department of this college, some faculties will be nice but there are some who shows a racist approach to you. I did the SSW diploma and I gave to pay 8000$ in my last semester to do my placement and I have to literally go to an agency daily without any payment throughout the four months and the fun part is We never go the college during this period and they are charging 8000$ for doing placement freely . My advice for all the student out there is to choose a better college rather than this.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • most unorganized school ever do not spend your money here, durham college is much better and only 45 minutes from peter bough please do not go to this school

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • administration: does not care about you, will help you but have an attitude
    parking: super expensive and a super far walk no matter where you park or what you pay
    professors: some good some bad, a lot rude. generally no one cares about students and even if students make an effort most of the time that goes unnoticed
    population: lots of internationals, who are very loud and take up the learning commons. so there are no free computers..they are often rude, disrespectful and butt in line. they will bump into and walk around like they own the place
    testing centre: lines to take computerized tests are often 1-2 hours long, standing in line waiting. people are butting. no one is saying anything. it is loud because international students
    library: small
    study space: next to none, usually tables are taken up. might as well go to Trent to study

    in general, it sucks. ive been there for 2 years trying to get a diploma and I have hated every second. teachers have screwed me over and if your coming from high school prepare to be unprepared. teachers do not care, they dont wanna know your name, administration wants your money and everyone who is higher up is rude af and treats you like dirt. feel like ive learned nothing

    Overall Score: (2.36/5.00)
  • 0 stars

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Agree with all of the negative reviews. Stay away from this institution. The student satisfaction surveys from my cohort were so bad that the public is legally barred from viewing the raw data.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Fleming College Sutherland Resident is the BIGGEST JOKE you could possibly imagine. Way over priced to be living in a jail cell with a bunch of uneducated, rude, people that run it… Not to mention how much they show favouritism over their RA staff and constantly treat their residence like shit. The marketplace is staffed with THE RUDEST people, not to mention their ridiculous prices.
    Not a pleasant college experience, let me say that.
    I would not recommend living in this junk box for almost 8 grand a month.
    If you want a REAL, FUN college experience, then RESIDENCE AT SUTHERLAND IS NOT THE PLACE..

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Having spent 3 semesters living in residence, the best bit of advice I can give anyone would be to residence. Avoid that at all costs, you’re expected to move in the day before classes begin leaving you to have to quickly unpack then, have to sort yourself out for school. The food on residence is over priced, you’re stuck having to pay roughly $8 just to do a load of laundry. One full medium size hamper, will take about 2-3 washers because they get overfilled otherwise. Parking costs an arm, and a leg.
    The RA’s lack any professionalism, majority of them seem to be first year students themselves, there’s a shit pile of stuff that goes on between the RA’s. not only that but, a lot of them end up having sex with residents which isn’t only against the rules, but also against the law. since these individuals are in a position of power. The little quizzes they have you fill out don’t mean shit. they’ll still pair you up with shit heads. The wellness center is an absolute train-wreck. I’ve got a competitive strength background and was employed at a strength gym for 2 years before coming to school. The “trainers” there have absolutely no understanding or respect for that knowledge, experience, or background. The gym consists mainly of either Extremely nice elderly people, Shit head curl-bros, or those who unfortunately can’t go elsewhere. if you’re plan is to better yourself… go somewhere else. Trust me. pay the extra $25/month that it’d cost to go to the 24 Seven strength Gym downtown, bus pass is included in tuition so have at ‘er. Honestly that’s about all I have to say about it, it’ll sound petty to some. I remember someone telling me all this before I started coming here, and I thought it was. ow on the other-hand my opinion has switched completely. hope this helps at all. Have a good one

    Overall Score: (2.36/5.00)
  • Faculty is so unorganized. The different departments of the school do not communicate at all. Nobody cares about the students. It’s a fight to get the grades you deserve. It’s a fight to get through to your teachers. The people that run the departments are experiencing power trips like I have never experienced before. Do NOT attend Fleming college. You will be greatly disappointed.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • I have been an online student of the GIS Applications Specialist program for one semester, but unfortunately, after have given it some serious thought, I have decided not to return to the program this semester. Since we did not have the opportunity to offer feedback in the form of course evaluations, I am writing this review to share my concerns with you regarding the online version of this program, from the perspective of a student.
    I found the Web design and Problem Solving and Programming courses, both taught by XXXXX, to be particularly challenging because of the instructor’s approach, the overall lack of structure in the classes as well as inconsistent information that was posted on the student platform D2L, at key points during the fall semester.

    The instructor’s (XXXX) attitude was at many times problematic to the learning experience and quite stressful (ex: his complaining about personal workload/work hours to students, defensiveness about providing timely feedback on assignments, notice of accusations of plagiarism distributed to the whole group the evening before final testing, etc.). In addition, his attitude towards his content and his requirements of students for his classes can be describe as “sink or swim”. Course content was simply shown to us with little explanations, and his reliance on outside sources for his teaching content made up the majority of what was shown to us, in both of the courses he taught. Overall, I felt like I was watching him browse for sources on the internet for most of his lecture period. Finally, in both these classes, students who asked for the possibility of more assignments and more weekly work that could be graded, to help with the feedback process, were told that this would require too much additional work on his part. Similarly, one student asked a question on the type of content we should expect to be on the final exam, to which Shawn responded “I am not going to answer the questions it’s too generic”. Never in all my years in school have I experienced a teacher outright refuse to answer or guide students on examination contents.
    In addition to the difficult learning experience, as described above, specific issues resulted from the online component of the program. In particular, the online survey camp component of the course was very poorly handled by the program, as compared to the in-person version of it. Little instructions were provided to online students in the course syllabus as to how this portion was to be administered. Instead of planning this portion during a time where course load would allow a proper planning of this (ex: during reading week, for example), this work was requested of online student in the final weeks of the semester, during which nearly every student was already overloaded. In addition, this section of the course was entirely based on YouTube videos, which could have easily been planned for an earlier moment in the semester, rather than during final exam period. Again, this is an example of the poor planning and general unreadiness of offering the program online.
    I would recommend avoiding this college at all cost! Sloppy administration and faculty!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Having moved on to University, I feel that my time at Fleming College was a total and complete waste of both money and time.
    – Residence is useless, and having a RA live with you can lead to many conflicts of interest on their part, and has resulted in very dominant power dynamics that are not suitable for a learning environment. Along with this, if you voice concerns to administrators, 98.9% of the time they will not be resolved. The buildings themselves have very little to offer, and are a waste of money for the amount you are paying. Internet is VERY spotty and during my time crashed frequently. Also, they make you take a quiz to place you into rooms with people that will be best suited to your traits. I am a quiet, neat, driven student who was placed with a group of rowdy and messy individuals who had little care for both school and others personal space. If this was improved, I feel as though it would be much better.
    – Campus is located literally in a forest, which can be nice if you have a car to get to school, but if you live outside campus you will need to take the bus which runs on very random schedules.
    – The overall city has some nice areas, but to be honest it is small and depressing.
    – Professors mostly were good throughout the SSW program, however felt I was learning the same information over and over again (while this can be good) I felt at the end of the program I was pushed into a random placement unprepared. Also in my experience professors will push for you to buy textbooks you will NEVER crack open. I had one class where I spent a conciderable amount of money on a single texbook, only to have the professor tell us we wouldn’t be referring to it (and we didn’t). I tried to return it (along with others) and was given between 40-50% of the value back.
    – Administration was okay, however they will take a very long time getting grades processed if you want to go to University so be prepared for that.
    – Limited food options at the Sutherland campus, and often long lines and limited seating options.
    Overall I would not reccomend Fleming, not just based on my experience but on that of what other peers have informed me of. I would rate this school 2/10.

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • waste college ,just time and money waste

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hi People,

    The college is good, but its very hard to get a part time job here.

    Its a small town and there are two educational institutions, this place is filled with students.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Pretty bad college to go to. I would not recommend to anybody. Area surrounding the college looks depressing, everything is too expensive, most staff only care about money, etc. Also deciding to come to Fleming College was the worst decision I have ever made.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • Just a teacher with PowerPoint, then learn on your own. Waste of $, nobody in my course got a job after graduation

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • Do not come to this school! unprofessional disaster. I repeat. This college is awful. They do not care about their students one bit, all they care about is the $$$$$ they will make off you. If you care about your education and self worth then choose another school!!

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • Do not come to this school, at least the Sutherland campus. I’m in the third semester of the electrical engineering technician program, and the knowledge I possess on this trade is comparable to someone who doesn’t know what electricity is. There is a true lack of teaching at this school. The faculty is a joke and so are most of the courses. I strongly consider choosing another school.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Fleming College, located in the middle of know where (Peterborough). The residents is also located in the middle of know where in Peterborough. If you do not have a vehicle find a friend that has one so you can get groceries, beer, get downtown etc…. Or if you are at the Mcrae campus like I am be prepared to do a lot of walking since there is no shuttle bus (or city bus) that goes there. Residents is expensive for what you get out of it. And the use of online software like D2L make doing homework or knowing due dates almost impossible. Although, there is a lot of extra help you can get if you search for it. But if you fall behind, i can guarantee you, you won’t catch up.

    On the positive side at least you can get a college degree. Most faculty members are friendly and willing to help.

    As I said above, the residents is located far away from anything important to students… including, food, restaurants, bars, and Mcrae Campus. Because everything is so far going places can consume hours of your day to accomplish a small task. Mcrae campus is located near downtown and has no shuttle bus, or city bus that goes remotely close to it. If you don’t have a vehicle like me, it takes about 20 minutes by bike, or 30min o the bus plus a 15 minute walk. Not to mention the scheduling for the course have hours of gaps between class’ which leaves you stranded at the campus for a full day.

    Residents is about 525 a month and you don’t get much out of it other then a crappy 1 window brick room with no freedom. Some odd rules are if you play drinking games you get a write up, drink under the legal drinking age you get a write up, smell like marijuana you get a write up (even if you don’t smoke. This can also lead to eviction). Also there are no drinking games and quite hour is way too early. The list can go on… RA’s are very strict with rules. You would be better off renting a place for the same price and get way more out of it.

    All of the course’s use an online program called D2L (desire 2 learn) which actually makes me and most of my class mates discouraged 2 learn. The system is unbelievably confusing not notifying you of due dates, quiz’s and upcoming assignments. It’s even worse if your instructor does not update the course on d2l on a regular basis which makes know the things i stated impossible.

    IF you are having trouble with anything, there are plenty of faculty that are willing to help you which is nice.

    All in all, If I would have known all this before coming here, I definitely WOULD NOT have came to this college. I’m an easy going guy that doesn’t complain to much about many things but after the first week of being here, I realized it’s a living hell.

    2/5 Stars. (One start is only because my room mates are awesome).

    Overall Score: (2.09/5.00)
  • This School is little more than a scam like the Everest College Degree Mills everyone sees TV.
    I went to the HRAC course but left early before they took all my money. The Schedule was unpredictable and changed constantly, which is a massive problem for a course that has a required 80% attendance. The program did emphasize safety, which is a plus. But the rest of the learning experience was such a joke I feel as though I learned nothing from the half a year I spent there. I walked in with no previous tool experience, and on Orientation was told they’d work with me to make sure I was using tools correctly and safely. Once the course started however, I had to learn how to use everything from my classmates. Asking questions from Professors in this course only got “What do you think?” Or even having marks deducted from your class for incorrect assumptions. The Teachers were generally careless about student concerns about the class, the program co-ordinator even informing a student that our License exams don’t matter because Second Careers only pays if you get your diploma. They are liars when they say they are trying to prepare you for a career in the HRAC field, all they want is your money.

    The extra certificates you earn in this course is mostly through forced sales pitches, where we sit there and listen to a salesman talk about his product, and give us little card that says we’ve been trained with their product. We had a full class dedicated to listening to Milwaukee try to sell us their products.

    The exams are complete garbage, none of the Teachers have even a basic capability in writing, and their resulting tests are completely undecipherable. I have met people who have a better grasp of english than Jamie Faulkner, and English was their 3rd or 4th language. None of the teachers have the ability to actually teach. They may have a lot of experience, but if they can never translate knowledge easily to Students their experience matters little.

    The McRae Campus, where most of the trades courses are, is a joke. The Schedules are made from Sullivan Campus, with the assumption that we have close amenities go spend our time at. The result is that our schedules often have long breaks in our afternoons and mornings, but requiring us to dedicate 8 to 10 hours at Campus, as a lot of the students in the course do not live closeby the McRae Campus. This cuts into the ability to work part or full time to help fund your way, or even cuts out your ability to participate in any extracurricular activities outside of the bar nights.

    The Book Store is absolutely horrible, with fluctuating prices, often at a 200% mark up compared to other sources, the books are purposely underordered, causing a lot of frustration each semester in the great race to reach the bookstore before your 30 classmates to get the 8-10 copies of books they keep. Anyone unlucky enough to not get them in time can be waiting for up to 3 months.

    You’re better off finding a job in the field as a general labourer and network, going to this School will do nothing but ruin your bank account and waste your time.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Both the heavy equipment technician and operator courses are very poorly designed and run. In the operator course you spend $12000 and spend a lot of class room time and time washing the machine! The technician course almost guaranteed employment but don’t expect to be well educated! The courses are taught by very old timer mechanics who are very knowledgeable but CAN’T Teach! All you will learn is CAT equipment because they are funded by CAT, completely ignoring the fact that most graduates work on other brands of equipment! Lectures and Labs are dry and hard to follow. To truly succeed huge amounts of homework and follow up studying must be done! AVOID BOTH PROGRAMS!

    Overall Score: (2.18/5.00)
  • waste of time

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • If you take Electricity you better be prepared, the profs don’t give a rats ass about helping you in fact Jim Fulton walked out on us during Lab because he was ” Bored”, if you ask him a question the only response is what do you think?….REALLY? This is the quality you can except from Fleming Profs.
    WebCT, which is the colleges main Program for checking you courses is insanely buggy, crashes often and when you submit assignments sometimes it just doesn’t work. Marks are supposed to be updated every 2 weeks AT MAX, I had to wait 6 weeks to find out my test mark for Electricity! The bottom line is DO NOT GOTO THIS COLLEGE, you WILL waste your money. If you can’t afford other Colleges I suppose this will work for you?

    Overall Score: (3.36/5.00)
  • This is an okay college. You need to be on the ball and make sure you know what you need. The school doesn’t tell you what to do you need to find out on your own. For example when I applied I had to ask questions and search their website. Most of the people in my class didn’t know we needed to pick an elective course or how to do it. I was well prepared because that’s the way I am. Most were clueless as to what to do when they started school. I think that they need to give more info to their students. Recently the webct and back up crashed. It is still not fixed. This iswhere we get info for our courses and our marks. The school has not handled this well or kept the students properly notified about the situation. I don’t recommend the college. If you live close by and don’t want to move you could try it. The Early Childhood Education program needs some major work starting with the program coordinator Mary Lou Lummiss. Getting rid of her immediatly would be the best decision Fleming could make for the ECE program. There are some good instructors in the school but unfortunatly some of them are horrible. There are a lot of dissapointed students at Fleming.

    Overall Score: (3.27/5.00)

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