Why Mac Sucks: Top 10 Reasons Why Macs Blow, And Why Apple Loves Sh*t-Talking Articles Like This One

1. The only business model for Apple is narcissism. Its true. And for what its worth, the only “geniuses” that work for Apple are the members of their marketing team, because holy hell, we all know that the best way to sell a product in this day and age, especially to Americans, is to patronize their self-righteous beliefs. There are only 2 types of people that buy a Mac:

1) Wannabe nerdy-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable they are about everything in the tech world
2) Wannabe hipster-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable (read: trendy and/or “not trendy”) they are about everything in general

Either way, people who are confident enough in their knowledge, self-image, and skills rarely find it necessary (or justifiable) to buy one of these disgustingly over-priced machines. Which brings us to…

2. Macs are ridiculously overpriced. Not only do you get much less for your money when you buy ANY type of Macintosh computer compared to your other options, but you get royally screwed whenever you want any halfway-decent Mac machine. Compare 17-inch MacBook Pros starting at an astounding $2500 with thousands of 17-inch alternatives starting at just $599. This is partly because Apple price-fixes their products so drastically, but is mostly because they’d rather tell you what packages are available instead of letting you decide what works best for you. Hmm… what does that sound like?

3. Macs regularly ignore mainstream industry trends. Where to begin? Because of all the political (read: snobby) games that Steve Jobs gets involved with, most Macs still don’t have HDMI ports, eSATA ports, or BluRay drives, among other mainstream technology standards. Instead of HDMI, for example, they opt for out-of-date DVI ports (but of course only on the MacBook Pro models). This attitude is best summed up by Apple’s 2-decade-long push for world-wide FireWire data ports, which Apple finally dropped many years after its defeat to USB 2.0 was already obvious. (P.S. Apple invented FireWire…)

4. Mac OS X is merely a locked down version of open-source Linux. Its easy to assume that over 90% of Mac owners are not only unaware of this, but don’t have a clue what Linux is. Turns out that back in 1996, after Steve Jobs’ short-lived company NeXT stole its OS base from open-source (read: FREE) BSD Unix, it resold the now proprietary OS to Apple which then became OS X. Perhaps if OS X had the flexibility of Linux, or if Mac fanboys didn’t use Linux concepts (i.e. Terminal) as reasons to brag about OS X, there wouldn’t be so much smearing to do. (Warning: do NOT attempt ask any Mac fanboys about this, or they will ignore your question and start babbling about things like Firefox.)

5. There is no right-f*cking-click! Mac fanboys will respond to this by saying “actually you CAN get a 2-button mouse now!” but even when that is true, the EFFING RIGHT CLICK STILL DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. Oh, cool, I can copy and paste! Oh wait, but I can’t perform any other damn functions in Photoshop or otherwise. And crap, I forgot which combination of 5 keys I need to hold down for right click to work on my 1-button mouse? (Don’t even ask how to make the Delete button actually delete something…)

6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?

  • The clock doesn’t display a date. That’s cool, cuz I only wanted to remind myself again that today is Monday.
  • The Dock concept is cute, yet still, retarded. You not only can’t see any of the windows that you have minimized, but you also can’t truly adjust the way The Dock behaves or appears. According to Stan, its based on 1984 technology when only 1 program could run at a time. Pretty sweet.
  • Trying to “X” out of a program doesn’t close it, it simply minimizes it. Just like the minimize button. Except it begins to kill your CPU after you’ve done it a few times by keeping programs running as ghosts. (Total genius.)
  • Trying to alt-tab through your windows cycles through every single window of every single application one at a time instead of cycling between alternative applications (read: time-killer).
  • Maximizing a window doesn’t actually maximize it. This is fun, cuz then I get to constantly click on things on the Desktop that I am definitely not interested in.
  • Opening 100 images in the Mac image viewer opens 100 separate windows. (No comment.)
  • You can’t drag files around to new destinations such as applications on The Dock or other directories without first preparing both source and destination windows so they are both visible. (Still, no comment.)
  • etc, etc, etc

7. “It just… doesn’t work.” (Macs crash, freeze, and have evil viruses.) I thought I would dispel all the Mac lies in one sentence, so there you go. If you have ever tried to open Photoshop along with a few other programs on a Mac, you will know this frustration well. More often than not the little rainbow wheel will starting spinning like crazy – that, or your Mac will simply freeze. This is because Macs can’t handle multi-tasking very well (although the issue has been improving, according to some). What hasn’t been improving though is the increasing amount of viruses being found on Macs. Sure, we could play the word game and clarify the difference between trojans and viruses, but the point is that Macs are no safer than any other computer, especially since they ship with their firewall turned off.

8. Software and hardware options for Mac are lame, or slim at best. This is not an overstatement. I am the first to admit that the iTunes/iPod combination is pretty tight (with AAC disabled!). But that’s about it. Mac Mail, iPhoto, GarageBand, iChat, Quicktime, and the rest of the bundled Mac software mostly just sucks, or is extremely limited in what it can do. Luckily some programs like VLC and CuteFTP have recently started to offer Mac versions of their software, but good luck trying to find Mac versions of most popular freeware. Not only that, but their claim that “no hunting for drivers is needed” is only true because barely any hardware is made for Macs! For example, only the Airport Extreme card works with Macs but other PCI cards will not. Thus, if someone needed 802.11a, they would need to buy a (very) costly Ethernet adapter.

9. Gaming, and graphics in general, suck on Macs. All true gamers already know this, so it really doesn’t require much explanation. Let’s just say that GizModo’s latest check confirmed that this is still true, even on the most expensive graphics card that MacBook Pro currently offers.

10. Macs are not flexible or customizable. This is a vague way to end things, but mostly because its the only way to sum up all the things that are wrong with Macs. We’ve already seen that you can’t customize their hardware or software, and that you can’t even use the Linux functions that *should* be present on any Linux distro. But even within Mac’s little world itself, you can barely change any options on their OS, user interface, The Dock, directory layout, etc. But hey, as long as the only thing you want to do is change your desktop wallpaper to be the photo you took at the latest indie rock show you attended, then by all means, buy a Mac.

For being so “progressive” Apple sure does seem like one stubborn-ass company. Oh, and please note that hating Macs doesn’t make you a Windows fanboy. It just makes you a reasonable person. =)

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  1. Steve says:

    I never had a problem with my PC. It’s funny how the only people with problems with their PC’s are mac users. And they say this article is one sided. HA! Have fun with no software selection, no games, and expensive hardware. And if you really need bootcamp that proves you want to be a PC.

  2. .... says:

    Mac Pro Configuration

    One 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem”
    3GB (3x1GB)
    1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s hard drive
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    One 18x SuperDrive
    Apple Magic Mouse
    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (English) & User’s Guide
    Country Kit


    I can make the EXACT same thing and i mean EXACTLY the same hardware same speeds and memory and everything for $910.94

    Have fun paying almost 3 times more for your Macs

    P.S. i got that price for the Mac Pro from the apple store go look yourself.
    P.P.S.i got the price for what it cost to make that configuration at tigerdirect.com

    Again: Have fun paying 3 times more for the EXACT same parts!!!!

  3. Lmao says:

    You ppl have been trolling this post for almost 2 years.
    Just let it go everyone has something to say about everything, nothing is perfect. windows and mac both have faults.

    But I will say this! pc has better selection of hardware at cheaper prices, when i say PC i don’t mean Windows in fact Microsoft doesn’t make hardware nor does Apple, they only order the parts and put them together then supply the OS.
    Only problem I’ve noticed with Apple (and not as often but sometimes with PC sellers too)is that they overprice some of their products when you can easily go to a computer hardware store or website and buy all the same parts for a lot less money.
    Example: Configuration

    One 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem”
    3GB (3x1GB)
    1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s hard drive
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    One 18x SuperDrive
    Apple Magic Mouse
    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (English) & User’s Guide
    Country Kit

    that is $2,499.00 why pay that much when I can get those EXACT (and i mean exactly the same parts same memory same speeds same configuration and everything.) for $910.94 by ordering the parts myself.

    Go to the apple store your self and look at the basic configuration for a mac pro it cost: $24,499.00. then write down that configuration and find the parts online I looked up the parts on http://www.tigerdirect.com/ i hear newegg.com is good too but my point is its your choice what OS to use but PC hardware is just as good but much cheaper then what you can get for a mac.

    think about it if you can make a $2,500 mac for $910 then think how much better the parts can be if you did spend $2,500 on parts to make a pc.

    P.S. ill say it again its pointless to say that Apple/Mac’s parts last longer or are better, because apple/mac and windows dont make hardware both companies ORDER their parts from other companies who make them (most of the time they order from the same place).

  4. Hay! says:

    Shut up!

    That’s all.

  5. loled @ the fanboys. says:

    ye windows is still any better. Windows doesnt suck. I got a pc laptop. never got problems on it.

    I got a gaming laptop of the asus g73

    And is fast

    Is just a computer and is a computer not a religion. Is only an opinion wether decide to get a pc or a mac.

    Both systems are good. I do not mind a pc or mac. Both system got there thumbs up and downs.

    But srsly.

    ” FANBOYS ” need to shut up.

    1. Chrono says:

      Asus is a legendary choice!

  6. WindowsSucks says:

    So, Your tellin me Windows is any better?

  7. Anonmuz says:

    I’m surprised it’s the 21st century and people still think Mac’s can’t right click. When the Mighy Mouse was present you could right click simple by clicking the “right side” of the mouse or hold down the mouse button.
    This article was written in 2009 and in 2005 I was building my own Mac Pros.

    OS X is more functional than windows; if I have a program to delete, I delete it, or drag it to the trash bin. I can later restore and blah, blah, blah. But wait! Here’s the thing; I don’t have to worry about the OS not deleting all related files and leaving some thing behind that hinders me from installing another program or makes it impossible for me to later install a better updated version.

    What are you guys like 15? I stopped worrying about a PC theme when I was a junior in high school. Also FYI, theming is possible in OS X via third party programs most are free and have sites where you can chose a layout, dock placement, custom OS icons, etc… all possible out the box without any third party apps.

    The genius who wrote this article should be hung for incompetence.

    Status bar date – either hover over the time or click it.
    The Dock – the dock has a little icon (you know what those are right?) you can hover over and guess what happens?.. You’ll see all the windows you have minimized. Gee, who’da thunk it.

    I get the whole windows maximize thing but let’s face it, if enough Mac users complain, the problem gets fixed in an update a month or two later whereas windows users have to wait until the next version of windows is available. Example: Vista and the five or six year wait for Windows 7.

    Windows 7 is spectacular but it is still windows with all the hangups.

    Also the only reason you need virus protection is from yourself, stop going to your favorite porn sites and you won’t get any spyware, malware or Trojans or worms. Steve wasn’t lying when he said most of the bullshit comes from flash, flash is the PC street walker, you gonna catch any and everything from her.

    That time back in 2003 when people thought the world was gonna end because of that worm that was going around, I never had any virus protection on my PC and only upgraded my PC because it was outdated hardware and now with this Mac virus going about I still don’t have virus protection on my Mac because you only get viruses because of yourself, not because you have a Mac or PC.

    Let’s be real, the little list you’ve compiled here is minuscule to that if we were to make a PC list.

    With either Norton or Windows purposely giving users viruses when they decline Nortons offer to get installed when you purchase a new PC.
    To windows needing every damn thing to be digitally signed or you can’t use any hardware you bought on it.
    To IE being a annoying piece of s!*t.
    To Windows running a ridiculous amount of extra things in the background.

    Even with 1GB of Ram a Mac uses it efficiently and it still runs smoothly, Windows on the other hand, freezes for days, fans start to run like a semi truck speeding.

    Pc’s have their Pros and cons as does Macs.

    Macs aren’t perfect and PCs have always been far from, the OS makes sure of that.

    As far as the tech; Apple is ahead of everyone. Do your research before you post your emotions of why you can’t afford a Mac.

    I have a Mac and PC and when I’m not lazy and keep up my maintenance and learn the features and shortcuts they work perfectly.

    This article is biased and too opinionated and lacks any true comparison, the true comparison is the price. Either you want to buy Macs or you don’t, don’t have a BF about it, it just makes it look like you’re bitching because you don’t wanna shell out the cash or can’t afford one.

    I’ll always pick a Mac over a PC but I will never be without a PC, either.

  8. WHY NO DO THIS says:

    Step 1:Get an fast as hell computer.
    Step 2:Mod the case to make it look AWESOME.
    Step 3:Get an virtualbox.
    Step 4:Get Linux.
    Step 5:Get mac OS or what every it is called.
    Step 6.Run windows 7 + Linux + mac OS.
    Step 7:Say which one sucks the most balls.

  9. Pedro says:

    You are al idiots. First, i shouldn’t even be replying because the original poster was a obvious troll. But anyway.

    1-NEVER buy a 17 macbook pro. a 17 inch laptop IS NOT a laptop. Why? Because it’s not portable. If you want a laptop, by a 13/15. The 17 mbp is a WASTE of money. ANY 17 inch laptop is a waste of money (unless your an architecht or industrial designer). If you are a gamer, DON’T by a laptop.

    2-PC has more marketshare and that is GREAT. If i use a mac and no one makes virus for it because only 8% of the market use it (as you say) i’m very HAPPY. I don’t care about the reason why there’s no virus. If it is because no one cares, great!

    3-There is as much quality software for mac os as there is for windows (EXCEPT GAMES; NEVER BUY A MAC FOR GAMES – or a laptop for that matter). All the major programs work on mac. Windows as a few cool exclusives, Mac Os has a few cool exclusives.

    4-The quality of construction, screen, touchpad and battery life on the13/15 inch macbook pros is almost perfect. Very, very good. Yes, you can buy some laptops from other brands with the same quality and guess what? The prices will be similar (i’m not talking about specs here – i’m talking build quality)

    5-You seem to confound Mac with Mac OS. Apple computers have the advantage of being able to run Windows 7 and Mac Os, so you can use both, because both have their advantages. You can arguably run Mac Os on a non-apple machine but, besides being illegal, it will depend on your hardware, and the results may not be that great.

    Anyway, use what you like. I like both ( and i think win7 is a MAJOR step forward for microsoft), and i just can’t get why so much hate for apple. Even if i don’t like the company i admit their merits. Apple and Microsoft were BOTH responsible for the personal computer as we know it, for everything you love about pcs (yeah, because a mac is a pc). So just respect that and leave choice to the users.

  10. lolz says:

    I do not mind a mac or pc.

    But i hate mac fanboys

    And the people that use them.

    Although some people use the macs for music production or graphics design.

    Most people what i have seen. All on facebook. YOutube and all these stuffs on the web.

    If u only browse the web it will be easier to be a netbook than spending all those money for a mac.

    I also had a ipod touch. But i do not buy the laptop of the apple store.

    I have a pc never got problems. And is fast.

    I choose what laptop i should pick. That has its best performance. Specs. Graphics card. ( Not just buy a laptop but check is performance).

    And once i choose the right laptop for doing all my work on it and gaming purposes.

    Im happy with it.

    Never got virus. Fast and not is not slow. Been using it a year.

  11. Str8ShootR says:

    I LOVE it! The funny thing with all this is, you don’t find droves of PC users defending Windows. PC users are intelligent enough to understand the pitfalls of Microsoft while still realizing that Windows-based machines are the only real circus in town. Vocal Mac users, on the other hand, come across as partisan loyalists, filled to the brim by a combination of pride and propaganda. Why was the Newton a failure? Because it was ahead of its time and poorly implemented? No. It failed because it was an Apple product that required a high learning curve, which is antithetical to the company’s marketing appeal to the lowest common denominator: the user with zero technical knowhow. Today, that market has been refined to include users who have been trained to follow the colorful on-screen prompts every bit as well as they’ve been trained to drain their bank accounts to buy a brand that is so trendy and cool that it appeals to people who so highly esteem being trendy and cool. Simply amazing.

    1. Tom says:

      “The funny thing with all this is, you don’t find droves of PC users defending Windows.”

      Who the f**k do you think wrote this article? A mac user?? You retard!

  12. Steve says:

    I’m getting really sick of people saying “it’s a computer! get over it!” It’s not about the computer. It’s the people that use them. Like my earlier post, I can’t even go to a wedding without some mac fanboy telling me that somehow apple invented touchscreen phones. I’ve never gone up to a mac guy and said “you’re a moron for using that.” Even though it’s most likely true, I don’t do it. Because I have nothing to prove. PC obviously won. Look at the numbers. mac people b***h at people because they feel like they need something to prove because the sales numbers are so damn low. Get a fucking life.

    1. Tom says:

      Erm… you never see the news spud? Apple are only one of the most profitable companies in the world. And you think they got there with low sales figures?? Idiot.

  13. ROFL says:

    People really need to calm down. They – are – freakin – computers! Get the one that works best for you (YOU, personally) and get over yourselves. It’s not worth killing someone over just because they state their computer’s sexier or their computer’s more versatile. Just shut up and go do some sports, hang out with friends, enjoy life. I just happened to stumble onto this article because i am looking for a new computer for college, so don’t judge me on bothering to comment on this, It just pisses me off that people take it so seriously. Peace :)

  14. kev says:

    Oh this is stupid when only mac fanboys trying to defend themselves. Is just a computer. Not a religion.

  15. jabbahutter says:

    This is just stupid. I mean they are obviously referring to tiger not snow leopard. All of these problems do not exist in snow leopard.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Windows XP REPRESENT !

  17. No says:


    I don’t know where you go to school the district in my town is still mainly using pentium III and IV pcs.

  18. Steve says:

    @It’s a computer not a religio. I thought I was going to get pissed reading your post, but instead I think it’s brilliant. It’s so true on every point.

  19. It's a Computer not a Religion says:

    Come on folks it is a damn computer – not a religion – MAC user’s defend their computer like it’s a religion. MAC users will pay double for their computer because of SNOB APPEAL. The low performance of US students must be related to MAC’s because they are the only computers School Districts across the country use. That is because the school computers are purchased by a “committee” the same comittee(s) that are protesting in Wisconsin because they now have to pay their fair share for their health care. Anything a MAC can do a PC will do cheaper – Friends don’t let their friends buy MAC. Plus you can RIGHT-CLICK …

  20. PRAEJUDICIUM says:

    I spent the better part of last summer and most of my free time after that making money fixing computers locally. The reason I tell you this is to protect myself from any extremists who will probably still call me a dumb spoiled rich kid. I am well off, but I work hard for what I get. So, on my 16th birthday with a bit of help from my parents, I purchased a 15.4″ quad core i7 macbook pro with a 128gb SSD from Apple’s “refurbished” page (really open box, if your buying a Mac look in to it, you won’t know the difference).

    And you know what? I proudly showed off my new notebook to a select few friends. I told them about the new sandy bridge quad core i7, about the SSD, and about the excellent 1680×1050 LED screen. (That’s not to say you can’t get something better in a PC.)

    And you know what else? I would have LOVED be able to have an Asus G73GH as well, but it isn’t exactly convenient to carry around all day every day. But, I also just happen PREFER Mac OS for everyday tasks. I (KEY WORK I) PREFER IT. There are plenty of PCs just as good and even better! I am not going to get up and say it is better than Windows 7. WINDOWS 7 IS GREAT ALSO! SO IS UBUNTU! Hell, Vista wasn’t even ALL that bad… sort of…

    But guess what? I’m in the library minding my own business writing a paper, and some freshman comes up to me and says something like “Wow, a MacBook Pro, I bet it’s fast! I have a Dell, it’s so slow.”

    I wanted to break his nose.

    Yes, I know some people are just going to use this to support the “Mac Supremacist” theory, but what I wanted you to take from this is that yes, I bragged about my new computer. My new COMPUTER. Not my new Mac. Believe me, if all I could get was the white core 2 duo, I would be far from proud.

    Anyway, my point is, anyone who generalizes a brand, whether it be Apple, Microsoft, HP, or Dell, and says that it is definitively superior or inferior to all other brands is either horribly misinformed, a troll, or a just plain ignorant fanboy. And, in my opinion, anyone who generalizes and bashes a COMMUNITY, is an ignorant, narcissist, blind egomaniac, no matter what that community is. That is not cool. And sorry, I shouldn’t say anyone, or I would be doing the same thing, but if anyone says they belong to that exception I will bite their ear off.

    I have read every post here and I am truly disgusted. Now, I will never call another man inferior to myself, but you guys really need to check your facts, for one, and more importantly, stop generalizing.

    If you truly believe Macs are better than PCs or vice versa, then for the sake of both communities, keep it to yourself.

    Now excuse me, I have to boot up my, albeit outdated, gaming PC so I can play Minecraft with my friends all connected to my Ubuntu Linux server.

  21. JustMyPiece says:

    I have had both and I think that it is just a matter of preference. I am a gamer and would definitely recommend Alienware (a bit pricey, however so are many apple products), but for school I definitely prefer my macbookpro. I want to be quite clear that I do not prefer one over the other because of my certain preferences as a whole, but for essays and music the apps provided on my mac allow an assignment to be completed more quickly (the trackpad also helps greatly). My PC allows me the ability to never have to worry about speed or anything of the sort. I enjoy both and think that people that are ridiculing one another (ex. Mac fanboys) are a bit hypocritical. State your opinions on the matter not the people behind it. Gamers are not looked too highly upon and I think as a gamer we need to stop and be the bigger men here (or women). Stop clumping people by what they buy. Isn’t that in a way a bit ignorant? To both mac people and PC people, discuss objective things and don’t generalize about people as a whole (in my opinion that says more about you than about anyone else). Thank you

  22. ADGHHHH says:

    If you want a gaming Laptop you get the Asus G73JH, If you want to twitter and Facebook with your girlfriends and boyfriends and sip your latte at star bucks you get a net book.

    If you want to use a laptop for music productions. Get a macbook air.

  23. ADGHHHH says:

    And comparing a asus g73 with a macbook pro is very wrong. If you buy a mac book pro instead of this is because by making some mistakes of your life. you have money. and you are stupid.

  24. Jason says:

    Want to know how stupid mac fanboys are. I had this guy tell me that macs automatically update the RAM. Are you f-ing kidding me?

  25. Steve says:

    mac fanbois believe apple invented everything from sliced bread to the universe. Ignorance is right.

  26. Lolnubs says:

    Mac fanbois are as disgustingly ignorant as your average religious fanatic, so arguing with them is quite fun.

  27. Steve says:

    @ADGHHHH. That is all.

  28. adghhhh says:

    I use a netbook for a year, and it never crash.

    I do not need a mac cuz even though i have enough money for it is useless to buy another laptop that is call a mac unless for music productions.

    That is all.

    Most of what i have seen @ college.

    And of what i have seen on there mac’s, they don’t do that, just want to be cool and stay on facebook. Twitter, formpsring, tumblr. etc

    I meant is easier to just buy a pc and get a decent anti virus. Like the AVG anti virus free edition 2011.

    That is all and mac fanboys need to shut up. Who cares. Is your choice.

  29. macwinux says:

    aye~ the never ending battle :) mad skill, not a gamer, go for Linux, mad skill, hardcore gamer, go for Windows, madskill, rich, go for Mac

  30. Steve says:

    @redinight. That’s your problem right there. You work at Wal-Mart. You probably bought a eMachines PC. Obviously its going to crash. It’s eMachines!

  31. Redinight says:

    Ok, I am not a wanna be anything. I bought my iMac because I am sick of pc issues. In the last three years my iMac has froze ONCE. I don’t use any firewall nor do I have to wait to install more antivirus updates every time I sit down to use my computer. I don’t have to wait 5-10 minutes for my computer to bootup just to check a score or to look up a fact…it takes thirty seconds to turn on my computer and find the information i need.

    Yes it’s costly but it will last me longer than five years for sure, well worth it in the end…. My parents have went through 3 pcs in 6 years….that’s more than enough hassle that I avoid right there…. Oh, I’m not a rich whinny kid, I work at walmart, pay my school loan, and own my own home…. and my right click works….

  32. Jonathan says:

    This really says something about your typical Mac user given that the vast majority of the dissenting comments are in the form of personal attacks rather than reasoned arguments.

    “This article was obviously written by an unintelligent life form”.

    Uh huh.

    Mac “defenders” are just like Macs themselves, all style and no substance.

    1. Tom says:

      Hilarious comment. It’s funny how I always see these articles written by PC users slagging off Macs insulting the people that use them, and the moment a Mac user defends their decision to use one they are constantly abused. PC users seem to spend an awful lot of time writing about how they hate Macs and Mac users. If you constantly attack and abuse them they are bound to snap back at you, and the reason that person called the writer unintelligent may well be because the article IS wholly inaccurate! I’d say this says more about your typical PC nerd

  33. yep says:

    Pc or a mac, i do not mind both. But i hate mac fan boys.

  34. Steve says:

    @anonymous. Fact. apple makes overpriced junk. Fact. apple sells idiotic suckers old technology. If you honestly think apple sells inexpensive up to date technology you’re out of your mind. Go to HP or Dell’s site and compare with apples junk on their site. The price difference is mind blowing.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Idiot. Most biased thing ever seen.

  36. WTH says:

    I wint to the mall the other day and there was a apple store they had the latest macs and everything but non of em where on for presintation and the ppl who ran the store where useing PCs

  37. Apple says:

    I bet you posted this, using a mac.

  38. Dirk says:

    Mac users trying hard stuborn stupid morons. I got a mac here from a customer, Hell it Sucks! i never work with one before but i found this very stupidly tight, with browser alone you have to do alot to make them work, so stupid. no support, no care for their customers. the fact that a person buys a mac is that he or she is not comfortable buying a cheap one, mentally if you buy more expensive one you assume that its better and more fun and userfull blah blah blah just the way mac wanna nail it.

    I have a friend that ask for help for her business but everytime i suggest a cheaper one she doesnt settle down with it. and found out later its not worth it. ignorance lead to over spending. and the worst is you don’t all the potential or features you need. blah blah watever; say wat you wanna say damn ass macrfuckrs what you say wont set you Free!

  39. lololo says:

    while reading this…..i got the rainbow spinny ball three times. just for scrolling down. i only have one other tab open.

  40. keven says:

    Macs are overpriced. Get a decent antivirus and you won’t get viruses. Unless your trying to!

    And, i have a win 7 laptop and a mac air, at the speed of both, win 7 wins! Macs get veryyyyy slow after time.

  41. Steve says:

    Here’s an example of how fucked up apple users are. I was at my sister’s wedding last week checking my email on my new Windows Phone 7 and this punk kid came up to me and said “you know that everyone including Microsoft stole their idea from apple”. Okay I’m at a wedding and all I want to do is check my email and mac people won’t shut the f**k up! I completely schooled the kid. He was left speechless by the end. Typical apple users. I said first off apple didn’t invent the first all-touch screen phone (which was his debate). I had the link already in my phone showing that the LG Prada was in fact the first. Beating apple by a year. Since he lost that debate he went onto saying that mac hardware lasts longer than PC hardware. It’s the same hardware dumb s**t. And he shut up again. I guess a hard drive magically lasts longer because it’s in a mac computer. Lastly, Microsoft is being praised by critics for being one of the only companies NOT to copy the iphone. WP7 is nothing like iOS. If apple people did any research they’d know that.

  42. Freddy says:

    Macs don’t do anything SPECIAL than a Windows-based PC does already.
    The hardware of a Mac, nowadays, is EXACTLY the same as that of some PC’s out there. And OS X is not really all “bells & whistles”. It’s just a Linux “ripoff” with proprietary s**t, and that’s all.
    Seriously, you’re only paying for that nice backlighted Apple logo and that’s all.
    Mac fanboys should really shut their mouth and do something really “constructive” with their Macs, instead of only babbling about how crap PCs are.

  43. youwhat? says:

    fun computer, but they can’t even game! Sure, there’s more stuff then gaming that you can do for fun, but you can do ALL of that on the PC.

    The most important is, I love to build PCs, and once in a while, fix them up if I find someone that has a messed up PC. Most problems with a PC, are caused by the user. Once in a while it will be a bad piece of software or hardware, but from my experience it’s most times the user at fault. Many PC owners would say the same. Hope this was constructive.

  44. Mmm says:

    Asus G73 best gaming laptop ever owned yet. I do not mind a pc or a Mac but in my opinion, Mac fan boys should shut up about there macs .

  45. Nights192 says:

    I am too busy laughing at how successful this troll was. God, most of you are idiots.

  46. Steve says:

    @your brain. apple is in no way better than Zune. What are you smoking? It’s $15 for 15 songs with apple or unlimited songs for $15 with Zune. You also get to keep 10 songs every month with Zune. apple is a joke. I have over 2,300 songs on my Zune. Thats at least $2,300 with itunes. Pathetic.

  47. Your Brain says:

    Ok apple is at least better than a zune but

    Motorola Xoom will support flash- iPad 2 don’t
    If gateway sucks, get a HP (more choises)if apple sucks, your screwed!!!
    If Samsung (which it doesn’t) sucks, then go to Motorola, LG, or something designated to make a voice call. (iPhone releases every year. Androids release year round.)
    iPod touch. great. now i can touch to get to my favorite music thats not justin bieber. for about 200-300 dollars worth. now thats sooooo cheap


  48. Your Brain says:

    Ok apple is at least better than a zune but

    Motorola Xoom will support flash- iPad 2 don’t
    If gateway sucks, get a HP (more choises)if apple sucks, your screwed!!!
    If Samsung (which it doesn’t) sucks, then go to Motorola, LG, or something designated to make a voice call. (iPhone releases every year. Androids release year round.)
    iPod touch. great. now i can touch to get to my favorite music thats not justin bieber. for about 200-300 dollars worth.


  49. mike says:

    Mac users are in DENIAL! I guess its because of the overpriced products they buy. I mean I have a Ipod but I don’t worship apple.

  50. Steve says:

    It’s much easier to just buy a PC. If you buy any mac computer and you want all the bells and whistles of a PC you need bootcamp. Why not skip the hastle of bootcamp and get a PC. Theres absolutely nothing on a mac that you can’t do on a PC. There are plenty of great video editing programs for Windows. There’s a lot of things you can do on a PC that you can’t do on a mac. Which is the point of bootcamp in the first place. For instance I got Gears of War 3 Beta because there’s a simple hack that only Windows users can use. So F**K YOU apple.

  51. Cool says:

    I have had a windows computers in my home since birth, when I was born we had windows 2.0. And people who know more about computers and demand the most out of them will almost always go for windows. And I have NEVER crashed a windows computer, NEVER! So the mac users who have crashed them in the past must not know what they are doing, correlating to the fact that people more educated with computers choose windows. But when i found out that macs would be the good use for music production would be the best choice for them to have a mac for it. But if it all just browse the internet, emailing,facebook,tumblr,youtube and so on. It could be easier to just buy a PC.

    PS. ” Only retards got viruses”.

  52. Travis says:

    I love Pc’s and Mac’s but i hate macfanboys – _ –

  53. wtf says:

    i’m so sick of all this “I’m a Mac” and “I’m a PC” crap! Honestly, they both have their ups and downs. Mac OS has a wonderful video editing program, and Windows has great picture editing programs. They are both susceptible to viruses, no matter what people say. And they are both used for business, education, etc. So why does anyone care if people like Macs or PC’s more? I have a mac, but I still use PCs. It’s called opinion.

    Fanboys especially most of the mac users, need to shut up the argument against windows.

  54. WHAT THE HELL says:

    And i use windows for gaming purposes.

  55. what the hell says:

    I use windows for gaming. I use macs for music production digital, audio

    Never got a virus on windows. More secure, reliable faster and so is a mac.

    People get virus on pc, but is basically there own fault for getting a virus, not the operating system. Cuz only idiots get a virus. But not for me.

    Never had a virus. More secure, and faster.

    If wanted to just browse the web, just buy a netbook instead.

    Both laptops are good. But fanboys need to shut up.

  56. Shut Up says:

    I don’t even want to bother giving my 10 reasons not to buy a PC.
    Here’s why I have a Mac. It’s like Linux, except it actually recieves some mainstream attention. Why wouldn’t I buy Windows? Because Macs are more secure, reliable, faster, etc. than Windows. I could go on.

  57. Cool College Kid says:

    Macs are so cool! Everyone in college uses them so they must be better than pc!

  58. Jason says:

    Macs are “retarded”. One must be crazy to shell out almost $2000 on a “half-decade” old hardware, and have LESS in terms of software.
    Heck, with Windows 7 i can have FFDShow + MPC-HC and playback my 1080p MKVs (Blu-Ray rips) with High-Quality Master audio, and without any problems (http://www.mediasmartserver.net/2010/02/02/guide-setting-up-bitstreaming-with-your-windows-7-htpc-part-i/).Whether on Macs, 1080p MKV’s stutter as hell (both with VLC and Quicktime + Perian).

  59. kev says:

    Whenever I use my friends mac, Im always afraid I will hit the wrong hot button and the computer will self destruct. Ever time I use his computer, I end up inadvertently opening some sort of menu, which I try to close out of then pulling the computer into standby mode and getting that colorful wheel that everyone is well familiar with. I just like the pc’s simplicity. It’s what Im used to.

  60. Jim says:

    if all youre doing is browsing the web, why would you spend $2000 or 1600 on a dollars on a mac? get a friggen Pc netbook for 300 bucks instead.

  61. max says:

    ive had a pc for 16 years

    think im lying no guess what people i found this amazing thing it stops viruses guess what its called…. ANTIVIRUS maybe if you use it you wont get any people who say pcs are so susceptible to viruses are probably going off of what somebody else said there are hundreds of freeware antivirus providers AVG is one

    Pcs are inferior in design wrong look at asus or alienware thats pretty freaking awesome looking stuff yes hp and dell look like crap if you spend the same money you spend on a mac on a pc you will get a really nice looking one

    Pcs are inferior in hardware WRONG pcs are superior in hardware in every single way WHY BECAUSE ALL HARDWARE IS COMPATIBLE

    Pcs graphics are worse THIS IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF CRAP I HAVE EVER HEARD the best graphics card in a mac is: ATI RADEON 5770 probably around the 150 mark of best graphics cards pc well you can buy 149 better graphics for around $50-$200 and you can buy yourself a nice 27inch high definition tv and hook it up to your pc

    im not saying pcs are better i have a asus g73

    # 17.3-inch 1080p (1920×1080) display with LED backlighting
    # Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    # Intel Core i7-720QM processor (1.6GHz/2.8GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB L3 cache)
    # ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5 graphics card
    # 8GB DDR3-1066 RAM
    # Two 500GB 7200RPM hard drives (Seagate Momentus 7200.4/ST9500420AS) (Non-RAID)
    # Atheros AR9285 802.11n Wireless LAN adapter
    # Built-in Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
    # 8X DVD Super Multi drive

    # 8-cell battery pack (14.8V, 5200mAh, 75Wh)
    # Weight: 8.5 pounds
    # Dimensions: 16.3” (W) x 12.6” (D) x 1.8” (H)

    i also have an imac
    1Tb hardrive
    16gb ram
    radeon 5770 Hd
    2.4ghz i think or 2.6 ghz

    im just saying that people who say that pcs are crap and give reasons are ful of crap and are just mac fanboys i own both i use both and i love both to death

    Both Pc and a mac is great. But when it comes to like which fanboys especially on the mac, they just never shut up about there mac.

  62. Lol says:

    Use firefox safe mode choose optiondisable all ads simple down do not go to unsafe site that is all and do not click the ads and stop downloading illegal programs and stop downloading porn

  63. F**k This Website says:

    Hey, I know macs suck and everything (I would know, I’m using one from my school to type this), but I feel that insulting people because they block annoying ass ads is what true faggots do. So, to whoever manages this website – F**K YOU.

    P.S. your message didn’t annoy me as much as it angered me
    P.P.S. your mom was amazing last night…and the night before

  64. Steve says:

    @YE. I’ve been saying that for years. I never go up to a apple user and say “oh wow your computer sucks because it’s a mac.” I’ve had several apple users tell me I’m stupid for having a PC. It’s like they’re ashamed of using a mac and have to make you feel stupid to make themselves feel better. Bunch of ball washing b******s.

  65. ye says:

    In my opinion i do not mind a pc or mac. but would i do not like about other people though, they wanted a mac just to do music productions which is fine but i was thinking that other people another reason to not to get a mac is about some mac users who just can’t shut up.

    Pc users never complain. But the mac users complain about how bad is windows just cuz of virus and crashes well let me give them a straight,

    I use a pc. Is easy to use. It never have virus and crashes. ( STOP GOING TO UNSAFE WEBSITE THAT IS ALL AND NEVER DOWNLOAD PORN It could give you virus) That is all.

    Use what ever you choose to prefer but yeh mac users on the forums complaining on the pc’s should just shut up about them and get along.

  66. Roman says:

    Macintosh or hackintosh is Fuckintosh :)) MAC SUCKS !!! WINDOWS 4EVER !!!

  67. anon says:

    hackintosh truly is the way to go ;)

  68. PAUL says:

    Another reason to not get a Mac: the sheer arrogance of some Mac users.
    They just can’t shut up:


    See the posts made by the user linux2mac

  69. Steve says:

    @WALTER. I actually laughed reading your post. WOW! You can upgrade the RAM?! GET OUT! If you can’t even upgrade the processor than it’s not upgradable. That was a horrible example on your part. Walter, I feel bad for anyone that has to take their computer to you. You sound like you know nothing about computers. Typical mac user. I on the other hand do know a lot about computers (PC or mac). Over the years I’ve seen Seagate, WD, Maxtor and Fujitsu in macs. You’re telling me that because a hard drive is in a mac computer it somehow magically works better and lasts longer? There aren’t any apple branded internal hard drives so your whole post is irrelovent. apple users use the same branded hard drives as PC users. What are you some apple rep? You’re ridiculous.

  70. SourLime says:

    @WALTER thats a lie the best hardware you can get? please mac hardware is about 3-5 years behind all apple can keep up with is the the amount of memory. and Windows/Linux are USER managed OS if they have viruses then thats the users fault not the OS. OSX (Or unix it you wanna be real) limits what you can do. so here is a small list why MAC has less viruses.
    1).Less MAC users so less hackers (that also means less 3rd party programs of any kind)
    2).BLOCKED apple blockes most 3rd party programs/programers by stoping them from being seen on your MAC/Making them for MAC.
    3). MACs DO get viruses but most of the source files are hidden and some cant even be reviled (but there are ways to get to some of them) and thats where viruses and spyware like to hide.

    So unless you you dont know how to properly use a computer then go ahead and buy a MAC they dont let you do anything that will hurt it, if you like having freewill then get a PC with Windows or Linux, And if you love to game then A self Built PC with Windows.

    show me a MAC that can do this http://www.originpc.com/thebigo-config.asp

    and here is the specs for those of you who cant right click and open in new tab

    Case / Tower

    Custom DD tower 29 Case

    CPU/ Chipset / Memory

    Dual Intel Xeon X5680 Overclocked to 4.3GHz – Liquid Cooled
    EVGA SR2 Motherboard – Liquid Cooled
    12GB Corsair GT 2000Mhz


    ORIGIN High-Performance Dual CPU & GPU Liquid Cooling
    Chipset Liquid Cooling


    Quad SLI EVGA GTX 580 FTW – Liquid Cooled


    Quad OCZ 50GB Vertex2 in RAID 0
    Dual 2TB WD Caviar Black
    LSI Megaraid SAS 9260-4i


    2x Enermax 1050 watt PSU

    Optical Drives

    12x Pioneer Blu-ray burner


    Dual Integrated Gigabit Ethernet NIC
    External 802.11 a/b/g/Draft-n Wireless LAN (Optional)
    Rosewill Media-card reader


    On board Audio

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Rear I/O Ports

    (1) PS/2
    (8) USB 2.0
    (1) IEEE 1394a
    (1) eSATA 3GB/s
    (1) S/PDIF Out (TOSLINK)
    (1) S/PDIF Out (Coax)
    (6) Audio Ports


    FC3 fan controller
    LED Strip lighting with Remote Control


    Liquid Cooled Xbox 360
    5 port switch

  71. yeh says:

    i prefer a PC due to the fact that i havnt realy gotten into using a “mac”..I’d rather use a PC anyways because i do allot of Gaming<<<..and my PC takes everything like a champ..Crashes? wtf is a crash? never have gotten a Virus from playing games.

  72. Walter says:

    Take this with a grain of salt. It is biased, and out right lies half the time. First off, I own a macbook, and other than the overheating problem (which is fixed by downloading a fan control program), and the airport menu (which doesn’t impede network performance), my macbook is still going strong after 4 years. Also, Macs (at least they used to be) are sometimes slightly behind on technology. That’s because they’re built with the best hardware you can get. Notice os x only costs $40 or so. That means all the rest is hardware costs.

    I’ve been repairing computers for a year. Not a single one was a mac. They were all pc’s. Pc’s with worn out hard drives, viruses, and bad capacitors. I took apart a mac G4, and BEHOLD: the capacitors, even, were still good.

    So if you’ve got the money, and you’ve done your research, go get one. You’ll be annoyed at how long it lasts.

    One more thing; there’s a terd of a myth that macs aren’t upgradeable. That’s not true. You can upgrade RAM on many macs (laptops too), just not cpus.

  73. bovijon says:

    damn mac is goin with amd again. I like nvidia drivers on linux, freebsd and openindiana. so f**k mac. no need for preconfigured garbage. personally i like custom pc desktop where i can choose well ventilated case or choose gaming or workstation opengl cards or choose better sound cards. I like having choice and not follow a cult.

  74. Ganu says:

    Great article and spot on! Mac sucks and the media licks Steve Jobs’ balls. I dealt with hundreds of macs at my old job and I know by having dealt with them in those numbers that they are at best no more reliable or stable than the average PC. One tidbit…I opened up a lot of new computers to set up, and the only ones that came in DOA were macs. So suck on that, mac idiots.

  75. Steve says:

    I forgot to say:

    No obnoxious apple logo? Check.

  76. SourLime says:

    @UGOT2BKIDNME the price differnce between a i7 and a i5 is about $60 and anything over 4 cores is usless nothing a normal person will run on a comp will take more than 4 and even with that apple wants you to pay $1000 more for a $60 differnce if anyof you still think apple is still so grate you must love buying crapy products for 16x the price yes thats right apple wants 16x more for 2 more cores that you most likely wont even use or need as most programs/games will only use up to 4 cores and most of the time that dont even help the fps for games all that much i run prity much everygame i play on my pp at 50-70 fps (limmeter set to 60) and i only have a 3 core at 2.4GHz

  77. max says:


  78. Steve says:

    @ugot2bkidnme. Okay. I’ll start over and switch it up. Instead of asking how much cheaper is the same hardware on a PC. What can I get for almost the same price as a MacBook Pro?

    MacBook Pro (store.apple.com)

    Screen Size: 15-inch
    Hard Drive: 500GB 5400RPM
    RAM: 4GB DDR3
    Processor: Intel Quad Core i7 2.0 GHz
    Optical Drive: SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    Price: $1,799.00

    HP dv7tqe (shopping.hp.com)

    Screen Size: 17-inch
    Hard Drive: 1TB 5400RPM
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    Processor: Intel Quad Core i7 2.3 GHz
    Optical Drive: Blu-ray writer & SuperMulti DVD burner
    Price: $1,704.99

    Bigger screen. Check.
    Double the hard drive space. Check.
    Double the RAM. Check.
    Slightly better processing speed. Check.
    Blu-ray. Check.

    Apple is so behind. They can’t even give you a Blu-ray player. I’m not even talking about a Blu-ray burner.

    Winner. Again. PC.

  79. Ugot2BkidNme says:

    Steve you have one major problem with your post core i5 and Core i7 are drastically different. Is it $1000 worth no but please note there is a huge performance difference between i5 and i7.

  80. Steve says:

    Saw this side by side comparison in the Costco magazine and thought it was brilliant.

    Toshiba Satellite A665-S5186

    Screen Size: 15.6″
    Hard Drive: 640 GB
    RAM: 4 GB
    Processor: Core i5 2.66 GHz
    Warrenty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
    Prce: $749.99

    Apple MacBook Pro

    Screen Size: 15.4″
    Hard Drive: 500 GB
    RAM: 4 GB
    Processor: Core i7 2.0 GHz
    Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
    Price: $1,799.00

    Over a $1,000 price difference and you get less. Good job apple. The only thing apple people have to brag about is spending more money.

  81. MRMIME says:

    lol@ macfags not being able to handle the truth.
    yay for paying 2k for $500 hardware and a the bike with training wheels of all OSes!

  82. Cakes says:

    Would be easier to buy a pc. Rather than a mac.

    Reaons for pc, is that if you are into gaming, then there you go, you could do all your important work, plus games, and internet search on your pc could be reall fun and entertaining.

    For a mac: People just go on there mac’s and they just wanted a mac just wanted to be cool just cuz is all sexy and stylish. Just to pay a lot of money just to buy that laptop.

    And what they have do on a mac they were like just go on facebook. That is what i have @uni most of the days on my free time.

    Unless people care about all Logic, Final cut. Besides buying a Mac book pro, would be easier to buy a simple mac laptop, besides a Mac book pro. Cuz wow that is expensive.

    And if mac is so great, the most importantly is that you cannot play the games, which was very dissapointing, and in order to play games on a mac, you have to bootcamp, and buy s a $200 windows 7 copy so that it could just work on mac.

  83. Kill Mr.Jobs says:

    Oh, how can I express how much I agree with this . . .
    PC = Chuck Norris endorsed
    Mac = Justin Beiber indorsed

  84. awesome says:

    Very nicely done! Mac fanboys, just realize you are using Linux!

  85. SourLime says:

    And for those of you who say a mac can do what a pc can http://www.originpc.com/thebigo-features.asp show me a mac that can do that ya thats right it can go piss your pants and cower in fear in the power of Origins Big O.

  86. SourLime says:

    Yesterday my sisters mac crashed when we rebooted it there was a blue screen and all it said was “ERROR” on the top left coner is that what apple means when they say “It Just Works”?

  87. Will says:

    Lots of people in the lectures on macs , just wanted to be cool and stay on Facebook easier to buy a pc

  88. JAMES says:

    @LOLZ: same here.
    Owned a Mac for almost a year, then i switched back to Windows.
    While Macs are good for apps such as Final Cut/Aperture, they just can’t offer a “complete” solution.
    When you buy, for example, a Windows laptop, other than use it as a laptop for your daily use, you can also bring it to your living room and use it as an HTPC, play games with your Plasma TV and much more. Whether with a Mac, thanks to Apple’s own way of doing business, it becomes much more difficult and frustrating. As you have to buy a 3rd-party DP-VGA/HDMI adapter. And if it’s not the right one (not all 3rd-party adapters work correctly), you just thrown $50/$70 bucks out of the window. Not to mention the lack of playback software/components.
    If with Windows 7 you can play your MKV BD-Rips with bitstreaming support of Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD for FREE, on the Mac you just can’t do it. Nor even convert your BD-Rip audio to another format. And so you have to shell out another $200 for a copy of Windows and bootcamp your Mac (only for doing a SIMPLE task).
    So, yeah. Unless ALL YOU CARE ABOUT the Mac is Final Cut/Apterure/Logic, they’re just not worth any cents. And i can see why Apple is slowing turning the Macs as “BIG ‘OL iPads”.

  89. lolz says:

    that my exact reason mac sucks! u cant play great games like mw2 all mac gots is apps but really uc an all this s**t on a god damn pc wtf time machine=system restore windows media player or center=i tunes zune= ipd0 Terminal=narrator windows vista and 7 is a copy of mac yeha execpt way better windowd came first and mac just copied no games though….NO MUTHA FUCKING GAMES >:(

  90. Lolz says:

    I owned a Mac, now i own a PC, I owned a Mac for over 3 years, 1 of them, and had Snow Leopard…. While it isnt as bad as it makes out to be, I am Infinitely more happy with the PC I have… i have to go and play MW2 and black ops now :)

  91. Steve says:

    @ELIZABETH. You should have said “big fucking deal”. That can happen on a PC, mac, or Linux. I have a Sony Vaio and when I swiched from a 5400RPM drive to a SSD drive it did make it way faster. But it doesn’t mean it only does that on a PC or mac. By faster I mean the loading times. Windows started up a lot quicker and games (mac people know nothing about) loaded into levels faster.

  92. Elizabeth says:

    Last i heard from a Mac fanboy is that he “magically” made his Mac run even more faster, by simply put an SSD drive on his Mac. Like if putting more RAM = more power for the Mac.
    I wonder: if they’re already s**t, why the hell bother waste more moneys on RAM/HDD’s upgrades??

  93. lolz says:

    Its always funny when self-rightous Mac bois are so proud of themselves for using Mac. If only knew that nobody cares about their Mac except themselves, and all the other people thats on there macs sitting there o(of what i have seen), starbucks, facebook, youtube, etc etc.

  94. Steve says:

    @sourlime. Spot on.

  95. SourLime says:

    LMAO your all funny some of you are just plain stupid like bukakikowski “oi, ya cant fck witta mac pro now matter how hardja try. true about games tho, but mac users don be wastin dez lives away playin dumb liddle video games. dez be doin some real work.”

    i mean if your gonna insult someone at least make it so they know wtf your saying.

    and any of you directors producers or any other job related to movies? No. i didn’t think so so now that we dropped that nonsense.

    PC doesn’t equal windows i use windows n linux, windows for gaming and linix for programing

    at the one who said whatever they said about gaming on pcs i don’t care to remember nonsense, pcs are best for gaming if u need any reasons don’t be lazy look at the market for hardware for pcs n macs (can you even build your own mac from scratch?) oh and can consoles get updates to fix any bugs the game had NO u fool (and don’t go and say they don’t have bugs). also any game that’s for console and pc it 90% of the time better on pc.

    and for those who say macs are better than pcs just cant manage there OS there isn’t much u can do on a mac so i understand why YOU don’t make it crash. Ive used a mac for 3 years when i first got in to computers (if u can even call a mac a computer) and in those 3 years mac crashed 5-8 times a day all i did back then was read manga and watch vids occasionally browse the web.

    if that’s all you have to say to defend macs you might as well be shouting nonsense in an insane asylum (Oh and before you start shouting some more nonsense please look up what your gonna say before you say it and make sure it isn’t dated).

    Things that make PC better than mac:
    1. DirectX(don’t compare it to any apple program, you know DirectX is better).
    2.COMPLETE 100% customization.
    3. Mac cant take my NVIDA Grafix Card.
    4. I cant build a Mac.
    5. Higher price less quality.

    push aside your pride for a moment and look at the fact’s yourself don’t go bye word of mouth.

    P.S. for those of you who say mac is better than a pc for gaming you must of never made your own pc(if you been committed to mac most likely means you wouldn’t be able to tell the CPU from the GPU easy terms i know but i didn’t want to make it to hard for the non nerdy types to understand.) pre-built pcs will never meet your expectations because it wasn’t made FOR you.

    Oh and one more thing i don’t care about OS each has flaws but they can all run great for basic functions if you can maintain it. i say windows is better because of the software and driver support it has.

    if you are talking about hardware you all know pcs are better. don’t be stubborn denying it will only give you gray hairs.

    i hope you could stand me long enough to read all of this had nothing to do atm XD
    SourLime Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 8th, 2011 at 11:19 am

    oh i messed up #5 on my little list is supposed to be “5. Macs have Higher price less quality”

    Again if you have proof that Mac with Mac OS X (which is just linux core with mac shell n a few tweaks here and there) has better Hardware and software support please spend the rest of your life looking.

    and just having a few things better than windows doesn’t make mac better if your windows OS crashes a lot and its not Vista then your just using it wrong

    for those of you who love mac just build a pc and put the mac OS on it(hopefully mac can take the hardware)

    oh and if anyone brings up that macs need less system requirements for games just think about what your saying. i game made 10 years ago wouldn’t need a quad core 4.5GHz CPU, 16GB of ram and 1.5GB of Vram, with the latest software support, now will it? the better the game looks the more system power and memory it needs. so saying that just means that games don’t look as good on mac as they do on a pc.(dont say otherwise because i can just buy a new grafix card and make my everything i do look way better for about $200 cause the one i have now is about $150)

    one more thing :P if you buy the right motherboard you don’t need to buy a new pc every time new hardware comes out my motherboard can be to a 6core cpu 24gbs of ram and any grafix card with my 800w psu ill be fine for years to come.

    now that’s what i call an investment, unlike apple who makes u buy a new computer every time you wanna upgrade don’t say that’s wrong macs hardware market is slim at best.

    my point is still that a pcs hardware is WAY better than a macs

    Thats just some stuff i posted on other arguments(hay im bored :P n this is fun)

    to the one who said that windows is looking more like os x is just stupid os x is a ripoff of unix and as it seems you have never used windows the look is up to you even thos microsoft limits your options thers 3rd party programs to help give you what ever you want

    i understand that not all computer users are gamiers if your OS works for what you use it for then by all means keep useing it

    and my sister is a mac fan shes aloways asking me for help when her mac crashes and yes she has the newest OS and most fo the error reports are vage and dont let you know the cause or they dont even tell you when thers a problem os x just seems lazy hell they didint even bother making it so why would they bother making it any good

    the base of my argument still stands at hardware and custimization i will admit cause of the problems mac has given me in the past and the problems it gives the people i know now makes me hate it but put your pride aside and stop implying that mac is the best and if u look at the numbers 85% windows 5% linux 10% mac as of 2009 most recent i could find

  96. Matt says:

    yeh indeed cuz most of what i have saw they just facebook youtube and s**t. And maybe knows nothing about computers.

    The other day one of my friend if using a mac, not a mac book pro. At least. Cuz he has to do his music software that is not available on the pc.

    But is very important to him and yet he does know about computers. Has a pc also. DOesnt mind both.

    But due to other people, they just wanted to be cool and stay on itunes, facebook, and youtube. That is what i have seen @ uni. When they are bored.

  97. Steve says:

    Agreed. If I see someone with a mac I don’t go up in their face and say “YOU’RE DUMB!” But mac people are so sick in the head they’ll actually do that. It’s not even about computers anymore when I talk about apple. It’s the people that use them and how they treat people. It’s ridiculous. Rich people who don’t know anything about electronics or spoiled bratty kids. Take your pick.

  98. Matt says:

    @Steve yeh I know right , Pc people never compete. Just do not like the Mac fans of there attitude trying to prove the point. About Mac is better than pc while I was in the lecture of what i have seen on there macs is all Facebook and YouTube and I was like it would be just easier to buy a pc then paying $2000 Mac or above. If wanted to play games, buy a pc with a good hardrive and a good graphics card and etc. I’m into gaming and I liked a pc than a Mac.

  99. Steve says:

    Matt, PC people never compete. It’s always mac retards trying to prove a point. PC people win 90 to 7. We don’t need to compete. If Microsoft would just release all the Xbox Live Arcade games on the Windows Phone 7 it would kill the iphone. Once the iphone fails apple will have nothing. And I will be one happy person.

  100. Matt says:

    hmmmmm ill still have to go for Pc, besides its my choice right. I respect yours n u respect mine. btw is kinda dumb to be fighting over laptops. Laptop are used to be used to do stuffs. Not compete.

  101. An says:

    The apple spinning wheel of death pops up unexpectedly while was log on to library iMacs while using it sucks

  102. John says:

    I think both PC’s and Mac’s have their place. I was tempted by a mac up until windows 7 came out. I like it quite a bit. Quite stable. OS X still has an edge over Windows 7 but not by a wide mile and not enough of a difference anymore to make it worth all that extra money just to have a pretty apple sitting on my desk. Windows 7 is actually pretty good (not perfect). I’ll live with that.

    Mac’s are impressive in some regards. The Macbooks in particular have very nice screens and the better ones have the aluminum case which is very good. One thing I have noticed that I DO NOT like is the slot loading DVD player. These tend to have problems after a short time. In fact, at the place I work (IT dept at a univ) I saw a not too old macbook pro that could not read a CD for software installation because the piece of crap slot load player was not working properly. This is a common problem with slot load drives from all manufacturers not just apple. I prefer tray drives. They are slightly bulkier but they have a button for eject and are far less likely to give problems.

    OS X is quite a nice OS. Stable but not necessarily always better performing than windows. In our Music Department I had to collect some information from many of the mac’s in the dept for a project we were doing. For all the “we are so much better than windows” attitude of apple users I have to remind of how slow many of these machines were!. Many had 4GB of RAM on nice Imac’s and Macbooks and when I would load things the darn thing was slower than a slug in peanut butter. The darn pinwheel went to spinning and everything on the machine slowed to a crawl! I was like “what?” and this is what I would have with a mac? No way. It is a good OS and has the excellent unix heritage. But why so darn slow on modern hardware?

  103. An says:

    People could choose to have there opinion to buy a mac or a pc. But i rather go for the pc. Even though i could afford to buy a mac but i do not want to spend that much money on that piece of the laptop. Never had a virus. Fast and smooth and a good graphics card.

    Only need pc just to do school work, internet, play games.

    I will not just buy a laptop straight away but to think of the choice of which i was about buy. A pc is just good enough for me. Than a mac .

    The only apple product i got was a ipod touch which is k for me.

    Even though the mac i don’t use a mac though. But on most of the days of what i have seen of what people do on there macs is just wanted to be cool and stay on facebook and itunes. That is what i have seen @ college

  104. Anonymous says:

    Ashlee, you’re missing the point. Macintosh corp are a bunch of ball washing b******s for charging people nearly double for old technology. People are absoutely stupid for buying into their s**t. And that isn’t an opinion it’s fact. You do pay much more for old hardware. FACT.

  105. Ashlee says:

    Let me tell you people… we all have different opinions. I have a mac but sadly, some of the thing are true. I wouldn’t say that macbooks are the best laptops in whole universe but they don’t suck that much either. So, people, if you like macs, get one if you don’t already have 1. If you don’t like macs, get something else. It’s that simple!

  106. K says:

    Then what do you do on the Mac then besides work, just Facebook YouTube and Internet search? Lol if you got no Internet, what will you do on the Mac anyways. Could be easier to buy a pc rather boot camp a Mac . Ever think about the processor ? Hardrive ? Good graphics card? I don’t mind people get macs and such though they could have there choices but I rather go for a pc that is good enough to play lots of games which a Mac can’t unless bootcamp but rather not spend much money on that laptop.. Obviously whoever think that pc sucks Mac is better obviously never use a pc just cuz of virus I never got a virus on the pc. And I do not mind a pc or a Mac both are good but I go for the pc. Cuz of good intel graphics card and such . People that I know off just buy a Mac but doesn’t think about intel graphics card and hardrive and they just buy just cuz is sexy and stylish is just stupid most importantly can’t play the games but some could play games on it but not all off them obviously (not with bootcamp)

  107. Thissiteisajoke says:

    Anyone who believes this article is an idiot.

  108. Michael says:

    There are some things that people would buy a Mac for educational purposes some applications of there uni , need to use a Mac . Of most what I have saw when people have a so expensive much which is what is the point of it just spends time to just dick around just Facebook and YouTube why spending that much money for that 17 inch Mac of what for anyways? Could be easier to buy a pc which has a good hardrive , intel core, and a ok battery life. People just complain about oh pc has a virus and such stop looking at porn and you won’t get a virus an a unsafe site that gives you virus and don’t trust emails from strangers. That is something have to don’t click the links that is in the mail that don’t know it off

  109. Alexander says:

    I prefer a PC that suck my battery out, rather than a non-performant machine that stay in idle all the time.
    9 hours of battery?? Macbook Pro?? My a$$. One of my friends has a 17″ Macbook Pro with Intel Core i5 CPU and it sucks bad. Applications crash, Wi-Fi is always slow, and the integrated Intel HD GPU is a mess at playing Youtube HD videos.
    I have a SONY with the same characteristics of his Macbook Pro and it definitely puts it to shame. And yes, it came also with a Blu-Ray drive, an ATI HD GPU that allows me even to bitstream TrueHD/DTS-HD as is to my A/V Receiver, eSATA and everything that an utterly expensive aluminium trashcan doesn’t have.

  110. Steve says:

    @ANONYNOUS. Stop looking at porn and get anti-virus and you won’t get any viruses.

  111. Anonymous says:

    agreed on all points. I mean, I am also bugged by the virues etc of Windows but since I am already used to it, I go for Windows. Mac SUCKS big time.

  112. david says:

    PC has way more choice when it comes to games and any game on a PC.

    On the pc, For example when you want to delete desktop shortcuts, you can just hit the delete key. When you want to do this on a Mac, you need to drag the icon to the trash can. It makes a cool effect but it is so irritating.

  113. @VAL says:

    What do you mean by
    Nobody, and I mean nobody, that I know of hates MAC. They all love it and if they dont want it, they wish they had one.

    I dont really get what you mean buy i know of hates mac they all love it and they wish they had one.

    First thing about buying a laptop.

    Should check is features, processor, hardrive and think carefully about buying a laptop.

    If for editing shits, and audio, for uni.

    Buy a 13 inch

    But for other stuffs. Think about does it play any games and such? does it have the right requirements to play that game on the mac?

    I don’t think so.

    People that i didn know off @school just wanted to buy a mac without thinking knows nothing about the what is the processor and hardrive they just buy it and spend a extra money to buy a windows 7 to bootcamp a laptop.

    I don’t see what is the use about a mac but for audio would be the use

  114. To the says:

    i rather buy a pc than a mac

    I rather buy a pc that has a good processor, fast, and good enough to play games, work, and internet.

    I don’t like mac’s though. But it is just my opinion.

    And no i never have a virus on the pc. People are just stupid to get a virus.

    I don’t really know what is the use of mac anyway?
    ( I never use a mac so i do not know is features though).

    But if for audio people, is the best to just buy a 13 inch mac. Of cuz it has good battery life though but i rather buy a pc.

    At school when i saw people buying a 17 inch laptop mac book pro. That is $3000. And i was like urr really? spending that much money for that laptop for whats the use? most of what i have saw at school would be just youtubing and facebooking and fiddle around with it.

    Could be just be easier to buy a pc.

  115. Steve says:

    @Val. So your friends want to downgrade and lack power and software? Good one. Let them buy a mac and in 3 years see what they say. Once they have to buy a whole new computer instead of upgrading one part they’ll realize what a horrible “investment” they made.

  116. Val says:

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, that I know of hates MAC. They all love it and if they dont want it, they wish they had one. It is the best investment you will make when buying a laptop, period. DO the wise thing.

  117. nick says:

    The only apple product that i got was a ipod touch. That is just good enough for me.

    – While i was looking at the store and take a look of a mac book pro laptop and was like wow expensive.

    – Has got a asus g73 and i like it better than the damm mac.

    – Not really important for me to get a mac just not really a editor, audio person.

    – Just don’t like macs in my opinion.

  118. Steve says:

    @Agl. Anything you can do on a mac you can do better on a PC. You don’t need two computers. You just need a PC. If apple would just stick to their shitty phones and stay away from the computer market I’ll be happy.

  119. xd says:

    Im a gamer. And i will go for pc. Macs aren’t good for gaming. People just say that macs are the best for gaming?

    Does the word integrated graphics card mean anything to them?.



  121. macs are awful says:

    You forgot that it over heats if you use it for more than 10 minutes, luckily though the battery doesn’t last that long.

  122. Agl says:

    Pc vs Mac they are both computers people could choose what they want of what is a good use for them sure Mac is good for editing audio etc. And
    For Pc can be good at gaming. Etc. They are both computers and yet they both works fine. Wonders what’s with the argument here

  123. LOL says:

    Awesome article. It seems a little biased LOL. But hey im not one to complain because i totally agree with you.

    Im actually on my 09 macbook pro right now. and to be honest with you i hate this computer. I just got this computer for 500 bucks a year back in good condition with a small dent on the backside.

    But i do prefer windows over this piece of s**t any day. Why do i still use it? well besides the fact that it does get an awesome battery life and how i feel safer knowing that if i ever needed money i can find some sucker to buy this piece of s**t for 800 bucks.

    What you should mention in your article is the bad thermal pasting that comes with the macbooks (i dont know about the newer ones like 09 and up). Or you can talk about the shitty bootcamp version of windows. And how fans kick on after about 15-20 minutes of use of running win7 on the machine. Or you can talk about the issues with macbooks and their dvd drives. Yah all of them up to 09 (like i said i still dont know about the newer ones.

    But i do feel that macs are over priced to hell. And by owning one it does set you in a state of “elitness” LOL among your peers. When someone see’s you with a mac they get impressed. The really hate the multiple window switching feature on this. Id rather use win7 or ubunti with compwiz.

    But hey the girlfriend loves this computer. And she loves her mac. But she does things like check face book, maybe run photoshop. And yah she had to have the 2010 macbook pro to do all this.

    Its weird after wanting one for so long and coming up on this deal…i just feel as though this computer is a waste. Yes i do run apps on this, i run ableton and serato on this and in some cases reason. But i still don’t believe the hype as 3 of my other laptops all run windows and run the programs just as efficiently.

    Not to mention that the usb port closes to the power cord is considered to be an iffy usb port on macs (google it)

  124. Miklós says:

    Fa, sorry to tell you that, but you’re lying. You have never used a mac.. Or maybe one that is about 10 years old, running the first OSX. Compare it to win 98..

  125. Miklós Lovász says:

    This article is not true! Not customizable? Are you insane? Crashes? Have you ever used a Mac? I’d be glad to you what it is capable of. I bought my first mac 6 months ago.. Up till then I used windows 7. Thanks, but had enough. It’s not bad, but OSX is definitely better. Its easier to handle. Doesn’t have any questions about administrator s**t and so. Everything just works fine. There are still some compatibility issues out there, but even in the last 6 months I’ve seen a lot of progression. Nothing is perfect, but your article is worthless. You were right about the hardware back in 2009, but nowadays thats not true also. You do have to pay for being untouchable by viruses, getting supreme build quality and the OSX needs a lot less hardware than Win7. I know, that its hard to spend 2x more on a computer, but whoever goes mac, never goes back… I won’t for sure. You’ll love it just like a girlfriend. If you have the money, go for it. It also manages to keep its price on the used market, so if you may decide to sell it, you get good money back. If you’re a gamer, don’t buy (or you’ll have to install Windows too), if you’re everything else, go for it!

  126. FA says:

    Oh and the last part that i got to say is that mac + pc do get crashes.

    PC: Not responding thing sometimes but is not a bit issue.
    MAC: They have a rainbow circle icon which freezes your mac. But what can you do on the mac when there’s the rainbow circle icon?.

  127. FA says:

    So what do you expect from a mac, just a bunch of junk. That needs to pay high price for mac. If your a multimedia person.

    Macs do get viruses but less than pc. But than again only people who are retards gets a virus.

    What do you expect from a MAC? just a bunch of junk but if your a multimedia person that likes to Final cut, logic pro, protools. That k.

    So what do you expect from a MAC?
    – You could do emailing, searching the web. And so those the pc.

    – If macs are so superior. The most importantly is that YOU CAN”T PLAY THE GAMES.But just a few but not ALL THE GAMES.

    – And if macs are so superior why do they need to bootcamp anyways?. And if want to buy a windows 7 disk to bootcamp the mac is just waste the money. Would be much more easier to buy a pc.

    – Most IMPORTANTLY, every time your mac breaks, all you had to do is buy a new one.

    – And yet again i like pc’s better just my opinion.

    – People have choices wether could buy a pc or a mac.

    – i use both pc and a mac (Not a expensive type of laptop not like a mac book pro ). And yet is hard to use on a mac then a pc.

    – And who would have paid that much for a mac anyways could be easier to buy a pc. Or a cheap mac book laptop besides a pro?

    – I use pc and a mac but i like pc’s more in my opinion.

    – But then again who cares about pc vs mac. They are both computers.

    – There is no need to prove who has better laptop. They are different and they both works fine. Normally

    – You are to decide what you want.

  128. Bruce Hostetter says:

    I think the problem with this article is that the author did all of his research on a PC, what do you expect from a PC, just a bunch of junk. Had he done the work on a Mac he would have realized how good it feels to be superior and never finished the article. I feel sorry for him. There is always hope, someday he might buy a Mac and stay in the closet,we will never know.

  129. Morgan says:

    @FA: to me, when I consider to buy a computer, it doesn’t matter if it plays games or not. But the most important thing is the hardware options that comes with it.
    Why would I want to pay, say, $2500 for a “17 Macbook Pro that doesn’t have a Blu-Ray drive, nor even an HDMI port to hook my external monitor and have LESS in terms of graphics and software, when with half the price i can have EVERYTHING and MORE to get my work done. It’s just a complete nonsense, and i have an hard time trying to understand those people that FILL their houses with every Apple product: 2-3 iMacs/Macbook’s, 2 iPhone’s, Apple TV’s, Mac Mini’s etc…
    Who the hell in the world needs 2-3 different computer models, when with only one top-of-the-line solid machine i can do EVERYTHING: from video editing, to graphics, to games (if i want to) and even use it as an HTPC.

  130. FA says:

    yeh and yet some people would just buy a $2000 on mac.

    I have to buy a mac book laptop. not a mac book pro which is just around $1199. For the use of audio tech for school. But obviously not a kind of a mac fan who is kinda buy a $2000 over a laptop. The so called pro whatever.

    Most of my free time i mostly use my pc Just so that i could play games on it for my leisure. Fun and chat with friends fb etc.

    I don’t like macs. In my opinion. Can’t play most of the games.

  131. Steve says:

    I’ve never got a virus either and I own a PC. And the reason mac’s don’t get as many viruses as a PC is because there are far less macs than PCs in the world. Why would a hacker want to go for less than 8% of the market when he can go for 90%. mac OS isn’t some magical OS that can’t get viruses. The point is that even people writing the viruses don’t care about macs. If they really wanted to they could ruin your beautiful mac.

  132. Fa says:

    Never got a virus on pc people get virus often due to their behavior With Their computers period

  133. Chuck says:

    Man, I’m in engineering, and Macs really are pieces of crap.

  134. L14n says:

    If doing creative stuff on the Mac like logic pro and protools what be the use. But for other things that is not important and want to get a mac, is just wasting your $2000. Cuz once it breaks, all you had to do is buy a new one if you don’t look after it probably. Would be just easier to just use a pc. If wanted to fiddle around the laptop, buy a pc. Cuz they could play the games. But for those who just wanted to get Mac, just cuz they say oh no virus what Eva , you also can get a virus but just less than a pc cuz they are not bother making viruses for Mac . But for me, I use a pc and I never got any problems of it no virus just don’t be a retard while searching the web. that is why they got virus cuz some people are retards while searching the web and some are not. But then again, doesn’t matter though who gets a pc or a Mac unless there is a good use of something. Anyways, is just there choice to choose what to buy. The only apple product that I got is a iPod touch which is good enough anyways. But not like the kind of guy that likes buying the macs etc cuz is expensive.

  135. Adam says:

    My girlfriend and everyone around me has macs at college and they are just straight garbage. Exes dont run sound and most mac users have to run a windows paralell to do anthing. I know a lot about computers and networking and this article makes me smile. Macs are trash and should have gone under when they werent compatiable with windows. Apple your lucky your still around (thank the ipod for that).

  136. Steve says:

    @INDIANNINJA. I’d have something to say if I could understand what you just wrote.

  137. INDIANNINJA says:

    A: PC is best ,mac is bad.
    B: MAC is best ,PC is bad.
    C: PC is good for something, mac is good for something.
    Indianninja: A, you kindly buy a PC, B you please buy a MAC, and C,you choice according to your need or buy both.
    PC and mac are like trees in the garden of computers. There is no need to prove who has better fruit. They are different. They cater to people with different taste. You are to decide what you want. If we like tea, why it is so that we must convince coffee fans to admit tea is better?

    And we are childishly debating over this for years…..

    Yes Yes …carry on… I am enjoying these posts.

  138. ROB says:

    @STEVE: i think that “fake messiahs” is the appropriate term to label all these bunch of losers who talk about nothing than their “holy Mac” 24/7.
    And no, they’re not pathetic. They just try to hide their embarrassment of having waste most of their monthly hard-earned moneys in a toy that does look cool, but doesn’t do anything at all.

  139. Thomas says:

    Forget it about Bootcamp, unless you totally wipe off your HDD. The all BIOS emulation feature just make OS X running even more like s**t.
    Whatever your needs are, get a PC and be cool with that.

  140. Steve says:

    @WOOOOOO. I’ve been asking mac people that for years. If I have to put bootcamp on a mac to actually make the piece of s**t good then why would I buy it? Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a PC? mac people are so pathetic. They basically wish they had a PC, but they want it to look pretty like an apple. I don’t even think apple computers are even good looking. I hate white and I hate that massive apple on the back.

  141. i am says:

    I have to use a mac for school. If mac is so great why can’t you play any games?. And what i found out about a mac is that is totally different from a pc. And is hard to use cant they just make things simple?.

    Have to use a bootcamp and buys a windows 7 64 bit. Now seems easy to use. And could play games on it. Easy to use and lots of fun.

    And wonders if mac is so great, why cant they just allow to play the games besides using a bootcamp + windows 7. Just weird that have to pay a extra money for the windows 7 64 bit disk.

  142. Wooooooo says:

    I want to marry the person who has written this article XD…Macs really do suck, however you put it. The persons point in this article (for those who are arguing against all his points) is that MACS DONT COME WITH ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE USING A COMPUTER EASY AND ENJOYABLE. you Mac-Defenders are all saying “you can buy this and that to make that happen”, the point is WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE TO BUY IT? SHOULDN’T THE COMPUTER JUST COME WITH THOSE VERY SIMPLE FEATURES? But whatever, I guess everyone has their tastes.

  143. 1235 says:

    and when i have to use a mac for school and s**t and install windows 7 through bootcamp. some people were like if you want windows 7 buy a windows pc.

    because if you buy a mac that means that you want a mac.

    but then again. Stop limiting yourself.

  144. LOLMACS says:

    I use both macs and PCs for classes/web-design. I am going to respond to a few posts that I could not stop laughing at.

    mostly @BEN. Other companies make copies of graphics cards because they improve upon the design. For example take graphics cards. Many companies redo the cooling systems to make them more efficient, which helps performance as well as cooling for OCing(Overclocking which no Mac user does). The right click on a mac offers a pitiful amount of options as compared to Windows. Windows Aero stomps the Dock. It shows all my windows in real time. I can do picture in picture if i wanted to of my windows. I could watch grandmas boy maximized and have the matrix down bottom for the hell of it. Macs are not more stable than PCs. I have used the Adobe suite on both PCs and Macs. Macs have a fetish for corrupting files when they freeze =P.

    Someone stated you could get a decent mac for 1500 or less. Im sure the 1500 dollars used towards a new PC would make the macs specs look pitiful

    To the dumbass who said(I think ben again….) “Blah blah, no companies touch my hardware its of the bst quality.” See my point about graphics cards above. Macs use the same hardware most laptops use. Im glad you like taking the version 1 of hardware. I will gladly take a remake of the original that has better cooling. Also I didnt know all these companies take Intel processors and remake them and steal them =O.

    USB > Firewire. Yea ive used firewire with video editing its s**t. Ill take now USB 3.0 and HDMI.

    “DVI is as good as HDMI.” No its not, HD(High-Def) DVI cannot do High-Def.

    I went to a university and the only programs that used macs were our art programs. Everywhere else used PCs.

    Apple is a joke of a company, look at that fancy MacBook Air they popped out and look how quickly it fell to the wayside.

    Steve restricts flash from iphones(might have changed now, and ipads) souly on the fact he thinks HTML3 and CSS 5 are going to replace it. Sorry Steve ol boy flash is going to be around for awhile still =]. Unless you want to try and beat out the long time industry standard.

  145. @Coaster says:

    I never have nor will I ever own an ipod. So don’t call me a hypocrite. I don’t even have quicktime installed. The only hypocrites are the mac people who own a Xbox 360 or use Microsoft Office for school. I find it funny when playing Black Ops on the 360 someone has an apple logo as their emblem. I’m sorry, but us PC users don’t under any circumstances need apple. mac people need Microsoft whether they like it or not. If you go to college you need Microsoft Office. Don’t generalize and say macs are for “blah blah” and PC’s are for “blah blah.” PC’s work for everything and everyone. I own a home based business and a mac can’t cut half of what I need. They can’t even play games. So mac’s are worthless. And there is no pros and cons. mac’s just suck.

  146. afdgadgf says:

    People who buy a pc or a mac. So? Who cares. Just use what you prefer.

    Never got a virus on the pc if you know wtf are you doing.

  147. coaster says:

    Ok, First problem with this entire post. There is no accuracy in anything. It is comparing apples to oranges. Macs are for the high end user who wants things to be easy and basic. PC’s are for the every day user, that isn’t as efficient and generally seems to be lazier than that of a mac user. Overall. You can’t truly compare the two operating systems like this. Everything has a pro and a con. How many of you have a damn ipod compared to a zune. Exactly. Hypocrites. And I’m sorry NORTON is a fucking joke. Statistically speaking, Macs have less virus issues. And NORTON does VERY LITTLE for security. I like both, depending on what I’m doing.

  148. Andrew says:

    Whether you use the previous or the latest version of OS X, Mac’s will always be just locked down overpriced machines. Had the chance to fully try one, and got a PC sooner after.
    I don’t care if they are built with the “most high quality components”, or if they are easy to use. All i really care about is get my work done, my way. Not to mention that in my case (i author many Blu-Ray discs), Mac’s only waste my time. As even their “most professional editing suite (Final Cut Studio)”, still haven’t a proper BD authoring feature.
    At the end of the day, with the same price of a $2500 Macbook Pro or MacPro, i can have a PC with a built-in Blu-Ray burner, 1GB videocard, a stable 64-bit OS and Avid Media Producer for less.

  149. ^.- says:

    I have to use the mac book pro for audio tech, but obviously not a mac fan but i have to use it for it.

    – the app is called Logic pro which i have to use a mac for that program for the audio tech subject.

    – What i do not like about a mac is that sick and tired sometimes of that random all the sudden rainbow circle icon in front of my screen which is frustrated me sometimes. Doeesnt happen all the time though.

    – And yet i have to use a bootcamp

    – and install windows 7 64-bit

    – Yet now i got windows 7 on my mac i could finally play games on it finnally than the damm mac and only switch either pc or mac on the log in screen

    – But mostly i would use windows 7

    – Cuz is easy to use than mac

    – But i also have to be really careful of the mac cuz onces you like drop it and it breaks, all you have to do is buy a new one which is $2000 another, which is just stupid.

    – And what i do not like about a mac is that i got to spend a few mins taking out the battery buy using a screw driver which is s**t.

    – Pc is better in my opinion but i have to use a mac for the subject which is such a ” ….. ”

    – And yet for mac fans who like say things like oh you use windows 7 on your mac blah blah blah

    – And you might get a virus

    – And i was like only a retard gets a virus (if you know wtf are you doing on the internet).

  150. Steve says:

    @Rotten Apple. Great post.

  151. Aetrtjw says:

    And yet at the Mac , everytime it breaks, you just have to buy a new one.

  152. Rotten Apple says:

    This is an old blog.

    Most of what the author says still stands true. I’ve used both Macs and PC and although the Mac seems snappier when using programs, the reality is that it crashes much more often then my resource hungry Vista.

    I’ve lost hundreds of hours of work to the Mac, and with the Advent of Windows 7 (which actually seems to be looking more like OS X anyway) the latest edition of Windows seems more stable and reliable then any Mac I’ve tried to work on. Constant freezes, crashes and data corruption have lead me to believe that everything on the Mac is hype.

    Just as an example, after hearing how easy the Mac was to use, I eagerly opened a program expecting beautiful results. Upon clicking on the “+” button, I expected to maximize the window. I didn’t expect to have to drag the window out to make it full screen. Not just once, but every time.

    Using the fabled “Final Cut Pro” for video editing and watching the Mac crawl as I did minor edits left me wondering if Apple forgot the term “Real-Time Video Editing”. Adobe Premiere Pro for workflow, Final Cut for quality. Visually, I can see why FCP is better – but by how much? Very little. Almost non-existent.

    Speaking with any Mac owner has left me frustrated. Not only do they know absolutely nothing about computers, they don’t want to know. They also dismiss issues when their Macs crash. When you speak to them, their Macs are perfect. When you listen to them complaining about losing internet, freezing, crashing or losing their data you have to wonder if they’re bipolar or have dual personalities.

    I came to the Mac with an open state of mind, but after using it I realized that it’s an absolute bane to productivity. Sure – it’s pretty and has some nifty features, but when I have to click, drag, click, middle mouse, drag I get fairly frustrated while I watch my wrists swell up.

    The lack of control over most of the features and hap-hazard adoption of Universal standards such as USB and h.264 make me walk away. My PC does it faster and better. And I don’t have to wait 5 minutes to continuously render video every time I make a slight edit in my timeline.

  153. ^.^ says:

    People who will buy mac’s needed for multimedia and important things than games. if some people just go and buys a mac for $2000. Just to fiddle around. It will just be a waste $2000 what would you use a mac for?

    – For multimedia person would be a whole different story maybe thats the reason to buy a mac.

    – but for those who just buy a mac saying all those blah blah blah. oh pc gets a virus+ crashes. No i never had a virus+ any crashes only a retart gets a virus and virus.

    – If wanted to fiddle around on the computer. Go for a pc. Pc good for gaming. For macs there arent any games.

  154. Steve says:

    “Macintosh does not ignore mainstream.” Lie. Take maxipad for example. No USB. No removable memory. No flash. No removable battery. No ethernet port. No HDMI. Yeah they don’t ignore mainstream. Where the f**k are you living? Under a rock? apple makes toys. But then again I’m pretty sure even my kids Fisher-Price laptop has a usb port on it.

  155. Jack says:

    @Reiden Uses Ubuntu. If mac’s are so great for gaming why are there no games?! I don’t give a s**t if in some magical universe a mac has better graphic capabilities than a PC. Because in reality there are no games. So who gives a s**t what you say. Guess what the number one game is right now. Black Ops. Is it on a mac? HELL NO! Why? Because why would Treyarch make a game for 5% (if that) of the market. apple is a fail company.

    “I don’t even own my own Macintosh and I know all this.” … You sound like a horrible mac commercial. That’s the biggest lie I’ve seen yet on these boards. Go run in traffic please.

  156. Jack says:

    @Asagdjlhg. I’m 100% with you on that. NEVER have I got a virus. Also, if any mac d*******g tries to say that you save more money in the long run because you have to buy antivirus every year let me tell you this:

    Mac Pro Desktop: $2,499.00
    Dell Precision T1500 Workstation: $1,694.00
    Price Difference: $805

    Norton Internet Security 2011 (yearly): $69.99

    $805 / $69.99 = 11.5 years

    It would take 11.5 years to make up the price difference of a mac. So you aren’t saving a damn penny. Within 11.5 years you would have bought a new computer. It shows how stupid people who buy macs are. They are absolute morons.

  157. Asagdjlhg says:

    I have a pc and i never have a virus only a retards gets a virus.

  158. Reiden Uses Ubuntu says:

    Oh and by the way I’m a dumb ass.

  159. Reiden Uses Ubuntu says:

    Wow, EVERYTHING in this is not true.

    Macintosh computers are priced pretty fairly when you add up a comparable computer. (by comparable, i don’t mean the same specs. We all know windows sucks and needs an extra umph to work.) Besides, while others are upping the price for improved models, Macintosh is bringing prices down as they improve each of their models.

    I am right-clicking everywhere, and menus are popping up. I can drag a folder, hover over another folder, and i will enter the folder I’m hovering, so I only need one windows to click and drag.

    Macintosh does not ignore mainstream. They still have firewire, which works up to 4x as fast as USB in my experience. Apple keeps firewire because it’s great at transferring and importing media files. They are still using DVI because most monitors are DVI monitors.

    Already, I can tell this guy is a retarded one-sided windows fanboy. These things here are all I ever hear windows fanboys saying about Macintosh, and they are not true.

    Macintosh locked down BSD unix because they have it. They wanted it, they have it, and they use it. You can get some BSD releases for free. Linux copied Unix. Unix did not copy linux. Unix is very customizable, and Macintosh has gotten more customizability without dramatically raising the spec requirements like Windows. They use Unix because it is strong and stable.

    Dock? I am customizing it, making it bigger, smaller, moving it from bottom, to left, to right, back to bottom, I am changing the order of icons. The dock saves us valuable real estate on our desktop. No trash icon, or app short cut icons cluttering out desktops. I still see cluttered desktops in W7 even though they copied the Apple dock. I love the dock. I can hide it easily. I love it, it’s so easy to use, and it’s gotten better from 10.4 to 10.6.

    Viruses? Malware? I’m sorry, Unix is pretty much immune to malware by itself because of its permissions handling. It’s much better than windows. After 10.0, I have never seen a Mac crash frequently. This mac maybe, crashes once every three years. When my machine was windows, it crashed every day after a year of owning it, and restoring it 3 to 4 times.

    Macintosh software options and hardware options are all top notch. They don’t offer no shitty pentium 4 or PM. They don’t offer anything 32 bit anymore. They always have the latest and BEST RAM available. Those people saying you get a Macbook for 2000 dollars are delusional. You can get one for only 1000 now.

    Macintosh is actually better at graphics than windows. Gaming is accelerated on both by different tools. Windows is a resource hog and so is Direct3D. Gamers don’t know this because they always spend way too much on more specs than they need. Then they get a virus and buy a whole new one. Games can be made much more lightweight on macintosh thanks to a lot of OSX feature engineering that Apple does (ie. Grand central dispatch).

    I don’t even own my own Macintosh and I know all this. You don’t know what you are talking about. I will never believe you actually tried or owned a Macintosh. What a loser.

  160. Jack says:

    I completely agree with this article…except you forgot to mention the lack of volume on these crap ass laptops.

  161. @asdfasdfgfgh says:

    $2000 over just for a mac laptop s**t

  162. sfgsjgj says:

    If you are a multimedia person than go for mac. [ Like logic pro, protools] For an importance of the work. That is why they need a mac.

    – But what i have seen for people who have macs dont do that they just wanted to be cool and go on faceboook for 24/7 and youtube. And wonders why spend all that money for a mac. But if use for multimedia is ok.

    – I go for a pc cuz i liked to play games especially cod black ops. And doing school work using documents. And is cheaper to buy than a mac.

    – For mac people who just saying that pc gets a virus. I never have a virus. Just don’t click the ad’s and don’t look a porn sites. Only retarts get a virus.

    – And my Pc is just working fine and no crash at all.

  163. Dave says:

    Mac Lover, this notion of “mac envy” is one of the most common delusions of Mac users. No, we are not jealous of your Mac; we don’t have one because we don’t want one. It’s that simple.

    And, to the author: Mac OS X is not Linux. Don’t say that, it’s not accurate. Mac OS X is a a descendant if NeXTSTEP, a Unix-like operating system. So, you are partly right in that Linux And OS-X are both Unix-like OSes, and just about any advantage a Mac might have over a Windows system you can also get for free in Linux.

  164. @Mac Lover says:

    Yeah, 90% of the entire world is just jealous they don’t have a Mac. Get a fucking clue you moron. 90% of computer owners own a PC because it’s better. And 90% of people aren’t stupid enough to get sucked into buying something that’s twice as much.

  165. Mac Lover says:

    These ’10 reasons why mac sucks’ are pathetic excuses. In my opinion, PC’s don’t even compare to Macs!! Everyone knows that Macs are better!!! I think people who don’t have a mac are just jealous!!!

  166. Jack says:

    Yeah and why would anyone pay more than double to dick around. You can’t even play games on a Mac. If you want to dick around get a PC. Black Ops is the hottest game right now and it’s not even worth Treyarch’s time to put it on a Mac.

  167. That Guy says:

    Macs are for people who like to dick around. Look at businesses, almost every business uses PC.

  168. @#%% says:

    pc or a mac

    i go pc i don’t care if people who buy macs or pc. just use what you prefer.

  169. Elison says:

    INDIANNINJA wrote a better list for not using Macs.

  170. Elison says:

    This article is so poorly researched (either that, or is filled with extremely inaccurate word choices) that I can hardly believe it was even accepted to be shown for the world to see.

    I own a Mac (and no, not for the reasons given in this article) therefore I know exactly which parts of this article are wrong.

    The X button does not minimize–it exits the window without quitting the application. A feature which is, in my opinion, pretty handy. Or, for the more cynical, not as bad as one may think. Let’s take as an example something you biased Windows users may appreciate (or for you petty ones, may NOT appreciate). When using Microsoft Word for Mac, you finish editing the document and exit (not quit). You realize just as you exit the application that you forgot to add in something so you have to open the document again. No longer must you wait for the application to start up aaaall over again, taking forever (and, yes, this waiting happens on Windows, too–yes, I have actually used Windows before making any judgments about it and deciding to spring for a Mac). Instead, the application is still running in the background so reopening the document is easy. The same goes for making a new document right after exiting the window of the one you just edited.

    Right click. There is a right click, and not just for copying or pasting. It would be so easy to check with just the click of a button (or two fingers placed ANYWHERE on the trackpad) that it would be a waste of time to list all the options here. Advice to the writer of the article: research.

    There are far fewer viruses for Macs than there are for Windows. And yes, I know that there is a growing number of Mac viruses but when has having all those Windows viruses out there stopped any stubborn Windows user from using Windows? You call using Windows an act of loyalty, common sense, and all that crap. But suddenly when it comes to using a Mac, it’s an act of elitist snobbery? There’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    Now I agree with numbers 8 through 10, to an extent. Well, at least you can say you got three out of ten on this–another poorly-(if at all-)researched article. Good for you!

    A Mac user who tried Mac and liked it

  171. Luke says:

    Mac Pro Desktop:
    * 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor
    * 3GB (three 1GB) memory
    * 1TB hard drive
    * 18x double-layer SuperDrive
    * ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5
    * $2,499.00 (holy s**t)

    Dell Precision T1500 Workstation
    * 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor
    * 3GB (three 1GB) memory
    * 1TB hard drive
    * 16X DVD+/-RW
    * 1GB ATI FirePro V4800, Triple MON, 2 DP & 1 DVI
    * Dell Professional P2210 22in HAS Wide Monitor, VGA/ DVI/ DP
    * $1,694.00

    F*ck Apple.

  172. Vain says:

    This article is old and shouldn’t be considered any longer.

    Reason: Most of the arguments have come from someone who has used the system for about 10 minutes and decided all these things, while not actually taking the very few hours it takes to learn the format, and customizability of the product (which goes for anything you buy, that being a gaming console, or even a digital clock) and realizing that most of these problems are either false, or no longer are problems. (except the price… that part still sucks and probably always will)

  173. Network Admin says:

    Post is dead on still years later after it was written.

    I find it hard to believe that people are still willing to pay a tremendous overhead for a product that is inferior to systems half it’s price.

    absolutely amazed by this fact.

  174. indianninja says:

    I use pc.I won’t buy mac.Why?
    Valid reasons here:
    1.Mac are costlier than pc. With my budget for a mac I can get better specs and still have money.
    2.I play games .Why would I risk having problems?Mac may not run my games.
    3.Dont know if mac can double boot windows and linux.
    4.In India most do not care about how the pc looks.So not investing on pc looks.Rather I would buy software or games.
    5.Never saw any of my friend or family to use anything other than applesauce,jelly and chutney from apple.We eat apple as breakfast etc,and generally do not like a fruit making pc and os.I like banana and mango.(5 th point is for fun. Declared for someone with learning disabilities).
    By the way, I am typing this from n73, which is neither pc,nor mac.
    Mac good if you like mac.PC good if you like pc.
    By the way, you guys use the word”suck” and “f**k” so much,that I use it to quickly scroll down using the find function in opera mini in the phone.
    p.s,mac sucks,as well as pc
    I saw both,each sucking a whole bottle of coca cola using isucksoftdrink app for mac and microsoftsuckingsuite trial edition.

  175. ahsomanypeople says:

    Oh, there are so many people in here. I can understand why people love macs, but I don’t see why they are using mac rather than new Windows 9. I got tired of having fight with my sister just because of mac is better, so I think Mac fans and non-Mac fans should stop fight. I just got my sister calmed down

  176. Mac sucks BALLZ says:

    Who every the f**k, likes macs should go jump off a cliff and be hitlers butt sex buddy.

  177. Jingle says:

    The problem isn’t necessarily the hardware/software but more so the user! To each his own!
    IMO Mac is a waste of money. I prefer Linux 10 folds. To say someone is stupid to buy a Mac is mean really.. I’d say ignorant to their options and what they really want in terms of an environment base to work from.

    The author explaining how Mac uses Linux or BSD is misleading!

    Linux is its own Kernel and the GNU makes it a desktop. FreeBSD runs from the UNIX code which Mac also uses in its source. To say Mac is like Linux and runs on the Linux kernel is completely ignorant! Linux is its own source code from the ground up! Also BSD does not run from the Linux kernel, rather the UNIX code, making BSD and Linux completely different. The only thing the two have in common is the GNU. This makes the whole “Top 10 reasons why Mac sucks” completely flung out the window.. But I do agree that Mac is really just a cult following and a side of “the fence” My opinion means nothing, but facts are facts!
    Whatever you choose to use at least educate yourself about the tools at hand..

  178. Derek says:

    It’s astounding how many people have just been trolled in this comments section.

  179. T12356 says:

    Im a pc user

    Though I have to admit, multimedia people would be good for Macs. They are good for movie editing and pictures. But most people who get Macs don’t do that. They just want to be cool and be on facebook 24/7. This is what I see in college.

  180. @123 says:

    Yeh who cares if anyone is using a pc or mac.

    For me, i like pc better.

    – For some idiot mac users at my school some of the people were like oh pc has a virus blah blah blah. And i was like i never have a virus on my pc.

    – As what the post was above, who cares if someone decides to use a mac or whatever. Stay with what you have.

  181. stu says:

    My school has macs and the stupid fucking things cant do s**t, the it department must be laking in common sence otherwise they would have had pc ages ago. the only good thing about a mac is its looks and i dont want to sacrifice bacic funtionality for looks

  182. Steve Jobs is Great says:

    Steve Jobs is one of the geniuses of our time. This wonderful man has successfully made the worst pile of crap ever dumped onto the public, appear exactly the opposite. A true master of propaganda; Jobs has successfully appealed to those whom are… Well, pretty easy to appeal to. You guessed it, the commies. There is no one more godless, annoying, and utterly inhuman than a Mac user.

    Mac users tend to be of the counter culture movement. You know, the subversive movement in the West designed to destroy the republic. They believe everything they here on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and shun anything that the critics don’t like. If the critics tell them a toilet nailed onto a piece of plywood is art, then well, it damn well is! They know nothing, have the confidence of coke heads, and are generally complete snobs. To sum it up, Mac users are filth and should be disposed of accordingly.

  183. mom says:

    I don’t care one s**t if someone decides to use a mac or whatever. Stay with what you have. I know for me Macs have always sucked. Every one that I’ve owned has crashed incessantly…while doing graphics work. Can’t imagine what video would be like. Also, I have found that the OS is pure crap as far as intuitiveness. I hate that I have to either control-q to exit an app ENTIRELY or click two things to do what should be one. Also, the menu bar is gay. It should be with the app…and no, that’s not a windows thing. Look at other OSes. Apple OSes are the only ones to have done that silly and frustrating thing. Oh, and by default on a shared machine, the administrator can actually access any other account’s files with a few clicks, in fact it’s not possible to secure files from the administrator. Sure, in windows it’s possible too, but it’s not made to be easy, and I can secure them. And the thing with apps losing focus when you click on the desktop (because the app is not encapsulated). So miss one click and you have to start alt-tabbing. Minimize and maximize don’t mean s**t on a mac. The dock is terrible, gets in the way and takes up too much area, especially since you already have the “apple”/menu bar at the top. So you lose out on that much more space. The new models are crappy, and yes for the value of the OS they are way too overpriced. I fell into their trap twice…bought macs…what shitty times those were. Never able to finish any work, because of crashing apps. Even playing a DVD was a problem. This must be a line of code in the mac OS: IF Piece of dust on DVD THEN freeze app AND freeze machine, AND require reboot to remove DVD. I found an old DVD under the couch last week. It looked like it had been used as a shield during the crusades. Popped it into my PC and it played. It got stuck once. I ejected it, moved the playhead past that point and it played the rest of it, despite no less that fifty scratches (yes, I counted them).

  184. Luke says:

    Mac Pro Desktop:
    * 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor
    * 3GB (three 1GB) memory
    * 1TB hard drive
    * 18x double-layer SuperDrive
    * ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5
    * $2,499.00 (holy s**t)

    Dell Precision T1500 Workstation
    * 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor
    * 3GB (three 1GB) memory
    * 1TB hard drive
    * 16X DVD+/-RW
    * 1GB ATI FirePro V4800, Triple MON, 2 DP & 1 DVI
    * Dell Professional P2210 22in HAS Wide Monitor, VGA/ DVI/ DP
    * $1,694.00

  185. walk says:

    macs are overpriced around $2000 just for a laptop *buys a pc*

  186. adfhhah says:

    cuz i only got a mac. sucks eh? [too stupid that time] but yeh i should get a pc soon planning.

  187. @adfhhah says:

    You are a stereotypical Macboy. I’m a real graphics and web designer and I use Windows 7. Photoshop & Dreamweaver CS5 Extended. You don’t need a Mac to do graphics design. In fact, you don’t need a Mac to do anything. If you want an all-in-one computer buy a PC. Why would you want to buy a Mac then bootcamp Win7?

  188. adfhhah says:

    i have to use a mac for the uni for the use of

    Graphic designer
    Logic Pro

    And now i use a bootcamp to install a windows7 on a mac cuz i need to play games on it and it works pretty well. And easy to use.

  189. iTzReiKeNz says:

    I personally like the Macs they are very fast and yes they don’t get viruses from what I’ve seen so far. I personally have had viruses on my older laptops and they have recurred. Mac is creative and works fast, more so than Windows but Windows has their pros. I like Windows because it’s easy to use, and duh the programs included (which you can buy for a Mac).

  190. @AT says:

    AT wrote: “no-one makes viruses for Macs and they won’t work.”

    Go to: http://us.norton.com/macintosh/antivirus/ and tell me why they have that if there are absolutely no viruses for Mac. Also, are you telling me that NASA, all US military, video game studios, nearly every grocery store, and the list goes on are all poor or mentally retarded? That is such a stupid statement. Everybody uses Windows because you can’t do s**t with a Mac. It scares me that there are people like you living. Do some research please. This country runs on Windows. I don’t care who you are that’s the truth.

  191. Jess says:

    @Luke. I didn’t believe you until I went to Apple’s site and compared myself with Dell’s site. That’s a big difference. If you add in a monitor with the Mac it’ll be $3500. $1800 price difference for the same hardware. It’s one thing to say you think Apple’s OS is better than Microsoft’s OS. But to say a Mac is cheaper than a PC you’re living in denial.

  192. plopabiggi says:

    Go on Dwane why am I a fool for using windows on a mac while using mac os on mac at same time. Aint I doin everything that both offer at the same time and not gettin hung up about it. You country hick

  193. Luke says:

    @AT. You are a moron. You just proved my point with #4. You have to go to an Apple Reseller to upgrade it? Are you fucking stupid? You don’t need to hire some expensive a*****e to upgrade a PC. You can just go to Best Buy and pick up the new part you want and put it in YOURSELF. Mac’s ARE overpriced. You sir, are mentally retarded. Let me give you an example you poor excuse for a human.

    Mac Pro Desktop:
    * 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor
    * 3GB (three 1GB) memory
    * 1TB hard drive
    * 18x double-layer SuperDrive
    * ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5
    * $2,499.00 (holy s**t)

    Dell Precision T1500 Workstation
    * 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor
    * 3GB (three 1GB) memory
    * 1TB hard drive
    * 16X DVD+/-RW
    * 1GB ATI FirePro V4800, Triple MON, 2 DP & 1 DVI
    * Dell Professional P2210 22in HAS Wide Monitor, VGA/ DVI/ DP
    * $1,694.00

    Dell beats the Macshit with it’s professional video card and it actually comes with a monitor. If you try to buy a monitor with the Mac Pro Desktop they charge you $999. For a monitor! The only thing the Mac beats on the Dell is the DVD burner. Big whoop. Do some research! It took me only 10 minutes to compare. It’s really funny how you Mac people go out and say IT ISN’T EXPENSIVE! But you do absolutely no research to back up your claim. Look at what I just did. I completely killed you.

  194. Me says:

    My 13inch MacBook pro has right click, just press down the track pad with 2 fingers. I have a Firewire port. Macs are fucking customizable, u can even put a wallpaper in yur folders, custom icons etc….
    @LUKE u are talking about MacBook AIR, go check out the 15inch MacBook Pro

  195. AT says:

    1. Macs are better than Winshit. Because no-one makes viruses for Macs and they won’t work. Second, everyone who doesn’t want their computers to crash, buys a Mac. THEY DON’T CRASH. I’m an hardcore developer for Mac since 1997 and have never experienced ONE-SINGLE-FUCKING-CRASH!

    2. Macs aren’t overpriced. People who don’t have Macs are either poor or mentally retarded.

    3. They are fuckin’ gorgeous and don’t need a right click whatsoever.

    4. You can change parts (go to the Apple Reseller) or upgrade the Mac. (Again, go to the Apple Reseller). And yes, they do have FireWire. Apple invented FireWire for God sake.

    5. And ‘WHO CARES’ is totally right. He rules!

  196. Scott says:

    @Luke. You also forgot there is no LAN port on the Macbook Air.

  197. Luke says:

    Macbook Air.

    -2 USB ports
    -No DVD/Blu-ray drive
    -Can’t add RAM
    -Can’t change hard drive
    -Can’t change battery
    -No FireWire port

    Horse s**t. What a waste of money. Whats the difference between buying a Macbook or a Fisher-Price Laughtop? You can change the batteries on the Fisher-Price.

  198. @WHO CARES says:

    I hate Macs. Screw Apple.

  199. Who Cares says:

    Nothing brings out the inner troll in everyone like a Mac vs. PC debate.

    If you like PC’s, use a PC!
    If you like Mac’s, use a Mac!

  200. JimG says:

    Mike’s got the right idea

  201. Shmuel Chayempour says:

    Wellwell well, it look like some people in college still have their brains in their head. This article kiks a**.

  202. marketing? says:

    The funniest thing is PC’s become more mac-like and mac’s become more like PC’s each passing year, and the groups that are for or against one or the other are always becoming more vocal about their perspective.

    It’s called marketing

  203. me says:

    All I hear is people saying you buy a PC cuz you can’t afford a mac… While this may be true I have a desktop home PC that wasn’t cheap. It has 32bit OS, decent 2.8 ghz processor, upgraded to 4gb RAM, upgraded graphics and sound cards. It costs less than a mac, and blows any apple computer out of the water in terms of performance and video/sound and the ability to use those silly graphics programs that all mac users love. I use free versions of virus software – microsoft , AVG, or Avira. And free anti spyware/malware like super, malwarebytes, and spybot etc. I have never had a virus using the free software.

    Macs do not run any faster than pc’s because of their lack of virus protection programs. Most apple software is always running in the bacground, it slows down the mac as much as the virus software. Plus there are virus programs available which only run processes while surfing the internet. Meaning no decreased performance normally. Macintosh has more complex software and code which attracts most people, but some realize it’s not necessary to run background processes for a lot of programs not in use.

    The simple fact is a PC is the smarter buy. It’s more versatile and upgradeable. For the same price you get twice as much every time. However I don’t like the newer 64 bit OS that are out there. I believe this is one reason so many people are buying macs, the speed of PC’s are slowing down with these newer OS’s. You need twice as much RAM to get the thing moving, so when there is a pc advertised at 3gb with a 64bit version of windows it’s really not that flattering (or fast). The prices with these advanced computers have started to level the playing field. PC’s are starting to lose their most valuable asset – simplicity.

  204. mike says:

    So I’m going to get out of college at some point in a future life. I bought a 90$ used laptop pc with windows xp off craigslist. It works perfectly fine the guy I bought it from reinstalled everything so it runs like new. It has 1.5 gigs of ram and a crappy processor but it works for what I need it to. It’s faster than anyone’s macintosh laptop at school. I spent the 350$ I saved by not buying a mac on a surfboard, mufflers for my truck, beer, and weed.

    Mac blows.

  205. JoeSocio says:

    I really don’t care about the ridiculous debate over the two computers. Do you want a Lexus or a Toyota? It’s up to you. They both do the same damn thing, one cost more, one looks better yadda yadda yadda. What I am most curious about is whether or not the writer of this article is paid? He is belligerent, ignorant, invasive and down right rude to all comments and has no back bone to support anything. He simply refers you to the garbage he was already posted as if it is enough, when it obviously is not. There is a laundry list here of complaints, debates, and pointless arguments through a comment box, to some random cheeto crumb fingertipped fat ass in is pee stained whitey tighties dropping his p.o.v. on life while surfin for P.O.V. on adult sites. I almost walked out of here without dropping my 2 cents, but I had to. Ignorant people irritate me the most in this world, and is why I believe people shouldn’t reproduce as much. That is neither here nor there.

    I know someone will retaliate to this, it is expected after this long page. So go ahead, it doesn’t bother me, freedom of speech, do a you please. But do not expect me to be offended for I will not come back to check on who’s been naughty or nice to me. So offend away, hit me with your best shot, relieve some pressure, some stress, I’m your punching back. But if you do respond to this knowing that there will be no return for me, then you must be pretty petty. It would be arguing with a brick wall.

    Later dumb ass writer of article, if you are paid, then you have a great job. I would love to be paid to be an ignorant a*****e with no valid opinion. But I couldn’t live my life that way.

  206. S. McGee says:

    Okay, so I took it upon myself to put a MacBook comparable Windows machine and a MacBook to the test. When I removed the top case of the MacBook, I was surprised to find a tiny unicorn bouncing around in there. I contacted Steve Jobs and apparently, these tiny unicorns power the machines and keep them from ever failing. When I opened the Dell Shitspiron, quite literally I found a rancid liquid substance, resembling bile mixed with day-after-White Castle gastrointestinal waste. My point? Everyone replying to this article can wrap their harelips around my below-average sized penis and suck it. Their f*cking COMPUTERS. See you all in Hell!

    -Satan McGee

  207. @Brian says:

    Just to be clear I can afford a Mac. I just don’t want one. And I agree with every word he says. My Vaio notebook costs as much as a Macbook, but is double the speed. All you Mac fanboys have is “you don’t like it because you can’t afford it”. Well sorry that doesn’t work on me. I hope you realize that the majority of the big corporations use Windows based computers. Are you accusing them of being cheap too? I guess NASA is cheap as well. I also want to point out some broad that tried using the excuse “Mac’s are cheaper in the long run because you don’t have to spend money on yearly antivirus software”. I did the math. $3,000 Macbook with the same specs as a $1,700 Windows based notebook. $1,300 price difference. Norton Antivirus cost $39.99 yearly. It would take 32 years of Antivirus to make up the extra cost of a Macbook. You Mac retards.

  208. Brian says:

    This prick makes the macs sound like they’ll blow up in ur face when in reality he just probably can’t afford one

  209. ANON says:

    Okay I got bored and just decided to google some people’s views on this s**t. Now I personally go with windows pc. Right now however I am on my phone. But I’ve had my Asus G71gx for over a year now and I sure as tits wouldn’t trade it away for any mac. Now for people who say s**t like oh well fuckin macs are better for editing whatever. Suck a dick. I use my asus for everything. Everything all the time. At the same time. That point goes towards multitasking. I’ll have my dual monitors running (via hdmi hahaha). ;) And have crysis running, photoshop, FL studio, cubase, abelton, windows media player, and fuckin whatever else, you name it. Just fuckin eat s**t. And point proven to saying that mac users are fuckin faggots because I’ve been reading these comments for a while now, I’ve got nothing better to do at 2 in the morning, but a lot of what I’ve seen is people bashing saying “oh f**k you because you CAN’T AFFORD a mac. That only proves the point made at typical mac users. And a lot of the people I do seeing macs around are the stupid little girls that use it for the sole purpose of going on facebook and storing their music and photos on their 120GB hard drive. Haha. Yea its cool that mommy and daddy bought that incredibly expensive machine, but you use it for fuckin facebook. Mac users think entirely too much of themselves and for them to backing themselves as much as they are on this thread only makes people see that even more. My windows based machine runs better than ANY mac out there. This is a qiute old model as well. But I run anything I want, whenever I want. Multitasking is the name of the game. And don’t think that I haven’t used an apple product before because everytime I see someone with a mac that I know I say lemme use it. I know how to use it.point is, people buy them to look better than others. But really you need to understand, look at the hardware specs for you buy. And if you do, which I doubt you do because you’re just having your parents buy you the mac, windows pc comes out on top as far as price and hardware. I’m sorry this may be very hard to read and it may seem like I’m very illiterate, I’m just tired as hell and figured I’d just randomly type nonsense before I fall asleep. I don’t plan on ever returning bac to this thread so don’t even bother sayin s**t. Just I don’t know, buy windows running pc’s. You will have deffiently made the right choice. Peace out homos.

  210. yup says:

    you’re a f**ktard I agree

  211. Rich Wetherby says:

    You’re totally right, dude. I f*cked your mom last night and then blogged about it on my site with a PC. It was way better.

  212. loakie says:

    I’m a single dad and this really helped!

  213. jiMMy says:

    What is goin on with Mac binaries? it’s so huge. WTF. Feel your pain downloading BIG MACs from and hosting BIG MACs on SourceForge, CNET or FileHippo. You would think Mac sharing more Unix underpinnings will have less to download.

    Scribus 1.3.9 (2000/XP/Vista/7) = 50 MB.
    Scribus 1.3.9 (Leo/SnowLeo) = 160 MB.


    Gimp 2.6.10 (2000/XP/Vista/7 32/64) = 41.4 MB
    Gimp 2.6.10 (SnowLeo) = 82.5 MB
    Gimp 2.6.10 (Leo Universal) = 80.3 MB
    Gimp 2.6.10 (Tiger Universal) = 101.7 MB

  214. Jack says:

    @ Mr. Weber. Do you masturbate on a PC or mac?

  215. Grapes says:

    I agree with Mr. Weber. That’s something we can all agree. Eat my dick!

  216. Todd Weber says:

    What happened to good old fashioned hobbies? Everyone here needs to stop arguing about computers, use whatever the hell they want and stick to a true classic: masturbation. It’s incredible, try it.

  217. jiMMy says:

    Mac is a no-show in the real world.

    For simple emailing, chatting, browsing, word-processing, nothing beats a cheap laptop running Windows/Linux at sub $500 and Mac is a no-show here.

    For gaming, data-processing, nothing beats a customizable PC. Sure, Minis/IMacs have respectable GPUs but those aren’t gonna beat the latest dedicated 1 GB videocard on a PC. Sure you have Mac-Pro and Mac rabbids keep telling the whole damn world that a similar spec PC will cost relatively the same. How can this be if Apple is targetting niche market? Its sales volume is gonna therefore be lower and must have higher profit margins for the same hardware especially when you consider, most Mac users are buying the Minis, Macbooks, and IMacs. So Mac-Pro will be a very expensive solution.

    When comparing prices on both platforms, one must also consider the lifespan of both the software and hardware.
    For example, for basic needs of emailing, browsing, etc., any computer from the last 5 years is fast enough. For HD video contents, most software today must offload the processing to the GPUs. Which means newer flashplayers/image-editors/movie-editors may require newer directx versions of GPUs. Similarly, most games today benefits more from newer versions of directx GPUs. Which also means, it is cheaper for a PC user to simply change their videocard from the many card vendors for their older equipment AS THEY SEE FIT. Try getting a newer videocard for an older Mac Pro. Apple have a history of getting its users to junk their equipment for a newer one. Just look at Bootcamp, older Macs from late 2006 aren’t supported anymore.

    Finally, there is the frequency at which Apple will update their drivers for its rival’s platform. Bootcamp was late for many early 2010 models. Look at how many revisions of drivers on Nvidia site. Would you wait that long for game fixes?

    Mac, therefore, is consigned to the elites, hipters but not the general budget-conscious masses. But, if you are buying for comestic reasons, there are also PCs in similar small, good-looking, form-factors from Dell, Acer, etc.

  218. Someone says:

    @HENRY : Sure, all mac stores must be burned!
    @TRI-BOOT : Tried the same s**t with my HP DV7 laptop, OSX went so good (better than on a mac ^^ with 1000$ diff.) but i deleted it some weeks after, won’t waste 16Gb for something useless, it’s better to donate to gparted and memtest86 for their useful live CDs.

    Personally, i work for the software/web industry and i prefer having a windows with a Ubuntu on a virtual machine or installed next to win7.

  219. juan says:

    macs suck

  220. Henry says:

    @ Connor. What does rich have anything to do with it? I own a Sony Vaio (obviously running Windows 7) and I spent $2500 on it. It shouldn’t be about being rich or not. Both of them can be expensive. That being said, I will never buy a Mac.

  221. Connor says:

    @ robin it depends on both. If you are rich, not tech savvy, and want to e-mail, do basic video and/or sound editing for fun get a macbook or imac. If you’re not rich and want a good computer for web browsing, vloging, blogging or typing stuff up for school or work and have basic tech knowledge, then get a PC with windows 7 (it’s awesome) or if you know a fair amount about technology, you may want to consider doing a dual boot with windows and Linux or Ubuntu.

  222. TO unixpickle says:

    I hope you realize the vast majority of all video games are made using Windows based computers. Do you think Halo was made using Mac OS? Go f**k yourself.

  223. TO unixpickle says:

    Tell that to ALL the corporations using Windows! You dumb s**t!

  224. unixpickle says:

    Well I want to see you write C++ IOKit based kernel drivers for any other operating system. The fact of the matter is that I know more code than you, and I enjoy coding on mac, so stfu. Can you subclass IOService on a windows machine? didn’t think so. Looks like mac is better.

  225. Martin says:

    i owned a mac for 2 years now, i love the hardware, i spend a s**t load on it but worth it, its defiantly built better then the 799$-1499$ laptops out there that fall apart.

    i also grown to hate OSX on a daily basis, as crappy as windows was… it just makes sense the way it does things, thats why after 2 years im going back to windows(7), to this day i cant figure out why i minimized programs never open and some do, no cut and past…. yea i said it mac fanboys, retarded when you work with a lot of files. thank god for bootcamp :) and its funny how win7 runs better and faster on a mac then osx. just putting that out there too

  226. TO WB says:

    If only it were that simple. But Mac people won’t STFU. I’ve never met a PC user that went out of their way to say “Oh, that computer sucks because it’s Mac.” It’s always Mac people that will go up to someone using a PC and say “Mac is better, you should have bough a Mac”. I think they’re just trying to justify spending so much money on a computer they know is a piece of s**t. So they have to put down other people.

  227. wb says:

    who cares, use what you prefer and STFU. :)

  228. Mark says:

    PC is the more powerfull:



    On Mac pro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ISmdTBHWoo&feature=related lol

    Gamer PC:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6Vf8R_gOec&feature=related ^^

  229. Andrew says:

    Haha although this article is about a year old my gf actually told me it was written by my long lost brother.. I’m a software engineer, she owns a mac.. see how long that lasts, nuff said.

    Cheers brother.

  230. Henry says:

    Tri-boot, that’s a perfect explanation. Most Mac people come up with the most ridiculous examples for why they think Mac is better. It’s more like “Mac is better because it’s prettier”. Or they are stuck in the early 90’s and say “How are you liking your blue screen of death”. I haven’t seen that in over 10 years. How is that a good argument? You actually gave valid points and did your own experiments and came to your own conclusion that PC is just better. I give you props on that! Great post.

  231. Tri-boot says:

    Have to admit I agree with a lot of what’s in this article.

    I recently decided to update my hardware on my Windows 7 desktop to an i7 CPU with an SSD and more RAM, so I purposely picked hardware (mobo, ram, etc) that I knew would allow me to install OSX/snowleopard and create a ‘hackintosh’ such that I would have the choice of booting into either OSX or Win 7 on startup. Figured it was an easy way of trying out OSX since I love my iphone but hadn’t played around with a Mac desktop in 15 years or so.

    After purchasing my retail copies of snow leopard and ilife and setting everything up, I ended up with a computer more powerful than a $3000 Mac Pro for about $1200 dollars worth of hardware – illustrates the ‘overpriced’ argument pretty well.

    So then I started playing around with OSX, importing pics and video from my data drives, surfing the net, doing office tasks, organizing the file system, playing with ilife and other bundled software, and shockingly to me it was a very disappointing experience overall. Windows 7 is actually more intuitive, which I was not expecting. I figured at the very least I would use OSX for photo and video editing, but found that Picasa and Windows Movie Maker ’11/Nero were easier to use and more stable under Windows 7. For daily use and simple tasks, I even think Ubuntu 10.04 is more user-friendly and intuitive than OSX.

    Maybe it’s all just what I’ve become used to, but I’ll probably end up deleting my OSX install; I just can’t see a use for it over Win 7/Ubuntu at this point. And wow, I sure am glad I didn’t shell out 3grand for a Mac Pro.

  232. Henry says:

    Linux is great. Mac is not. Anything to do with Steve Jobs should be burned.

  233. Ummm.... says:

    I THink…..
    THere is something…..
    what is it…..


  234. Henry says:

    Amen. Amen.

  235. InfernalDisaster says:

    If you want a customizable computer that can do anything, go with a PC. If you all you care about is making videos, go with a MAC.

    Overall PCs have the flexibility that makes it far superior than a MAC and of course there is the reasonable cost of a PC. For what you spend on a lower end MAC, you could get a high-end PC that is more powerful than the top of the line MAC.

  236. jesse says:

    My top reasons why macs suck:

    No address bar where I can type the path of where I want to go.

    Alt tabbing is retarted. If you alt tab to a program, the window you were doing in the program doesnt actually open up. You then have to click Window and choose, for example, the document you were just working on in Word.

    You can’t cut and paste files. Instead, like the original poster said, you have to open to windows and then drag and drop the file. This is retarted and SO INNEFICIENT

  237. Steve says:

    LOL. Brilliant post.

  238. LoL says:

    This article maybe biased, but most of it is true. But holy f**k, look at all the ravenous mac fanboys that are out in full force….Holy s**t, stop continually mashing on some random article on a random site and go outside for once. There maybe be reasons to like Mac, but you must be extremely retarded if you’re gonna buy a computer with an outdated Core 2 processor that costs twice as much as a i7 PC from a shitty company like Dell. You know what’s ironic about that? Dell sells overpriced PCs. And no, it’s not about whether you can afford it or not, it’s about you being an idiot with your money and buying a shiny new product because someone shoved some s**t in your brain about how shiny that product is.

    Lololol, I’d have more trouble getting peoples response about porn then I would getting flamed for dissing an Apple product. It’s hilarious because all you fanboys are in every corner of the Internet, just salivating at the thought of someone putting up a post like this. Anyways, have fun losing sleep over what someone said on the Internet LOl.

  239. pingu says:

    i think big part of mac users have a big ego :D
    lots of mac users are defending mac os more and fiercer than steve jobs.Lots of them buy mac just because of fashion.

  240. d*******g says:


    When more than 95% of the world uses a PC, it’s not a fight. It’s a MASSACRE.

  241. Austin Merchant says:

    BAD ARGUMENT. Very biased and uninformed. Watch me negate all ten reasons why mac sucks:

    “The one and only business model for Apple is narcissism.” NO! People buy a Mac because of a genuine belief that Macs are superior. Most of us are not trying to impress anyone. Granted some Mac users are, but most aren’t.

    “Macs are ridiculously overpriced.” Macs are expensive to make, and WHAT YOU PAY IS WHAT YOU GET. Mac engineers are very intuitive, and that’s hard to explain to PC users.

    “Macs regularly ignore mainstream industry trends.” NOT TRUE AT ALL. Apple does the opposite: they start and end trends. Apple popularized the mouse. Apple killed the floppy disk. They popularized the hard drive. They popularized the smart phone. A mere handful of examples.

    “Mac OS X is merely a locked down version of Linux.” THAT’S FUCKING RETARDED. I am going to skip this.

    “There is no right f*cking-click!” You can’t see both buttons. but the right button still exists. And the default setting is for two primary buttons, so left handed people can use a mac. You can pick whatever button you like for right click under System Preferences.

    “The general screen layout is retarded.” If you are used to a PC! What do you expect? A Windows interface? then you’d just go and b***h about that!
    The clock actually does display the date. Again, in System Preferences.
    You can see minimized windows in the right part of the dock. You didn’t even try, did you? Adjust it via SYSTEM PREFERENCES. According to Stan? Who’s Stan?
    The X actually DOES close the window, and simply quit to kill the program. And it doesn’t suck up resources.
    What? That’s not even partly true.
    I admit, the maximize button is weird…
    Opening 100 images only opens one window. Did you actually do this?
    Why is that so bad? OH NO TWO WINDOWS.

    “Macs crash, freeze, and have evil viruses.” WHAT! Windows is the one with the horrible reputation! I don’t even use a firewall! Send me a virus so it can stash itself away in my downloads folder. Someday I’ll open it for a laugh. A TEXT FILE! Holy crap!

    “Software and hardware options for Mac are lame, or slim at best.” At best? iLife KICKS ASS. iWork beats office any day! My Keynote presentations blow my class away! Most hardware works with Mac.

    “Gaming and graphics in general, suck on Macs.” This depends on what you’re doing! Obviously you’re not playing Fast hardcore games on a Macbook Pro! That’s what a desktop’s for. And as far as I’m concerned, my 13″ MacBook Pro goes above and beyond my gaming expectations for a laptop. And any game worth playing is available on Mac.

    “Macs are not customizable.” It’s all about the brand. It’s why my processor is only running 230 threads at the moment. This frustrates me sometimes, too. They’re getting better!

  242. d*******g says:

    Wow. Shows right there how incompetent you are. You obviously don’t do ANY research. I haven’t seen the “blue screen of death” since XP. That’s 2 operating systems ago. Is that all you have in your arsenal? You just say what other mac fan boys say and don’t do any research to see if it was even correct. You are the definition of a d*******g.

  243. hooray! says:

    you are a dumb c*nt! Macs are amazing and always will be! Have fun with your blue screen of sh*t! :)

  244. d*******g says:

    MD, you are a complete d*******g. Did Steve Jobs pay you to write that? You can’t even watch a YouTube video without it crashing so I don’t want to see you babble about your crapple never crashing. And of course your PC is a piece of s**t it’s a Gateway! Who owns a Gateway anymore?

  245. md says:

    i just wanted to say you are full of it. Macs are the best thing ever. pcs are pieces of s**t! they get a million viruses and never work! Macs are WAYYY more durable and more functional. I have never ever had my computer freeze or not be able to multi-task as you say. I have had a macbook pro for about three years now and would rather pay the few extra dollars and have a NICE computer than a piece of s**t pc. I have owned a gateway and a mac and would chose a mac over the gateway ANYDAY! Just wanted to let you know you are FULL OF IT!

  246. the freem says:

    I think F JJ is a fanboy.

    F JJ
    I priced 27″ IPS monitors and found some for around 1000 bucks. Add a PC with the features of the iMac and the total cost would be $1500. Still cheaper than the iMac. The high end iMac is $2000. You can buy a very powerful PC for a $1000.

  247. Steve says:

    I couldn’t tell if ‘F JJ’ was for or against PC with his comment. I think he was stating that if you build a comparable PC and a really nice monitor it’s still cheaper than a iMac.

  248. the freem says:

    F JJ
    Sony has an all in one computer with multitouch screen for a third of the cost and it has blu-ray, you lose. Silly rabbit Trix are for kids.

  249. D*******G says:

    And PC will win. Hands down.

  250. F JJ says:

    27 inch iMac

    Build a comparable PC and price it.

    Don’t throw in some shitty monitor. Throw in a 27 inch IPS panel.

    Put it in a slim case.

    Put a Core i7 chip in it.

    Compare them. I dare you.

  251. HUMDiGHA says:

    My theory is that all the marketing hype is to prevent buyer’s remorse. What better way to accomplish this than to play to someone’s ego about the purchase they’ve just made. After reading the headline, I thought the article was going to be a well-researched essay on ego, marketing, and tech fever -I was thoroughly disappointed.

    I had to laugh when one of the comment’s talked about people with their shiny Macs at Starbucks! So true. Just go to a Starbucks and this can be verified. But try and start a conversation with any of them about anything computer related, and you will find the vast majority of Mac user’s know incredibly little about the topic. I guess they can defend this by saying, “It just works. I don’t have to know anything!” (At this point just smile and nod in agreement!)

  252. accidental visitor says:

    got here accidentally but this is a hoot — the guy JJ is obviously a complete troll; almost all of the specific points are directly refutable, to the point that some of them seem made up just to try to confuse or anger folk; one guy couldn’t get all these things wrong or so bizarrely distorted merely through ignorance

    but that doesn’t mean you have to waste time spitting JJ’s chowder back out — don’t ingest it in the first place

  253. God says:

    Computers in general are gay. So…everyone can go to hell.

  254. D*******G says:

    So we should respect a company for putting more effort into the design than the inner workings? Look at what they did with the iPhone 4. Did you even read any of the other comments? Do some research before you form an opinion. There are far more reasons to buy a PC than a Mac. Sorry if your only defense is the “design.” That’s not good enough for a debate. The design isn’t even that great. Personally, I don’t want a notebook so thin it can’t even house a DVD or Blu-ray drive. Not to mention that retarded apple on the back.

  255. jaimitoborromeo says:

    50% of what u state in this article is false.
    the other 50% is not relevant to most people.

    So it’s expensive, there ARE people who don’t mind spending a lot of money. Why? Efficiency is only necessary when resources(money) is limited. 2500$, so what? Some drink, some smoke, some buy clothes and some overspend on macs. If you’re rich, do whatever you want.
    wich brings me to:
    No other brand offers such beautiful machines. We should respect people who feel design is an important feature in a computer. That costs money.
    I’ve been using linux for years, and whatever “linux fascists” say, it is not user friendlyenough to be mainstream. You need a solid technical backround to understand and use it properly.
    Buy whatever you want, and get your head out pf your ass.

  256. D*******G says:

    Ian, if you’re that stupid you can’t Google your problem then you shouldn’t even own a computer. PC or Mac. Your story is full of sh*t. Microsoft has never made me pay for any tech support. Are you talking about Dell? Last time I checked Dell wasn’t owned by Microsoft. Numb nuts.

  257. Ian says:

    yeah i own two computers. is that so out of the ordinary? what am i talking about? you act like what i said is so foreign to you. don’t act like microsoft has nothing to do with a pc. last time i checked wasn’t windows created by microsoft?

  258. JJ says:


    Wait so you own 2 computers? Or you are just talking bullshit? Who said anything about Microsoft, what are you talking about? What software problems were you having? Why didn’t you check Google? lol… wanker.

  259. Ian says:

    called microsoft the other day for some software problems, 100 bucks i had to pay in order for microsoft to provide e-mail tech support.. called apple about a problem with my macbook, they helped me no problem.

  260. Dwayne says:

    Very valid point, Jimmy. Love it.

  261. jimmy says:

    oh for people who buy macs for windows usage.

    iMac (17-inch, Late 2006)
    iMac (20-inch, Late 2006)
    MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2006)
    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2006)

    assuming somebody bought those later maybe in january 2007 – you can no longer upgrade it to windows 7 with bootcamp 3.1(HT3986)! 3 years plus service. Very green for the environment indeed, throwing a PC every 3 years.

    Problem is when you update some Service Pack for Vista because of security issues and break the bootcamp drivers in the future, how long are you willing to wait for them to provide updated drivers? in many instances, you cannot get download drivers directly from chip manufacturers (nvidia only provide win/linux/freebsd/solaris).

  262. Anonymous says:

    why doe

  263. Dwayne says:

    plopabiggi, if you use Windows on mac hardware then you are a fool.

  264. plopabiggi says:

    I have used windows for years and would always shout its strengths to mac users. I learnt a lot about windows especially around the windows Me era. God that was crap. Anyway along came XP – I love xp. Very stable with lots of great features. I run it on my apple mac pro while doin other things with MAC OSX at the same time. Both are good,but, I use the mac half of my computer more and more – while windows is starting to melt away.
    windows is more stable on a mac than in a pc environment.
    As mentioned earlier – don’t build a drama about it. use both as one tool. I can only guess most of you guys are american – CHILL the F*** out

  265. jiMMy says:

    Anyone with good memory? All I know is PC has always been a good deal. Anyone remember what the cost of commercial unix vs mac vs pc of similar specs cost back then? All I can say if you let these other companies
    be on the top, you may see a more evil version of m$oft. So far m$oft has priced it right more than I can say for other OS except ofcourse Linux.

    Anyone who tells you their machine is greener when they continued to sell
    a whole computer embedded in a monitor is plain wrong. How am I supposed to believe it can be good for environment when I am throwing away a functional monitor when I an upgrading to faster one?

    What is wrong with their mouse, it is so flat you can’t cup it in your palm like regular mouse? How can their design be superior to companies like Logitech which solely makes mouses for every type of use. Why would they still adhere to the standard mouse design. Whom you would rather believe? The whole world cannot be wrong?

    Never buy an OS that can only intentionaly support a limited hardware configuration because it is bad for the economy. If that company chose one video card vendor as their supplier for the entire line of products. What will happened to the other companies. They will be no choice/competition to drive prices down. Will make gaming expensive for everybody in the future.

    if you are gonna pay for an OS, at least know what you are paying for. When you pay for windows, you know that money goes to supporting better driver development – eg updates that dont break drivers, making sure a lot of apps/game are backward-compatible. The reason businesses are using windows is because m$oft supported that model well. Look at how long Windows 2000 was supported and now XP. Can you say the same for your mac? It is easy work when an OS only has to support a few line of products and recompile their apps in new environment. If I am gonna pay for an OS, at least pay for
    one that will protect your software investments like games/CADs for the longest period.

  266. D*******g says:

    dotNet Zombie, the debate is that you can get twice the power for the same price as a shitty mac. Yes, Mac’s are expensive, but if you get an equally priced PC it will be at least 2 times better. So a $2500 Mac will most likely have less power than your HP.

  267. dotNet Zombie says:

    Actually Mac OS X is merely a locked down version of freeBSD.

    “Gaming, and graphics in general, suck on Mac” that’s not true, Mac’s come with great GPUs

    ” Macs are ridiculously overpriced.” Sure Apple doesn’t make any cheap computers, but A could PC can cost as much as an Apple Computer. For example the HP laptop I use cost $2500.

    Also I’m not a Mac User (I hate Macs) I’m window user, so I’m not some Mac fanboy.

  268. Kaega says:

    Wow, I don’t think I made that long enough

  269. Kaega says:

    I will (just for fun) throw in my two cents. It’s all I have left. I’m sure people already covered what I’m about to write, but I don’t care. I love my Mac for several reasons. But mostly I just hate Windows (I love you too Linux). Here’s a list of what you got wrong, and a little of what you got right.

    1) The one and only business model for Apple is narcissism:
    I am definitely a Nerd. I like my mac mainly because of the way it responds, and has a refined simple interface.
    I like that my windows are not all clogged with menu items.
    Apple programs and the OS often support most open standards, and not just their own.
    Macs can format/read multiple disk formats, not just their own.
    Macs support multiple network protocols, not just their own.
    Apple provides regular updates to not only fix bugs, but to add functionality to my OS
    I love the iLife suite, and how easy they interface with each other and programs (IE: many third party programs easily find my music in iTunes, and my photos in iPhoto, World of Warcraft for mac can record video and control iTunes)
    I like that all of the programming tools needed coming with the OS (xcode)
    I love expose. I can easily find the window I want.
    I like the universal spell check in the OS which works in EVERY Application (except terminal and X11).
    I love being able to just trash a preference file to reset an applications settings. Makes troubleshooting quick and easy when I do have a problem.
    I like the file structure, which is almost always followed (IE: if I install a screensaver and want to remove it, it will be under /Library/Screen Savers/ )
    I like that the Firmware is not only easily updatable, but can actually be customized by the user (IE: rEFIt)
    I can create a custom keyboard shortcut for any action in a menu (literally any of them, windows only has custom shortcuts for opening programs and web pages)

    Ok, I need to move on now.

    2) Macs are ridiculously overpriced:
    Yeah alright, I’ll give you that one. I can rightly tell someone on a budget they should buy a mac. Using a Mac is great, but using a PC and still being able to eat is great too. But a PC with similar hardware to a Mac is usually not too much more expensive. With some models though, you just don’t have as much choices

    3) Macs regularly ignore mainstream industry trends:
    Blu-ray: this may be common in desktops, but it’s not that common in Laptops. I will admit, it would be nice to have the option. Desktop Macs DO have the option of coming with Blu-Ray. No Mac laptops have them though. It is a shame.

    HDMI: Out of date DVI? What have you been smoking? HDMI is not a replacement for DVI. DVI supports much higher resolutions than HDMI. The only advantage HDMI offers over DVI is it also carries the audio. As convenient as this may be, a DVI with optical audio cable is much better. Many computer monitors support resolutions that only DVI can deliver.

    Some things Apple has held on to for a long long time before replacing it, but in most cases the technology Apple was using was superior. Firewire is a great example. Few devices use Firewire, but they really should. Firewire 400 came out years before USB 2.0, and the sad thing is, Firewire 400 is STILL faster than USB 2.0. USB 2 runs at 480 Mb/s you say? But USB 2 has much more overhead (latency) than firewire making the raw transfer rate actually slower. On top of that, Apple has upgraded their computers to Firewire 800. http://www.cwol.com/firewire/firewire-vs-usb.htm

    The ADC connector for video is another good example. Eventually Apple went with the Industry standard DVI. ADC didn’t just carry video though, it also carried power, and additional data streams. This allowed a monitor to be plugged in with one cable, and still have it act as a USB/Firewire hub. Unfortunately because switchers from PC always had DVI monitors, Apple changed to the industry standard. I like standardization, but it would have been awesome to plug my monitor in with a single cable (especially into a laptop)

    4) Mac OS x is merely a locked down version of open-source Linux:
    BSD is not linux. BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) is a Unix derivative designed for the sole purpose to be built upon by others. There are many, many programs that use BSD as it’s base. BSD by it’s self it not an operating system as it requires further files and frameworks to operate.

    The BSD core (Darwin as it’s called) is just the base. Most of the code build on top of it are unique libraries and API’s that are only found on the Macintosh, these are what truly make the operating system what it is. I doubt 90% of Mac users are unaware of this since it’s actually listed on the apple website under the reasons it lists why OS X is more stable.

    OS X runs many frameworks faster than any other platform (including OpenGL, and OpenCL). Now if only OpenGL could get a little more edge on Direct X

    5) There is no right-f*cking-click!:
    Although this is not true, it does bring up a point that I really hate about Apple. They tend to simplify things too much sometimes on the surface. Their strategy seems to be “If you have less to fool with, you’re less likely to make mistakes”. Apple will take anything that is considered not for the common user and hide it. I don’t like editing XML files just to show hidden files in the Finder, and such.

    You can right click on a Mac, and you always could. Apple just never sold a mouse with a second button. And the five keys you hold down to right click is… control. Deleting something is Apple + Delete (most shortcuts use the Apple key). If you ever take the time to look at a menu (any menu) in OS X, the shortcuts are listed to the right of the item you want to click.

    6) The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded:
    It is not retarded, it is just different. Let me go over your points.

    The clock doesn’t display the date? Well you were right. Fortunately in the last OS update (10.6.0) they changed this.

    The dock, again, is a little simplified. You can however see programs that are minimized. They appear on the right hand side of the Dock (even shows an thumbnail of what was actually in the window you minimized, cool). The Dock is just a shortcut bar that tries to keep everything in as small as space as possible. So you don’t have a billion little boxes at the bottom of your screen. It is not based on a technology from 1984, that is just ridiculous.

    (After finishing this comment I read some of the article you were citing. He was actually referring to the menu bar, and in that aspect he may be right. But it is clean, and works perfectly unless you are using multiple screens. Then it does get a little annoying)

    Clicking the X on a window DOES close it. I think you’re frustrated because clicking the X does not QUIT the program. Closing a window without quitting the program can save up some memory while not removing the entire program from memory. It’s also useful for some programs that do not need the window to be open to continue with what it is doing (IE: close an iTunes window and your song keeps playing). I find it most useful using programs like web browsers. If I use Firefox all day, but I am done using it at the moment, I can close the windows but leave the program running. When I click on it later it merely has to create a new window instead of running the entire application again (which comes up much faster).

    To quit a program either press command + Q, or right click (heh, another use for right click) on the program in your dock and click quit, or click on the application menu (named after the application) and select quit.

    Alt tab goes through every window? No it doesn’t. This is just plain wrong. In fact not only does alt+tab cycle through applications only, but there is a separate combination (alt + ~) that cycles through only the windows of the application currently in focus. Nice try though.

    Maximizing a window doesn’t maximize it? This must be frustrating since Macs DO NOT have a maximize button. Oh, that green button with the plus in it? That’s the zoom button. Let me explain what this button does.

    It changes the dimensions of the window to match the content inside. So for example, if you’re in a text document and you click the zoom button, the window size will change so you can see all of the page, but no more. Windows on the other hand fills the entire screen, but fills the screen in most cases, with just empty space. Why do you need a webpage taking up the entire screen when the page its self is only one third the width of the screen? This difference has shown in studies to actually make people multitask better and be more productive. But then again, some people just can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.

    Pictures open in separate windows? I don’t know if that used to be the case, but Preview (OS X’s default picture viewer) will open multiple pictures in one window if you highlight and open them all at once. If you open them one at a time, then yes, they will open in separate windows. You may be comparing this to Windows Picture and Fax viewer which replaces the old picture with the new one you opened. I find this behaviour quite annoying since I usually only open two pictures at a time to compare them.

    Not sure I get this next one. I can drag anything to anything else that is visible. Given if a window is on top of something I want to drag a file to, I need to bring it to the front. This is true on Windows as well. Maybe with more info I could correct you. I can also drag files on top of applications to open the file with that particular app (dragging a word file on textedit opens it with textedit instead of word)

    7) It just… doesn’t work. (Macs crash, freeze, and have evil viruses.):
    You say the Mac doesn’t handle multitasking very well, but you are wrong. I have repaired Many macintosh computers, and in most cases someone comes in with a computer that gets the spinning colour wheel a lot, it usually comes down to one thing: Bad Ram. The spinning colour indicates it is processing on a low system level. When there are errors with data in your memory, your computer will keep trying until it processes it without errors. This will result in a spinning colour wheel that could last for (depending on how badly damaged the RAM is) for minutes, hours, or indefinitely. Run the Apple Hardware test, I bet you’ll find an error. I also found that bad ram was usually ram installed by a third party vendor. Usually cheap ram, or improperly installed ram (static charge WILL screw you over, always ground yourself before opening your computer). Other hardware issues can cause the wheel as well, but RAM was the most common I found.

    Another reason for the spinning colour wheel is file structure errors. Run Disk Utility on a regular basis (every couple of months) and this will not happen to you.

    Finally, if you were using a Mac with an Intel processor, and were running a program that was not designed for the Intel chipset (Adobe didn’t update their programs for the longest time), it literally had to translate the program on the fly. With a program as big as Adobe, that would have been a long wait. (Adobe programs are now up to date).

    I also want to say that I’m running Adobe CS5 suite on my computer now. I am able to open and use photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, xcode, iTunes, and (basically iChat) at the same time without any spinning colour wheels. I had two files opAdiumen in illustrator, five pictures open from my girlfriends 12mp camera, iTunes playing music (duh), and running an OpenGL application with a spinning 3D box and two spinning 3D triangles (I had dreamweaver open but nothing created). Not once did I get a spinning colour wheel. I’m running on the original Macbook Pro from six years ago too (2.16 Dual Core, 2GB RAM).

    (Just so you know, my Mac HAS crashed on me before, but it’s happened less than five times in the six years I’ve owned it, and a couple of times was due to software I installed. I hate you ShapeShifter!)

    To touch on viruses, yes they do exist for Mac. Actually if you look up the history of viruses you’ll find the first one ever written was on a Macintosh. It is however harder to catch a virus on a mac, and if you catch one it usually cannot do as much damage as one for a PC (but they can hurt).

    A virus is just a program, and you catch a virus it must be executed. A major problem with Windows is there are many ways for programs to be auto executed. A Macintosh provides virtually no way for a program to be auto executed. You may have even noticed that discs do no automatically run on a Mac (which frustrates most PC switchers who expect a Mac to be easier). Mac does not have ActiveX, or any other methods of easily executing programs directly from the internet.

    Another point, a Mac needs your admin password to do anything major. A virus needs these permissions too, and cannot modify your system without it. Windows does not require a password to do any changes so any virus (or person for that matter) can edit your registry, change your internet settings, or modify your system in harmful ways. Fortunately Windows Vista and Windows 7 have improved on this. Please make sure you set a password however, without it Windows Vista/7 is not much more secure then it’s predecessors.

    The article you linked is a virus that’s caught by installing pirated software. Here is a quote from the article you used to support your statement
    “Really, as it stands, the only people at risk are those trying to pirate software, so it’s not really a case of “Is the OS less secure?”, so much as it is one of “Are Mac users security savvy?”

    (I actually recommend NOT using an administrative user on a Mac. Using a standard user will add another layer of protection for these same reasons listed above.)

    8) Software and hardware options for the Mac are lame, or slim at best:
    Software for the mac is slim, I will admit. The software that comes with the Mac is pretty nice. Again it’s just simplified.

    As anyone who’s walked into a computer store and asked where the “Mac software is”, you know that your choices are usually limited for commercial software. Thankfully most open source software is available for the Mac, or can be easily converted. This was actually one of the main reasons Steve Jobs chose Unix as the base for Mac OS X. You may have to install the X11 interface (Unix/Linux’s window system) to run some of them.

    When Apple says “no hunting for drivers” they usually mean USB devices (of course they don’t specify this). Generic USB devices (IE: printers, scanners, cameras, etc…) Usually do not require a driver to use on a Macintosh. This is because these devices commonly use standards that are the same between them. This allows a Macintosh to work with hardware that was never designed to work on a Mac. It’s very common for a consumer to plug in a device, even after being told by the manufacturer it wouldn’t work on a mac, and have it work just fine. There is a compatibility list on Apples website for hardware, but I have found many devices not on the list which work great.

    To be truthful though, Windows has been just as robust since the release of Windows XP. Many of you have plugged a camera into Windows and had it work without installing a driver. It is still recommended to install the included software though.

    If you are using a device that needs a specialized driver, and the manufacturer doesn’t make one for Mac, you are probably screwed. Low market share definitely sucks in that manner.

    9) Gaming, and graphics in general, suck on Macs:
    Gaming does unfortunately suck on Macs, but the graphics definitely doesn’t. If you only ever tested your graphics using games then that’s why you think the graphics suck. Most games are designed to use DirectX. The reason they usually suck on the Mac is because they make a half assed attempt to convert it to OpenGL. Even games that use OpenGL on windows commonly use windows specific OpenGL commands. This requires changing a lot of code, and game developers have a deadline you know.

    The Graphics capabilities of a Mac are really sweet actually. Unless you use a program that uses OS X’s core video API’s you would never notice. And of course, video games never use these (especially when the game needs to be Windows compatible).

    10) Macs are not flexible or customizable:
    I would love to tell you how wrong you are. But alas you are very right. I think I mentioned it in one of the paragraphs above. The lack of customizability is definitely my biggest pet peeve.

    Flame on

  270. Jake says:

    No, just Mac people. If you run into a self-righteous person just ask if they own a Mac and chances are they do. Makes sense, I don’t really know a lot of self-righteous people and most people don’t own a Mac. 90% of computer owners are PC and only 7% are Mac.

  271. Hannah says:

    Wow, did you really waste a bunch of time doing this? Classic PC behavior. Also, the majority of all people in the U.S. are self-righteous, not just Mac users.

  272. Jake says:

    PC ARSE wrote:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:10 am

    Writer of this article is a stupid looser who hates the whole world because he is unable to afford a mac. Go f**k yourself Bill Gates Cock sucker!!


    Wow learn how to spell! What’s a “looser”? Typical Mac user. A spoiled kid whose mommy and daddy bought him a Mac.

  273. Steve says:

    I run my business from home. It wouldn’t be possible on a Mac. I need to simultaneously run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Excel, and FireFox every day. That wouldn’t be possible on a Mac. It would crash too much and I wouldn’t get any work done. I’ve had a Mac a few years ago and that’s all it did.

  274. Lollookatthemcry says:

    I really can’t see any logical reason to fork out More $$ for a out of date computer that you’ll have to replace in a year.

    the number one reason I’ll never buy a mac is….I had a pc I rescued out of a dumpster loaded with Linux that ran better then my schools brand new macs…
    the price on those macs? $600..

    price for the rescued Linux system… +$30(sold it to my teacher because he couldn’t stand his mac)

    those macs have brunt out …but my teachers Linux system is still running(imagine that)

    macs…they have nothing to offer that I can’t get out of Linux(FOR FREE).

    If you can sell that crap to people…I think I’ll be going to the dump more often…the computer market must be a gold mine nowadays!!

  275. zero says:

    let me just say that i’ve been working with Macs and PCs for a long time. I have a mac tower at work, a PC workstation and my laptop PC. I work as a graphic/web/print designer and also as a freelance reporter/editor and this brings me to my point that i work with computers alot.

    And here, I totally agree with JJ. Macs are just for the wannabes, people who want to look cool flashing about their expensive piece of flashy hardware. I live in a third-word country and even here all the Apple/Mac fans are rich snobby people and are just bent on showing off. I used the Mac at work but got so frustrated with it that i started lugging my laptop to work (which runs, Windows 7, woohoo). I’ve got a cheap Dell that works better than then expensive tower mac that’s rusting at work. And just to make things clear, I am not a windows-fanboy or whatever. I use linux for all my coding needs, too bad Adobe does not support linux. And GIMP and Inkscape are not as powerful as photoshop or illustrator.

    And Mac users, accept that not everyone is as rich as you folks, not everyone live in the US or the UK. If Mac really wants to go forwards it should learn to support all users, and not only the rich people, cuz where i live, owning a mac is a class on its own.

    on my personal point of view, i believe i’m a power user in Windows and in Adobe Applications and a expert on linux, i’d say i had the worst experience working with Mac, and i deal with UIs for applications and Web. I am in love with Ubuntu and how relaible and fast it is, not as flashy as a mac though, hmm…, but it works soo soo much better than a Mac and i love my windows 7 desktop, with it’s ease to use and not so flashy, as a mac.

  276. Assil says:

    WOODY is the perfect example of the sheep. He will buy a mac just because it looks pretty…

  277. Jeremy says:

    If Mac’s were so great then there shouldn’t be a need for bootcamp.

  278. Jack says:

    No programs. No games. Flash crashes. List goes on.

  279. WOODY says:

    I’m trying to be fair here. JJ, you have a good point on the price, but the rest is not true.

    My friend let me use his Mac once and I say that was a good experience. I only use PC though. Mac are too expensive. With $1000 you can buy a pretty good PC, but you can’t do the same thing with Mac.
    That said, I would still buy a Mac but only because I love the style, the white color, the Apple logo, because it looks cool, and very enjoyable, but it’s still nowhere as good as a Windows PC.

  280. Jack says:

    Oh and if Window’s is so bad, why do I ALWAYS see people comment about using bootcamp? You people can’t live without Windows if you wanted to. You sit there and bash Microsoft, but you use bootcamp. Doesn’t make any sense.

  281. Jack says:

    Keep up the great work JJ. I have an iSheep friend with a Mac and he’ll defend it to the death. But I see it crash all the time. Nearly every time I go to his house he’s fixing some issue with the piece of sh*t. What a joke. I’m running on Win7 Sony Vaio notebook. Vaio’s are expensive I’ll admit. But who has the faster notebook for the same price? Me. Who can run games? Me. I haven’t had it crash since I got it 2 years ago. Even when I had Vista running on it, it didn’t crash. These people are a joke!

  282. the freem says:


    This forum has plenty of evidence supporting our case against Apple crappy products. If you need more, how about this last hack for the iOS? Nice piece of work:


    As I have said before, the only reason why Apple products seem less likely to be hit with viruses is the market share. The iOS has taken more of the market than other smart phones. If OSX were to do the same thing, it too would be open to attack. Also, the code base for Safari is the same for OSX, with some pieces missing or added. This attack will probably work on a Mac running Safari too.

  283. JJ says:


    Thanks for further proving that Mac fanboys never have any factual arguments to present in defense of their worldview, err, brainwashing. Way to make it a personal game of “being offended!”… and offering another perfect example of Apple’s consumer base.

  284. Wow.. says:


    I’m really tired of seeing you “thank” people and calling everyone a Mac “fanboy”. It makes you seem unintelligent and it seems as though that is the only thing you have to say. Every time someone brings facts as to how Macs are better and more reliable (who wants an unreliable computer?), you just call them a fanboy. Prove them wrong if you want people to believe you, PC fanboy.

  285. bob dole doesnt support mac says:

    Let’s look at it this way guys.
    Mac OS X -> freeBSD

    has a gui -> has multiple gui options
    doesnt work well outside a mac computer -> works wonderful anywhere
    cost money -> is free
    not good at multi-tasking -> multi-tasking master
    always gets hacked first @ hackfest -> they wont even attempt on freeBSD

    So.. Lets see here, I’ve provided 5 simple facts.
    So.. How could mac f**k up freeBSD that bad? You tell me.

    BTW I wrote this on my PC which is Dual Boot – win. XP (old os still works like a charm, still has great support) with freeBSD running XFCE.
    Do that on your precious mac.

  286. Assil says:

    well said Jim, nice one

  287. jimmy says:

    1. can’t find any laptop under $500.

    2. mac binaries are huge. gimp (win) is 20MB. gimp (s-leopard,intel) is 80MB. both must carry gtk.
    there are 3 builts – tiger, leopard, s-leopard. gimp 2.6.8 (2000/xp/vista/7 plus 64 bit).why is there no
    binary compatibilty between versions? why is developers so obsessed with multiple versions? imagine buying expensive
    app only to be broken on new upgrade.

    3. fast shelf life. tiger is dropped by a lot of developers (3rd party). xp is still thriving.

    4. not much games, cads.

    5. not much peripherals. most devices JUST works on windows.

    6. have restriction on what can be built by ipad sdk. wtf!!!!! app must be approved by a FRUIT to be sellable on their store. must register to get sdk!!! gone are the days are commercial os the only software than can run on your pc. today we can install linux. imposed such unnecessary steps to get sdk,tools, will only push people to linux. on windows,can download sdk without having to join a developer membership where you must give your phone, address, professional profile. i am just a hobbist programmer – why should i submit my professional profile to you as if it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    7. same app runs better on windows (flash consumes LESS cpu and crash less, skype, etc.).

    8. mac was to built to run on a narrow limited pc configuration. linux/windows can run on variety of cpus/chipset/peripherals/ etc.

    linux fares no better but it does not restrict your freedom and choice. windows does but is forgiven because of enormous support for drivers/software/games/peripherals.

    If i have to pay, windows is cheaper, better choice of hardware/price range, longer shelf life, more software and games, less political games.

    If i go cheap, buy any machine and install linux.

    where does that leave mac???

  288. Sudo -h says:

    Forgot to mention I run Lucid Lynx, Open Suse 11.2, Windows XP and, Snow Leopard, Linux owns all, its what powers the internet.

  289. Sudo -h says:

    JJ, OSX is not Linux! Linux is not BSD, Linux is not unix, hell BSD isn’t unix. Soo..figured I would through that out their, but macs are over priced, ignore mainstream conventions such as bluray and flash, and owned by want to be tech savvy hipsters. Although Macbook multitouch is awesome. It’s kinda funny though, it seems neither the PC’s or Macs have much true understanding or facts about computers, or OS’s. That is why I am a Linux Elitest

  290. thesullster says:

    The author doesn’t know his way around a mac. My MacBook does all kinds of wonderful things,

  291. pcperson says:

    Look. In my opinion, Macs are sort of stupid. For one thing, they have really oddly shaped peripherals, and they look sort of fragile. It’s scary to use them. Plus, all Apple seems to care about is appearance. Not that it’s bad, it’s just I want actual technological advances on it, not some fancy shmancy design and compatibility with other products (like smartphones.)

    I prefer that the computer, itself, is as best as it can be. And not because the white plastic protecting the insides of the computer is “stylish.” (In all honesty, I think you’re just paying friggin’ 3,000 bucks for the stupid design.) And sure, PC’s are prone to getting viruses. But anyone who REALLY knows how to work a computer can get it off, lickety split.

    Plus, all the added applications for the Mac seem kind of useless. Okay, so, maybe they’ll come in handy for art projects, but I’ve noticed that MS Office’s applications are much more handy. Especially in school situations and because they’re much easier to learn (and to convert. I find it useless to convert certain documents when I could have finished it, and not have to worry.) Not to mention you have to wait longer for several computer games.

    So yeah, maybe it’s just me. I’m not into the flashy modern designs so long it gets the job done. And MS does. Sure, it doesn’t immediately come with all the bells and whistles, but if you work on it, you can have a really great computer. After all, it’s MEANT to be personalized. (hence the name, “Personal Computer”)

    And if you’re wondering how I can judge, it’s because where I live, I have a Mac at school (yeah, I know, “Why are you using it then?” Well, because my school’s a dumbass and believes most people in California know how to use them and therefor there’s a heavily disproportionate amount of PC’s and Macs.) And I have several PCs at home.

  292. XCen says:

    Apple set hardwares’ prices too high in compared to the same hardwares in PC.

  293. Assil says:

    I have just read nearly all the comments and the article too

    I can see than the guys who prefers mac don’t really know nothing AT ALL about a computer

    I had XP for 7 years and got only 2 problems
    Now I have w7 and it is terribly fast and stable than Vista

    In all point of comparison which is possible to make between macos and windows, windows (and PC) is better/cheaper/faster

    Mac is just an expensive computer for idiots at starbucks, just that

    Windows is the future

  294. apple hater says:

    JJ just wanted to show what just happened, the typical fanboy came here and in one day make tons of comments with several nicks, just have to say something they really don’t like and it had to be something worse than what was on this discussion to revive it. But anyway the link does work:
    and everybody knows that most people buy macs because of their looks and gay people usually think like that so whats the big surprise?
    MAC = FAG

  295. JJ says:

    @Bryan, I would love to see a video of you trying to run those 3 programs at the same time on ANY “expensive” or “lowest possible” Mac. Seriously. Please post a screen capture. Cuz I know you are full of s**t.

  296. Bryan says:

    Bro, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. Sitting here bashing is isnt gonna do s**t for your cause. I have a macbook pro and triple boot OSX, Ubuntu, and Windows 7. Never had a problem opening up photoshop, firefox, itunes and any other program for that matter. Maybe your cheapness only allowed you to buy the lowest possible macbook.

  297. TheFreem says:

    Bill AnalGates (billy boy) clearly you are not very professional. You talk like we have screwed your spouse or girl/boyfriend, relax take some deep breathes. It is just a tool and like all tools they come and go.

    You keep calling folks here NOOBs. Did you read my opening line I have been programming for over 15 years? And not just WebPages, low level programming like your system BIOS. I have a very deep understanding of how computers work, way more than you or any one here. I have written apps for OSX and I can trash your system in a heartbeat. The only reason for the lack of attacks on Macs is the lack of them on the Internet. As soon as more than 10% of all computers internet are OSX machines virus writers will stop ignoring Macs and give you some that Windows love. Since you clearly love your Mac the best thing you can do to keep your Mac safe is convince people to not use them.

    I have a Youtube link too

  298. JJ says:

    @Bill AnalGates aka “billy boy” aka freemraper,

    Thanks for showing our readers the spitten image of what a mac fanboy looks like.

  299. @apple hater

    1- who is their god? steve (blow)jobs
    // wow that’s really funny. was that a joke or did you give one to him?

    2- seriously, they are gay, check this out http://gizmodo.com/390269/apple-perceived-as-gay+friendly-samsung-not
    // that link doesn’t work you fucking moron.
    THIS LINK DOES WORK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X948–mWvzQ

    3- how can one install something on an iphone? using the “back door” (with jailbreak) – notice the gay reference
    // iphone? What the F**K are you talking about?? We where discussing:
    OS X wich is Apple’s VS WINDOWS wich is Microsoft’s…

    4- a recent survey showed that apple fanboys do beauty treatments by putting cucumber slices on their eyes and the whole cucumber on their…
    // Yeah and you in your ass. But for godsake.. is this fucking funny? YOU LITTLE PIECE OF S**T, I SHOULD PRESS YOUR EYEBALL INTO YOUR FUCKING SKULL

    5- ricky martin has recently assumed he uses apple
    // Yeah and George Michael uses windows… WHO GIVES A F**K YOU FUCKING MORON

    so fanboys get out of the closet already, assume that you only use macs cause ur gays


  300. This article sucks because most things are not true.
    Als hate this site, because of this article.

    This article is nonsense, the guy that wrote this
    is really an idiot. And everybody that does not own a
    mac cannot agree with this; because YOU DON’T KNOW.

    then don’t just agree you sheep.

    *i should kick this guys nuts out of his ass.

    *This guy should have been fucked from behind with
    a mac in front of him with somebody showing that he is
    not right.

    This Guy is a poo fetish and loves it when somebody
    shits in his mouth

    This Guy that wrote this nonsense should have been
    hanged upside down naked and someone should shoot
    this guy in his feet

    This Guy Sucks…

    Fucking Retard Site.


  301. 1: Because Windows can be installed on each PC.
    And for OSX you must have an Apple. It’s Expensive.

    And how many big businesses are there compared to small and mediums?
    too little big business. i’ve been in big businesses where everybody owns a mac. In every other s**t businesses they have windows.

    2: My name isn’t billy boy.

    For Your list:

    1) Lack of software tools most are for Windows.
    // You didn’t look good enough

    2) Folder merging, you cannot do this by dragging and dropping. If you have two folders of the same name and you want to merge the contents. The Mac will delete the current folder before replacing it with the new one. See number 10. Windows and Linux will replace only the files if they are different. Understand fanboys, using the “cp” command does not count. Why else would you have GUI then?
    // there are a lot of apps like path finder / totalfinder / mucommander
    // you noob.

    3) Super expensive, running CAD or other tools require high end Macs to run.
    // Yeah the same goes for windows.
    // You must also have a high end Windows Machine to run CAD programs.

    4) Multitasking sucks, you run only one “big” program or else it crashes.
    // I have 8GB Ram… never got stuck.
    // If you have a windows machine with 256MB and XP on it then it’s also getting stuck. Then buy some Ram you idiot.

    5) Dev tools for embedded systems, just do not work with Mac. Even if the tool is USB. I cannot tell you how much time I wasted trying to find things that worked with the Mac.
    // If you are new to windows you would have the same problem
    // This is YOUR problem being a noob

    6) Unstable system, Linux and WinXp/7 are rock solid when used by engineers or programmers. The Macs I used would crash at least twice a week.
    // If we compare OS X and Windows… OS X never gets stuck or BSOD’d like windows!

    7) Disappearing applications, WTF fanboys? I would use a program and while I am using it would just go MIA. No crash, just gone. Finder knows nothing of the app, it has just vanished. Work is lost.
    // Never see such thing like this. I think it’s because you don’t know how to use it

    8) Browsing the internet can be dangerous for Macs, some web pages are just too much for them, see number 7 and 6. Running Firefox on Linux or Windows, those same pages do not crash the system. Steve Jobs says its Flash’s fault, but a web-page should never be able to crash the OS ever! See number 6. It can crash the browser, but never the OS.
    // Adobe didn’t build Flash effecient for the mac, so it eats a lot of cpu. Knowledge is everything freemnoob.

    9) IT support, PCs (Linux and Windows) take less time fix when problems happen.
    // Never had problems on my mac. You must know what you are doing instead of bullshitting around and talking nonsense.

    10) Data loss, things just go missing on the Mac
    // In your head maybe, cause i never seen such thing as this.

    Search on google:
    – What is a computer
    – Computer for Dummies
    – How to prevent being a noob
    – I Am An Idiot, What can i do about it.
    – I was thinking that windows was great
    – Until i found out, that it’s noobish

    Yet Still:
    Windows is reinventing things…
    Mac is improving.

  302. TheFreem says:

    Billy boy: “Mac is professional”
    Then why is only 3% of business PCs are running OSX and over 90% are Windows?

    Also billy boy “Windows is amateur”
    Read my post from May 14, 2010 at 11:27 pm, and retort to it. And do it without yelling and cusswords, like a real professional would. Try some of things I complain about, see how they work for you.


  304. I’m using 10.6.3 and it never got stuck even when i’m designing and rendering…
    Windows is for users that don’t know what a computer is
    Mac is for users that know what they want

    Windows is amateur
    Mac is professional

    @apple hater
    Mac Os X is something else than iPhone Os… these are different things…

    I know windows used it 12 years… hate it hate it hate it.
    since 1 year i moved to mac… i love it love it love it Awesome

    Fast, Never Gets Stuck, Never gets a virus, fast booting up and shuts in 5 seconds down.
    Got a lot of cool features, apps, tricks…. but now windows 7 is copying from mac… so
    windows users are copyers, non-creative d*ckheads.

  305. Hey Listen you d*ck head.

    Windows got Millions of viruses, when i’ve used windows ( and i used all of them from 95 to 7 )
    They All Suck cause they get spyware and trojans get infected too soon… and then they get stuck…

    Mac is improving
    Windows is reinventing
    you suck.

  306. ThisGUY89 says:

    Every one, just stop, don’t you know how hard it is to make even a basic, working boot loader, and a maybe usable shell?
    Stop whining and if you don’t like a os, or another, or some features of one, or another, then how about you learn code, and build your own to your own liking.
    Mac, Windows, and Linux are just innocent os types. Deal with it

  307. Thanks says:

    After hearing how stable and hassle-free Macs were I thought I’d make the switch. It’s been a hard couple of weeks trying to get used to the Mac environment. The red and yellow button seem to do the same thing, and even when I alt-tab to a minimized program it still stays minimized, among other things I’m not used to. But what I really got out of the article was the headsup on the Firewall; I checked and sure enough it was turned off. Anything else I should know? Should I be running anti-virus software?

  308. apple hater says:

    wazup guys, we all know that apple sucks, even fanboys, they are just ashamed. here’s some reasons:
    1- who is their god? steve (blow)jobs
    2- seriously, they are gay, check this out http://gizmodo.com/390269/apple-perceived-as-gay+friendly-samsung-not
    3- how can one install something on an iphone? using the “back door” (with jailbreak) – notice the gay reference
    4- a recent survey showed that apple fanboys do beauty treatments by putting cucumber slices on their eyes and the whole cucumber on their…
    5- ricky martin has recently assumed he uses apple

    so fanboys get out of the closet already, assume that you only use macs cause ur gays


  309. Z says:

    It’s a fuking computer, how expensive can it get. I find it hilarious people use the argument: “you can’t afford it”. No, probably anyone who has a PC can afford a mac, they just don’t want to spend 3000 on hardware that gets outdated, PC or mac. Seriously, there’s way better things to spend money on than a computer.

  310. Dr.H4x says:

    All you mac fanboys can stfu, and no we’re not ranting about the mac just because we don’t have enough money to buy it, its total crap the design is crap, it crashes freaking all the time, i doesn’t f***ing close the window when you click the x either its just freaking annoying as sh** if some dude offered me a free mac i wouldn’t take it its crappily designed its a big load of crap

  311. Niran says:

    The clock doesn’t display a date. That’s cool, cuz I only wanted to remind myself again that today is Monday

    If you can’t even do that on a mac — what good is your “article”. Can you even turn a computer on ?

  312. X says:

    Other POS thing about apple: The hardware is updated so infrequently that you keep the same pricetag for hardware that is 2 yrs outdated.


  313. X says:

    The $30 upgrade was only for computers that were within 6 months. For Win7/vista in the same time frame, the upgrade was free.

    Also, MS didn’t shut off support to their stuff. OS 10.6 stopped the powerpc processor support; how long ago did they start Intel? early 2007? Wow. in 3 years, your hardware too could be unsupported.

    Where’s teh guy saying ‘you can alt-tab,j ust like windows!’

    No you can’t.

    Open 2 browser WINDOWS of your browser. Alt-tab between them.

    Oh wait, you can’t. And there is no workaround.

    Hey, what was the built in mac os backup before time machine?

    Oh, there was none.

    Hey, what’s the built in, automated backup feature now? Doesn’t exist.

    And there’s a difference between mac and PC hardware: you can always, platform supporting, swap out hardware. can’t do it on a mac. Heck, you can’t even do your processor upgrade?

    Either way… This is always going to be an argument; neither has got it licked, or there would be no competition.

    Also, if you think that Apple has not created software simply to maintain proprietary control over the hardware, think again.

    Buying mac is paying more. FACT.

    And plus… hey, didn’t they buy out IBM’s main designer for 10+ years? Sure did.

    Going the apple route = I don’t care enough about what I do to learn about it & I don’t mind paying more.

    For those of you who say “I can afford it”, yes, that’s the exact ignorant attitude that apple is betting on.

    How come it isn’t apple computer? Oh yeah. They dropped the computer portion to focus on mainstream electronic gizmos and since they really didn’t create anything but the hardware design and an EFI boot, it would be a misnomer to call them a computer company.

    Check out the website lookup. http://www.apple.com is run on linux servers yo. Not apple.

  314. JJ says:

    Here’s a fun addition:

    1. Apple software licenses. [aka everything you create on your Apple products belongs to Apple]
    2. Every bit of software you buy for it, will not work on any Apple product in 2-3 years.
    3. Every website you access and login into; is logged and sent back to Apple in batches [every 12-14 days] {set up a hub and a PC or Linux box with wire shark and you’ll see that is true}
    4. Why spend 3 times more for the same hardware?
    5. Do you need a reason 5?


  315. MIKE says:

    I’m a Graphic Designer and I use a PC, yes b***h CS5 Master Collection. My mac does nothing other than banking and secure email checking. The rest of the time it sits recharging for the next time I need to check my mail in bed.

  316. Jack says:


    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 limit is 196gb
    What about OSX? Oh wait, no native 64bit.

  317. Jack says:

    Oh and, Macs don’t get you laid, they do quite the opposite.

  318. Jack says:

    Well, I’m surprised at how retarded the comments here are, seriously the only people posting are angry Apple users who sound more of a troll than the article writer. If you’re going to call someone a biased writer without facts, please at least sound less like a troll and use actual facts…

    Saying Macs aren’t more expensive than their PC counterparts is a straight out lie… check the specs on a Mac Pro, find the exact same parts for a PC (they exist since Macs now use Intel, Nvidia, etc), and do a price comparison… Don’t take it from me, do it yourself, since I did the same with a friend of mine whose sort of an Apple supporter, and he didn’t deny this fact.

    If you want to exclude home built computers, just use Alienware, top end PCs as a basis for comparison, to level the playing field a bit.

    Other than the ridiculous overpricing, a lot of the things Apple tries to sell its users is really just plain out right lies, Microsoft does no different. OSX freezes more than my Windows 7, and yes I own a mac as well, along side 4 PCs. In fact I’ve not really gotten the type of unfreezable freeze that I experience in a mac. Please, just try out windows 7 in a computer with decent hardware, its really not same crap Microsoft has been putting out since 2000.

    If you hate Windows, just go with Linux, theres really no better operating system than Linux, there’s just no one who can argue that.

    One of the major issues is that Apple supporters are usually NOT technically savvy and fall prey to marketing strategies. Do your own research and grew some brain cells, maybe then you’ll realize that you’re paying more for the same s**t in different clothing.

    Go to any COMPUTER STORE (not Apple), not some department store, and ask what computer they recommend. Similarly, go ask any professional software developer what they use. Go to a business and ask what they use. If macs were actually better than PCs then the majority of the people would be using it.

    The only reason your Windows wasn’t working the way it should is your problem, yes your problem. Just because you don’t have enough technical knowledge to manage your system properly, or build your own machine (even a high schooler can do it) does not mean that a mac is better than a PC. In fact, the only argument any Apple fan has is strictly based on Windows vs OSX.

    Can you honestly tell me that the same model Intel CPU that exists in both a mac and PC is somehow magically different. Or can you honestly tell the same model Nvidia card in both a mac and PC can somehow outperform the other? No

    It’s Windows vs OSX, not PC vs mac.

  319. Pickles says:

    Mac sux, end of story, u all ahve been arguing about this for like 6 months, get the f**ck over it mac fan boys, Apple would be bankrupt right now if it wasnt for some marketing genius who decided to make the IPod… so stfu the apple corporation was saved by one thing while MS has been going on strong forever…

  320. maz says:

    Soooooooooooooo NOT true…..

  321. W7USER says:

    Ah what a laugh!! I just spent the last 2 hours reading everything on this page, from the article to the comments.

    What surprises me is the lack of computer knowledge that most mac users tend to have… they say that mac makes everything as far as software and hardware but as MACHATER pointed out, its not true.

    Also… macs are restricted to limited RAM because of their options on the market (im not sure if OSX has ram limits like XP did), the most RAM available on a Mac today is 6gb… woohoo!!(note the lack of enthusiasm), widows 7 professional on the contrary, has a 120Gb limit… thus you can have as much RAM as you want… be it a sin i have 8gb ddr2 RAM on my computer at this moment, and am building a new tower over the summer with a planned 12gb ddr3 RAM in it. Yeah talk about performance! what now?

    ANYWAYS… before i get carried away and write a whole 10 page essay on “What my PC can do better than your MAC at the same price or lower”, ill call it a day, anyways late for college.

    best regards,


  322. Mac Hater says:

    There is one thing about macs that really bothers me. People who think that apple makes all the software and hardware. Not True!!! I will list the parts of a mac and who makes them.

    CPU: Intel. Intel is not part of mac.

    GPU: AMD/Nvidia. Also not related to mac.

    RAM: Centon/Corsair/Crucial. Also unaffiliated with mac.

    So Please, stop thinking that Apple makes everything in a mac

  323. wax on,wax off says:

    Apple sucks…….no reasoning, it just sucks. Not that I’m a MS fanboy or anything,I just despise Apple. I know I sound rather ignorant, but truth be told, I’d rather be ignorant than use a mac;or for that matter be anything (an idiot etc.) than use a mac.
    Nintendo for life.

  324. TheFreem says:

    As an embedded engineer I have been using PCs for 15 years, some running Linux and others with Windows. Microsoft has improved their software by leaps and bounds in those 15 years. However, they did screw up with Vista and ME, those two were downgrades. I worked one place that used Macs for 7 years. I had to use one. This was before the Intel switch Apple made; the Macs I used were G3 and G5s. In those 7 years I learned how the Mac is worst computer for software development, or any engineering.

    My ten reasons to hate Macs

    1) Lack of software tools most are for Windows.

    2) Folder merging, you cannot do this by dragging and dropping. If you have two folders of the same name and you want to merge the contents. The Mac will delete the current folder before replacing it with the new one. See number 10. Windows and Linux will replace only the files if they are different. Understand fanboys, using the “cp” command does not count. Why else would you have GUI then?

    3) Super expensive, running CAD or other tools require high end Macs to run.

    4) Multitasking sucks, you run only one “big” program or else it crashes.

    5) Dev tools for embedded systems, just do not work with Mac. Even if the tool is USB. I cannot tell you how much time I wasted trying to find things that worked with the Mac.

    6) Unstable system, Linux and WinXp/7 are rock solid when used by engineers or programmers. The Macs I used would crash at least twice a week.

    7) Disappearing applications, WTF fanboys? I would use a program and while I am using it would just go MIA. No crash, just gone. Finder knows nothing of the app, it has just vanished. Work is lost.

    8) Browsing the internet can be dangerous for Macs, some web pages are just too much for them, see number 7 and 6. Running Firefox on Linux or Windows, those same pages do not crash the system. Steve Jobs says its Flash’s fault, but a web-page should never be able to crash the OS ever! See number 6. It can crash the browser, but never the OS.

    9) IT support, PCs (Linux and Windows) take less time fix when problems happen.

    10) Data loss, things just go missing on the Mac.

    I once thought Windows XP was the best for engineering, but Windows 7 is starting to grow on me.

    Eat up fanboys. Let the flame war continue.

  325. JJ says:

    @T, what exactly do you “hardcore develop”? Graphic art?

    Why didn’t you install Ubuntu or Linux Mint on your parent’s computers, or Windows 7, or Windows XP? I assume they are mostly just using Word and browsing the Internet, right? The only reason Windows craps out, no offense, is because stupid people click on email links from billionaire African princes, and then proceed to click on the African princes’ flashing ads that say “you’re today’s winner, click here!” and install trojans onto their machines.

    You make a common, yet two faced argument. Macs are “so easy for stupid people! … really automated!” and yet “so powerful for developers! … really fancy!” …

    Really? Cuz you can’t have both. The point is, you don’t have either.

    Windows is the easiest and most automated it gets for stupid people. Linux is the most powerful you can get for developers, that, or Windows servers, which is what most enterprise level web developers are using these days, if they aren’t using Linux boxes.

    You dad was right – Macs are for wannabe artsy people, and that’s about it.

  326. T says:

    (OSX uses parts of the BSD kernel)

    im a hardcore developer and i love my mac. i switched a year ago after always killing my windows boxes and i will never switch back to windows. ever. again.

    its like working on a freeBSD box with a really fancy windows manager.

    i understand some of those “apple sucks” arguments – but there is so much automated and made simple for the everyday user that it is just a great system. i switched my parents over christmas to a new imac and my dad was very skeptical because he uses windows since it exists (as do i) and he thinks macs are “gaming computers” which are made for “designers” and “artsy people”… turns out he loves it.
    so does my mom… he can play around in terminal and doesnt have to format the harddrive every 10 month and install windows new because its crapping out again… and my mom is not complaining anymore that the “computer is so slow”.

    i think, at least in my family, its a huge success. i love how easy it makes my daily work life by not having to use hoops to actually work “on it”.

  327. PC ARSE says:

    Writer of this article is a stupid looser who hates the whole world because he is unable to afford a mac. Go f**k yourself Bill Gates Cock sucker!!

    Does he even know that Knolls wrote the first version of PS for Mac? ….idiot!

  328. PCs Rule! says:

    Hi! Here is why I love PC over Macs:

    1) For $1500 I can get a Top of the line Brand New Toshiba Qosmio gaming Laptop that is much more better than any Mac laptop! Show me a Macbook that you can buy for $1500 with the same configuration. Does Macs even have gaming laptops? NO!
    2) I can download any software, OS, Game, music, movie, etc free for PC and use them on PC. You can’t do that with MACS! You have to go to store!
    3) Can you make a customized MAC? No you can’t! I have limitless amounts of hardware options that I can make out of gazillion brands. Oh some idiot said those 3rd party manufacturers are s**t. Yeah my ass! How about Asus, Nvidia, Western Digital, Seagate, EVGA, and I can go on. These are all high quality manufacturers and EVGA has full time warranty morons.
    4) Most of the Apple’s use Intel CPU’s nowadays so why would pay 2-3 thousand dollars for a Mac that uses Intel Processors where I can make a super fast PC btw $700-1000 range!
    5) Apple’s are stable! So is my PC. Those people whine about their PC’s locking up and s**t have no idea about how to maintain their PC’s! I fix people’s computers all the time and they simple have so much s**t all over the place in their PCs. Ex: Third party programs, Viruses, hardware conflicts. My computer is very organized, defrag all the time, etc and mine always run stable. If your computer fucks up, installing Windows takes like 20-30 mins. You can also ghost your whole hard drive!
    6)More people use PC’s than Apples in the world and you simply can’t argue that. PERIOD.
    7) I can afford and Apple but I won’t pay $2500 to a macbook pro s**t. You jaw would drop down when you saw a $2500 dollar PC!
    8) Yeah, as some mentioned, if you are not tech savvy, buy Mac because it is for idiots that don’t know how to use a PC!

    Oh by the way, wtf is IPAD! What a stupid piece of s**t! As usual overpriced junk that doesn’t even have flash support, cdrom, harddrive, etc. Again a great machine made for retards!

  329. Stevo says:

    One other thing I forgot to mention. When you buy a Mac be prepared to pay for alot of extras. For example Say you want to connect 4 USB devices at a time. Your Mac will only have 2 ports in the back and probably two in the front. You will be buying a usb hub or you will have to run wires out in front where little kids will destroy the ports playing with the wires. Most PC’s are standard with 4 USB ports in the back. I paid a little extra for top of the line PC and I have 6 USB ports in the back. For top of the line I paid $1200 and built my own.

  330. Stevo says:

    Well this page has provided me with at least a good 10 minutes of entertainment.

    Just yesterday I compared a MAC Pro to a Dell. The Dell had slightly newer components such as a ATI 5870 vs the Mac’s ATI 4870. And the Dell had a 1TB Hdd vs the Mac’s 640gb Hdd. Other than that they had the same intel processor and same memory. Mac price $4089 and Dell was $1879. oh and the Dell came with a 20 inch monitor. I have a Mac sitting here behind me and the PC I am using is the one I built. I have used both and I just don’t like a Mac. Very inflexible, i.e. one way to do things such as open your CD drive. Macs are also limited on software. Sure they have a program for everything. But what if I don’t like that program, how many other choices do I have? Most of the time none and sometimes one. With a Pc I have usually 5 other choices probably 5 other free choices and sometimes 10 other choices. I have been using a PC since before the internet and I have only seen one blue screen in what 20+ years. Most PC problems I have seen people have are operator error because they frankly are not very knowledgable. Most of the people I work with can’t do much more than turn it on.

    Honestly I think it’s just a choice. If you don’t want alot of choices, or only small amounts of available customization, or you want things simple and you are not very tech savvy then a Mac is probably for you. If you want alot of choices, prefer heavy customization, have no problems installing or removing programs, and you understand the difference between hardware related problems and software related problems then you probably are better with a PC.

  331. Raj says:

    Mac SUCKS, I’ll say in front of Steve Jobs x-(

  332. Scrawl says:

    This is all untrue, Im a MAC user and I prefer to use it rather than Windows now. You full of craps…

  333. Francis says:

    Eh. Everything sucks. I have a 15inch Macbook pro sitting in a box with a dead screen.

    My HP HDX16 however is rock solid, runs both Linux and Windows, has HDMI so I can watch/play games/blueray movies on my TV with a remote control and can be controlled via my Android phone.

    I have friends who I told to buy my exact same laptop and theirs have problems. I think it’s likely the end user that sucks. I must be effing amazing cuz all of my systems, Windows and Linux are rock solid.

    I’ve had to fix other peoples Macs because their machines lost their login profiles randomly and their unibody macbook pro’s got dinged and constantly shutdown. I don’t think Mac people are stupid, but they sure seem like apple appologists. On a Mac, not having something is a feature and they should be glad we have less options. PC… no appologies, you want it, we have it and have it in many different price levels and flavors.

    They are really just computers… same parts (more available for PC) and mainly the same applications. Why would I close my options down and get a Mac? I got rid of my iPhone for an Android handset. I no longer need to sync to a bloated iTunes just to get my media onto my Phone. I can either go by USB/Storage media upload like every other device in the world, or I can do that by either BT or wifi. So much easier and makes the most sense if you really think about it. Why make things so locked down Apple?

    That’s the things that ticks me off. I don’t mind OSX… hell my Linux is set up to function alot like OSX. Not having the ability to run OSX on PC hardware is an artificial barrier that need not be there. You have to get compatible hardware, an EFI chip and it might work. Why not just let everyone who wants it, run it on what they want.

    And it’s not a price issue either. Have you seen the prices on Mac Pros? I can guarantee a white box PC builder can build an PC equivalent with better specs, liquid cooling, better Graphics, more avail mem and SSD tech for less. It’s about value and the highend Mac stuff lacks that value when you know what is actually in that thing…

    I know, alot of PC’s do suck. Guilty as charged, but for every POS PC there is a highend, PC maker that crushes Apples offerings.

    Mac hardware is actually very nice… the company and the way they go about things just rubs me the wrong way so I vote with my dollar and always get PC’s…

  334. O2 says:

    Another lame Mac bashing article, typically written by wannabe nerdy-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable they are about everything in the tech world and who have some axe to grind with hipsters. What, did you run out of porn?

    BTW, Unix pre-dates Linux by how long? Regardless, BSD and Linux are not the same thing – not even related.

  335. Your MOM says:

    I bet JJ is a virgin

  336. osxholunman says:

    never buy apple product, they are designed to rip people $$$, you are tight with itune to do everything, and you can only work on one computer, after the warrenty and applecare expired, it will be as expensive as new to get it fix.

    and you must not drop the iphone, because the glass will break very easy and apple don’t cover it as warrenty, you are forced to pay $5000 to fix the glass

  337. Worth It says:

    I was a PC user my entire life, but after going through 15 years of needing a new PC every 1.5 years (or less!), I caved and got a Mac. Yes, they are more expensive and fewer people use them. But the people who do use them are incredibly fanatical (not saying that’s good or bad), so when I have a problem, I can always readily find a solution. Also, any little problem I have with my computer, I take it to the Mac store and they fix it in 5 minutes! PCs I either had to send away for 2 weeks or bring to Best Buy and wait a week+.

    That to me is worth the extra money. I’m not a “fangirl” and I don’t care that much about the hype or the OS. I just know that I need my computer for work and the past 2 years have been heaven because I haven’t had any issues. Trust me, I was super anti-Mac and didn’t think I’d ever be able to learn the interface. But I’m so happy I have one now and think their customer service is 100% worth it. That’s all.

  338. LINUX != FreeBSD says:

    Why are you continuing to state that OS X is a Linux distro? OS X came from FreeBSD and FreeBSD is not Linux. The fact that you can’t seem to grasp this concept shows your utter lack of technical depth. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that your just putting up this article to draw traffic by trolling.


  339. troy says:

    I work as a lead technician for a Community college in california. I have more problems with macs than anything else. We have about 4% macs on campus and i spend 80% of my time repairing macs. Mostly 17 inch intel imacs. Updates, applications, constantly needing attention, and i cant mass manage them because they are not compatible with our brand new deployment solution. So from a working mans point of view macs are useless. Try setting up an appointment for repair at the apple store. When i have a problem with my dell, they send someine to my office to fix it. Ask apple to do that!

  340. anton9 says:

    wat a morron..

  341. JJ says:

    @ J.W. Swartz,

    You are the best example of a Mac fanboy to date. Thank you.

  342. J.W. Swartz says:

    I had to buy a Mac for film school to do my Final Cut Pro Work at home.
    I had two PCs at home. I was a bitter boy. I was not happy that said software was only available on the Mac.
    Over time I slowly realized that I had not touched my PC’s in months. That pissed me off because I was a die hard PC guy. So I start them up and spend 4 hours on updates and fixing s**t and do nothing by the time I go to bed.
    The next day I played some games on my PC but I still had to tweak s**t and wound up wasting a whole lot of time on tweaking stuff.

    1. Macs are more expensive. (I have done price comparisons on individual parts and they are actually relatively equal in price for the components but they might not be the parts I would choose and they are usually impossible to swap out unless you buy a more expensive tower system)
    2. My biggest complaint: PC’s are easier to build from scratch and upgrade, replace things unless they are a laptop in which case you are just as screwed on a PC.
    3. You have to get a ridiculously expensive Mac to get one with a 3d card for gaming
    Those are the reasons not to buy a Mac

    1. OSX is a rock solid stable OS the updates are almost invisible
    2. I can leave it running for 2 months straight without a slowdown or a crash.

    Apple as a company makes some crap though: Itunes & Ipad for example are far too proprietary. The Iphone is better in other countries where AT&T have not put limits on its use.
    3 Intel Macs can run Windows software easily.

    Firewire was invented by Sony. Apple pushed to use the technology as a way of keeping their old on video editing at the time.

    Saying Mac VS PC is silly. PC is not a company.
    OSX vs Windows. OSX is more stable but there is less directly compatible without additional software. (Price wise OSX is low enough that adding most of those additional softwares will not make the OS more expensive than Windows unless you choose a softare that requires an Install of Windows)
    OSX vs Linux. Linux is very cheap but it is less intuitive to work on. A little sweat would make linux better. You can run Linux on any Mac or PC though.
    Mac vs HP/Dell/Compaq? Mac is a more solid machine
    Mac vs home built or high end build? Pretty close on hardware specs. Home built has an advantage as stated above.

    Honestly, I don’t give a rats ass what computer someone else uses. I use a PC for games and a mac for everything else. And if anyone gets in my face about it like I should care I do the civilized thing and remove all their teeth with a baseball bat.

    The article reads like you never actually used a computer and gathered info from here say. Kind of like a Fox news commentary or something.

  343. Mac Sucks says:

    The bottom line is this:

    1) Mac does perform better than PC
    2) Mac is much more expensive than PC
    3) Key Point: the cost/benefit ratio is disgustingly skewed!!! for the incremental performance advantage of Mac, it is NOT worth doubling of the price!!! period!

    so why do people buy Mac???

    1) They are NOT tech savvy enough, so they fall for the heavily invested mac propaganda. I do feel sorry for these kids.

    2) or They think laptop is a fashion item, carrying a Mac can help them get laid faster. If it has been helping you on that department, that is great! money well spent. But I really doubt. Any supporting argument from Mac users on that?

  344. Cookie says:

    Top two reasons Apple sucks:
    Steve Jobs
    Al Gore (on Apple’s Board)
    Fucking Commies that want to ruin our way of life
    I have an iPhone, jailbroken haha shithead Jobs
    And I have a 15″ MBP – no Home, End, Pg Up/Dn keys on a $2500 computer? Outdated Core2 processor, only 2 USB ports, but I love the looks and unibody aluminum chassis. My MSI Wind runs OSX almost as well and has aforementioned keys and 3 USB ports.
    Regarding the “great” software that comes on a Mac, I don’t use any of it.
    For the record, Windows sucks too. Haven’t used Linux much due to lack of map programs and my website needs Access, but it looks promising.

  345. Good job says:

    Stupid flamers go screw urselves, Windows > mac 100 times

  346. TenPlus1 says:

    Macs are definately overpriced, Pc hardware is more up to date, Both Os’ have their good and bad points and people will use whatever works for them… simple!

    Myself, Pc hardware, Ubuntu Os.. am happy!

  347. Wow says:

    @Wow: I do believe the first person to start with personal attacks was JJ himself when he generalize mac users into 2 categories with obvious negative connotations. For me, this is beyond the whole mac vs pc. Hell if JJ could actually muster a decent article or even ONE reason that isn’t so filled with bias and bullshit, I still wouldn’t agree with you, but I’d respect you. But this? He could write an article about “10 reasons why Macs are awesome” for all I care about, and I’d still think he’s a d*******g, not to mention a disgrace to Mac users.

    Say if someone wrote an article with 10 reasons why PC sucked that was filled with the same stupidity and personal hatred, would you not be offended? If you’re going to criticize something, at least do your research beforehand so you won’t look like to a total moron. Like I said before, and I’ll say it again, you don’t see people shitting on other articles about why Macs suck, AS LONG AS THEY ARE WELL WRITTEN.

    I don’t think Apple is perfect, nor is it anywhere close to it. But in my opinion, for my needs, it sure comes a hell lot closer than PC’s. But comparing macs and PCs is like comparing an apple (the fruit) and an orange. Some like one better than the other, so what, big deal, get over it and stop trying to prove what you obviously can’t.

  348. MEM says:

    …..Macs really aren’t that bad. Is it really all that important to have a complicated computer so I can say I’m smarter? haha. Macs are simple. Sometimes less is more :)
    I’ve had my laptop for 2 and half years and it still works just as fast as it was when I got it.
    On the other hand, I’ve had my PC for 3 years and it’s the slowest computer I’ve ever had. It takes about 40 seconds to open anything.
    Macs are great. Get over it.

  349. frank says:

    Mark: Like I said. Thanks for making this so easy….

  350. mark says:

    Hey frank, nice try at a comeback. You’re not smart. You’re not clever. You’re not funny. And no, its not that easy. Because if it were you would have a lot more to say than “blow me”. You obviously can’t come up with an intelligent or coherent reply, so I’m gonna smarten up and not waste my time with you anymore.

    And for the record macs still suck. Happy valentines day

  351. frank says:

    Hey mark. Thanks for making this so easy.

  352. mark says:

    Hey, Frank. What me to blow you because no woman will touch you?

    HAHAHAHA… and your a moron to boot…

    How pathetic

  353. frank says:

    Hey, Mark. Blow Me.

    HAHAHAHA…. and I’m a PC user….

  354. mactel/wintel user says:

    i have both a mactel mini and a wintel laptop. i find it funny that now that intel actually bought both mac and pc (i think there’s an antirust lawsuit coming here), i’m starting to see a rise in viruses in macs.btw my mac mini wasn’t that expensive: only $500 dollars, and my laptop was $200 cheaper and they both work well. unfortunately i can’t mod my mactel (adding extra ports, a bluray player) like i can do my wintel..not yet anyway.

    btw: google has became microsoft, they are now releasing a “cloud os” to compete with microsoft, apple, and linux.

  355. JJ says:


    “An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal argues that Apple’s love of strategy has overclouded its passion for products. Is Holman Jenkins right that Apple is the new Microsoft, and iTunes is the new Windows?

    Obviously, the companies are so inherently different both culturally and strategically that it’s easy to dismiss Jenkins’ claim out of hand. But there’s at least one strong point here: Apple’s refusal to incorporate Flash may hamper the iPhone’s capabilities, but it forces users to go to iTunes for content they could otherwise get for free on Hulu…”

  356. mark says:

    The very fact all of you apple-lovers that come on here and get so defensive and immediately resort to personal attacks against the author and his opinions only serves to prove and solidify his point even more. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic that you get so defensive when you’re told that your prized mac, that you were led to believe was the pinnacle of perfection in every way by Apple’s marketing efforts, is, perish the thought, flawed in any way whatsoever. You react like children being told there is no Santa Claus, grow up.

  357. Wow says:

    After reading your post and your comments, the only self-righteous obnoxious d*******g I see here is you. If you want to write about why Mac sucks, at least do your research beforehand (like this guy in his article http://wanderingstan.com/2009-12-11/65-reasons-mac-sucks) so you don’t look like an ignorant ass. Whatever actual facts you did include in the article are either outdated (as in Mac no longer has those issues) or so biased that there is absolutely no credibility left in them anymore.

    I would have taken this whole article as a joke, except when I realized how serious you actually were when you replied in the comments. God forbid CollegeTimes actually allowed you to write for them, you’re awful.

  358. Kenta Blackwing says:

    You should not have written this, it only shows how biased you’re. Different people favor different things. Window and others are good in certain ways, and so do mac.

    Yes, it’s not good in playing game, but for graphic design and doing work, i do think that mac could do it pretty fast, (again this depends on ppl). You could not possibly judge everything based on your thought and majority. Nothing is perfect and so is your opinions. When you want to write something, write a reliable one and not just one-sided. Cuz it would just decrease your credibility…

  359. mark says:

    First off, I want to preface this reply by saying that I don’t really care what computer you own: Mac or PC, find something that works for you in your price range and don’t get caught up in the hype one way or the other. That being said, JJ you are DEAD ON with what you wrote in this article. The only reason the majority of people buy Macs (and iPhones for that matter) is because they are expensive status symbols. Note I said the “majority”, you can’t generalize to everyone. The reason macs have the reputation of being “reliable” and “fast” is because they are generally idiot proof (i.e. locked down and unmodifiable). And I’ll agree that’s a good thing for the majority of users.

    Windows itself isn’t inherently unstable as Apple would like you to believe, its that people run literally millions of different third party applications on their PCs that simply aren’t available for Apple, and issues with the third party programs can cause the instability. I’ve been using Windows for 18 years, from version 3.11 to Windows 7 (including two Vista machines) and I have never had a problem with crashing or instability, or viruses for that matter. I’m no IT expert by any stretch but any semi-computer literate individual will realize that if you minimize the amount of programs you have running in the background, don’t open strange e-mail attachments, don’t try to download free porn and free movies from strange sites, and have any semi-decent antivirus running (many of which you can get for FREE) your PCs performance will be amazing.

    Also, and this is so simple when you think about it, the reason Apple has such a good reputation for quality is that Apple has no budget or economy line of computers!!! The vast majority of consumer electronics stores only carry generally lower end, lower quality desktops and laptops because the people that shop there only care about finding a good price! These lower end machines obviously won’t have the performance of even the lowest end Apple because the Apple machines are priced at a higher price point and have more powerful hardware. So, you can’t compare Apples (pun intended!!) and oranges. That being said, Macs are still overpriced: if you spent as much as you spent on a Mac on a PC, you will get a much more capable machine. This cannot be argued.

    Also for those that say “who needs HDMI” – if you want to watch movies downloaded from iTunes on your TV, oh wait you can’t burn them to disc, you’re pretty much hooped. DVI is great, but it doesn’t give you any audio and neither does the overpriced HDMI adapter from Apple.

    And for all of those who say “well you’ve never used an Apple”: I’m typing this on my personal MacBook and I can say that its really nothing special. I don’t like the OS even though it is fast. I don’t like the glass screen, the glare is incredibly annoying. The overall design and form factor is great, but I want a computer not an ornament. It was pricey, overpriced in my opinion. My next computer will definitely be a PC, probably a business class laptop.

  360. brittany says:

    wow get real i am on a mac right now and look wow i just right clicked there are settings you can change to get these simple features, its what you do when you personalize your computer and macs are way better than pc’s when it comes to viruses, every pc i have owned has had 1 in one point in time and my mac is yet to get them. i think you need to acctually get a mac or look at one first before you start making all these accusations and comments about something that is totally and to the max untrue

  361. Anonymous says:

    JJ = Justa Jerk
    PC & Mac rule equally yet differently.
    Can someone not kill this pathetic article, if JJ wants to carry this drivel on why doesn’t he go to a site dedicated to this crap, at least there he’ll have to come up with properly thought out statements rather than this garbage

  362. Pslytely Psycho says:

    I am sooooo sick of this argument. I see it on slashdot, and everywhere else. You use what works for you.

    The only valid point in the posts (the article itself was just flamebait) is the DRM and price on the apples.

    Haven’t used an apple in years simply due to both of those points. Too expensive and locked down.

    And wtf do you people do with your windows machines that constantly get the bsd? I have only seen it twice in the last 7 years or so. both were the result of my being bad and installing an untrusted program. My vista machine works great and has been arm mounted in my semi for two years now with no crashes and runs 14 hrs a day. internet, gps, gaming etc.

    fyi it is a gateway fx. dont get all worked up now on the gateway sux thing. A fellow trucker I know bought a toshiba with the same stats about a month before I did and its been in the shop twice now for major work.

    The only reason I dont use linux is I didnt care for it years ago and have not tried the newer versions. Didnt care for all the command line commands in the older versions.

    All of the os versions, MS, APPLE, LINUX and the few others are good for their intended purposes. after that it is personal taste.

    All this crybaby whining and inability to use words with more than four letters gets old real fast.

    And my generation put a man on the moon with less power than a netbook. I believe that was UNIX based.

    Use what you like and quit the trash talk. No one takes someone seriously who cant write an intelligent, informed response.


    It’s not that life is so short. It’s just that your dead for so long

  363. mac owner says:

    I own a mac and find many of these reasons false. Maybe, you just never used a mac.

  364. JennyBoBenny says:

    I work for an IT company….I’m really thankful for Windows. It’s instability keeps us in business.

    I use a Macbook at home.

  365. camille says:

    hahahaha…. I am now a charlie fanboy. charlie, you crack me up! you win best post ever…

    “he’s also a fanboy fanboy. it’s a category of fanboys who like to use the word fanboy. in other words, only fanboys use the word fanboy. also, only hipsters use the word hipster.”

    i laughed so hard at that, i blew milk out of my nose. and i wasn’t even drinking milk at the time.

    and as for the value? seriously, and speaking for myself, i have to admit your right on that one too.

    thanks for making my day….

  366. charlie says:

    jj is an antimac fanboy. it’s the same thing as being a mac fanboy. see binary opposition.

    he’s also a fanboy fanboy. it’s a category of fanboys who like to use the word fanboy. in other words, only fanboys use the word fanboy. also, only hipsters use the word hipster.

    also, he hasn’t considered thinking outside of his own demographic. mac simply isn’t targeting their products to whiney online journalists who penny pinch and posture idealisms about tweaking linux, buying separate components, and having superior consumer opinions.

    well, maybe the last one, and that’s where apple is pulling him in, making him irritable that he can’t afford a product so well designed for his desire.

    but he is still giving us value here. he opened up an old, outdated argument and let us punish his ignorant ass with all of our hate, apathy, and underused entitlement to being on the high side of condescension.

  367. TS says:

    I’m 70% sure I’m going to run Windows 7 with Boot Camp on my MBP. My work flow is going to improve I’m afraid.

    This article is somewhat true, but there are few more options on the dreaded right click than presented here. Now it is clear that Apple only grudgingly accepts the existence of it considering it’s stepchild status in the corner of the trackpad.

    Oh, and good luck being productive if you use multi-monitors. The GUI was designed in the early 80’s. The menu always at the top is horribly inefficient in a multi-monitor setup, and a relic of low-res monitors.

    (10.6.2 used below)
    OSX vs XP (OSX wins pretty easily)
    OSX vs Vista (overall a qualified tie – depending on what you compare)
    OSX vs Windows7 (Win7 wins – It is truly slick – Registry concept still sucks tho :)

    And by the way, my cursor has literally disappeared twice in two days coming out of sleep on my MBP 15″. Reboot was the only way to get it back. Anyone saying Macs are flawless are lying. I have a MBP and Win7 laptops.

    The fact is that OS X is long in the tooth and Win7 has bypassed it, but don’t take my word for it, the market will prove me right.

  368. =D says:

    I think that JJ has had Windows crash too many times, so he takes his frustration out on Apple and complains about how crappy they are.

    My question to JJ, and everyone for that manner, why do you care so much about whether OSX is better or Windows? lol… Silly Mac Zealots and Windows Nerds…

  369. WHO CARES? says:

    WHO CARES? I guess JJ did, lol

  370. spaceguyroy says:

    try fact checking and removing lies from your articles before posting them jj. thanks.

  371. camille says:

    JJ, you mean surprised your such a dumbass? no.

  372. JJ says:

    Another great example of Steve Job’s snobby bitching:

    Calls Google evil, Adobe lazy, and continues to refuse supporting Adobe Flash technology on both the iPhone and iPad, one of the most necessary internet plugins in the world. Anyone surprised?…

  373. gazz says:

    JJ is so much a tool…………
    He need a hammer on his head from a tall building.
    That again will only develop into another error message,
    my wintel pc is out for day..

  374. Bob says:


    You have made some good points, and I’ll bet you would have written a fairly decent article, had you written it. But you didn’t, JJ did — and he did a very poor job of it. And yet you seem to be supporting an author who created an a article based on sensationalism, and is clearly factually inaccurate, and very sloppy work. I think your smarter than that…. Hehe, you even debunked significant parts of his article.

    Then through the comments, JJ demonstrated an inability to take on or acknowledge any feedback, and clung to his position like some kind of weird zealot. Making fun of him was just too easy, and it just became too much fun, and the whole thing kinda snowballed. Mac users, Windows users and Linux users all chipped in on the fun….

    …BTW, I loved your forum boredom link!!! It kinda directly makes fun of JJ, with the comments about intolerance of opposing views, but its still pretty good.

    One point you made that I really wanted to amplify was, “it comes down to brand of software or what is your favorite pizza topping” —>> this gets close to the real issue when picking an OS or platform…. “What are you trying to do?” Its all about the application and ultimately your objectives…. then platform/OS follows…. they are tools, not religions….. …and as the saying goes, you want to “pick the right tool for the job”


  375. Technolust says:

    fanboys will be fanboys be them mac fags or windows needs.

    and a shout out to linux crowd

    as for the mac fanboys have fun with your DRM

    oh and running a 32bit kernel on 64bit hardware not so good

    i may be wrong but didnt apple own adobe at one time

    intel chip, nvidia card, western digital HD sounds more like a pc so mac = pc?

    and the “it just works” crowd, no it doesn’t macfixit.com or any other number of mac forums for repair and trouble shooting

    as for the virus and malware 90% of the world runs on windows OS, so if your a hackers that wants to do damage to computers what do you target the large pc base or the small mac base?

    apple choose to market the mac and ipod,iphone,etc. as a life style form over function, hence the hipsters and arty types buying in there way of thinking.

    multimedia…..do you mean watching movies and listing to music… or editing movies and mixing sound tracks…..then it comes down to brand of software or what is your favorite pizza topping. pc and mac both play music and movies, for those who edit movies and music that dont do it for a living windows can do it just as well as mac, and the professional that do multimedia sony acid and photoshop run on both.

    and why are mac so much more in price? a smaller market maybe? or that your paying for name brand much like at the super market you can pay more for the name brand or much less for the no frills plain packaging one thats the same.

    as for mac osx vs windows os. we use what is comfortable to us. when win xp came out it was different to use as was vista

    software for windows will always be better because it is the market dominate, apple is paranoid over and apps for it that they cant control (DRM).and this brings us back to large windows base or the smaller mac base, if you are looking to make money with your software what base would you target?

    and most pc base other then office base are gamers

    as for firewire…eh good luck

    hardware is hardware its all made in japan then assembled in china then sold every where.

    and we come back to cost mac osx is cheaper because it is not ment to be put on a pc….unless you know how http://osx86.thefreesuite.com/
    windows cost more because you can install it on any pc or a mac
    but lets face it who wants to run out and buy a mac to put windows on it when you can build a pc with more balls under the hood then a mac for the same price. so buy a top of the line pc the put osx on it?

    lets not forget the pirated copies of windows out there, very easy to crack (and osx is pirated as well)

    DRM DRM DRM if your a fan of freedom and privacy then dont go apple.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management (for the fanboys who dont know)

    and yes linux is better then mac or windows if you know what your doing, if you dont want to learn commands go with windows for all the software ,freeware ,and games you can want. if you dont know a computer from your own ass and have an IQ lower then room temperature, get a mac.

    as for the zealot mac fanboys out there, the more you bash and name call the more you add to the fact you are buying in to the lies of apple that tech is a life style.

    but alas you will name call and bash with out supporting your statements with facts that are not marketing gimmicks. some of you will have valid arguments and support your facts, i applaud you for that.

    and fanboys i have this to say, “i tried to see the world from your point of view, but i couldn’t get my head that my head that far up my ass”


    JJ stay strong….

    now let the fanboy bashing began and see who’s e-dick is bigger


  376. LOL says:

    Gotta love the sheer amount of zealotry the Apple fanbase brings. I wonder if you would have gotten more comments from an anti-religious post than this one.


  377. No_Name says:

    Personally, I think this article is terribly biased. In my opinion Macs are great for what they do, and I never once had any problems with my Mac that you described in your article; even though I’ve only had a Mac for less than six months when I moved from Windows Vista (*shudders*) to Mac Os X 10.5 last summer. They are expensive, but then again “You get what you pay for.” Windows computers are Okay, except they are extremely annoying and difficult to use and I especially hate when I’m taking notes in school on their Dell boxes and the “blue screen of death” pops up on the screen; and the only application I’m running is MS Word, and I lose all my notes too!

  378. Jay says:


    Wow. Very confused by your comment. What kind of sites are you visiting that you have to constantly keep downloading plugins? You seem to be the only Mac user here that’s having a bad experience surfing the web.

  379. Bob says:

    Moody, if you are having problems with 99% of Internet sites, it looks like using a MAC does present challenges that are indeed above you capabilities.

    Thats a shame because on of those really good sites is Google where you can search on an issue like your Divx issue, where you would learn that many have used CleanApp. They had to get rid of that app with the free utility (downloadable from Apple’s site) because the developer of Divx did a sloppy port to unix (MAC OS) and did not include any uninstall capabilities.

    hahahaha and you were going to reformat your hard drive and blame Apple.

  380. Moody says:

    Was a windows user? Switched to Mac because it looks great, however, the software is not compatible with 99% of Internet sites and you have to download a billion plug-in’s to run a program.

    Furthermore, what’s with the deleting issue? Installed Divx 7 and have been trying to deleted it ever since. I have downloaded programs but still no help. Now I need to reformat in order to fix the problem. Apple needs to address the deleting software issue.

  381. Bob says:

    Commodore Kid: hahahahaha….. now THAT was funny!

  382. Curious says:

    JJ….. why are you now posting about Android vs. iPhone? I thought your religious issue was with the MAC… So, are you inferring that it is all products from Apple that are bad? I am totally 100% to blindly follow your evangelizing, I am just trying to make sure I understand and don’t get this wrong. I look up to you to know who and what I should hate.

  383. Willy Johnson says:

    JJ: a few comment regarding the mashable links….

    Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard: I find it interesting that in a market place DOMINATED by Windows (90%), that only 50% chose Windows in that Survey… (as a side comment, I am SO PLEASED with the Windows 7 upgrade I did recently on all my PC’s… there are so many things I like that are really useful upgrades from good ‘ol XP. It has really begun to close some usability gaps to my MACs)

    Android vs. iPhone: Google recently gave me an android, and I must say I am very impressed. It is not as easy to figure out as the iPhone is, but it’s a brand new product, so I am sure it will get even better as new versions come out.

  384. Camille says:

    Age of Reason — I don’t think the Mac users are sobbing…. they seem to be laughing… at the author. And, FYI, I don’t think they need to crawl out of the coffee shops…. on a Mac, its really easy to access the internet from within the coffee shop — but I understand that may have been an easy mistake for you.

    …or was that from the basement? I could not tell from your post if you are saying they are in the coffee shops or in basements…. you seemed to contradict yourself there….. must be all that rage. :)

  385. Samuel says:

    Ummm….. excuse me, Mr. “Age of Reason”…. I think most of the posts here are actually talking about factual inaccuracies in the article. And it is clearly both MAC and PC users posting about those inaccuracies.

    — Just pointing out the obvious….

  386. fibrowitch says:

    When I was in college we had a class where we had to build our own computer. Since then I have never bought a off the shelf computer. I have always built my own. If I want more memory I add some, if I want a different USB bus I put one in.

    I could never do that with anything out of Mac. And until I can. Well I’m a PC, of my own making.

  387. Jay says:

    Windows XP woes: http://tinyurl.com/ydpxejm

    I needed to see the date…

  388. Anonymous says:

    Age of Reason, wtf are you babbling about, I use a p.c and even I think that the article is seriously biased, and lets face it “coffee houses and art classes” has got to be better than “dark, dingy bedroom and attics”, hipsters and basement dwellers apply to both user types

  389. Age of Reason says:

    Haha, this article is good trolling. Look at all the sobbing Mac users who crawled out of their coffee shops and art classes to rage at the author. Not to mention all of the “Someone is being unfair and biased on the internet!!!” crusaders. What a sad bunch of hipsters and basement dwellers.

  390. Fadboy victimologist says:


    Mashable surveys use self-selected samples, which are unscientific. Go ask any statistics professor for the details for why.

    BTW, news on link #2: Google’s “better” Nexus One phone is selling slowly, so they’ve cut the price by $100:

  391. Phil says:

    Amongst a plethora of inaccuracies i’ll show you just one.
    802.11a has been on Macs since the airport extreme card card released prior to 2004.
    You wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this. And I want it baaaaaack.

  392. WTF. says:

    JJ, you are a total idiot so full of your own idiocy that you refuse to see anything outside of it, as you show so well by your commentary replies. Your criticisms are obviously a) made by someone not familiar with OS X (feature not activated by default != feature that doesn’t exist), and as far as I’m concerned, the rest is cherrypicked apples-to-oranges bullsh•t. Macs cost more, but are empirically-proven to be more bug-free and secure than Windows will ever be. And, if as a last resort, you declare that PC’s are better for gaming: they are, but only because developers chose to develop more for PC because its holds a major share of the market – this has nothing to do with the quality of PC or Windows itself. If ever you write an article again on this subject, base it on something more than your ignorant, biased and obviously quite limited knowledge of the subject.

  393. Jay says:


    It’s not really a problem, nor are you really forking money over to Apple to upgrade an Adobe product. The option stills exists for you to work without the application frame on, as clearly some people must prefer. For example, if you’re working on a single monitor and need to see documents between programs.

  394. JJ says:

    @Jay, do any of your solutions for fixing Mac problems not involve money or upgrades? ;)

  395. Jay says:


    Upgrade to CS4 when you can. Besides the new features, the entire suite now has an application frame (a baackground, not a clear window) that you can enable to solve that issue.

    Obviously there’s some money involved, but CS4 is much nicer.

  396. Anonymous says:

    “Trying to “X” out of a program doesn’t close it, it simply minimizes it…”
    Yes I hate this but Apple-Qing has more support than Ctrl-W or Q. The thing that totally sucks about how Apple did that is that it is excessively complicated when switching between Finder and other progs, especially CS3 because the BG is clear!!! I absolutely hate CS3 on Mac which is a huge factor in buying one, for Photo/Video/Graphics.

  397. Greenbug says:

    Well guys, He is just jealous. Probably he doesn’t have any money to buy a Mac. We probably should raise some money that he could buy one.!!!:)))))))))

  398. dicks says:



  399. Brian says:

    Wow, this article was written by a very ignorant person, not at all up date date on the subject being addressed.

  400. Jay says:

    Glad to see you’re still alive (not really) and still posting your useless drivel as other Mac users continue to put you in your place.

    I will also point out that you can set your application windows to minimize to the application icon (http://tinyurl.com/yexw3mu) in the dock preferences, to reduce clutter.

    I very much enjoy the thirty minute wait I have every morning when I restart my 2 year old work PC, and wait for it to completely load all of its settings.

  401. ? says:


  402. Bart says:

    JJ, let me help even this out. I’m not a MAC user, and I am not a “MAC Fanboy”, and you create articles that are factually untrue. Then inexplicably you stick your unsubstantiated view, no matter what….

    So…. does it help that PC users think your an ignorant d*******g too? ….kinda hard to blame that one on the fanboys — it’s just down to you on that one.

    Take a que from sam in the above comments. I may not have agreed with EVERYTHING he said, but his response makes him out to at least be level headed… so there respect for the guy even if we disagreed on some points. HE STEPPED UP.

    For your sake, don’t be bull-headed. Try to learn something here.

  403. PCwizard says:

    JJ=the Fox News of PCs. How much is MS paying you?

  404. datenpunk says:

    the right click and date thing let’s me look at my ‘Mi 13. Jän 0:12’ on my screen again and again asking myself what I should miss here. the year? ok – fortunately I am quite aware about the year I am currently in …

    I personally think that every OS has it’s pros and cons. I even hadn’t a problem with vista and don’t understand the bashing against it. i administered linux hosts since 1999 run a SBS network, also deployed SuSE OpenExchange networks years ago. since some months I own a mbp because I am attending university besides my job and got some discount. i think it is cute from a programmers point of view. especially the unix build environment that comes with xcode helped me through my C++ lessons.
    I also like that I can drop into a shell with all the nice gnu tools anytime I want. i don’t like linux desktops because they are too configurable for my taste and I find myself playing with compiz for hours … I like the way how MAC OS X just works.
    windows 7 runs in my vm, along with ubuntu and I also use them from time to time.

    long story short – if you have left your script kid times behind and have seen several platforms come and go the last 20 years, such OS/platform wars seem quite ridiculous. from a professional point of view you have to be able to deal with every platform around and if you think you can bash A or B you simply haven’t understood your job, or use the system for playing around – in this case the platform doesn’t matter anyways – for watching pr0n or for fb or twitter every system will do.

    but anyways – I think the whole thing here is a troll thing – this can’t be serious. I would love to know the age of some of the bashers …. ;)

  405. Mortal says:

    Get a clue and an education, go back to high school, college ain’t workin fo ya.


  406. mortal says:

    1 word sir…. TOOL! Ever even use a mac?

  407. -hh says:

    Frankly, this rant read so poorly – – mostly due to its factual errors – – that I find it hard to conclude that it isn’t either simple clickbait (the domain owner Zachary Allister should be proud!) or that it is a tired public manifestation of the classical societal problem of the “Haves -vs- HaveNots”, where anonymous author JJ’s jealousy is because he’s one of said Have-Nots.

    Facts first:

    1. Narcissistic business model? Of course, some percentage of customers are this way…but that’s true for virtually all products – – so where’s your proof that it is all, or that Apple is actually any different? For example, versus any luxury car marquees?

    2. Price? Value paradigms are harder to compare, because it gets into easier-to-debate lifecycle costs. Suffice to say that we all are willing to pay for various conveniences in our life, and while all OSs have some bullshit hassles in them, it comes down to the question of which ones push your buttons. Similarly, a $1000 every 2 years isn’t any cheaper than a $2000 computer every 4 years…its still $500/year.

    Of course, paying more upfront can be perceived as being narcissistic, but failing to look at the whole question is nothing less than “Confirmation Bias” (go Google the term), where the objective is to only seek out that information which validates their preconceived notions, instead of actually seeking the whole picture of reality.

    3. Ignoring Mainstream Industry Trends? Of course, we should try to forget how many “new trends” end up to be dead ends. I suspect that JJ wasn’t born yet during the VHS-vs-Betamax fight. Or Sony Digital Audio Tape (DAT). So for BluRay fanboyisms, not only did that format war just ended, but with streaming media, its end is already on the horizon…and the main obstruction for Apple is non-technical in that that they don’t want to surrender to the special demands of the format owners: it is odd how JJ later talkes about AAC, yet fails to logically understand that the same legal issue of “media lockdown” exists here.

    4. Linux source? Even if true, why should I care? Microsoft’s Window was a UI rip-off of the works of others, plus the heritage of MS-DOS was that it was sold to IBM before Microsoft even owned the rights to the product themself. And the “Golden Child” of open source Linux didn’t have any of its roots in Unix? This comment smacks of hypocrisy.

    5. Right Click? Factually wrong. And the Delete button complaint is a Windows user dilemma which has its roots in how Microsoft messed up when copying the typewriter keyboard UI, so Windows users don’t default to Backspace. So the logic here is that the UI failings of MS is blamed on the company that didn’t screw up.

    6. Dock – – date complaint: try researching the Pareto Principle and if that’s not good enough, in OS X, click on the date in the toolbar to get the complete date (currently says: “Tuesday, January 12, 2010”). Similarly, try in Windows to close all data windows for an App without the App having the feature of “Automatically” quitting on you. Or try having two different Powerpoint sets of charts to copy-paste between them without being able to have both windows open, side by side. The point here is that what might be good for one person might suck for the next: what’s “best” ultimately depend upon your workflow needs. Similarly, why bother to use Alt-Tab, when there’s F9-F10-F11 in Expose? Apparently, having more than one way to skin the cat is being considered to be a bad thing.

    7. “Just Working” – – yes, there were some spinning beachball shortcomings…back in 2001 and OS X revisions 10.0 and 10.1 And there were some OS hangs and crashes – – back in OS 7, fifteen years ago. In the meantime, there’s more malware on Windows found *daily* to try to keep your system updated and protect against than all that has been found for all of Mac OS X within the past decade. Pick your trade-offs. Insofar as Adobe Photoshop, I’ve personally been using it on both platforms for the past ~1.5 decades: clearly, if the one platform was profoundly worse than the other, I would not have tolerated such inadequacies…FYI, I did a ‘Stress Test’ back circa 2005 with a 1GB (200 megapixel) image — the 2003 vintage Mac chugged & swallowed; the 2005 Windows XP PC failed. This old report can be found archived on the Web with some good searching.

    8. Lame SW/HW options – – yes, a smaller company has fewer overall choices; Film at 11. And there’s still no motorcycles made by Porsche :-). But fewer choices doesn’t mean that there’s no good products. For example, the better FTP client choice than all that JJ listed is “Transmit”, which has only been around (and winning magazine awards) on the Mac platform since 1998 (yes, pre-OSX).

    9. Gaming sucks. Yes, but this only matters to those who games as a form of personal entertainment. To insist on this being a major factor for everyone is being quite narcissistic (#1): congratulations, hypocrite.

    10a. Lack of flexibility/upgrades – – the fallacy with this observation is that over 50% of new Windows PC sales within the USA are now laptops. This hardware is similarly highly limited in its hardware upgrades, so there’s no meaningful differentiation with which to base valid criticism upon. The message here is that home fanboys who want a tower configuration with which to go “play” in the internal guts are a dying breed … except of course, for those whose life consists of sitting around all weekend inside to play games. Please excuse me while I go play outside.

    10b. Lack of UI Customizability – – there’s lots of 3rd party aftermarket widgets & toys here, if one chooses to go look for them. Of course, they all unfortunately tend to make your machine less responsive or stable, which could explain the complaints in #7. It constantly amazes me how some people will go play around with and mess up their machines, and then have the audacity to complain that its no longer a boringly reliable product to get their business done.

    @JJ: as per the above, you’re the “ignorant d*******g” here, since many of the above issues are more complicated than the black/white you try to make them out to be…and its merely your own personal “Confirmation Bias” that blinds you to the broader reality of these complexities, as you try to defend your “turf”.

    Feel free to try to insult me and this message … but do be aware that AFAIC, it doesn’t matter to me at all, unless you’re able to prove that you’re at least talented enough to track me down and send me a private offline note with your reasoned comments. I don’t really expect that you’ll be willing/able to do that, but please do try to surprise me by showing me that I’m wrong with said offline note.

    Of course what this also means that the very predictable attempt of post a ‘clever retort here before there’s an email in my in-box means that you’re simply a shallow blowhard egotistic who is now running the risk of me posting a notification to the other readers about how you failed to step up.


  408. JJ says:

    @ The last few dozen Mac fanboys who have stopped by: Thanks so much for supplying so much evidence to all the readers out there of how utterly self-righteous and purposely ignorant you all are. This article continues to grow more and more popular due to your retarded antics.


    Thanks for the history lesson that proves absolutely nothing, except the point that I already made, which is that Apple regularly ignores mainstream tech trends in favor of their own non-standard inventions and political games. Apple prices are decent? See point #2 in the article.

    …another brainwashed Mac fanboy bites the dust.

  409. MacTripper says:


    Apple created Firewire long ago because Mac’s were designed as media generating machines and needed a faster interface to hardware, they also had things like stereo in and out.

    PC’s were initially designed as office machines and thus didn’t need the faster interface of Firewire and used mono in/out for dictation, voice answering etc.

    If you check out


    you’ll see machines closely compared feature for feature PC to Mac and you’ll notice Apple’s hardware prices are decent and one gets a solid OS free of malware, headaches and costly anti-virus. Apple doesn’t play in the “low margin” “low quality” PC market like others do.

    Hope this helps explain some things.

    And to Old PC Man,

    Your XP being stable and malware free is pure donkey dung. Need I remind you that XP 1 didn’t even have a firewall and had ports open by default?

    You got something on your XP machine, your anti-virus has been altered to lie to you by the rootkit.

    Use a packet sniffer and/or run Live Care from Microsoft.

  410. Commodore Kid says:

    Long live the commodore 64 bitches !!!!

    Sent from my Commodore 64 :-)

  411. ahahahhah says:

    JJ, you are an idiot. Besides everything everyone else has (rightfully) given you s**t for, I just want to tell you to stop fucking using the word “Mac” like it’s the name of the company, e.g. “Mac sells you a special Final Cut Pro keyboard for $300” (which is fucking absurd and total bullshit). The name of the company is Apple, the product is the Mac. Whether you like it or not you just look like a god damned tool when you get them mixed up and at the same time try to tell mac users that THEY haven’t done their research.

    Either way, who gives a s**t what kind of computer you use?

  412. Annoyed Then Amused says:

    You know, as a relatively recent PC to Mac convert, I came over to take a look at this article based on a rebuttal from another site. Initially reading the article, I truly had to wonder how many (if any) Macs the author had really used versus looking up “facts” to support his obviously PC-centric agenda. Then I started reading JJ’s responses to the comments from Mac users who read the article, both those that equated to “Whatever, you’re wrong” as well as those that were well thought out rebuttals. You know what? This assclown wrote this and his responses just to drive traffic to his site. Is he as ignorant as he seems to let on? Perhaps, then again, perhaps not. Is he petty enough to act like a spoiled 4-year-old child just to drive traffic to his piss-poor website? Definitely.

  413. sam says:

    my apologies for number 5. i was obviously misinformed.
    mea culpa…

  414. Bart says:

    Sam says:

    5) mac == no decent upgrade possible. you actually pay way too much for a pc that you cannot upgrade.

    Really? Does the remark “cannot upgrade” really apply? Doesn’t upgrading RAM, Hard Drives, video cards, Optical drives, mouse, keyboard, monitor, audio, etc, etc, etc, count?

    I’m scratching my head on that one….

  415. sam says:

    nice load of insults going…anyway:

    i believe this is not an article “why is pc better than mac” but “top 10 reasons why mac sucks”. so dont explicitly compare pcs to macs. yes the article is semi-rant-like but has some points there. im not a mac user so i cannot say anything about the functionality of macs. what i can say is that macs are overpriced (for no apparent reason). now im gonna swallow my own words on no comparison but since you people brought up pcs there are a few things you should know:

    1) pcs are as stable as macs. it is just a matter of tinkering that makes them unstable.
    2) pc != windows (for ignorants: != means NOT)
    3) most people (not all for there are a few valid arguments throughout the comments) get insulted by this article and attack windows. noone ever mentioned Linux as an OS for pc, which i find more stable than winblows.
    4) one of the biggest issues with macs (as i understand) is their lack of versatility and their so called “stability”
    5) mac == no decent upgrade possible. you actually pay way too much for a pc that you cannot upgrade.
    6) mac has high price which doesnt guarantee high quality of parts installed inside.

    i wouldnt go into the functionality of a mac because im not that informed but as far as its known to me functionality is platform based (win/mac/*nix) and application based.

  416. Michel says:

    This guy is payed by microsoft and is totally stupid

  417. Eric says:

    Good trolling, OP. : ]

  418. Sheila says:

    OMG Its true!!!! A friend of mine send me this link of an article written by a total dumbass… I would have never believed if I hadn’t seen it myself. I guess thats why the link is going around….

    Oh, and the comments are priceless!!!! Thanks everyone for that.

  419. Hey, go easy on JJ!!! says:

    JJ….. I feel for you, brother. What you have displayed here suggest you have a really difficult life ahead of you. It’s going to be tough clinging on to one side of issues and pushing forward completely unencumbered by facts — but you have show here that can do it. Good luck!

  420. Macs are so cool. omg says:

    I’m a blonde teenage girl and omg the macs are just sooo cute. i have to get one. I can take pictures with funny backgrounds. OMG. plus i can have daddy pay for it. hehe

  421. Fmilk says:

    Doode, you’re totally full of it at no. 5 & 6.

  422. Hey JJ... says:

    …who the f**k cares?

    If this is what you consider “investigative journalism” then you’re destined for a career on Drudge Report. Right up there with Breitbart, dickweed – congrats!

  423. Davor says:

    My mentor is a PC user. He used to say he never had a virus. He said he didn’t need an antivirus program. Till about a month ago. His computer crashed. Is it virus, hard disk, processor or memory? How to diagnose? No firewire port to target disc mode, as in Macs.
    Turns out after one week of repairs, that he had 350 viruses, trojans and other worms. I used to have them. In the era I like to call b.M. before Mac. I was used to seeing the blue screen of death. I was used to 3-6 minutes of booting up. I was used to frequent antivirus updates and still have virus crushing.
    Now? G4 mac mini, iMac white and current MacBook Pro are all running, they all have their place (media center, server; internet, music, basic research, writing, games, calendar, photos, movies; research, iWork, terminal, internet….). They work. Every day. 365/24/7. I don’t do work for them. They work for me.

  424. whine, b***h, moan says:

    To the lot of you, who fucking cares?
    Basically almost all the comments about this crap (including the post itself)can be boiled down to “Wah! mines better than yours”, big fucking deal. If you’ve never used the other system then “shut up”, if you have used it then give a sensible unbiased (some fucking hope) opinion, if you can’t do that then again, shut the f**k up, and to think some of the comments on here are by people who may one day be our leaders, god(whomever) help us all.

  425. Marko says:

    For all those who are claiming that macs are overpriced: what is the cost of EQUAL QUALITY PC to 27″ iMac models? I agree Macs are expensive some ar overpriced more or less, especially when they are near EOL. In general article shows that many people does not know some basic things about Mac OS X (and Windows).

  426. RC says:

    Criticism is one thing, but open envy something else.
    The mention about GROWING NUMBER OF VIRUSES ON MAC links to a text about TWO new trojans that you can get by installing pirated software :)
    If you can’t afford a decent Mac, don”t cry about it!

  427. JJ says:

    Two words:

    You’re a fucking cocksucking d*******g dickweed and your breath stinks like peanut butter from eating peanuts out of your ass.

    JJ Can’t Write.

  428. Firehazel says:

    Hi. Flame war much?

    Well, I like macs (my school has them for the photoshop/web page development classes, i’m taking one next semester.) but i would not buy one, that’s just me. I don’t want to pay at least $700 to have a computer that just works. Yes, they are neat. But i’d rather spend the time to get Windows working. I feel that this all has to do with the fact of whether or not people are patient with their computer. Right now, I have uTorrent running(doesn’t really count, hardly a dent on my resources) Any Video Converter(a little less than half finished,) and Google Chrome(IDK what you may say, but it ACES every other web browser….) My system has crashed(totally) twice. The first time I used the restore disk. The second time my mom took it to a local PC shop and paid $125 to fix it.(I’m only 16, what do you expect?) Now, I’ve never had a virus, and my PC has never crashed since.

    Enough about me. I remember last year was when some of our labs got iMacs (i believe the G5s, the all in one white polycarbonate ones. They were super easy to set up. But the IT people were trying to use Parallels to run WinXP Pro, they had a hell of a time doing that… AND the paticular rig I was using, the Ethernet went out all the time! which means I couldn’t log into Windows on Parallels!(The name of the server software escapes me.) Which resulted in me not being able to do my work, because Photoshop was awful slow on Mac side, which resulted in me getting a 74 in that class!(It’s OK, I still have a high enough GPA to get into National Honor Society. XD)

    When I get a job, I was hoping to buy my own computer. I was looking at the Mac mini, but for what I get for what I pay, I don’t like.

    2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB memory
    320GB hard drive1
    8x double-layer SuperDrive
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard


    I was also looking at this eMachines computer(now I understand that it’s a cheapo brand and that it’s the gutter(bane) of PC brands. I did my research, they are not that bad.)

    AMD Athlon™ II X2 dual-core processor 235e (2.7GHz, 2MB L2 cache)
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150 SE
    6144MB DDR2 dual-channel (2 × 1024MB + 2 × 2048MB)
    750GB 7200rpm SATA
    16x DVD±R/RW Supermulti drive


    With the eMachines, I could crack it open and upgrade it if I wanted to, but it has enough for me right now. With the mini, I could also crack it open, but I can only upgrade the HDD and RAM, plus if I wanted a faster procesor, I’d have to pay for it up front, AND it’s soldered!

    Don’t even get me started with the iPod. Nice piece of kit, but not for me.

    All in all, if you like Mac, get a Mac; if you like Windows, get a PC(although that term is used just referring to Windows PCs, when it actually should just refer to a personal computer in general…) But please, can we all JUST GET ALONG!?!??

  429. An Old PC Guy says:

    I do not know about Mac. I have been using Windows all my life. Windows have become very stable recently. I know the nightmarish days of Windows Me, but then XP has been rock solid. For past 7 years, I have not had a single virus or a crash. I do not play games in PC. I just use it for writing letters, documents, etc and surf the web.

    But I know a friend of mine who attends FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NY uses Mac and PC. And I have visited him often. And one day he was so frustrated by the Mac he used a baseball bat to smash it by saying, “$2000.00 piece of crap!!!! Apple I want a refund!!!” He then proceeded to his PC and started to work on it. Now I do not know all the ins and outs of his frustration. He just plainly told me, “Apple is overpriced crap. Trust me, do not buy it. Stick with PC, because it is easily fixable (both hardware and software).”

    For last seven years, my old PC (XP) has been rock solid. And now, I have upgraded all my old computers (3-5 years old) to Windows 7 and they run faster and smoother than they were in XP! I only upgraded the RAM memory and nothing else. I am very happy with PC and Windows 7.

    Again, I am only posting here because some convert to PC from Mac and others to Mac from PC — whatever their reason may be.

  430. medstudent says:

    Macs are for narcissistic d********s with an inferiority complex. They’re pretty machines that come in pretty packaging, that’s it. The article is dead on.

  431. Jen says:

    This article is amazingly slanted.

    I suspect the author is just pissed cause he can’t afford a Mac. I’ve had one for years and absolutely LOVE it.
    And, I’ve never had a virus on this Mac.

    Eat it PC dude.

  432. WindowsIT Pro says:

    Retarded is that I will never get back the time I wasted reading this.

  433. Jay says:


    Still waiting for a reply to my post where I provided you with more evidence about why you are wrong… selective reading is fun though, right?

  434. JJ says:

    @AiR, WORD. Sorry about your d*******g cousin.
    @Raven, WORD. Good use of logic and reasoning. :)

    @who cars, wat, pmz, peanut eater,

    Again, thank you guys for continually validating the points in the article by showing the world what ignorant d********s most Mac fanboys are. It’s even worse than I realized. Maybe you guys should see a shrink?…

  435. Peanut Eater says:

    I just want to let you all know that I was wrong. My stepdad bought me a MacBook Pro for Kwanzaa and I’m blown away by its awesomeness and superiority to PCs. Now I can read TMZ in high def! I realize now I’m a complete douche times ten. Please forgive.

    Peanut Eater

  436. Huhuh says:

    I liek de PC, my right click works. JJ is awesome! He mah hero.

  437. pmz says:

    horrible article period

  438. wat says:

    Lol JJ. You’ll never amount to anything with this level of stupidity

  439. Mac user says:

    baw baw baw baw baw baw baw; i like macs

  440. Raven-san says:

    first point i’d like to make is this:

    very well written article, made me laugh rather hard throughout my reading of it…then again, i did take it as a work of satire as opposed to an actual article.

    moving on.

    i would like to say that i personally find the whole Apple experience (apart from SOME software applications and perhaps their iPod range) to be rather….lacking for what i am expected to pay. the hardware is not top quality and is only worth about half of what you pay for it. the software that runs the hardware could run better and provide more versitility, although i havent seen the 10.5 and 10.6 releases of OSX so this might have changed. to be honest, i think of Apple Macs as over priced house bricks.

    now, we can all agree that macs are hideously overrpiced for what they are. you are mostly paying for the looks and brand name anyway.

    i have personally noticed that people who tend to use apple products are people who are quite egotistical or who have alot of money or who want something that does little more than look good. now on the same coin here, i can say that there is a large percentage of PC users (particularly the ones in the gaming community) who act like the mac users i just described. but speaking to the majority (note the word MAJORITY. this is not adressed at the part of the community who uses macs regularly because they know that a mac suits thier needs better than whatever else ect.) of mac users here, mac users are renowned for having jaded views of computer technology, and for not being able to argue/discuss the mac issue sensibly until the examples are made phhysically.

    i will admit now that i use PCs. the only time i have used a mac extensively was about 2 years ago, when i was working out some networking issues between my windows based server, the mac (which belonged to a friend) and the other pcs i have in my house, so i ask that you take this into consideration before you crucify me for what i said.


    to sum up what i just said:

    -i am a pc user
    -i like windows and find mac annoying
    -the majority of the mac community are whining rich prats who dont know any better in my opinion
    -macs look pretty, but are no more than overpriced house bricks
    -i like the minority of the mac community because they arent whining rich prats who dont know any better. they are just rich.
    -i liked the article because it gives a laugh. lighten up a bit. discuss your points but at the same time enjoy the discussion.
    -i am probably going to die thanks to the majority of the mac users whinging and whining.


    as a summery to those joining in now:

    the comments are pretty much as follows:

    baw baw baw baw baw baw baw baw; i like macs; cry cry; whine whine; baw baw baw; macs have some good points; cry cry cry; drama drama.

    so…have fun XD

  441. who cares says:

    Really, who gives a sh#@ !!
    I use both……Im a graphic designer…..PC’s have more problems…..
    My Mac looks better!

  442. PC User says:

    I actually like both platforms. Mac has some very strong features but PC’s do as well. For the price and as often as I want a new computer, I go for PC’s. Technology changes too rapidly on both platforms. I can buy 2-3 PC’s before reaching the price of an equivalent MAC. When all is said and done, I have a better, newer PC having spent the same amount.

  443. AiR says:

    I have a cousin who is a total d*******g… He loves the Mac… go figure…

    I agree on this one, furthermore, the only reason why Mac users love their Macs is because it’s stable. Comparing a PC and a Mac is like comparing a roller coaster ride with a stroller. A PC will give you all the thrill and excitement, it may even cause you to scream and get frustrated but once you ride it, you know you found something worth riding. A Mac is like a stroller, it will never make you scream nor will it make you jump in excitement. It’s just stable… No problems… Not exciting…

  444. JJ says:

    @Duomat, nobody said BSD is Linux. What’s your point? At the end of the day, OSX is a Linux distro, not Unix, even though they stole from Unix BSD in the beginning.

    @overpircedpos, WORD.

    @ridiculous, you sound like a hipster.

    @Rowster, wait… all the skating and surfing companies use Macbooks??? Holy s**t… that… proves point #1! Yet again! Thanks for bringing more evidence to the table mate. I mean, no offense, I’m sure surfers totally buy most products based on useability, and not trendiness. Right brah?

  445. Rowster says:

    Just a quick one…Why would it be that all the best editors of the DH Bike movies and alpine skiing movies all use Macs with Final Cut Pro if Macs are really such crap? For example, the fellows at Juicy Studios, Teton Gravity Research, Poor Boyz Production, Matchstick Productions, as well as the guys making the new bike movie Lifecycles. I have a mac for all my schoolwork/job work/editing, and it has never failed to meet or exceed expectations (while never having any virus problems or buying any antivirus software). I just bought a PC with Vista (bad move, I know), and I keep having issues with it not accepting outside hardware as well as needing to install software updates for 30 minutes every time I turn it off. Don’t get me wrong, it runs movies and games great, but its just isnt as convenient a system, or reliable when dealing with important or irreplaceable information for work or school. Each excels at different things (although my MacBook Pro seems to be very durable compared to alot of the toshibas/acers/hps that friends have had at University.


  446. Jay says:


    Just pointing out that OSX came out the same year as WinXP, and its fifth iteration, Tiger, was released in 2005 so I’m not sure I’d say that it’s an “old” OS, considering how many people still use WinXP.

    Also, what happened to the OP?

  447. Ben says:

    I stopped reading after I read the word “retarded” for the 3rd time. It gives you very little credibility.

    I’m a PC. FOREVER. I only use MAC in my office, so I live with both, and you lost me on the right click thing. Perhaps right click is only on OSX and higher? So if you’re used to using an older mac, with say Tiger or lower, I guess you’d have that problem. I don’t know… I think this needs more fact checking or something, and less expletives. It’ll give you professional looking credibility. Just FYI :)

  448. death says:

    To all the mac haters-I find this very funny…… Let it be!!! I’ll use my mac, and you use your pc.. Then when your pc breaks call and I’ll fix it again. LOL!!!!!!! nuff said

  449. ridiculous says:

    Bottom line, I use both and I prefer some things on PC and some things on Mac, though my frustrations with PC are becoming more abundant these days. In fact, the reason I actually had time to read this whole rant and it’s subsequent comments is because my PC crashed and is rebooting. That does not make me a PC hater or group all PC activists as gamers or dorks. I realize that for the things I use my PC for, it’s suitable and the things I use my Mac for, it’s suitable.

    There seems to be more of an argument here as to WHO uses the computer and why we hate those people rather than why people use these computers. Stereotyping at it’s finest. I am not a hipster, nor am I a gamer. I don’t drink coffee at Starbucks, nor do I drink coffee at Tim Horton’s. I’m a person who uses a computer for work and whenever I can get away from work, I spend it with real people. People who don’t give a sh*t whether or not I use a Mac or a PC. I like features on both, but at the end of the day they both play a hand in putting food on my table and allowing me to go enjoy some pints with friends and forget about work, computers and such for a few hours.

    We have enough problems in the world with poverty, hunger, cancer, aids – things that really do matter. I’m not a bible thumper, uber do-gooder or philanthropist by any means (probably the farthest thing from it), but sometimes I do wonder what we could accomplish if we took the same energy we apply to arguing over seemingly irrelevant things and applied it to something useful…or spend the valuable time with your friends, family, wife, kids…whatever.

    Again, drop the argument. Both sides have made their points and provided both useless and useful facts. I’m going to shut down both of my computers right now, forget about them and take off to enjoy some Guinness with some old friends. The very fact I wasted time writing this is even annoying me.

    I’m being somewhat of a hypocrite here and starting perhaps another argument, I couldn’t help but respond to yours.
    1) What does pirced mean? Before trying to be quick and witty, maybe spell check or check your grammar.
    2) How cool do you look in Starbucks with your PC tower and a 42″ HD LCD TV? If you’re talking about someone showing off their Mac at Starbucks, you’re surely referencing a laptop. Keep your argument around the laptop then and perhaps discuss the cost of a PC laptop. Otherwise, your argument is irrelevant.

  450. overpircedpos says:

    Honestly, people buy macs for one reason, because they know, that everyone else knows how expensive they are, and how cool they will look sitting at starbucks. Why would anyone pay $2500 when you can get an equivelent pc tower for 800 and 42″ full HD lcd tv for another 800, which makes it much cheaper, and much more capable of gaming as well. Or you can pay an outrageous amount of money for a gimicky mac because the icons bounce when you close a program, woohoo

  451. Duomat says:

    Please, please, please…stop saying that BSD is Linux. Linux is not Unix, which means it is certainly not BSD. Linux is a complete rewrite from the ground up, although using the same command names. BSD is Unix.

  452. shtfkup says:

    Apart from a few mac or p.c is god freaks and of course a few s**t stirrers, who actually fucking cares which is better, if you like mac/p.c then stick with the fucking thing till you die, and then ask god, allah, buddah, jehovah, et al which is the fucking best, what a load of yap over nothing, I currently use a p.c simply because that was what I was first shown how to use, if someone gave me a mac of equal standard i’d still be as interested in that as I was with the p.c when I first got it, what a load of bollocks this is, what’s next “my mouse is bigger than you mouse?”
    mac/p.c rules wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  453. Helen says:


  454. Jay says:

    Here’s a few more items to check off of your list:

    While I understand that a dock with a bunch of minimized windows (http://tinyurl.com/yfesebv) might look a little intimidating, here are two methods for quick window-browsing:

    1) Click+hold the application icon on your dock to get a view of all its open windows. It even denotes which windows are maximized or minimized and has labels to let know what is open in each. http://tinyurl.com/yl5xf53

    2) Right click the application icon on your dock to see a list of all open windows. http://tinyurl.com/yj2nenx

    An alternative solution to minimizing is using the Hide command, which does exactly what it says, and hides every window of an application without forcing you to minimize any of your windows. This is generally my preferred method.

    While we’re on the topic of right clicking, I believe we’ve determined that you can (and have always been able) to right click, whether via Ctrl+click or a touch-sensitive, or two-button mouse. Right-clicking a file offers list of features attached just as it does on other OSes (http://tinyurl.com/ye2tetp).

    Your claim that Mac’s version of Photoshop is lacking right-click functionality is incredibly misleading. This menu (http://tinyurl.com/yk57qtq) is the one you present as your primary argument. Are you kidding me? That argument is nearly as trivial as your one about the clock not showing the date! Being able to access this menu is not going to drastically improve or impede your workflow by any stretch of the imagination. As a heavy Photoshop user I can attest to this. In the years prior to becoming a Mac user I was not even aware that this menu existed. From my tests, every other right-click menu in Photoshop between Mac and PCs appears to be exactly the same. This menu that you seem to so desperately cling to is COMPLETELY NEGLIGIBLE.

  455. Ryan says:

    Wow… people sure do get pissed when you attack their computers. I didn’t realize that this was an important issue; important enough to really start throwing insults.

    We are talking about computer types, right? Just checking…

    My whole life is not involved in debating what computers are better than others (I have no idea), but I’ve heard people argue this fact for some time now. It’s a little over my head; I’m a real estate developer, not a computer programmer. I use laptop to read email and go on the Internet and maybe look at pics of my kids.

    After reading lots of these comments, then doing a little research (asking my assistant), I think I have a clearer outlook on the two. The differences that you guys are arguing over are beyond trivial. Opening multiple windows? Dragging files into applications? Customizable docks? This is all fru-fru bullshit.

    I apply these 3 (and more) questions when buying property (translate it into buying a computer):
    -Can you easily and cheaply reno/update (think getting parts)?
    -How is it priced?
    -What’s the commercial appeal (how many people use it)?

    It’s REAL questions like these that should be applied when dropping large amounts of money on something like a computer or an plot. Not silly trivial garbage like window closing button locations or right click stuff.

    From what I’ve seen, PC’s are cheaper, more readily available and more people use. That all translates into an easier time for you in the long run. Why back your self into a corner? I hear people say that there are problems with PC’s. I don’t think I’ve had any more problems than anyone else. Seems good to me.

    When I buy a building or plot, I don’t give a f**k whether it’s “hip” or not, or if my friends with think I’m cool for doing it. I do it to make money, to succeed, to get ahead and to further my life in the direction that I want to go. NOT to impress someone else. The few Mac people I’ve talked to all seem to buy into the “idea” of owning a Mac, and not thinking about the actual functionality or usefulness of it. They seem to be very concerned about their image and how other perceive them. My assistant said that is pretty consistent with her friends in school.

    I looked on Apple’s website after reading your comments, and saw some insane prices. And those were WITHOUT the monitor, I later found out. WITHOUT THE MONITOR?!? Are you kidding me? Who the hell do these people think they are?

    Well… as long as people are buying your snake-oil, why not keep selling it? As long as people “think” that it’s working…

  456. JJ says:

    @Endall, Qulueless (sic?), and Yo,

    Thanks to you Mac fanboys and all of your snide (unintelligible?) comments, this article continues to be validated further and grow in traffic. Many thanks! :D

  457. Yo says:


    UC Irvine? Seriously? No wonder you can’t write.

  458. Yo says:

    Dearest JJ,

    Suck my whale dork.


  459. J.J.S. Qulueless says:

    Hope this is your job, JJ. That way your arse can get fired for gross incompetency. You troll.

  460. EndAll says:

    Doesn’t the writer of this article sound like the fat guy from the commercial… answer to the delete question… 1. you truly don’t know what you are talking about 2. the extra money you pay for is intuitiveness. for every hour you spend pulling your hair out because your operating system sucks big time … i am having sex with your girlfriend. 3. function key > delete = you are a knoob

  461. Jay says:

    ^ My post

  462. Anonymous says:

    Here’s your screenshot of the time/date stamp: http://tinyurl.com/yf9oxej

    Let me just say that though I posted a screenshot of the Windows dock-like taskbar, I don’t use it like that. I mentioned in an earlier post that it’s simply a manner of opinion… some like the dock, some don’t. Windows 7 has simply included an option for those who do. I personally prefer to use the ‘Pin to Start Menu’ feature for organization in Windows, and I have something similar set up in OSX. Screens of each: http://tinyurl.com/y8ket9y and http://tinyurl.com/yatgcmo

    You’ll find this article interesting, I think: http://tinyurl.com/akbotq

    Command-Tab works, the article you’re referencing is from OSX 10.5 Leopard. The newest is 10.6 Snow Leopard. A lot of keyboard shortcuts have been changed between the two versions. Command-Q while in the menu will close an application entirely. Opening a new window via that “shortcut” you posted takes more time that simply switching to that application (releasing the menu) and hitting Command-N.

    Every point you made in your argument about opening images is flat out wrong. There are three ways to preview images in OSX without opening them in the actual image viewer. Option 1: http://tinyurl.com/yavfbjr Option 2 (Coverflow): http://tinyurl.com/y9jfxx6 Option 3: Simply hit the space bar! In all three options you can still use the arrow keys to scroll through every file in the folder.

    If you select every image in a folder and double click they will ALL open in a SINGLE window of the application ‘Preview’. Right clicking on a single image (or selecting multiple images) will offer you these options: http://tinyurl.com/yc6sneu

    Notice once I choose ‘Close’ that image is removed from the list of images: http://tinyurl.com/yau8mml

    Open all of those images in a slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y9sw4x8

    And hey, just for good measure, if you want to drag more images back into that window: http://tinyurl.com/ybwlnvr

    Opening files by dragging them to both opened & unopened applications on the dock is confirmed working in Snow Leopard. I can’t vouch for previous versions, though I’m willing to bet Leopard is the same.

    Photoshop CS4 opens in less than 10 seconds on both my laptop and my tower. See my earlier screenshot showing every single program I had opened on my laptop for the entire afternoon. It’s quite a stretch to suggest that opening Photoshop means you can’t use any other applications simultaneously. My laptop was $1350, my tower I picked up off of eBay for $2300.

  463. JJ says:

    @Jay, do you have as screenshot of the full day, time, and date displaying on the OSX menubar? Cuz I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. But I may be wrong if that has been updated in recent OSX updates.

    Regarding the Windows 7 “Dock” ripoff that a few of you keep mentioning: I haven’t used Windows 7 extensively, but my suspicion is that you can still group the taskbar however you like in Windows 7 as in past Windows releases, either by frame or by application. I must say I do hate the default “Dock-like” taskbar layout in Windows 7.

    Regarding keyboard shorcuts, those exist on all systems. Control C-V-Q etc exist on Linux and Windows. But only Mac makes the X button on a frame minimize it instead of quitting, which is retarded, as most newbies (the majority of Mac owners) don’t know how to properly shut down a program and thus eat up their processor constantly.

    Please remember that most of my points are in regard to the majority of users knowing how to use a Mac efficiently, which is Mac’s “claim to fame” even though its total bullshit since most newbies are completely unaware of the complex keyboard “shortcuts” and “menu options” that are available on a Mac. On Windows and Linux, user interaction is much more direct, predictable, and efficient as I’ve noted in previous comments.

    Regarding Command+Tab, you are more correct this time, however still wrong as even according to MacWorld, this technique does not always work (but lucky you, there is another 5 key combination to make it work properly, if you can memorize it):

    Regarding image viewing, okay: I have 25 beefs with the way that Mac treats image files, but here are a few: you can’t preview images unless you open them completely, if you select all and then double click it only opens the file you doubled clicked on, if you open all files for a slideshow or side-reel type view you can’t delete images, if you open one image in a directory and want to view the next image you can’t unless you manually open each image or close the current window and open all images with a special key command like you mentioned, etc etc.

    Regarding dragging files, okay: Here is the best example. I have a file on the desktop. I want to open it with Photoshop. In Windows or Linux, you can drag the file to the taskbar icon for Photoshop (GIMP etc) and the file will be opened with that application. On Mac, you must first open the application you want to use for your file, and then select your desired desktop file from the menu or otherwise.

    Regarding “coverflow” yes, I believe its one of the most retarded and inefficient ways EVER to navigate a computer system, whether for newbies or advanced users. It’s simply another way Mac tries to be flashy instead of useful. Now, you could make a better argument based on the “hot corners” or whatever they call them, as those are truly useful and easy to use, if newbies can figure out how to set them up properly, and if they weren’t so sensitive to the mouse being near a corner of the screen for less than .2 seconds.

    Regarding multi-tasking, yes, Macs suck at it. They are getting better, especially after they switched to Intel (hmmm) and started putting more than 1GB RAM on some higher-end models, but they still suck at it. I’ve used some of the “best” Mac towers out there in recent years, and opening Photoshop is like death on them. You pretty much can’t do anything else while Photoshop is open. Perhaps on some of the brand new models that have come out in the last 1.5 years its gotten better, if you are willing to pay $3000 or more?

    Your article reference is amusing, but only confirms that Macs are not the primary computer being used at Princeton. And by the way, even if all “faculty” offices at a university one day use Macs, it will only reinforce point #1 of my article, since I’m assuming all the computers in their libraries and otherwise are not primarily Macs. (For the record, I worked at a university that tried to use Mac servers in multiple departments, and they constantly crashed, had constant problems with Python, needed constant EXPENSIVE fixing, etc etc.)

  464. Jay says:

    Couple things:

    Here’s your menu for time/date customization, since that’s such a make or break feature for you – http://tinyurl.com/yf8gwax

    Here’s a link to some Mac customization resources – http://tinyurl.com/yzbu5qn

    Also, check out this dock. It was very easy to install as it, you know, came packaged with Windows 7. http://tinyurl.com/yf4rnby

    If you’re still interested, look around for articles/media about the “new” features that Microsoft brought about when it released Vista.

    You are right about alt-tab. My mistake. Try Command-tab and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Also you can quit programs while in the Command-tab menu with Command-Q (one of the MANY useful keyboard shortcuts that are available in OSX).

    Again, opening multiple images is a snap. I’m not sure how you’re disagreeing with this. “Tricks”? Open your image folder, CMD+A to select all. Double click or open with preview. That’s it. Want to remove some? Right click (since right clicking is and always has been an option on a Mac) hit close. Slideshow? Hit View, it’s the last option on the menu.

    In addition OSX has coverflow for Finder windows. Is this REALLY not an easy way to view a folder of images? http://tinyurl.com/y8nq4b9

    I’m still not clear with what you’re saying about not being able to drag files. Please clarify. In any case, what is more efficient about the way you would drag files between windows on a PC?

    Here’s a screenshot of my dock during a typical workday. “Macs suck at multitasking”? Uh, tell that to my laptop. http://tinyurl.com/y89oowg

    An excerpt from this article – http://tinyurl.com/yk355sk

    “The article also goes on describe how a significant percentage of faculty use Macs and that the percentage has increased.”

  465. JJ says:

    @Ben, I said “see article or previous comments” because I’ve already responded to the repeat arguments that you made in those cases.

    Do you have a link (or photos?) proving that those universities and government departments are now using primarily Mac computers and/or Mac servers around their entire campus? Because I don’t believe it.

    @Anonymous, thanks for reinforcing my mockery of Mac fanboys.

  466. Anonymous says:

    PC users are just angry because they are too poor to afford anything but a broke-down piece of sh*t Dell that will decide to run at half its speed in one months time. Ooooo, look, Windows 7 is based of os Mac Os X. And please, please, for your God’s sake (not mine), learn how to manage what programs you have open, instead of criticizing the X on the window.

    Seriously though, I buy a Mac not because it’s the trendy thing to do. I buy it because it just f*ckin works out of the box. It’s snappy to start up, and the 4-5 productivity tools I use just f*ckin work.

    More viruses? Stop going to pornographic websites idiot. I haven’t had a virus on my mac during its 3 years of use.

  467. Ben says:

    Congratulations on ignoring just about every point I made. Saying ‘it sucks’ or ‘see article’ (especially when I’ve obviously ‘see[n the] article’ as my points are in close response to it..) are hardly a strong rebuttal.

    You’re claim that the article does not compare Macs to PCs is more than a little odd, as every second point is about how you perceive Macs as weak in comparison to something that a PC does.

    You’re response to my rebuttal of #6 is equally odd. I have explained carefully that you were wrong in each regard, and in most cases explained how you were wrong. I use most of those functions on a regular basis. To refer me back to an article riddled with obvious errors is a very weak rebuttal indeed. And saying ‘I’m glad we agree’ when in most cases we clearly do not, is amusing, although more than a little ignorant.

    Your responses in general show an inability to argue against the many strong points and valid questions that have been raised regarding the poor research and lack of understanding that you have of how Macs work and their use in various fields and sectors.

    And in answer to your question:

    Princeton recently began to switch to Macs as more than 60% of its faculty now use them.

    Concordia University here in Montreal is an example of a public university that has already switched to Macs as its main computer of choice and McGill has begun to switch over to them as well.

    For governments, the US Dept. of Public Health began the switch a few years ago.

  468. JJ_is_a_loser says:

    who cares. be happy with what you use and get on with your life.

  469. JJ says:


    First of all, this article is not comparing Macs with PCs. It is hounding Mac and Apple for all their narcissistic, pseudo-progressive philosophies and stubborn habits, as well as their very inefficient hardware, software, and UI. But fine, I’ll respond a bit to your attacks on PCs, if that’s what you want.

    1. I’m glad its insulting as Mac users should feel ashamed!
    2. I’m glad we agree. Oh, and your belief that Macs have better components is hilarious. See article.
    3. Typical fanboy response to the truth. It doesn’t matter if FireWire is theoretically better. It matters what is being recognized as universal by the industry. Don’t believe me? Read up on Sony’s Betamax format in the 1980s (oh wait… wasn’t it Sony who also supported FireWire along with Apple? They just never learn, do they?). And you are wrong, as BluRay is standard on almost all PC laptops already (even more ironic, since BluRay is Sony’s format).
    4. Wow. Brainwashed much? See article.
    5. I’m glad you have gotten used to Mac’s inefficiency. Re: unicode character shortcuts, I would have to research that more before commenting. You may have a solid point with this example, though it sounds like something Apple stole from Linux.
    6. All your points are wrong or misinformed. See article, and my previous comments.
    7. I’m glad we agree that Macs crash and have viruses.
    8. Your claim that Adobe software releases are buggy on PCs and not Macs is hilarious, as is your claim that you enjoy the much-delayed releases of Mac software.
    9. I’m glad we agree. Your claim that multimedia is better on Macs is hilarious, as factory speakers, sound drivers, video drivers, video players, games, HDMI output, and more are all horrible or non-existent on Macs. Plus, Safari sucks, as does Quicktime. Perhaps the only program that is slick on Macs is Final Cut Pro, but only if you buy the customized FCP keyboard that Mac sells for what, $300 probably?
    10. I’m glad we agree.

    P.S. I’m still waiting for someone to name a public university or government department that uses primarily Macs and/or Mac servers?

    P.P.S. I’m glad you bring up the point that most TV and media employees use Macs, as it strongly reaffirms the 1st point in my article. Unless you are talking about Final Cut Pro. Then you might have a small point.

  470. NoName says:

    This article was clearly written by a highly un-intelligent life form… I would also assume that the writer has never used a mac, nor gotten to know any Mac users…


    Try cutting a film on the new windows operating system or just kill yourself

  471. Ben says:

    Wow – what I love the most about not only the article, but also your responses, is that you are filled with bitter vitriol and refuse to look at anything objectively. You congratulate anyone who agrees with you and piss on anyone who doesn’t, even when those who agree with you spew comments that are as inane and empty as those you piss on for championing your object of hatred. Hypocrisy thy name is Jay…?

    You also have a very bizarre understanding of Macs, as many of your arguments are factually incorrect, and when people point this out to you, your rebuttal is an empty repetition of the same fact-lacking hot air.

    That aside, I will respond to your comments one by one:

    1) First off, to generalize all Mac owners into two insulting, and ridiculous categories shows immediately what to expect from the ‘article’: a platform to insult Macs and Mac users rather than to properly criticize them. Even if this were true (and I vehemently disagree with the idea – in fact, most PC users are equally narcissistic in their belief that their product is superior…just re-read your own ‘article’, for example), what would this have to do with Macs? How can you hate something simply because you don’t like the people who use it? That has absolutely nothing to do with the quality or lack thereof of the product. In short: your first point is inutile and disingenuous.

    2) Sure, Macs are more expensive, but re-check your prices. You can get a good Mac for less than $1500 – less if you’re a student or purchasing an educational Mac. And the reason macs are so expensive is simple: they do not allow cloning. PCs are only cheaper because there are a bajillion competitors trying to sell their product. No competition = higher prices.

    The upside of this is that you can guarantee the quality level of the product you’re buying. You know that the machines, their components and their hardware are going to be the highest available level of quality, and not contain second-rate knockoff materials that will burn out within a short time of purchase.

    I’d rather pay more for high quality that lasts many years than pay less and replace it far more frequently.

    3) First off, while Mac was forced to bow down to USB 2.0 due to its wide usage, that doesn’t make it better. FireWire is far better and far faster and it’s a pity that it has not been adopted on a wider basis. Either way, as noted above, if you’re working in multimedia, you’ll want FireWire – it is far, far superior to USB 2.0 when working with massive multimedia files.

    BlueRay is indeed an important step to take (and you can get BlueRay drives for Mac, they’re just not standardized as of yet – but neither are they standardized on most PCs…).

    However, need I remind you that Macs had standard DVD-Rom drives in every computer before you could even GET an internal DVD-ROM drive for most PCs.

    4) To argue that Macs stole their OS is one of the weakest of arguments a PC user can make. Microsoft’s entire existence is owing to its theft of Apple’s OS. Windows has always been a knockoff of the Mac OS, from 3.1 onwards. So sure, OSX owes a lot to Linux (which is open source and therefore open to ANYONE to use and profit from it) but not nearly as much as Windows owes to Mac (which was NOT open source and therefore NOT open to ‘anyone’ to use and profit from it…)

    5) I’ve used both Apples/Macs and PCs for over 20 years. All it takes on a Mac to do everything you complain about is to Ctrl-Click. (sarcasm)Ooooh…you mean I have to hit ONE KEY while clicking…??? *GASP* (/end sarcasm). Each mouse comes absolutely naturally to me after years of usage, so I don’t even notice hitting the control key any more. And having to hit Ctrl-Click versus right click is hardly a strong reason to avoid an entire system.

    And while we’re on the topic of shortcuts, please let me know why PCs have not adopted intelligent shortcuts for symbols while typing? Macs used Option and/or Shift to get at almost every symbol you could possibly need on a semi-regular to regular basis. For PCs you either have to memorize the entire Unicode chart, manually set an entire array of macros and/or shortcuts, or constantly copy/paste from character charts.

    And don’t get me started on all of the other fantastic shortcuts you get with Macs that are not automatic on PCs.

    6) -The dock is 100% customizable. You want day and time? Set your computer to show day and time! You can set it any way you like: with or without the day, the date in any order, the time in any order – including 24h time…you just have to set it to your preference.

    -You can always see minimized files. The bigger your dock, the more you can see of them.

    -It also shows which programs are running, which are opened, allows you to perform basic tasks for each program – from playing iTunes to opening/closing files in Word, to navigating browsers – without opening the windows for those programs. And, of course, it also notifies you whenever a program needs you – from an alert to the automatic software updates that pop onto your dock.

    -Hitting ‘X’ closes programs. And you can also close them via their icons on the dock without even going to the window.

    -Alt-Tab works on Macs exactly as on PCs. And you can also control the speed of your navigation.

    -Maximizing windows most certainly does maximize them completely. You can also mazimize windows in most programs to full screen.

    -Opening 1000 images in Preview opens them in a typical thumbnail list that you can navigate/scroll through, selecting the images you want without having to go through every one. The selected image will show in the viewer – the others won’t.

    -You can drag files from anywhere to anywhere without having to prepare a window. Just click on the file you’re dragging, drag it to the dock Finder, and it will allow you to navigate to where you want to put it. Or you can use the function key (as mentioned above) to show either all windows – or the desktop with no windows – and drag it to your desired destination.

    7) In over 10 years of using Macs at home, I can count the system crashes I’ve had on one hand. And it was always because the age of the computer could not handle the burden of ultra-modern software (which is usually my sign to upgrade). And older Macs can handle newer software far better and for far longer than PCs can.

    Macs will occasionally have software crashes, but even those are very rare. The incompatibility issues, system crashes, and software glitches I’ve had in the last six months alone with my PC at work are far greater than the ten times Safari or Word has crashed on my Mac in the last year or two. And I leave my Mac on and running, with several programs constantly open and running, for weeks at a time without even restarting the programs, let alone rebooting the computers. I wouldn’t dream of doing that with my work PC for fear of the ramifications.

    And I have never had a virus affect my Mac, with or without firewalls and virus protection.

    8) One thing that I like about Macs is that even though a lot of hardware and software is available later than on PCs, this is often if not always a GOOD thing simply because by the time Mac users get them, all of the bugs and kinks are ironed out and a lot of goodies added, so that Macs get more interesting and more stable versions. See just about any Adobe or Microsoft software product as an example.

    I’d rather have the stable, new version of Photoshop with extras six months later than the sparser, buggy, crappy version right off of the bat.

    Freeware is certainly an edge to PCs. More people use them, so obviously there will be more available. But Macs are certainly catching up, and there is more, better freeware available for Macs all of the time.

    9) No argument here. Gaming is and always has been far superior on PCs – both for games and for game-related hardware. Most Mac users will have a cheap gaming PC or a console instead.

    For multimedia users, however, PCs don’t hold a candle to Macs.

    10) Sure, Macs are not as customizable as PCs (though they are far more customizable than you give credit for) but they don’t tend to NEED to be. They tend to get it right the first time without a need to change everything around. And pieces don’t break or burn out all of the time, so don’t need upgrading or replacement.

    And there are ways to tinker with the OS – from using scripts to actually interfacing with the OS itself – but it simply is not recommended for people who don’t really know what they’re doing.

    >>>All in all, there are far more reasons to avoid PCs than Macs, but both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. It would have been nice to see a constructive parallel criticism rather than a rant with little basis, however.

    And although you claim to have used all forms of Macs, you didn’t seem to do much more than turn them on, as you seem completely unaware of how to use one.

    And yes, universities are widely turning to Macs now, as are high-level government institutions, and a lot of this has to do with strong educational backing by Apple, and various government programs the company has in place.

    As well, multimedia – from journalism to film production – uses Mac almost exclusively. Which is also why you see Macs being used in most TV shows and movies, rather than PCs ;)

  472. JJ says:

    @Alex, lol, you are the best example of a Mac fanboy. Claiming that DVI is better than HDMI and saying that BluRay has no use. Absolutely amazing.

    @foreigner, WORD.

    @Samuel117 and yawn, you are also typical misinformed Mac fanboys. No further comment!

    @Amdrew, wait, so you think Macs are a better workhorse even though they can’t multi-task for s**t? Have you walked into any government department and seen Macs being widely used? Where the hell did you go? The only colleges that widely use Macs are art departments toward the goal of self-image, everyone else usually gets bulk deals on Dell nodes or otherwise. Yes, my comments are about one particular type of computer: shitty Macs. And no, they don’t last longer than PCs my brainwashed friend. It’s not a complex issue. You are in denial.


    1. Yes I do. Not EVERY Mac owner. Just the vast majority of them.
    2. I’m glad we agree.
    3. You are right, Mac is totally willing to sell you an overpriced DVI-HDMI converter should you want one.
    4. Okay, does that change anything?
    5. Read my piece. Right clicking on Macs lacks the majority of functions that right clicking has on other platforms. For example, right clicking on an image title in Photoshop does not offer “image size” or “canvas size” on Macs.
    6. Ummm… no. Evidence? Are you confirming Windows is customizable?
    – clock doesn’t show date unless you click, exactly.
    – you can see some minimized windows, yes that’s true. but they are not grouped and easily understandable as in other platforms.
    – no, alt-tab is not the same as Windows. it cycles thru all open frames instead of rotating between applications.
    – okay, yes, multiple images are in the same window with a few tricks. but you can’t open an image folder and easily rotate thru them, delete them, slideshow them, load them fast in general, etc.
    – yes of course you can drag files, but not efficiently. try dragging a file down to a different program using The Dock, for example. you can’t.
    7. I’m glad we agree.
    8. Typical fanboy response. Yah, and you can run Linux on a PC as dual boot. What is your point exactly? Mac software still sucks, so why the hell would anyone buy a Mac to run Windows?
    9. I’m glad we agree.
    10. I’m glad we agree.

  473. yawn says:

    hasty rants make for articles with no credible sources, citations or logical deductions. this opinionated article is a good laugh at a user who quite possibly has no other way of expressing his frustrations in life.
    i don’t even like macs.

  474. c.camp. says:

    This whole load of boring , trite garbage is easily solved, if you like mac, stay mac, if you like p.c, stay p.c, if you use both, ditto. Now can you all stop yapping about whose is bigger, you all sound like school boys claiming to have the biggest d**k, yawn, boring, grow up or f**k off.

  475. Samuel117 says:

    And your comparing it to a pc I’m guessing, you should re-think your article and write it correctly.

  476. foreigner says:

    Everything in the article is true, but the main point is the beginning – two types of people that use macs. Morons who think they’re special for having a mac. Everything they say is inspired by this fundamental fact and therefore is completely irrelevant because these people simply refuse to see the simple truths and recognize how gullible and stupid they’ve been. Apart from macs, everything Apple makes is overpriced s**t with obsolete technology, but their marketing scheme is truly magnificent – by ignoring the world and feeling very special about it they sell tons of it.

    I have an iPod – s**t
    I’m writing this on a Mac – slow, pathetic, unbearably simple, obsolete, overpriced, unimaginative piece of s**t I’d never have at home

    But hey, I feel truly smart, refined and trendy using it. I have Apple products – I’m special like Steve Jobs.

  477. Amdrew says:

    Well, I’ve been using a Mac and PC together for a long time. I was using a HP mini back in the days before people came out with personal computers. The commodore and other such basic pcs were then out and bad and then came the Apple II which was just as good as the HP for writing. We had Unix computers too after that which were fantastic until someone in the Govt decided that they didn’t understand why we were using Unix boxes and one Monday morning, my Unix was literally taken off my desk and replace with a Windows box. Oh how we wailed and bashed our heads against the wall. During all this, life was made more bearable when the first Mac appeared in 84. We had Excel and Word and Pagemaker. Even though we had to use 3.5 disks to make everything work. But compared to Windows, the Mac was a breath of fresh air, even if it did look funny and had a small screen.
    The arguments between whether Mac is better than Windows has been going on for a long long time. It will never stop. Sure, you can do some incredible things with a Windows box if you want to play games. If you want to use a computer as a workhorse and have a reasonable amount of security, then the Mac is a good machine. There have been much better machines built. Why are a larger number of govt depts using macs today when a few years ago they only used Windows boxes? Why have a large number of Universities switched back to Macs? It is an argument that isn’t going to go away. However, if you are going to report on a system and give reasons why that system is bad, then you really need to become honest with yourself, leave your own prejudices behind, and see why so many organisations have or are switching to Macs over windows boxes? Yes there are problems every now and again with a Mac, but there are also problems with Windows machines and for that matter with Unix computers as well. But when you give a comment on one particular make or type of computer, without comparing it with other types, then you are misleading your readers and you are being dishonest to them and to yourself. Sure you can buy a cheap windows computer. You can build one yourself probably even cheaper still. However, how long is it expected to last? What is the quality of the components that you put into that machine. Have components been copied by manufacturers from others and then built and sold for a cheaper price without all the R&D costs that the original designers put into it? Come on, its a complex issue. So why not look at all the areas and instead of criticizing a company that has held onto its designs and innovations against others and who continues to fight to keep their patents protected, have a closer look at the whole complex issue.

  478. Alex says:

    Man, YOU sound self-righteous. I agree, for some uses PC is better suited the a Mac, but i still think Mac has great advantages, the biggest being its stableness. The reason for this is very logical and simple, Apple designs all the hardware AND the OS. Microsoft only designs the OS, so there are a lot of problems in the integration between different manufactors hardware. Something that really bugged me was your complaint about FireWire… Firewire 800 is at least double de speed of USB 2.0, you SURELY don’t work with video. FireWire is essential for video editing. If you want to right click, its just ONE button, not FIVE, ctrl+click. No need at all for blu-ray! In any case, an external drive solve’s your problem. DVI is as good as HDMI.

  479. Jay says:


    Did I not debunk half of your arguments with my post?

  480. JJ says:

    @Mark, mac user, Marcie, Gracin, and Tink,

    All 5 of you Mac owners have backed up everything this article argues with your vague, self-righteous insults that lack any evidence.

    Congratulations. I’m… not surprised at all. Next?

    1. JS says:

      All 5 of you Mac owners have backed up everything this article argues with your vague, self-righteous insults that lack any evidence.

      Well actually it hasn’t, at all. I read the article and it is indeed massively wrong. And sadly, as I scroll through the comments, the most abusive, moronic, insulting and unintelligent comments, appear to be coming from PC users.

  481. Tink says:

    I think I can come up with 10 better reasons not to buy a mac, that are true and accurate.
    My 10 reasons to buy a pc would even be more reasonable, accurate and based on facts, then your 10 reasons not to buy a mac.

  482. Gracin says:

    This article is soooooo asss backwards its not even funny!!! lmao What OS do you use ???? I love every one of my mac’s that I own and have not had a problem in 16 years of ownership that was not justifiable, for the age of the machine. I run EVER OS out there… Backtrack 4 is my native boot up on my PC and I think the GUI In OSX is far superior to anything Microsoft has had out yet. There are limitations to what Mac’s can do YES, but everything has a place in the market. As far as industry standard, apples innovations often times lead to what is “industry standard”.. Please do not get the “CONSUMER industry STANDARD” confused with the professional commercial standards in the market. HDMI is NOT! industry standard in broadcast media and neither is esata. if you want true speed go Fibre Channel..

  483. get a life says:

    Marcie, you’re as idiotic as the cretin who wrote this drivel(notice it’s unattributed to anyone), “nuf said”, pillocks.

  484. Marcie says:

    Mac’s rock, PC’s are junk. ‘nuf said.

  485. mac user says:

    @ bob why use parallel, if you have a copy of windows you can either boot camp it or us virtual box for free. and the cost of macs have dropped.

  486. Bob says:

    I agree that macs are overpriced turds, I’m forced to use them at UC Davis and they frequently crash whenever I try to use photoshop or windows parallel to get to autoCAD. To actually get my work done I have to fight to get on one of the few remaining PCs in my building, an aging Dell dimension which still has more power and functionality than the newest macs on campus. Pretty sad. I think mac users are bitter when they purchase these laptops for 2,500 dollars and then are forced to keep buying software (like parallels) and adapters to make them actually work like a basic $700 laptop. It is hype and (I hate to use the term) peer pressure that makes people buy macs. Not to mention, go talk to the people in line at the mac store and see how they feel about mac’s customer service…

  487. mac user says:

    well you really need to do you’re research again… in almost all aspects of this article, goes to show that you wintel fanboys no nothing

  488. Robin says:

    I don’t know much about computers in general. i was hoping this article would give me some insight to apples computers since all i hear is the propaganda(although this article seems to be pc propaganda). seems to me that both mac’s, and pc’s have their pros and cons. guess i’ll go with the more affordable. question; is it the machine that makes the difference or the user?

  489. Mark Parsons says:

    Your review of why Macs suck is about as informative as…. well MS Windows is stable.

    I was a MS / PC user for 15 years. And they have been selling the same old BS over and over to gullible twats who believe that yes the next version of Windows is better than the last. Trust me….my ass

    I accept that price is higher on Apple products, but you pay for that when you get better quality.

    Comparatively going from MS Vista -> Windows 7 is full price, while Leopard to Snow Leopard is like $30. Interesting hey?

  490. Jay says:

    1. Do you really believe that every-Mac user feels they are self-important? I could make the argument that the only people who buy PCs are people who seem to be much more tech-savvy, big into heavy customization, and elitist/condescending towards those who are not. While that may be true to some extent, it’s not an accurate reflection of the population. The same is true of your argument.

    2. They are overpriced, I can’t disagree with you there.

    3. Can’t say that I have need for any of those hardware options but Bluray drives can be purchased for Mac Pros. Apple also manufactures adapters for the new generations of laptops if you find you do need them (MiniDVI to HDMI, DVI, etc.)

    4. OSX is based off UNIX, of which Linux is an offshoot.

    5. Of course you can right click. Get one of the new touch-sensitive mice, ctrl+click if you have an older one-button Apple mouse, or plug in your own USB mouse. Right clicking in Photoshop also brings up the contextual menus for tools. http://tinyurl.com/y8n4zk8

    6. You do realize that Windows continues to become more and more like OSX with each new OS release. Additionally, check out the myriad of Windows docks that are available from UI customization sites. Whether you like it or not is simply your preference. (Tip: use stacks!)

    • The clock shows both day and time and if you click it, the month. I’m not sure what version of OSX you’re running. http://tinyurl.com/ycwavfd
    • You can see windows of minimized programs in the dock. In addition there is a function key which allows you see every maximized window that you have opened for quick switching and the new click+hold (10.6) on a program in the dock will show you every window that a particular program has open.
    • This is a dumb argument that can basically be boiled down to “Well Microsoft designed it this way so Apple should too.” Sorry for the extra “hassle” you have to go through to close a program.
    • Alt-tabbing works the same way it does in windows: it cycles through programs. Again, what freaking version of the software are you using?
    • Here’s 53 images opened at once in one Preview (the Mac image viewer) window. Or you can just use the space bar to preview a single photo and cycle through an entire folder using the arrow keys. http://tinyurl.com/y8zgrhr
    • You CAN drag files to other windows. Simply hold the file over the other window until it brings the new window to the foreground. Or, if your second folder is buried under others, hit the function key that shows all windows and drag it over the one you want.

    7. Sure there are viruses for Macs, but I have yet to get one. My Mac Pro runs perfectly after having it for two years now. Occasionally programs will lock up, but there is always the “Force Quit” option. I’m also not sure why you’re implying that Macs are less able to multitask than PCs either, as it’s pretty much hardware-based.

    8. I’ve never had issues with software either. There are always alternatives to the most popular freeware providers. Not to mention the fact that you can always run Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp or VMWare Fusion if you find that there is software you can’t live without. It’s simple to set up the installation and to switch back and forth between operating systems. You can also set up Linux should you have the desire.

    9. If you want a computer solely for playing games at their absolute highest settings, then without a doubt buy a PC. I’m running a 2.66 Quad-core Mac Pro with 6GB RAM and an Nvidia 8800GT and I play games on nearly highest settings with no problems. Even MMOs. As far as OSX-only gaming goes though, I’m sure your point is entirely valid.

    10. They’re not AS customizable. You can still customize them. For interface tweaks look for third-party stuff, the same as you would for Windows. I’d recommend Candybar (http://www.panic.com/candybar/).

    Hope this post is mostly free of typos and such.

  491. JJ says:

    @Not True,
    Your comments confirm that right click sucks, your clock doesn’t display the date, and that The Dock can only change width. Clicking the “X” might close windows but it keeps the program running. Re: dragging files, it means that you can’t drag files to The Dock or other windows, but rather have to align windows first to prepare for a drag. I’ve tried all types of Macs – laptops, g4 towers, and everything in between. These issues exist on them all.

    Way to prove the article wrong with vague responses and no evidence. Oh what’s that you say? Your “gaming PC”… why don’t you have a “gaming Mac” buddy? Oh wait, it’s because Macs suck.

  492. madz says:

    written by a true retard ;)

  493. Bakari says:

    This article is so inaccurate and one-sided. I have my gaming PC for entertainment and my MacBook Pro for school..and half the things said are taken to an extreme. It is obviously just to bash Macs and not to actually make a reasonable comparison. Whoever made this article has probably only tried to use a Mac once or twice, because half of these statements aren’t true.

  494. Not True says:

    i’ve always had a mac and have a job where I work on a Windows computer.

    A lot of what you are saying it not true. You should stick to the facts. That would make for a more useful article.

    • The right click buttons does something. Ex. You can open, print, get info, duplicate, make alias, etc.
    • I’m looking at my clock right now. It shows the day and time (where are you getting your info)
    • The dock is adjustable
    • clicking on the “X” closes the windows (not minimize the windows) just like in Windows.
    • don’t understand what you are talking about here –> “You can’t drag things around to other places without first preparing both windows. (Still, no comment.)”
    • I used to get freezes on my old mac when it was on OS 9. Ever since OS X (10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, etc), I honestly never had a crash. You should try a new mac. Sounds like you are talking about an old mac.

    I don’t work for or own stock in Apple, so it doesn’t matter to me which computers you like. But, it would be more helpful for someone, if you stuck to the facts.

    Good luck

  495. the congregation says:

    amen to this article. amen.

  496. Timewasted says:

    Dear collegetimes, when you next decide to upgrade the site, could you please add an extra option up where you have the blog, review, forum, etc options, you could call it the “Rant” option,

    Yours, bored

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