Why Mac Sucks: Top 10 Reasons Why Macs Blow, And Why Apple Loves Sh*t-Talking Articles Like This One

1. The only business model for Apple is narcissism. Its true. And for what its worth, the only “geniuses” that work for Apple are the members of their marketing team, because holy hell, we all know that the best way to sell a product in this day and age, especially to Americans, is to patronize their self-righteous beliefs. There are only 2 types of people that buy a Mac:

1) Wannabe nerdy-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable they are about everything in the tech world
2) Wannabe hipster-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable (read: trendy and/or “not trendy”) they are about everything in general

Either way, people who are confident enough in their knowledge, self-image, and skills rarely find it necessary (or justifiable) to buy one of these disgustingly over-priced machines. Which brings us to…

2. Macs are ridiculously overpriced. Not only do you get much less for your money when you buy ANY type of Macintosh computer compared to your other options, but you get royally screwed whenever you want any halfway-decent Mac machine. Compare 17-inch MacBook Pros starting at an astounding $2500 with thousands of 17-inch alternatives starting at just $599. This is partly because Apple price-fixes their products so drastically, but is mostly because they’d rather tell you what packages are available instead of letting you decide what works best for you. Hmm… what does that sound like?

3. Macs regularly ignore mainstream industry trends. Where to begin? Because of all the political (read: snobby) games that Steve Jobs gets involved with, most Macs still don’t have HDMI ports, eSATA ports, or BluRay drives, among other mainstream technology standards. Instead of HDMI, for example, they opt for out-of-date DVI ports (but of course only on the MacBook Pro models). This attitude is best summed up by Apple’s 2-decade-long push for world-wide FireWire data ports, which Apple finally dropped many years after its defeat to USB 2.0 was already obvious. (P.S. Apple invented FireWire…)

4. Mac OS X is merely a locked down version of open-source Linux. Its easy to assume that over 90% of Mac owners are not only unaware of this, but don’t have a clue what Linux is. Turns out that back in 1996, after Steve Jobs’ short-lived company NeXT stole its OS base from open-source (read: FREE) BSD Unix, it resold the now proprietary OS to Apple which then became OS X. Perhaps if OS X had the flexibility of Linux, or if Mac fanboys didn’t use Linux concepts (i.e. Terminal) as reasons to brag about OS X, there wouldn’t be so much smearing to do. (Warning: do NOT attempt ask any Mac fanboys about this, or they will ignore your question and start babbling about things like Firefox.)

5. There is no right-f*cking-click! Mac fanboys will respond to this by saying “actually you CAN get a 2-button mouse now!” but even when that is true, the EFFING RIGHT CLICK STILL DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. Oh, cool, I can copy and paste! Oh wait, but I can’t perform any other damn functions in Photoshop or otherwise. And crap, I forgot which combination of 5 keys I need to hold down for right click to work on my 1-button mouse? (Don’t even ask how to make the Delete button actually delete something…)

6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?

  • The clock doesn’t display a date. That’s cool, cuz I only wanted to remind myself again that today is Monday.
  • The Dock concept is cute, yet still, retarded. You not only can’t see any of the windows that you have minimized, but you also can’t truly adjust the way The Dock behaves or appears. According to Stan, its based on 1984 technology when only 1 program could run at a time. Pretty sweet.
  • Trying to “X” out of a program doesn’t close it, it simply minimizes it. Just like the minimize button. Except it begins to kill your CPU after you’ve done it a few times by keeping programs running as ghosts. (Total genius.)
  • Trying to alt-tab through your windows cycles through every single window of every single application one at a time instead of cycling between alternative applications (read: time-killer).
  • Maximizing a window doesn’t actually maximize it. This is fun, cuz then I get to constantly click on things on the Desktop that I am definitely not interested in.
  • Opening 100 images in the Mac image viewer opens 100 separate windows. (No comment.)
  • You can’t drag files around to new destinations such as applications on The Dock or other directories without first preparing both source and destination windows so they are both visible. (Still, no comment.)
  • etc, etc, etc

7. “It just… doesn’t work.” (Macs crash, freeze, and have evil viruses.) I thought I would dispel all the Mac lies in one sentence, so there you go. If you have ever tried to open Photoshop along with a few other programs on a Mac, you will know this frustration well. More often than not the little rainbow wheel will starting spinning like crazy – that, or your Mac will simply freeze. This is because Macs can’t handle multi-tasking very well (although the issue has been improving, according to some). What hasn’t been improving though is the increasing amount of viruses being found on Macs. Sure, we could play the word game and clarify the difference between trojans and viruses, but the point is that Macs are no safer than any other computer, especially since they ship with their firewall turned off.

8. Software and hardware options for Mac are lame, or slim at best. This is not an overstatement. I am the first to admit that the iTunes/iPod combination is pretty tight (with AAC disabled!). But that’s about it. Mac Mail, iPhoto, GarageBand, iChat, Quicktime, and the rest of the bundled Mac software mostly just sucks, or is extremely limited in what it can do. Luckily some programs like VLC and CuteFTP have recently started to offer Mac versions of their software, but good luck trying to find Mac versions of most popular freeware. Not only that, but their claim that “no hunting for drivers is needed” is only true because barely any hardware is made for Macs! For example, only the Airport Extreme card works with Macs but other PCI cards will not. Thus, if someone needed 802.11a, they would need to buy a (very) costly Ethernet adapter.

9. Gaming, and graphics in general, suck on Macs. All true gamers already know this, so it really doesn’t require much explanation. Let’s just say that GizModo’s latest check confirmed that this is still true, even on the most expensive graphics card that MacBook Pro currently offers.

10. Macs are not flexible or customizable. This is a vague way to end things, but mostly because its the only way to sum up all the things that are wrong with Macs. We’ve already seen that you can’t customize their hardware or software, and that you can’t even use the Linux functions that *should* be present on any Linux distro. But even within Mac’s little world itself, you can barely change any options on their OS, user interface, The Dock, directory layout, etc. But hey, as long as the only thing you want to do is change your desktop wallpaper to be the photo you took at the latest indie rock show you attended, then by all means, buy a Mac.

For being so “progressive” Apple sure does seem like one stubborn-ass company. Oh, and please note that hating Macs doesn’t make you a Windows fanboy. It just makes you a reasonable person. =)

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2,875 thoughts on "Why Mac Sucks: Top 10 Reasons Why Macs Blow, And Why Apple Loves Sh*t-Talking Articles Like This One"

  1. Redline says:

    AARON-youve obviously never seen tiger
    STEVE- and you call Apple fans obnoxious… right…

  2. Steve says:

    I don’t even bother with REDLINE. He tries so hard, but it gives us horrible debates. We as PC users out number you 90 to 1. Get over yourself.

  3. AAROn says:

    wtf you blind?. Windows 7 and apple doesn’t even resemble each other at all.

  4. Redline says:

    1. Cool, I use multiple desktops on my MBP because Im always running a lot of programs, 3 or 4 fingers on the trackpad swipes between them so it helps my ADD self.
    2. I do realize PC manufacturers have development costs all companies have them. Apple designs everything though (they have engineers that work with the manufacturers such as intel) And I realize you may not want the software, from what I hear the programs (such as iCal, iPhoto, and photo booth are integrated into the OS. As far as ordering a mac without the OS well, there’d be no reason to buy the laptop unless you wanted MagSafe and the unibody really bad. Software is pretty much the soul of apple computers. And no it doesn’t appeal to everyone but thats why we have a choice.
    3. Gotcha

    :MICROSOFTFAN- like it or not, you WANT apple to exist. If not for the competition between apple and MS then both OS’s would suck. Microsoft copies apple (Windows 7 taskbar=OS X dock), copy and paste, drag and drop etc. Apple copies microsoft cut/paste, window resizing, etc. etc. also, iMacs aren’t all $2000, they can be had for $1200.

  5. RAWR! says:


    Yes they can, I don’t think they have it be default, but AMD/ATI and Nvidia drivers come with Multi desktop programs.

    But unless you have multiple monitors, that feature seems a bit useless to me.

    “development costs, you all seem to ignore that”

    You are implying it cost almost nothing to build a PC, most PC companies design their own motherboards, and submit it to the developer of their choice and put in a order to build them.
    They also design and produce their own cases.

    Yes Apple does the same thing, but they still over cost you for their products.
    You say the software explains the cost. I say I never asked for those programs, does apple give you the option to buy bare bone laptops or desktops? No they don’t, you only have what they want to give you. When ordering computers from manufacture sites you can chose what software to have on the computer, you can even chose not to have a OS on it. I see no such options on Apple’s site.

    And as for keyboard shortcuts that was on the first computer’s when the mouse didn’t exists yet, nor did Microsoft or Apple I believe.

  6. MicrosoftFan says:

    I hate mac for three reasons and three reasons only.

    1. Apple users are damn near a religous cult that cannot see the errors of their creator, and bash anyone who defies them.

    2. Flash. 90% of what I use my tablet for uses flash.

    3. Horribly over-priced. I myself, am not the 1%. I have a quality laptop, self built desktop (that would crush any IMac) that only cost me rougly $900. Why would I pay $2000 for something that does half of what my desktop can do?

  7. Redline says:

    Oh, yeah I forgot about your multitouch thing steve: you can configure keyboard shortcuts (always could) and the defaults are very similar to windows (I’m not sure who had them first). Also, does windows 7 have multiple desktops? I haven’t seen anything about it.

  8. Steve says:

    @SAM. Are you really that stupid? You can buy Sony Vaio’s or Alienware that’s more expensive than macs. Do some research you tool.

  9. samfuckingmac says:

    clearly everyone is complaining about it because their too fucking poor. Get over it, Mac kicks ass, Windows is shite.

  10. Redline says:

    The mac pros last release was July 2010, so no its not recent. Yes Mac Pros are mad overpriced (once they’re updated Im sure that will go down significantly) but is it a bad product? No, not really. Thats the thing, people say “ohhhh macs are terrible because the hardware isn’t a good value” Neither are bugatti cars but I would take one if i had the money. Because of the user experience. All products are subjective thats why theres a consumer market. And again, development costs, you all seem to ignore that. They aren’t cheap. Off of the 15″ MacBook Pro, Apple makes $320. The unibody, magsafe, OS X, all of that costs R&D. Use what you want Im happy with my MacBook Pro.

  11. AARON says:

    And then later on when there was another mac user making his post of his opinions. Who gives a s**t. Just use the computer and had fun what you had. No need to bash things up.

  12. RAWR! says:

    Oh another thing pertaining to gaming, even with the same GPU games will ALWAYS look better on PC, because of DirectX.

  13. RAWR! says:

    I don’t care for the article either, the info provided in this article is probably dated, it has some similarity to the list posted on nerdynick’s site, and that post was made in 2006.

  14. RAWR! says:

    Its taking forever to okay the link so I’m going to do it like this.

    www DOT cultofmac DOT com

    The fact that that site exists is just sad.

  15. Steve says:

    @RETARD. I could honestly care less about this article. Its everything we are saying in this board that shows why mac sucks. Anyway, if you start off like that no one is going to care about your opinion or take you seriously. You’re just another lost soul sucked into apples control.

  16. Retard says:

    This whole thing is retarded. Just look at #4 – Its not Linux you idiot, OSX is based on the Mach Kernel. Linux isn’t. The command line stuff is GNU, which it shares with linux, but so do many other UNIXes. Yes, I love Macs after enduring through Windows and Linux. I spend most of my day in front of a computer and I’d rather it be a mac. That is my opinion. My other opinion is that your article is retarded.

  17. RAWR! says:

    This is just sad……….. http://www.cultofmac.com

  18. Steve says:

    Very true.

  19. RAWR! says:

    You have a point, but their guides out there that help you and tell you what to look for.
    What I was trying to say was; if they put their mind to it anyone can build a comp, in my experience, with some of my costumers and family, they give up before they even try.

  20. Steve says:

    @RAWR. I was around 11 when I built my first computer. Putting the computer itself together is easy, but making sure the parts are compatible is what consumers have a problem with. Not all RAM will fit with all motherboards. Stuff like that. $3500.00 is mind blowing.

  21. RAWR! says:

    Mac Pro: 8-Core

    Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” (8 cores)
    6GB (6X1GB)
    1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s hard drive
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB
    One 18x SuperDrive
    Apple Magic Mouse
    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (English) & User’s Guide


    This is what you said was outdated, (looks pretty new to me) I can make a better setup for just under $2,000. so paying $1,500.00 more for software I never asked for is justifiable?
    Can everyone build a computer? Yes its not as hard as people think, most people just wont take that first step. Hell I figured out how when I was 9, yes I FIGURED IT OUT no one taught me, I didn’t learn how, I just figured it out, and I was 9.

  22. Steve says:

    @RAWR. I feel like we’ve already been through all this before with REDLINE. He keeps bringing up the same stuff.

  23. RAWR! says:

    Oh another thing about video sound and graphic development -never used it myself, other then flash- we all have Adobe, and they have allot of powerful development software, for all your needs.

  24. RAWR! says:

    “Yes you get free versions Steve, but hows the quality?”

    The quality of all the programs I use are perfect they do everything I need them to do. But AGAIN the quality of a program is based on YOUR PREFERENCES.
    on the PC if a program doesn’t work for you you have other options, on Mac you are stuck with what you get whether or not you like it.

    “yeah, alienware users play games, but how fairly priced is the hardware?”

    Yeah, Alienware is expensive but no one makes excuses for them like you do for Mac’s. If you want one, here; Alienware desktops look amazing, have state of the art setups, and most of their config’s have liquid cooling, and that is no where near cheap. Alienware is for the enthusiast

    “And advanced users my ass, I can do everything on the Mac that I can do on the PC its just that features are quicker to access (another advantage of multitouch).”

    Yes advance users, as I said before Windows gives you enough freedom to f**k up the OS. Why? Because you can. Someone who doesn’t know what they are doing could completely ruin their windows OS, but that doesn’t mean windows isn’t easy for normal people to use. No, you cant do everything on a Mac that you can on a PC, you are the first person to make this argument, proof of that is on Apples sight they say “Need to run windows program’s on your Mac? Use boot camp.” or something to that effect.

    Again miltituch isn’t needed for Windows we have keyboard functions to do these things and the real right click. And again when I say it’s not needed I meant it, for Mac’s it is necessary to have multituch to do some functions, just like mouse gestures.

    The responsiveness of the track pad is AGAIN your opinion.

    “Photoshop does work better on Macs though.”

    I’m sorry that’s just stupid, but I’ll leave is just that.

  25. Steve says:

    PC people out number you by the millions. We know our stuff and tell it truthfully. We don’t need to dig and find little stupid details that nobody cares about like apple users do. “Oh oh oh uuhhh macs are shinier! And 2 fingers is easier that clicking one button.” That makes so much sense. It has come to the point that apple users are funny to watch.

  26. Steve says:

    REDLINE wrote: “software and os development do add about 400 to the cost”

    You’re implying that the mac has tons of free software while the PC doesn’t. Not true at all. VLC and FileZilla are fantastic. Once again I do this for a living and if FileZilla or any other freeware software didn’t cut it for me I’d shell out the cash for something else.

  27. Redline says:

    Yes you get free versions Steve, but hows the quality? I know that Open Office is in no way as good as iWork or MS office, quality is the issue not availability. When did I ever say mac users get it for free? Photoshop does work better on Macs though.

    I use VLC and FileZilla but as far as productivity tools go, you get what you pay for. period.
    Mark: well sorry your friend had trouble with his service, I wouldn’t have paid for the repair just keep trying different Apple Geniuses, when my iPhone shattered Apple gave me another free of charge. You just have to be a little persistent.
    DFGGH: yeah, alienware users play games, but how fairly priced is the hardware? Exactly. And alienware doesn’t even have software costs.
    AARON: I really don’t know what you’re going on about, power users are pc only? Obviously you have no idea how to use OS X between expose and spaces Im waaay more productive. And yes you can custom build a PC, okay, how many consumers do that? Yes its an advantage, but a subjective one. And if you want to do that more power to you.
    Also, PC’s aren’t nearly as popular for business use as they used to be, go look it up. And advanced users my ass, I can do everything on the Mac that I can do on the PC its just that features are quicker to access (another advantage of multitouch). Also, I think you’re the one downloading all that porn since you seem to have advanced knowledge of its access. ;)

  28. Steve says:

    Owning a mac sounds like a lot of work and headaches. You need to use bootcamp and you have to make sure everything you buy is compatible with it. Ranging from consumer electronics to computer hardware.

  29. Steve says:

    REDLINE wrote: “software and os development do add about 400 to the cost”

    We already went through this. You either don’t read our posts in full or want to argue AGAIN. Where there is a paid version of software there is always a legal free version that’ll do the exact same thing. So you don’t pay extra for anything. There is even a free alternative to Office. Not that I’d ever use it because I love Office. Any software I pay for you also have to pay for on the mac. I use Photoshop nearly every day and magically mac users get it for free? My ass.

    Microsoft Security Essentials (Paid Version: Norton AntiVirus)
    VLC player (Paid Version: PowerDVD)
    FileZilla (Paid Version: CuteFTP)
    CCleaner (Paid Version: Registry Mechanic)
    OpenOffice (Paid Version: Microsoft Office)

  30. mark says:

    And No MACs arent worth it full stop because when it crashes Apple will charge you lots of money to fix it, or you can have Apple care as my friend did for his £9000 Mac which took 6 months to be repaired by APPLE because only APPLE could repair it. He got no machine to use in the mean time and Apple didnt care. So if you like paying premium prices for CRAP service then feel free and flush your dollars and welcome to dumbville where nobody can help you but Apple.

  31. aaron says:

    u need to stop watching porn and you’re cpu’s will last longer.

  32. aaron says:

    I DUN GOT ME A VIRUS I was downloading skyrim off of torrents and the file size was 24kb’s I DUN and got me a VIRUS! Dude in all honesty only idiots get viruses on windows computers Ive never had one and dont have virus software what do ya know. But if you like a plain look and a computer with worse specs for 1k more I guess an apples are for you.

    case-AzzA Solano 1000 Full Tower CPU-Core i7 2600k stock clock at 3.4 GHz MotherBoard-Gigabyte Z68 Ap-D3 CPU cooler-Thermaltake Frio overclocking cooler Ram- 4GB x2 Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHZ DDR3 Hard Drive- 1TB SATAIII 7200 RPM 3.5” Drive Video Card-EVGA Superclocked GTX 570 PSU-Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850 Power Supply Monitor- Asus VH242 24 Inch LCD Mouse- Razer DeathAdder Keyboard- Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Custom build for $1770 on cyberpower pc

  33. aaron says:

    PC = Can do everything.

    Mac = Can’t play games like mw3, bf3, skyrim or anything like that.

  34. aaron says:

    Ironically enough, I do precisely the same thing with my paralleled Snow Leopard install.  I think I’ve tinkered with the thing only a few times before switching right back to Windows 7 to do literally everything else. OSX bored me very, very quickly, and there’s no way I could ever justify buying a Mac knowing this. There’s simply more freedom and versatility on a PC, and I like being able to do what I want ,when I want, instead of having to play by Apple’s rules.

  35. aaron says:

    im afraid $2200 is still overpriced/overhyped:

    P7P55D-E (USB3, eSATA, SATA3, X-fire) | [email protected] | 16GB@1600

    2TB Seagate | Radeon.HD6870 | 4x BluRay Combo writer

    27in VA2702w monitor 1080p | +peripherals

    PC: $1749.54* vs. iMac: $2200.00**

    You save $449.46

    *$1471.55 if i match iMac specs.

    **4GB@1333, 1TB hdd, no bluray, no eSATA (spc request?), no SLi/X-fire, lesser videocard (cannot upgrade), no USB3, SATA2.

    PCs are moar bang for ur buck. Who doesn’t like that? =)

  36. aaron says:

    thinking about it now tho… maybe im too harsh towards iFags. lets face it, if u have no interest in computers or learning how to use one beyond casual use, then mac’s a good choice. friendly, simple & intuitive (albeit expensive).

    PCs are more for the power user, gamer, and business. if you dont know what ur doing, u can easily f**k it up. advanced machine only recommended for advanced users ;)

    if it werent for overzealous fanbois, we wouldnt bash on macs so much. tho its still fun to :3

  37. Jim says:

    ( i know you are a kid of 5 years old cuz the way are you acting is so gay)

  38. dfggh says:


    and find them very entertaining. Facebook and tumblr all the day =

  39. dfggh says:

    @redline Alienware users play games ;)

  40. Okay says:

    what do you do on the mac redline?

  41. Okay says:

    what do on the mac redline?

  42. Redline says:

    Gp: yeah, suuuuuuuuure
    Steve: the Mac trackpad does have two buttons you can configure option click for the right side if you must. No keyboards dot add 800 to the price but software and os development do add about 400 to the cost- that’s from businessweek I believe. The rest is profit yeah. But the laptops you’re showing aren’t that comparable, vaios and the hp envy line are more comparable. Yes they’re cheaper but again, add software into the cost.
    Okay: that’s nice, so what of you saw a guy being cool on Facebook? I coul say the same thin about Alienware users.

  43. Okay says:

    almost like $3000 a 17 inch laptop thats just wtf

  44. Okay says:

    Store apple
    17-inch: 2.4 GHz

    * 2.4GHz quad-core
    Intel Core i7
    * 4GB 1333MHz
    * 750GB 5400-rpm1
    * Intel HD Graphics 3000
    * AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5
    * Built-in battery (7 hours)2

    * In Stock
    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 2,899.00


  45. Okay says:

    Just saw a guy been cool on facebook just now. -.-

  46. GP says:

    Also for the record, you can get a 2 mouse button but don’t forget thats not built into any Macbooks. And the trackpads on Macbooks are absolutley AWFUL, it takes me so much to navigate it compared to any other laptop I’ve owned, so its really frustrating. Honestly I have a 250$ netbook with a more fluid trackpad.

    Prices are absurdly high too, with no great value in owning a Mac except the beautiful physical design, customer service and a consumer friendly version of Linux thats good for graphic design etc.

  47. Steve says:

    And lighted keyboards don’t add over $800.00 to the laptops value.

  48. Steve says:

    New page.. again. So I’m posting this again:

    Macbook Pro 15-inch: 2.2 GHz (12/1/2011 – store.apple.com)

    2.2GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
    500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
    AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB GDDR5
    MacBook Pro 15-inch Glossy Widescreen Display
    SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    Built-in Bluetooth: Yes
    Price: $1,799.00

    HP dv6tqe series (12/1/2011 – hp.com)

    2nd generation Intel Core i7-2670QM (2.2 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz
    8GB DDR3 System Memory
    750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
    1GB Radeon(TM) HD 6770M GDDR5 Graphics [HDMI, VGA]
    15.6″ High Definition HP LED Brightview (1366×768)
    Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner
    Built-in Bluetooth: Yes
    Price: $939.99

  49. Steve says:

    REDLINE said: “Again- apple develops all of their own crap which costs money.”

    What is with apple users and this statement? I don’t care if Steve Jobs was building these in his basement with his own 2 hands. That still doesn’t change the fact they’re still selling overpriced s**t. I don’t care what excuses you have, they still overprice their hardware. That’s a fact.

  50. ROB says:

    I’m gunna chime in here, too. After all, it’s been 4 days since the last rant in a string nearly 3 years long!

    First off, I was a proud owner of a full-sized macbook pro and then it got annihilated in a freak accident … can’t say I was too inspired to drop the thousands to replace it.

    Very simply: at the time of watching my ‘precious’ macbook twirl around, shattered, I was already deciding that replicating it was simply ‘NOT WORTH IT.’ I know that gets a lot of people nodding and nudging each other in agreement, so I’ll skip that rant.

    But the reason I rant today: higher-ups have insisted I incorporate a mac in my daily developer routine.

    It’s been thrust upon me, y’see! It’s not like a I went to a Apple store and someone said, ‘Here’s your Mac … GENIUS!’

    I like to think I’m hardcore: one of my setups is a 4-monitor linux, windows, mac setup all synergized with one keyboard and mouse.

    I’m one of those. And, sort of like I already said, I used to trot around the coffee shops with my oversized macbook, sipping bullshit coffees and PINCHING MY CHIN like a total a*****e.

    Well, maybe not the last part, but I want to chime in on making fun of Steve Jobs before it’s not too soon!

    Is it just me (obviously not) or has Mac gotten shittier!? ‘Natural scroll’ on the mouse? Wow! You’ve amazed me, Mac, with your blatant egoism. For those who know, am I right!? For those who don’t, make your mouse wheel do everything in the opposite way (from moving a webpage down to volume control) … does that feel natural?

    Best part, it’s not an option. It’s mandatory. You have to install extra software (third party? don’t care) to fix the problem.

    And what the hell have they done with full screening? If I do the equivalent of ‘F11′ on a new Mac, I’m presented with a whole new layer of sliding desktop backgrounds and widgets that I don’t care about and never will. Did I mention my 4 screens? Do I need ANY OF THEM F****D WITH!? Btw, could I fullscreen my s**t now. Nope? … seriously, no? Mac, come on, dude, let’s talk this over? Seriously, I can’t just full screen my s**t!?

    Oh, and that reminds me: who decided that HDMI meant overscan? For those who don’t know, this means that if you use their HDMI port to hook up a monitor, Mac treats it like a CRT television with overscan. Let me take another step back: back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, the dinosaur family would crouch in front of a television which would fire elections at a screen via a cathode relay tube (CRT) and there would be some ‘overscan’ and … holy crap’tastic, is this realty a mandatory setting!?!?!?

    Hey, Mac, is the level of ‘candle power’ a mandatory setting?

    And iTunes? Holy shitballs. I have to admit, I never fell for that once. I’ve never owned an iPod and I obviously don’t plan on owning any sort of iOS technological equivalent to scouring my nipples off with a cheese grater.

    Sorry, I must apologize. What I mean is: when you know what the alternatives are, Mac is amazingly frustrating.

    Have we not all mastered ‘drag-and-drop’? We don’t need a restrictive interface asking us for your credit card every chance it can in order to facilitate the same process?

    When you answer that question, young padawan, you will find that the whole world unfolds before you.

    But I digress, a symptom which I think is prevailent on this discussion thread, so I won’t edit this rant.

    Thanks for reading!! It’s been fun.

  51. Steve says:

    I guess a 486 processor should cost $200.00.

  52. Steve says:

    @RAWR & SEMEN. Fantastic detailed posts. My Athlon XP 1800+ that I built with Windows XP lasted 8 years. In fact, it never even broke. I handed it down to my brother. That’s what I love. Either I built a hell of a computer or apple people lie. I love the fact I can say without lying that my computer lasted over 8 years and is still strong. I know people already commented on this, but I’m flabbergasted REDLINE even used this as a example.

    “THe mac pro hasn’t been updated in several years”

    If that’s the case why the hell is it so expensive! Are you kidding me?! Come up with something better. Please.

  53. RAWR! says:

    When I said windows doesn’t need it I meant it doesn’t NEED it. apple laptops have multituch because it is necessary its not a extra feature it is needed to do cretin functions on a Mac, windows just has right click, and in my opinion that is easier and faster to use.

    And again the UI of the OS is your opinion, in my opinion Mac’s UI is just utterly horrid.

  54. Sam says:

    The battle of the battle pc vs Mac use what you prefer thats confortable to you remember is just a computer and holy Fck is this like world war 3 or something?

  55. Redline says:

    Most purchases are made from subjective opinions. Objectively speaking if everyone bought only what was necessary we would all drive bare bones vehicles, live in small efficient homes, only consume food that is healthy etc. No thats not an argument, merely an observation. As for multitouch, what do you mean windows doesn’t “need” multitouch? It was one of the reasons I got lion, multitouch is utterly useful- I use it constantly. Just try it out objectively and extensively.
    I never said Windows rewrote the OS to fix bugs, and I don’t think I implied it, if so Im sorry. It just seems Microsoft tries too hard to improve and they over do it to the point where its really terrible. Windows 7 was a huge step in the right direction but its still not quite as intuitive. I really don’t like the start menu- thats something I want to see fixed. It just feels like Windows was designed by a huge committee and we all know how productive committees are. I think if MS really wants to get serious about windows then they need to make their own computer (I don’t mean gateway) and have some sort of special version of Windows on it. Don’t laugh just think about it.
    Yes thats subjective but then again so is saying acs suck because they can’t play games- saying games are used for special effects isn’t. But wanting to play games is subjective.

  56. RAWR! says:

    Windows didn’t rewrite the OS to fix bugs they rewrote it to give it more capabilities mainly graphical ones. As I said before XP is a 10 year old OS still safe and stable not as safe as vista or 7 but still safe.

    Gaming capabilities is also essential for well obviously making the game but also for special effects in movies. You cant test games or make the effects they have in movies on a crappy gpu.

    As for multituch Windows doesn’t need mouse gestures so something like that is unnecessary.

    And again you are only speaking from personal experience, and most of what you said was subjective.

  57. Redline says:

    SEMEN: Well Im glad that you’ve had great experiences with your dell’s, fact is I really haven’t and neither have a lot of the people I know. I have had ZERO heating issues, in fact my HP gets hotter than my macbook so I guess that issue is fixed.
    RAWR: Apple develops a lot of the hardware with intel, like firewire and thunderbolt, the macbook air CPU, and I think the graphics cards are made for macs. Just because other companies made them doesn’t mean they weren’t designed for the computer. As for the film stuff, well I don’t blame you, if you don’t need or care about film and music editing then I wouldn’t blame you for not using a Mac. The thing is film and music editing are productivity tools that people use for their jobs, gaming isn’t.
    Apples OS is never bug free upon release that would be impossible. But the updated and upgraded it without rewriting the whole thing. And because its tied with the computer I find it works better. The trackpad on macs is insanely responsive its also much larger than almost all pc counterparts and to me thats VERY useful. Also multitouch is fantastic.
    I don’t know why the mac pros haven’t been upgraded, you don’t have to buy a mac pro. I don’t think its corruption a new one is in the works I think its that they’re behind schedule.
    OKAY: More choices isn’t always better. PC manufacturers really don’t put much thought into the design of their products. SUre its not a deal maker or breaker but I love all the touches on the macbook pros, the magsafe power adapter is ingenious I don’t care how much you hate apple you have to admit magsafe is pretty sweet. The batter indicator (I use quite frequently) the magnetic latch etc. I think a few quality designs are better than 500 crappy ones. And Im sure a lot of consumers will agree. Im not saying you shouldn’t have competition quite the opposite really because competition creates better products typically but you don’t need a bunch of crap.

    To be honest I love everything about my MBP and OS X, my buddy got an Asus G76 I believe, same CPU as mine, more RAM, bigger hard drive, better graphics and I wouldn’t trade him if he asked me. You say iSheep, I say you have to own a Mac (a newer unibody one). Just borrow one or something. Sure the price is more than the hardware, but the software (at least for me and every other mac owner I know) coupled with the thoughtful design makes for an equivalent product if not better for most people. I said most not all. Now I know I’m about to get some incredulous replies but its fine with me.

  58. Okay says:

    Too many choices on pc that’s what I like ;)

  59. semen says:

    my last pc 1.2 ghz athlon was retired 6 months ago. is that pc old enough?
    i also have a working dell inspiron 1560 to counter your six years old macbook. so, dont bullshit people with mac lasting longer than pcs.

    fact is mac is built like a heat trap – slim profiles, crammed all-in-one, fans spun silently low. go surf for “hitachi drives mac dead”. believe me hitachi arent all to blame, neither are nvidia for your graphical glitches.

    for the price of a cheap laptop, i can use the money to buy/upgrade 2-3 times more frequently. hence, no need to even buy extended warranty. plus, any computer repair shop will gladly repair your laptop for a modest fee (after all, not everybody can afford the costly fee of one of your genius technicians).

    damn isheeps, the path to your salvation is the slaughterhouse.

  60. Okay says:

    And plus who cares what laptop you’re using . All personal preference of what you feel comfortable with . No need to brag about computers

  61. Okay says:

    Pc laptops also had a back lit keyboard Sony vaio’s are shiny too

  62. RAWR! says:

    You are arguing on a personal level me and STEVE are on a general level, I don’t think we have once said we don’t care about this program or this feature. For instance I don’t care about music or video editing. But I never Ignored that part of the argument just because it’s not something I use.

    Apple hardware? What apple hardware? The Intel cpu? The ATI graphics card? The western digital HDD, I bereave most of the mother boards Apple has are made by Intel as well. As for drivers, they have drivers specific for each OS. Only difference is that EVERY piece of computer hardware internal and external will work for Windows.

    And they remade Windows because they where working with old coding and that limited what they could do so it was time for a upgrade.

    “Apple never claimed it was a whole new OS”
    That still doesn’t change the fact that you are paying for a update.

    Who cares? I for one care, and I’m sure allot of other people care too.

    Just because you don’t use bootcamp that doesn’t mean other people don’t, you are just one person, your arguing from personal experience me and STEVE worked with other consumers and know their problems.

    And “if the OS isn’t broken don’t fix it” If everyone thought that way we would still be using 16 bit programs. They didn’t fix Windows (there was nothing wrong with it) they made it better expended it’s horizons.
    You are implying Apples OS is bug free, and perfect on release, well that is impossible and it would take me months to explain to you why that statement doesn’t even make any seance.

    “THe mac pro hasn’t been updated in several years”
    If that’s so then why is Apple selling such old desktops for nearly two times the price of normal PC’s? That only proves their corruption.

  63. Redline says:

    I don’t use bootcamp, I don’t seem to be experiencing any of these fantastic windows only programs that everyone seems to be hating on Apple for. Besides games, which again, I do. not. care. about. My mac has been just fine.
    Steve: Apple hardware does in fact last longer. At least every Mac that me or any of my friends have had have lasted at least 6 years with zero hardware problems. Thats because all the software is designed specifically for the mac architecture. And with the same OS, well look at tiger, and look at Lion. Different look, different feel. Apple never claimed it was a whole new OS it was a new OS release (i believe thats the words they use).
    Also, if the OS isn’t broken- don’t fix it. Who cares if Vista and7 are totally new OS’s? That just means more bugs to fix.

    Also RAWR!: THe mac pro hasn’t been updated in several years, you seem to think thats Apples only desktop. The iMac is not that overpriced for being an all in one and its pretty good. Again- apple develops all of their own crap which costs money.

  64. RAWR! says:

    I think its funny that the first OS X (also when they got the Unix core) is called cheetah.

  65. Steve says:

    @RAWR. Maybe if they go to version 11 they will stop using animal names.

  66. Steve says:

    @SOURLIME. Because magically mac hardware lasts longer than PC hardware even though they use the same brand processors and video cards. isheep buy right into apples lies.

  67. SourLime says:

    About the bootcamp Mac users seem so proud of you still have to buy a windows os to use it so why not just get a PC?
    Every Mac user i meet seems to know about bootcamp if they need windows somuch why not just get a PC!?

  68. RAWR! says:

    And Apples Desktops are pathetic I’ve said this before, but there 8 core Mac pro is $3500, you can get a comp with better parts (better as in more ram faster everything more HDD memory and a SSD) for just under $2000

    And ya there are a few programs I use that where made for XP one for example is windows movie maker I like the XP version better then the vista/7 version better.

    And like I said most windows 7 and vista programs work on XP, for a while I didn’t want to upgrade to windows 7 so I stuck with XP but I didn’t have to worry about not being able to use new programs or losing support from Microsoft, with apple you don’t have that option.

    So even if all your programs update, they wont work on a older OS, there is always someone out their who doesn’t wanna upgrade to the new thing.

    While I’m still on the topic of overpriced and there OS, I’ve looked at the change log from Apples “New” OS’s
    Version 10.0: “Cheetah”
    Version 10.1: “Puma”
    Version 10.2: “Jaguar”
    Version 10.3: “Panther”
    Version 10.4: “Tiger”
    Version 10.5: “Leopard”
    Version 10.6: “Snow Leopard”
    Version 10.7: “Lion”

    These are their OS’s and as you can plainly see that they are all version 10, meaning all the “new” OS’s they come out with are just updates, to windows they will be equivalent to a service pack, that is one of the biggest updates a Windows OS can get. But apple makes you pay for these. Windows Vista was built from the ground up no XP code is inside of Vista and 7(other then the emulator data used to run old programs) There where minor changes to the UI from Vista to 7 and major changes to the core of the OS as well as the update DirectX 11 which only Windows 7 can use.

    And again I looked at the change log to all these OS’s. Apples OS’s had no major changes to the core that would require a new OS.

  69. Steve says:

    still saving*

  70. Steve says:

    I forgot to mention to the isheep that there are plenty of free anti-virus software out there to choose from. I’m still saying over $800.00 no matter how you slice it.

  71. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. I’ve been playing Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield since it’s release and it’s a Windows XP only game. I also play Doom and Wolfenstein from time to time for old times sake and those are DOS games. I’m running Windows 7 Professional. And here’s an example of how sick apple jacks up the price:

    Macbook Pro 15-inch: 2.2 GHz (12/1/2011 – store.apple.com)

    2.2GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
    500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
    AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB GDDR5
    MacBook Pro 15-inch Glossy Widescreen Display
    SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    Built-in Bluetooth: Yes
    Price: $1,799.00

    HP dv6tqe series (12/1/2011 – hp.com)

    2nd generation Intel Core i7-2670QM (2.2 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz
    8GB DDR3 System Memory
    750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
    1GB Radeon(TM) HD 6770M GDDR5 Graphics [HDMI, VGA]
    15.6″ High Definition HP LED Brightview (1366×768)
    Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner
    Built-in Bluetooth: Yes
    Price: $939.99

    So you are basically paying over $800.00 for a Backlit Keyboard. That makes so much sense. You get a bigger hard drive, better screen, more RAM, better video card, and a blu-ray player on the HP.

  72. Steve says:

    “pc dont need crutches (bootcamp) to install other os.” Hilarious.

  73. semen says:

    pc laptops can be bought in any store without authorization.
    pc laptops can be repair in any store because official tech. manuals are made available.
    pc laptops and desktops can be wildly customized in more configurations.
    pc apps are more diverse – editing, multimedia, “business + cads + games” (mostly pc).
    pc apps have better shelflife – firefox 8 and flash 11 still works on windows 2000.
    pc architectures dont flip-flop from 68k -> ppc-> x86 -> arm?
    pc always have standard ports – unlike the tbolt, firewire, ??
    pc does not discriminate against bluray.
    pc have more peripherals.
    pc caters to all wallet size.
    pc dont need crutches (bootcamp) to install other os.
    pc are click driven, double-click to install (not “drag while clicking” across a big widescreen to dock), right-click to delete (not “drag while clicking” across a big widescreen to trash). all the wasted movements.


  74. Redline says:

    What XP only programs do you use?
    The same programs that were available for tiger (at least that I know are used) are updated and available for Lion
    Mac vs PC price for price I don’t think will be twice as good. There will be a large gap but thats mainly development costs for Apple. If they licensed OS X there would be pros and cons but I won’t get into that because its not the way it is right now.
    Microsoft is on the top 10 for customer support and Apple isn’t??? What list is this???
    And OKAY: who said its a way of life

  75. RAWR! says:

    Mac’s used to be better for movie and music development, but that was like 15 years ago, its almost 2012 now and PC’s have software editing that’s just as good as Mac’s (when I say just as good I mean in the capabilities of the program) whether or not a program is better for you, is based on your preferences.

  76. Okay says:

    So please stop being an extreme fanboy. And stop claiming that it’s a way of life, it’s just a fcking computer.

    Dont forget to mention rich spoiled kids who just want to be cool and have a mac just to go on facebook and brag like a 7 year old.

  77. Okay says:

    I’ve used a mac for a year for audio. It’s nothing special, in fact I found it to be very under-whelming. Mac OS is pretty simple and looks nice, but that’s all I can say. I found I could actually do way more on my P.C. (gaming to be specific).

    Yep, if you are retarded with Computers, then do not get a PC. I’ve never had any problems on my computer that I couldn’t EASILY fix in no time. But with Macs, it’s a complete pain in the ass.

  78. Okay says:

    Macs are better for music and editing, but there are a lot of games that you cant play on them. PC is better for working, and games. personally i use Pc because i like my games. so its not a battle of better vs worse is a personal preference, although most people will use pc in the end simply because they are familiar with it.

  79. Redline says:

    What XP only programs do you use?
    The same programs that were available for tiger (at least that I know are used) are updated and available for Lion
    Mac vs PC price for price I don’t think will be twice as good. There will be a large gap but thats mainly development costs for Apple. If they licensed OS X there would be pros and cons but I won’t get into that because its not the way it is right now.
    Microsoft is on the top 10 for customer support and Apple isn’t??? What list is this???
    http://www.laptopmag.com/mobile-life/tech-support-showdown-2011.aspx?page=4 thats laptop mag. Which Ive heard is pretty objective

  80. Steve says:

    Not to mention Microsoft is on the top 10 list for customer support. And apple didn’t make the list. Microsoft one of the few software companies that will take returns if you don’t like their product. Usually software, music, and especially video game companies won’t take returns.

  81. RAWR! says:

    Some programs that where made for Windows XP only or programs that people prefer the older version to, will still work on 7.

    Another perk to having a Windows OS is the support you get from Microsoft.
    Apple abandons their old OS’s while Microsoft still gives support and updates to XP users which is a 10 year old OS.

    And most windows Vista and windows 7 programs work for XP. Unless they require dx10/11.

    Software is a mater of opinion. How well one program works for you is your opinion, someone might have a different program that works for them. That’s why I never brought up the quality of any program. so opinion’s wouldn’t matter.

    If you like apple’s software better you can run the same programs on Windows, or at the very least carbon copies.

    I meant to say A Mac vs PC with the same spec’s, PC will always be cheaper.
    But with that said for the same price you can make a PC that has almost 2 times better hardware.

  82. Redline says:

    *a SSD grammar, argh

  83. Redline says:

    What do you mean a PC with the same specs as a mac will be better than the mac?
    Backwards compatibility- Well what programs do you run that require backwards compatibility? Apple automatically updates their programs to the newest version. I installed iWork09 on my MacBook Pro running Lion and it automatically upgraded to iWork11 for free. So could you show me examples where that would be useful?
    Most of the software I have had on my PC has been in my opinion inferior to Mac software, I prefer quality over quantity. And if there is a great windows program I usually find that there is a Mac version. Microsoft Exchange vs iLife is a good example of packaged software where I prefer Apples version.
    Well as far as upgrades you’re right, Macs usually only have RAM, HDD/SSD upgrades but those are the only things I would want to upgrade and Im sure most consumers would agree. If you’re into hardcore tinkering I’m sure you could find a way to upgrade the processor. If I’m not mistaken any intel processor will work on a Mac board, but I could be wrong. So processor upgrades etc. GPUs I give to PCs yes. But I really don’t need to do any of those upgrades. More RAM and an SSD are what Im aiming for when I have the spare cash.
    Ad’s: Well thats more against the company than the product, yeah Apples ads were rude. I haven’t seen that as of late but I’m sure that has a lot to do with Stevie J and Billy G’s rivalry.

  84. RAWR! says:

    Any Mac vs a PC of the same spec’s PC will be better and in most cases cheaper.

    As for the OS that is more a matter of opinion.

    But here are some examples of how Windows is a more practical OS

    Backwards compatibility:
    Windows 7 can run programs from all previous OS up till Windows 95.
    OS X has little to no backwards compatibility.

    Most software works on Windows 7 Windows has a incredibly huge
    library of software and new programs come out almost everyday.
    OS X only has Software that was made for OS X.

    All hardware works for Windows 7
    OS X only works with the hardware it is built with. With the exception of most HDD’s, RAM,
    And SSD’s

    Windows only shows the finer points of their OS
    Apple is constantly slandering Windows, on Apples website they claim to own the worlds most advance OS.

    I remember seeing a Apple ad in a magazine which was advertising Cheetah and they proceeded to say “Apples new OS X Cheetah will give windows a run for their money.”
    Apple started this “PC vs Mac War” with their ad’s.

  85. Redline says:

    Im defending that Macs do not in fact suck. Better than PC’s is a really general stance, better than what pc? All pcs? well what OS are they running, what are the features? I don’t know. If we are comparing operating systems it gets harder, yes OS X can only legally (and stably ((without a lot of effort that is)) be put on Apple computers. Regardless I personally prefer OS X by a solid head, maybe not shoulders though. Anyway specs per specs macs are roughly $300 overpriced that is the SAME parts. Yes Dell has had some issues with good specs but unreliable parts so thats why I say part for part macs don’t suck. Thats was a bit muddled but I think you should get the idea.

  86. RAWR! says:

    ” I have a summer job discredit my stance”
    I would also like to know what your stance is, you yourself said your are not arguing to prove that Mac is better. So why are you here? Just to argue?

    I’m trying to prove that PC’s are better, they are better priced, they have a larger selection, they have many manufactures, they can do everything a Mac can and more.

  87. Redline says:

    Rawr: Yep I understand. I meant with the stuff that steve was saying how “you’ve made it obvious you don’t know anything about computers” Which you said as well. Thats a bit overdone if I do say so. My bad I’m not up to speed on motherboard ports and SATA, eSATA, etc. The parts of computers I interact with on a day to day basis are graphics cards, i/o ports, displays, processors, hard drives. Things like that. No Im not a geek squad employee, and steve, look you said “don’t know about zunes don’t say anything at all” thats what I mean when I said don’t tell me what to do, yes I overreacted and was rude, I apologize (its finals next week, I’m a bit stressed but still feel like posting on here)

    Stee: Now when you say zune service is cheaper, cheaper than what? ITunes, you don’t have to use iTunes and no one that I know does.
    also “REDLINE comes off as if it isn’t double digit market share don’t buy it. That’s a horrible way to decide on making a purchase.” So does mac market share factor into purchasing? You seem to think that it does, as with iPods there are more accessories available, also third party music vendors are available for any MP3 player so thats why I prefer iPods.

    Rawr: when i said macs and pcs are made for different purposes I meant that macs are more for audio, film editing, and productivity (Its hard to get sidetracked on a mac, or at least harder than on a pc for me) PCs are made for more of the general consumer market and gaming. Not necessarily just those purposes but their design, build, and essence are geared towards those respective markets.

  88. RAWR! says:

    “Again, that doesn’t disprove what I said”

    And what are we talking about here? You said allot of things and contradicted yourself a few times, so I’m not sure what this comment is referring to.

    Not trying to be a smart ass by the way, that is a legitimate question.

  89. Redline says:

    My bad Steve I meant to say, does the fact that I have a summer job discredit my stance and if so how? -fixed it :D

  90. Redline says:

    Again, that doesn’t disprove what I said, yet another logical fallacy.This time its “appeal to authority”. Ok you have a professional job, that doesn’t disprove what I said.
    Okay: Well, thats subjective, honestly if you’re just browsing the web I would suggest a tablet. But people can spend their money however they like, whether one item is better than another isn’t based on price; that would be whether one item presents a better value or not.
    Steve: So had I not said I have a summer job does that discredit my stance, and if so how?
    Rawr; go ahead thats your choice.

  91. Okay says:

    Nothing really special on the mac beside’s doing film editing, or music.

    If not then of what i had seen they just wanna be cool and stay on facebook.

    That is what i had seen on there mac’s. But is it really worth spending that

    money to buy a mac?

    Not really that worth the money to buy a mac if you’re not into Audio. If you’re into just browsing the web. Get a netbook or a notebook.

  92. Okay says:

    just saw people on there mac’s just to be cool on facebook.

  93. RAWR! says:

    STEVE that’s like asking a child if they like celery or chocolate more.
    I would obviously side with you.

  94. Steve says:

    RAWR and I have personal and professional experience on all these common issues with mac. Yet, REDLINE is still in school and has a summer job. Who would you trust?

  95. Steve says:

    @RAWR. And there is nothing wrong with that. REDLINE comes off as if it isn’t double digit market share don’t buy it. That’s a horrible way to decide on making a purchase.

  96. RAWR! says:

    As far as music is concerned I use a cheap 5gb mp3 player no point in paying so much for something I’m only gonna listen to music on.

  97. Steve says:

    REDLINE SAID: “About the zune stuff, don’t tell me what to do a*****e”

    When did I ever tell you what to do? I was giving you information on why I thought Zune was better. I never once told you to use it or to switch services.

  98. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. I have nothing else to say. I’ve been giving you valid and accurate information. You keep coming back with invalid and inconsistent information. Anyways, liking Zune or ipod as a device is a matter of personal preference. But Zune service is cheaper. That’s a fact.

  99. RAWR! says:

    REDLINE said:”secondly macs are high end computers” “macs aren’t for gaming so graphics cards are meh”
    So what I said was related. And how is it arrogant? It is a fact not a assumption.
    And you already made it painfully obvious you don’t know much about PC’s in general.
    PC’s and Mac’s are made for a different purposes? PC = personal Computer it is what ever you want it to be. Mac’s only have the software Apple LETS you have the hardware Apple LETS you have, Sounds allot like a dictator to me.

    If you aren’t here defending Mac or trying to prove they are better then why are you here?

    REDLINE said: “again ASSUMPTIONS get you no where.” “you seem to think all macs suck with very little experience of a mac.”

    I have been repairing Mac’s scene Macintosh (the big blue box) was their only desktop. I am not a expert on Mac’s and PC’s but I know more then the average person. I am a geek squad employee. It is my job to know.

  100. Redline says:

    And you attacking me and not my arguments also makes me believe you’re immature, ever hear of ad hominem? Im 19 by the way, and I would say that I’m intermediate in computers this being my first year in college where I’ve taken CIS/CIT courses. Secondly, how does that disprove what Ive said?

  101. Steve says:

    And since you had to save up from a summer job also makes me believe you’re a child. Regardless if I’m right you’re still acting like a child. You have no experience or knowledge with any type of computer. PC or mac. You only know the basics and its showing.

  102. Redline says:

    Name calling? Excuse me, you have called me a spoiled 15 year old hypocrite. You no longer have any credibility, also the fact that you respond by contradicting yourself makes you look very childish.
    And again, YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY FROM ITUNES. I can sync my iPHone with any music I want. Your argument is not valid.

  103. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. Once the debate goes to name calling that usually means you cannot come up with any legitimate answers. It also makes you look very childish.

    If you would’ve read my posts you would see why Zune is better. The music is a hell of a lot cheaper and you can’t get the Zune service with a mac.

  104. Redline says:

    Zunes and iPods are comparatively priced, but I think the iPod does it much better on both macs and PCs so that why I don’t know why you’d use a zune.

  105. Redline says:

    never said rich people only buy macs now did i? What I said was “If you buy a mac you can PROBABLY afford the peripherals.” I know about hackintoshes, had one, didn’t like it. About the zune stuff, don’t tell me what to do a*****e. RAWR! apple has a monopoly, pretty much anti communist. And you assuming what I do and don’t know is arrogant, Im not trying to prove Macs are better, have I ever said Macs are better? No I haven’t, in fact macs and PC’s are made for different purposes, you seem to think all macs suck with very little experience of a mac. Also “You need a High end comp to play some of the newest games, if Mac’s aren’t for gaming then they cant be high end too” thats unrelated and arrogant.
    Steve: no I saved up from a summer job and bought my mac, again ASSUMPTIONS get you no where. I assume that you are an angry old man. Is this true? Also, yes typical VAIO buyers are not poor. TYPICAL buyers, exceptions are not the rule.

  106. Steve says:

    REDLINE SAID: “they have a single digit market share so no one else I know uses them and I really don’t know why you’d use a Zune.”

    I could say the same thing and ask you why would anyone use a mac because they have a single digit market share in the computer world. Again, look it up and do research. I don’t like a mac for many reasons, but unpopular is not one of them. Not liking a product because it is unpopular shows right there you only use macs because of the commercials.

  107. Steve says:

    I was about to say isn’t it arrogant to think that only rich people buy macs? I guess only rich people buy Sony Vaios as well.

  108. RAWR! says:

    And do you know the meaning of arrogance?
    an attitude of superiority manifested in presumptuous claims or assumptions
    We are in no way being arrogant.
    It is you who are being arrogant you know little about PC’s and windows but you are trying to prove Mac is better.

  109. Steve says:

    Hense the name hackintosh.

  110. RAWR! says:

    See Communist company. Microsoft lets me use their OS on what ever machine I want. While apple will only let me use it on THEIR products.

    And your right you cant legally run Mac OS on a PC. You know why? Because most hardware don’t support Mac’s so you have to hack the OS for it to run on a PC.

  111. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. PC machines these days can dual boot Windows, Mac, and Linux operation systems. Where are you getting your facts?

  112. Steve says:

    REDLINE SAID: “About the Zune crap I don’t know a whole lot about them”

    If you don’t know a whole lot about them then don’t say anything at all.

  113. Steve says:

    What I dont get are the mac users that say “if you buy a mac you can probably afford any peripheral you want”. You sound like a spoiled 15 year old. I know people that barely make it every month and they own a mac. Sony Vaio laptops can be just as much as macs .. but you get more out of it hardware wise. apple users sound like spoiled kids.

  114. Redline says:

    Bootcamp is stupid? That’s not an argument. And Steve I never said I didn’t know anything about zunes, again I don’t research off apple commercials, another assumption you make. Rawr windows can’t legally run os x but macs can run any os yet again not “stupid”. Arrogance doesn’t suit either of you.

  115. RAWR! says:

    Windows can run multiple OS’s as well ever hear of virtualmachine?
    You can also dual boot on a PC.

    How can you even attempt to argue the points of a Mac when you obviously know nothing about PC’s and windows.

  116. Steve says:

    And if you don’t know anything about Zune don’t post about it and do research. You have no credibility. You say things based off apple commercials and apple sales people from the mac store. Do research before you post.

  117. RAWR! says:

    Using bootcamp to run windows is just stupid and proves that Mac is useless.
    If you are trying to prove Mac is better then you should never mention bootcamp.

  118. Redline says:


  119. Redline says:

    Ummm, first of all, the fact that macs can run both os’s is an advantage. Secondly you don’t had to buy from iTunes. You’re just a Mac hater and want to argue.

  120. RAWR! says:

    Laptops hardware are no where near as good as a desktops, and the Mac desktop’s and nearly 3 times the price as a PC, and PC’s have better hardware.
    You have no argument.

  121. Steve says:

    I own a Zune HD, but I stopped using it when I got my Windows Phone 7 (because Zune is built in). People use Zune because the music isn’t a rip off. Its $10.00 a month for unlimited music. What is it on the itunes? You pay $.99 per song. I have over 10,000 songs. Thats nearly $10,000 I won’t spend with itunes.

    Bootcamp? Are you kidding me? If you really need to use bootcamp why not save the money and get a PC? You’re just a PC wannabe and basically want to argue to argue.

  122. Redline says:

    Ever hear of bootcamp? Or parallels?

  123. RAWR! says:

    How can Mac’s be high end, but not for gaming?
    You need a High end comp to play some of the newest games, if Mac’s aren’t for gaming then they cant be high end too.

    You have no idea what you are talking about, and you have no experience.

  124. Steve says:

    Try updating firmware on majority of Linksys routers, access points, powerline adapters, gaming adapters, and the list goes on. You can’t do that on a mac. You need Windows XP or up. I constantly update firmware for customers because there isn’t any software for mac. Not to mention a lot of the Linksys gaming adapters you need a PC just to set the thing up … which is another returned item I have to deal with.

  125. Redline says:

    Steve: I have a Logitech pc keyboard and use it with my Mac regularly, secondly macs are high end computers so people with macs can usually afford high end peripherals. I don’t care how many returns you get, those people didn’t know what they were doing. About the Zune crap I don’t know a whole lot about them, my friend syncs his Zune with his Mac, they have a single digit market share so no one else I know uses them and I really don’t know why you’d use a Zune. Again if you buy a Mac you can probably afford any peripheral you want. You are making unfounded assumptions you angry person. Rawr- macs aren’t for gaming so graphics cards are meh, you’re right.

  126. Steve says:

    REDLINE WROTE: “As for hard drives, you have to make sure its hardware compatible with any computer.” Okay, you obviously know absolutely nothing about computers. You lost all credibility. Since when did a PC user ever have to make sure a hard drive is compatible with his system? Unless you have a 10 year old computer with IDE ports than yes, you will have to make sure the hard drive uses IDE and not SATA. But thats not even a software issue .. thats a hardware issue. Windows XP has drivers for SATA hard drives.

  127. RAWR! says:

    Only drivers I see on Nividia’s site, are for:
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows Sever

    Only drivers for Mac are for their notebooks(stupid name for a laptop) and those cards are have to be built FOR Mac. Not only is Apple selling their products at high prices, limiting what uses can do on those products, they are also making it harder for other company’s to do their job’s.

    If anything the only reason Apple is still in business is because the 3rd party company’s don’t want to abandon Mac users.

  128. RAWR! says:

    ALL graphics cards are PC only, not one card I can find on tigerdirect or newegg, or even on Nvidia’s and AMD/ATI’s official sites. Hell they don’t even have drivers for Mac.
    Only way you are gonna get Nvidia or AMD/ATI card in your Mac is if it was there already.

    SLI for Mac is really basic and only works with some Mid-end cards.
    Crossfire doesn’t work for Mac at all and the Radon HD 6990 and other dual
    GPU cards wont work on Mac ether.

  129. RAWR! says:

    Yes for hard drives and other internal hardware you have to see if its compatible with the rest of your hardware but with PC’s its never a issue to see if it works for your OS.
    Most hardware works for XP and all hardware works for win7.

  130. Steve says:

    Most Logitech keyboards are made for PC and they have to make a special version for mac. Go on Amazon and see. There is always a “Mac Edition”. Never heard of a “PC Edition” keyboard. I sell a lot of keyboards and that’s a common issue with mac users.

  131. Steve says:

    And you cannot use Zune software with mac. You need the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac and only unprotected (non-DRM) media files can be synced between your Mac and your Windows Phone or Zune HD. Which means you cant even download music through Zune software and use a mac to sync the music.

  132. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. You’re going off absolutely no experience. I own a computer retail store and the majority of returns are from mac users saying its not compatible with their system. You have no idea what you’re talking about. There are so many different brands to choose from. And a lot of people can’t afford the high end stuff. You’re living in a dream world.

  133. Redline says:

    Pretty much any Bluetooth enabled mice or keboards are Mac compatible. Cellphones, well any smartphone is Mac compatible and Mac users will probably have iPods or zunes as their mo3 players so not really an issue there either. As for hard drives, you have to make sure its hardware compatible with any computer. I haven’t bought any apple made peripherals, all of mine are 3rd party and it wasn’t hard at all to find affordably priced items. Mac market share is far bigger than it used to be so peripherals are no longer an issue.

  134. Steve says:

    @RAWR. Exactly. I call apple the nazi company.

  135. RAWR! says:

    The only way you can make sure all your stuff is compatible with with Mac it to make sure that Apple makes it. Meaning if you own a mac you better be prepared to buy most of your stuff from Apple only. That is why I call Apple a Communist company its their way or the highway.

    Apple = A Box
    Windows = A bigger box, with a door.
    Linux = The world.

  136. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. I hope you realize that the camcorder was ONE example. Camcorder, Camera, GPS, Cell phones, MP3 Players, Hard drives, Keyboards, Mice … the list goes on and on. Saying anyone uses any computer for one (facebook) thing is a far stretch. Everyone owns some type of consumer electronic and chances are it isn’t compatible with mac.

  137. Redline says:

    Also if a Mac user just wanted to be on Facebook then they wouldn’t have to worry about camera compatibility at all.

  138. Redline says:

    In which case it would be the person using it and not the Product that’s at fault

  139. Tim says:

    Or if they not doing filming editing, or a music person.

    And even though they use a mac but not doing these stuffs, they just wanted to be cool and stay on facebook. with there iphones around it

  140. SourLime says:

    Light your money on fire to keep yourself warm, use it to keep rocks safe, go to a strip club, give kids paper cuts, turn it into paper planes and aim for peoples eyes, use it as shoes, underwear all other clothing, swim in it, use it for toilet paper, feed it to your unicorn, send ransom notes with it, or you could buy a Apple product.

    Waste your money how ever you want, and if someone says why? Tell them because I can. I live in America I am free to chose, even if my choice doesn’t benefit me, it was my choice and you have no right to tell me it was wrong.
    Was it smart? probably not. Can you call me an idiot? Why yes you can. Do I care what you think? No. No I don’t.

  141. SourLime says:

    You know that money in your pocket? You can waste it how ever you want, make a suit out of it, do whatever, exchange your life savings for penny’s, buy a house you will never live in, ball it up and throw it at a hobo yelling at him that he stole your cheese burger.

  142. Redline says:

    No I cannot deny this, but I do hope that if someone is spending over $1,000 on a computer that they will know how to use it and what will and won’t work with it. Macs are aimed at the high-end of the tech market. So yes, buying peripherals is a little bit harder but most of the peripherals that a Mac user will be looking for should be on the high-end side so most (not all but most) should work with a Mac.

  143. Steve says:

    @REDLINE. If a regular person that isn’t very tech-savvy buys a digital camcorder and can’t connect it to his mac that’s a huge issue. You can buy ANY camcorder and it will be compatible with a PC. You can’t do that without looking at the package first with a mac. The point is most consumers are not tech-savvy and if they own a mac they will run into so many problems when it comes to compatibility with their other electronics. You can’t deny that.

  144. Redline says:

    “Worth buying” is subjective. Even if I’m not editing films I would have a Mac. I have really bad ADD and OS X is much better for multitasking and not distracting me IMO.

  145. Tim says:

    Film industry, Or a music person. Go for mac if not. Then is not really worth buying. That was my point of view.

  146. Redline says:

    I think voldemort is typing this from his phone… anyway,
    Steve- A lot of the high end camcorders are compatible with mac- remember OS X is the film industry standard. So anyone who has a mac and needs a camcorder is probably looking at high end camcorders anyway. Still doesn’t prove macs suck.
    Jimmy: Im sorry dude, but now that macs are on intel they will become obsolete at the same pace as any PC.

  147. SourLime says:

    You know what sucks!? This site only way to go to old pages is to add comment-page-XX/ X being the page number add page options you jerk!

    This is page 18 btw.

  148. NIKE says:

    I never get a virus on my pc only idiots gets a virus.

  149. HeWhoMustNotBeNamed says:

    There is preferences that you can set so clicking on the right side makes a right click, also, because is uses UNIX it is compatible with alot of Linux stuff, such as wine which make it so it runs most windows operations in mac. now lets get one the price and apple having a monopoly on mac, first if you know about computers then you would know alot of company’s use computers that have high spec’s but use cheaper and less reliable parts, alot of ppl hate dell because of that, if apple keeps the work within its own company it is more likely that you would never have to worry about the computers having huge differences. now sure mac dose freeze and we get viruses but just the way windows sets up its library its extremely prone to viruses spreading. now gaming, for the longest time i used wine and it ran alot smoother then my PC would running the same games, now i have a partition and it runs extremely smooth(o yeah i love how windows when you want to get the driver for your Ethernet it gives you a weblink lol) all in all its your chose at the end you can make mac do anything window’s dose if you just dig around.

  150. jimmy says:

    i spent 3000 bucks on a mac powerbook g4 and 5 years later its a pc that isnt compatible with anything.
    i hate you macintosh

    woops its so slow that I had to hit the button so tyhat little annoying wheel would stop rolling!!!!


  151. Steve says:

    I just got home from Costco and so many of the camcorders and cameras I looked at were NOT compatible with macs. Pretty hilarious. Not only do you have to look on every box for computer hardware to make sure its compatible with a mac, but you have to do that even with consumer electronics. I know a guy who returned a GPS because you couldn’t update the maps on a mac.

  152. jimmy says:

    i spent 3000 bucks on a mac powerbook g4 and 5 years later its a pc that isnt compatible with anything.
    i hate you macintosh

  153. Lunaix says:

    Lol, going on my favs

  154. Redline says:

    Im with sourlime. You have freedom of choice. And with PC’s sure you have more choice (personally I like Apple) but there is a reason for Apples pricing outside of profit and Sourlime summed that up nicely.

  155. SourLime says:

    But that is also one of the reasons I don’t like Apple you don’t have as much freedoms as you do with PC’s.

  156. SourLime says:

    Windows is for people who want to be in control of all aspects of there OS (with some limitations although those can be bypassed)

    Mac OS is for people who just want to get on their computer do what they need to do and get off without having to worry about all the technol stuff.

    Also for hardcore gamers Windows is a must, not sure about Linux all I know about Linux is hearsay

    As for everything else like software how well it works for you is all about preference if apple software works better for you then that’s YOU some other program might be easier for someone else to use.

    As far as hardware is concerned PC has a better selection and better price’s

    And like Tucansam said apple makes there products in house(Not all the internal hardware) so that’s why they have a bigger price, it cost apple more then other company’s to make there comps.
    For most other company’s they are really only making the case and in some cases the motherboard then ordering the other parts from their respected company’s.

  157. TucanSam says:

    Yes Steve I suppose it would be two-fingering. I think the technical term is option clicking. Mine two-fingered out of the box heh-heh

  158. Steve says:

    Unless you program the mouse to right-click on a mac its not true right-clicking. Out of the box unless its a mac branded mouse the mouse won’t right-click using the right button. Make sense? I’m glad this is cleared up. Thank you.

  159. Steve says:

    @QWER. We’ve already been through this. There is no “right-click” with a mac without taking further steps. apple overcomplicates everything. They make you program the mouse first in order to right-click. Its not right-click out of the box unless you buy their branded mouse (nazi). Can you imagine a non-techy person trying to figure this out without going to the apple store first? And TOUCAN over there is using the 2 finger option to “right-click”. Using 2 fingers isn’t right-clicking. How did right-clicking become a saying and not an actual action? If I hit the right-click button on my mouse that would be considered right-clicking. So on a mac would it be called 2 fingering? Sounds sexy.

  160. Redline says:

    I don’t think he’s a fanboy, I think he’s just slightly irrational. TucanSam never mentioned anything about windows sucking. I use Windows 7 on my PC and its not bad but I prefer OS X especially for work.

  161. NIKE says:

    Well both PC and Mac is great. But the fanboy sucks.

    Like Tucansum.

    For example.

  162. Redline says:

    *triple the cost of components, my bad.

  163. Redline says:

    Triple what a mac costs Walk? Bullshit. Anyway I have a MacbookPro and I couldn’t be happier, sure I paid more than what the components are worth but that covers Apples development costs. My sister’s teachers son (yeah I know) works for Apple in california doing case development. He showed me that Apple makes $320 off of the 15″ MacbookPro. More than PC companies yes, but then again most of their software, their OS (Linux and MS) are developed by other companies so that is no cost to them.

    PC’s are a better value for the money but the argument is do macs suck? In my opinion, hell no. Are PC’s better? Thats subjective. Truth is you’re all fanboys, were all fanboys. Ive yet to see a real argument against “Why macs suck”

  164. walk says:

    Oh, by the way, my PC is faster than the mac, and only cost £700, including a £120 monitor. You mention looks – my PC looks great thanks, but if you’re SERIOUSLY choosing your computer based on how it looks, you’re a freakin’ moron. Enjoy spending triple what your components are worth for a highly restrictive operating system, hope that works out well for you. Meanwhile, instead of a mac, I bought a PC which is 100% customisable, repairable, and mine… and then an automobile with the change I wouldn’t have had if I’d bought a macbook.

  165. tom says:

    A fanboy is any person who is the unthinking pawn of a major label/brand. A fanboy is just about the most annoying creature on earth, particularly in the heated debate of Mac vs. PC or in the realm of politics. They tend to be really irrational, and unwilling to look at both sides of the debate: repeating things by rote and being completely partisan. Also, the typical fanboy is totally uninformed and biased to a precedent, hence the repetition of rote sayings or facts/myths

  166. tom says:

    Windows User: “Windows has a wide selection of software and games, and a huge developer community.”


    Windows User: “My OS hasn’t crashed since I had Windows ME. And AVG is a free program that keeps my computer secure.”

    Apple Fanboy: “BUT WINDOZE SUXX!”

    Windows User: “Would you care to tell me about your Mac? I hear it doesn’t have many tools for software developers, which are important for my work.”

    Apple Fanboy: “lolololol but windows sucks!!!11”

    Windows User: “Did you know that a great amout of Apple software is made with Microsoft Visual C++?”

    Apple Fanboy: “omg wtf is C++?”

  167. qwer says:

    A debate that ends up pissing off either windows or mac fanboys. Also one of the most ridiculous, often childish debates to ever encounter. It’s a fucking computer, use what you will, and shut the f**k up.

  168. Nike says:

    I have a mac and i still hate mac fanboys;

    Yes OS X is a great operating system, but windows isn’t so bad either. Seriously, a system that can run on almost any computer on the planet, what’s not great about that?

  169. Nike says:

    I use use both PC and Mac’s.

    PC: Well i like pc’s just cuz it has good performance. I do my work and play my games.

    Mac: Mac’s are good for audio’ing. Im a audio music person and that’s a different story to buy a mac. If not then is not really worth buying a mac.

    But If you’re not a filming , act, or a music person. Is not really worth it to buy a mac.

    Fanboys are the worst. They’re just annoying as fck.

  170. Tim says:

    Has apple make any new computers yet? Still the same old stuffs.

  171. semen says:

    pc’s the best.

    choice of manufacturers, styles, prices. i can walk down the budget aisle or high-end aisle and not hang around the wrong mac aisle with just 4 models on display to choose. life is more interesting with choice.

    long shelf life – look at firefox/opera windows 2000 still supported. look how quickly tiger and ppc are ditched even by 3rd party developers. compounding to the problem, apple has tendercies to flip-flop architectures. talk’s in the way to switch to arm processors in future macs. dicthed rosetta, back to rosetta, ditch rosetta… you get my drift.

    hd video editing, multimedia playback, games are all done with gpus these days. say a new driver version broke a game but fixes standby problems. when i wanna finish the game, i can install previous version even when i update my system with a little compromised stability. when driver are delivered and served to you by an overcontrolling company, you dont have a choice but to shelfed your game. such is why choice is good.

    best of all, i dont have to subscribe to future envisioned by steve where everybody is using touch screen. i dont like finger smudges on a giant screen, let alone a glossy one. there will be people who like custom cars and computers. people who need to harness latest cpus and gpus and not wait for the slow refresh of mac product lines.
    sorry, apple is not in their future.

  172. tyukell says:

    none of this is fucking true,there is a right click there is no virus and its better than fucking pcs.there are customizable and are faster than pcs

  173. TucanSam says:

    Rawr!: You’ve been plenty disrespectful to me so I really don’t care, Im bored
    LOLOL: Said by a microsoft fanboy, remember Ive not once hated on PC’s
    ROFLMAO: I meant to say clothing smartass
    OKAY: Again, I never said macs are immune to viruses. And you can do the same things with both operating systems (I don’t care about video games so thats not an argument for me) Macs do them better. And yes Palm had touch phones Xerox had the GUI (which they SOLD to Apple), Zenith had the mouse, but they all sucked really bad. Now the things you mentioned are inventions not innovations. Here is websters definition of innovate “Make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.” So by definition Apple is innovative. Congrats.

  174. RAWR! says:

    Nicely said.

  175. Steve says:

    @OKAY. Wow you sound like a copy of me. Creepy..

  176. Okay says:

    Apples don’t play well with the rest of the world. If you are planning on using it to access servers on your school network, you’ll find it is a lot more work to do it with an apple computer.

    Apples are also in no way immune to virii. There aren’t as many virii (notice “as many” does not mean “none”) out there that affect apple computers simply because nobody cares. If you’re a thief and you can rob a large bank that has 100 million dollars inside or a small bank with 100 thousand dollars inside, which one will you pick? The only safety you get from an apple regarding virri is the fact that you’re small potatos. You can see the below link for more about apple virii and security. That said, if you listen to these people that say you don’t need a virus scanner on an apple computer, you’re asking for trouble.
    There’s not a single thing you can do on a macbook that you can’t do on a PC. The reverse is not true.
    People have a tendency to think Apple is innovative, but its not true. Apple just makes things pretty and then doubles the price. That is why they scrapped their OS in favor of UNIX, and their hardware in favor of Intel chips. Everything that they sell now was taken from the PC world. Their original GUI was stolen from Xerox, the mouse was stolen from Zenith(the TV company). Palm has been using touch screens on phones for years. Apple is not innovative, they just take other people’s idea’s, pretty them up a bit and then throw them into the marketing machine and make them popular.
    Apple does have good customer service. I will give them that.

  177. roflmao says:

    “Oh, and cars and stores are both consumer products”
    I didn’t know you could buy stores where do you go to do that? =)

  178. LOLOLOL says:

    That is why fanboys suck

  179. RAWR! says:

    i dont need you to correct my spelling or grammer i no longer acknowledge you as an opponent so i dont need to give you that respect

  180. new guy says:


    Your in a corner with no way out. Be smart and just leave, but its apparent you make bad choices.

  181. RAWR! says:

    Nice to see you so hurt when you lost. Lashing out at us like this saying random s**t that has nothing to do with apple or computers, saying one thing then contradicting yourself. Ahhh the signs of victory.

  182. TucanSam says:

    you’re still an ass, good job.

  183. TucanSam says:

    no problem

  184. Steve says:

    @TUCANSAM. You made this entire debate a joke. Good job.

  185. TucanSam says:

    Oh, and cars and stores are both consumer products, and Im saying you pay for what you get. Do you have any idea why apple products, ferrari cars, and armani suits are so expensive? Because 1- brand name, 2- all of the design is done in house. With pcs the OS and software are developed by microsoft so PC companies don’t have to pay for that.

  186. TucanSam says:

    1st. You’re, medals, manufacturer
    2nd. I travel, a backlit keyboard is invaluable
    3rd. This is the internet and the last time i checked free speech is allowed.
    4th. If I’m out of illegitimate comments then I’m perfectly fine with that.
    5th. I will ride my unicorn off into the sunset, I think Ill name him Rainbow Dash

  187. RAWR! says:

    made* >.>

  188. RAWR! says:

    Well your done here you maid it painfully obvious you are out of illegitimate comebacks, so go and ride your unicorn off into the sunset.

  189. RAWR! says:

    The monitor, keyboard, and other external parts quality depend on the manufacture, you seem to think there is only one big company called PC that makes all the parts for PC’s, and they only seem to make PC hardware. Well their is some awesome cases out there and all that other stuff you said.

    Wow they put a light in a keyboard… Oh my god they should be given metals this is so revolutionary they are hero’s.
    I can see my keyboard just fine and you shouldn’t even be using a computer in the dark and even so the monitor gives off enough light so I can see my key’s even tho I don’t need to look at my keyboard to use it.

    Car’s or stores have nothing to do with this argument, so it is you whose doing the dodging here.

    P.S. As I said before Laptops are a waste of money in general, you should only get one if you ABSOLUTELY need one. Only a fool would get one for basic use.

  190. TucanSam says:

    1. you’re welcome
    2. Thats the first time you’ve said it directly
    3. I have no idea what you mean, don’t you believe in unicorns?

  191. RAWR! says:

    1. Thanks for the complements.
    2. This is the first time I said “you’re just running out of defenses”, and you starting from square one proves that you did tun out.
    3. Sou you picked unicorns? Do you always chose the lie?

  192. TucanSam says:

    I do enjoy arguing especially for the underdog.
    So lets go from square 1
    PC’s are instantly better than Macs because the graphics cards are better (on high end PC’s) and you can buy more hard drive space and a higher frequency processor for roughly 20% less money
    So, you obviously dont care about trackpad responsiveness, screen quality, keyboard quality, case quality, or the niceties of OS X; as well as little amenities such as the magsafe cord, a backlit keyboard (which apple invented), a battery indicator, and innovative ports like thunderbolt, which although peripherals may not be readily available (as was the case with USB in its introduction) thunderbolt will be useful in a few months.

    Secondly you dodged my car comparison with “you’re just running out of defenses” like you always do. and your comparison doesn’t follow suit. Ponys and unicorns are totally different (i pick unicorn if you must know).
    And my question wasn’t bs, otherwise you would have readily come up with some smart retort like usual. You know its true; its a great metaphor, like Audi or Toyota, both vehicles do the same thing, its just one charges a premium and offers a better driver experience. Or if you don’t like cars, Armani or Wal-Mart clothing? Both do the same thing, Armani is nicer.

  193. Steve says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Which is why I didn’t answer his bs question.

  194. RAWR! says:

    Are you running out of defenses on Apple so your gonna bring cars into this?
    Well then let me follow suit, what do you think is better pony’s or unicorn’s?

  195. hummus says:

    All the evidence is in your previous comments, if you cant see that then you don’t even know where you stand, you must be arguing for the sake of argument.

  196. TucanSam says:

    I see what you did there. What I’m saying is a laptop is more than the cost of its parts. The Corvette will outperform an Aston martin in every conceivable category. But is it better? I think not, the Aston is just better to drive. Kind of like another comparison. ;)

  197. Steve says:

    @TUCAN. Fisher-Price Laughtop or Macbook?

  198. LOLOLOL says:

    Do some research?

  199. Steve says:

    @HUMMUS. I said this before, but the majority of returns at my company are mac users saying the hardware doesn’t work with their system. I’ve even had mac users return apple branded routers because the software that came with it crashed their system. Funny.

  200. TucanSam says:

    Lololol: again, where do you get 320m from? Mine has a radeon and again quad core i7 750gb hdd for 1350 (15″ MacBook pro) so not a terrible deal. It’s a 2011 model, refurbd is the way to go.
    Hummus: you insult me with no evidence to back it up. So I’m going ignore that comment
    Steve: thanks for an intelligent comment, and I’m gonna ask again vette or Aston?

  201. Steve says:

    @LOLOLOL. I use Adobe Premiere and occasionally Sony Vegas on my PC and it works great. There’s really no valid reason to buy a mac. Unless you really like that Fisher-Price look of the OS X.

  202. LOLOLOL says:

    Fanboys need to shut up sometimes, a computer is a computer not a religion.

  203. LOLOLOL says:

    Depends on how much you prefer Leopard over Windows 7. You’re paying a very high price for the parts in the computer but if you really like their OS then by all means, go for it. If you’re gonna be playing games with it, it’s not gonna run the latest stuff very well with a nvidia 320M

    You are going into film potentially, then get a Mac. If you are not a design, film, art or music person you really don’t NEED a Mac.

    Not really worth the money.

  204. hummus says:

    I am looking into building my own computer with the help of a friend, and most of the hardware is incompatible with Mac’s, or the manufacture doesn’t have the “Drivers” to support Mac’s

  205. hummus says:

    You are the perfect example of a “isheep” you will follow apple to no end as they rob you in your sleep.
    How the UI is is a matter of opinion, but Windows is overall better then OS X and for one reason or another you wont admit that (not like you have to ether)and I’m not “tech savvy” enough so I cant explain it to you well. But it was much easier for me to use Windows then a Mac the tutorial at start up on Windows helps allot, and I think this is a regional thing but where I live Microsoft costumer support is much better then Apple’s.
    But even with my limited knowledge of computers even I can tell that PC’s hardware are much much better as well as better priced.

  206. LOLOLOL says:

    Mac 13-inch: 2.4 GHz

    * 2.4GHz dual-core
    Intel Core i5
    * 4GB 1333MHz
    * 500GB 5400-rpm1
    * Intel HD Graphics 3000
    * Built-in battery (7 hours)2

  207. LOLOLOL says:

    Mac 17-inch: 2.4 GHz

    * 2.4GHz quad-core
    Intel Core i7
    * 4GB 1333MHz
    * 750GB 5400-rpm1
    * Intel HD Graphics 3000
    * AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5
    * Built-in battery (7 hours)2
    # A$ 2,899.00

  208. LOLOLOL says:

    mac book pro 15 inch:

    * 2.2GHz quad-core
    Intel Core i7
    * 4GB 1333MHz
    * 500GB 5400-rpm1
    * Intel HD Graphics 3000
    * AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB GDDR5
    * Built-in battery (7 hours)2

    A$ 2,099.00

  209. LOLOLOL says:

    Asus g73 jh specs are out to date? what are you talking about?. Asus g73 specs

    * 17.3-inch 1080p (1920×1080) display with LED backlighting
    * Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    * Intel Core i7-720QM processor (1.6GHz/2.8GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB L3 cache)
    * ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5 graphics card
    * 8GB DDR3-1066 RAM
    * Two 500GB 7200RPM hard drives (Seagate Momentus 7200.4/ST9500420AS) (Non-RAID)
    * Atheros AR9285 802.11n Wireless LAN adapter
    * Built-in Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
    * 8X DVD Super Multi drive
    * 8-cell battery pack (14.8V, 5200mAh, 75Wh)
    * Weight: 8.5 pounds
    * Dimensions: 16.3” (W) x 12.6” (D) x 1.8” (H)
    * MSRP: $1,599

    apple still hasnt make new computers yet. There are tons of pc out there. And so many choices out there that is up to date.

  210. Ben says:

    yeh thats true blue screens of death and viruses. Thats so 10 years ago.

    Now a days up until now . I never had a virus at all. Only idiots had a virus.

  211. Ben says:

    try running bf3 without bootcamp .

  212. Steve says:

    I’m not talking about you tucansam. I’m talking about the majority of isheep. Nearly every isheep I’ve talked to always brings up blue screens of death and viruses. That’s so 10 years ago.

  213. TucanSam says:

    About battlefield thats a given. And when did I say anything about viruses? You’re the perfect example of an iHater. Tell me, Corvette ZR1 or Aston Martin DBS?

  214. Steve says:

    @TUCAN. You mean you can run Battlefield 3 on a mac using bootcamp. No apple support there. No one makes games for mac until 6 months later at the very least.

  215. TucanSam says:

    RAWR: Ive not had any problems with my iPhone 4, and Apple did give away free cases to remedy the”problem” (regardless I do think they should’ve had a recall just to shut everyone up about it, it was over exaggerated). And with the whole update deal, I meant about the OS features not the bugs. OF course no one gets it perfectly coded the first time. Especially apple but thats because they just let their developers filter out the kinks then release it to the consumers.
    Joshy: I can run battlefield 3 on full specs just fine thank you
    LOLOLOL: Your specs are way out of date derp, my laptop: 15″ quad-core intel i7, 750gb hard drive, amd radeon 6490m, etc. $1350, a little overpriced but then again most of Apples overpricing is because their stuff isn’t developed for them like HP, Asus etc.
    Doggydude: fair enough

  216. Steve says:

    I forgot to mention I spent $29.99 on my Windows 7 Professional. Ever heard of a student discount? Everyone knows someone in college. Ask them to borrow their student email address and you’re set. It varies between $29.99 to $64.95. Depends on the month.

  217. Steve says:

    @RAWR. Fantastic post. apple has over 1600 security vulnerabilities while Windows 7 has less than 200. Go on Google and you’ll see. I don’t feel like giving out a link because this site takes forever to OK a link. The reason people don’t get viruses on a mac is because no one gives a s**t about macs. I’ve asked several programmers why there aren’t a lot of viruses for the mac and they all tell me the same thing. Why would anyone make a virus for 4% of the market when they can go for 90%. Makes sense. And why would I want a computer that only takes up 4%? That means there is no software and no hardware support. There are tons of free software for PCs. I don’t get how mac people can say you spend more in the long wrong. I paid basically nothing for all the software on my PC. Where there is a paid version there is usually a legal freeware version somewhere else.

    Microsoft Security Essentials (Paid Version: Norton AntiVirus)
    VLC player (Paid Version: PowerDVD)
    FileZilla (Paid Version: CuteFTP)
    CCleaner (Paid Version: Registry Mechanic)

    …to name a few. The whole point is apple is a scam and TucanSam is a perfect example of an isheep.

  218. doggydude says:

    One thing I see people look over a lot is the way apple portrays windows as an operating system. This has nothing to do with osx. But with apples marketing. The ads just make me want to throw something through the door of their shiny little stores. The fact that one of the ads was the
    pc getting a webcam strapped to his head because they don’t come on most pcs just made me laugh.that was the day Iost all respect for apple and their operating system, no matter their pros or cons. I will not use an OS that portrays other users as stupid or unstylish. Again just the fact that they show all pcs on their network displays as crappy monitors with blue screens is the only example I need. (It cracked me up when it showed my server as it on my friends macbooks, seeing that it would kick any macs ass and shove it down its raid carded gullet. To be honest, all of this stuff soulds to me like something hitler would do. I know I’m overexaggurating, but I felt this “computer racissm” full on. I got legitely teased for owning a pc at my school. From around 4th grade all the way up to the tail end of 7th grade. At one point it got so bad that I had to bring it to the principles attention. After that I began to actually do research on macs, and I found out how superior windows is in general, then I used logic and facts to beat those sad kids back into their shiny grey safehouses. I have interned in an IT department for 3 years, and I know that doesnt say much really, but I know a lot more about computers than the average person. At this point I don’t give a s**t which company is better than the other, apple has created something horrible (not necessarily the OS) and I refuse to take any part in it.

  219. rawr says:

    @TUCANSAM Windows updates are mainly for fixing software interaction and cleaning malware as well as improving things or fixing things they may have missed and maybe adding new things.
    Because its impossible to foresee how a OS will act when you install a tun of different software on it.
    Saying Apple got the OS right the first time is just BS, no software anywhere comes out right the first time, and Apple has a history of ignoring there product defects and being slow to fix it (EX. The iPhone 4 incident) thats why they have less updates.
    Again if Windows fails it’s cause YOU fail at using it, Windows gives you enough freedom you can even completely fk up there OS. Why? because you can. Apple doesn’t want you doing anything to their OS other then use it in the ways they will let you.
    And again if Windows fails, YOU fail at using it. I’ve been using Windows seance before XP came out, and only “blue screens of death” I ever got where hardware problems, nothing to do with the OS. Mac’s are so limited and restricted I cant even get to the parts of the system I need to go to to fix system errors, so I completely given up on fixing Mac’s while on the Mac I’m trying to fix!

  220. Ben says:

    windows isn’t so bad either. Seriously, a system that can run on almost any computer on the planet, what’s not great about that?

  221. Ben says:

    I have a pc and i still hate mac fanboys; But i had to say that i love my ipod.

    they’re so annoying. Blabling on about Windows all the time because their mac isn’t even worth the attention of virus creators. They should seriously get their heads out their asses.

    Never had a virus on my pc at all. Only Idiots had a virus.

    I do not mind a pc or a mac. At all Pc or a Mac is alright. The Fanboys suck.

  222. Tim says:

    Fanboys ;)

  223. lollol says:

    MAC $1800
    15″ LCD
    4GB RAM
    320GB HDD 5400rpm
    2.4Ghz i5
    nvidia 330m

    Asus G73JH-B1 $1739
    17″ LCD 1080p
    8GB RAM
    1000GB HDD
    i7 740QM
    ATI 5870 1GB DDR5

  224. Joshy says:

    No matter what, you cant deny that a mac falls far behind in performance, play any game made in the year 2005+ on a mac and you wont have fun, my $800 desktop however can still handle any game that hits the market today with its 6 core xD

  225. Brent says:

    I have an xbox 360 and I EVEN KNOW that pc gaming is waaaay better than xbox gaming. No 12 year old is gunna figure out how to truly play a game on the pc. The xbox is easier but less rewarding graphics wise.

  226. TucanSam says:

    I haven’t had any problems with lion and no good sir a $800 PC isn’t better than my MBP.
    Zoom-in: you are the one complaining and hating on macs, Ive not once said that PC’s suck you’re contradicting yourself. And Im not 12 I don’t play computer games. I still have my Xbox 360 though so if the desire comes to play video games ill do it on that.

    RAWR: Apple has not once made me pay for an update, unless you mean the OS X cats, in which case windows does that too but it costs 200-300 and Mac OS X costs $30 and yes the updates are smaller but thats because Apple gets the OS right the first time.
    GMan- yes PC’s are cheaper thats established, and Ive not had any issues with Lion (my refurbd MBP shipped with it).And what do you mean “13 months later its dead?” I guess you got a lemon and I’m sorry. Usually the apple store will cover that for you, they covered my english teachers macbook pro out of warranty. And it died after 6 years so Im not sure what your situation was.

  227. GMAN says:

    It’s all about price really, people who put mac os x 10.6 on PC hardware love using it, they run windows s virtual machines for dev work etc. Macs are so over priced since a 700-800 PC i7 build is better then a Mac pro at 2500. Anyone who builds there own knows it. So that means macs are overpriced. Apple are trying to push the self destruct with Lion and anyone who goes from Snow to Lion needs their head examined.

    The best all round win is to have a another PC to run windows for gaming and certain software like CAD 3d stuff that has a better frame rate etc or apps not supported on Mac. On both machines run your linux virtual machines for coding. So the way I see it is this, the Mac Pro’s entry laptops only have crap intel graphic cards now , over 1000 quid and you get crap opengl. The mac mini is a stripped down laptop without a screen , keyboard or mouse. Until apple sell a normal I7 desktop tower for under 1000 quid, I view their hardware as overpriced crap. The Mac OSX snow OS is good, but Apple are now trying to feck that up and people aren’t silly they vote with their feet and Apple policy is to just create new products that try to break existing OS support so you need to upgrade or in the case of Lion, they say they aren’t supported on a Mac you bought 12 months previous. Windows support is second to NONE in terms of it’s windows lifetime support, only a fool wouldn’t know that. There’s no new apple hardware that couldn’t be supported in a driver update, so how can apple say they don’t support the previous OS when it could break a person’s investment in previous software if it won’t run.

    There’s lots of apple users Mad at Apple right now, but anyone who read this page which is probably old since the facts seems to be out of date would laugh at how silly some of the points listed. Apple’s use the same parts as everyone else, they get cheap parts and make them look expensive, they get people to build Apple products for low wages in countries and ship their products in fancy boxes. We all know this and yet people deny it. Think of like this if you spend 600 quid you can replace your laptop every 18 months, but with apple you need to spend over 1000 quid at least and then buy their 3 warranty to protect your investment. that turns into 1350 quid. The problem is there laptop is not good enough i.e the graphics the base memory spec etc to be used over 3 three years. The mac pro should sell a Mac pro laptop i7,4 of ram and a 7200 500gb harddrive 512gb and a 512mb discrete graphics card for 1000 quid. (they can forget the marketing crap of saying their laptops are made from aircraft materials, who needs a nice shiny laptop when you put a stock crap intel 3000 integrated card in it for a 100 quid.

    Apple already outsource all their production to the far east and if they were such a great American company they could put Made in America on their stickers. STOP of course they can’t EVERYTHING is made in the far east, So when people say it top materials it no better made then any other 1000 quid laptop in terms you get a better spec from other people, but you certainly get a better Cardbox Box from apple.

    One last point when people buy apple they say, if it goes wrong they fix it, LOL YES when you have a bought a warranty and since your paying more for the item, they sent you a replacement – they then get your broken item, repair it and sell it on their Mac store with a 10% discount and people buy these. If people can’t build there own computer and aren’t IT savy then everything I have just said will make no sense, If you are a windows and mac user you know actually where I’m coming from.

    The Moral of the story built your own Hack Mac until apple start selling a an i7 desktop tower for 1000 and don’t mention the imac as their all just a time bomb which will fail due to their all in one design. Apple are cheeky they know integrated Imac will fail and hence they know people will always buy their warranty cover, in three years you buy another Imac etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    Buy a retail PC part and you have sometimes mostly 2 to 3 or 5 years covers to send it get it repaired replaced. Not alot of people know that, however if you buy a complete PC machine the parts are OEM and carry a 1 year warranty. i.e you can’t try to get three cover on a processor from a machine you bought but you have three years if you bought the processor on it own retail. So I have only one question if Apple’s materials are so great and their products then why don’t apple give you 3 years warranty as standard, ? eh that because they want to screw you twice and you know it when but what do you do, spent 2000 quid on an 27imac and 13 months later it’s dead, you need the warranty right to go at least 3 years right. What happens after 3 years – well if you go to an apple store they will say it’s cheaper to buy a new, their repair bill will be like a 1000 quid. It’s called hardware lock in and to use the English word it’s all bollocks at the end of the day.

  228. Zoom in says:

    I still had my very old computer with windows xp in it but surprise, it still works fine.

  229. rawr says:

    Another thing Apple makes you pay to get updates, and they soon drop support for their old OS’s while Microsoft still gives support and updates to XP users, for there are people still out there who don’t want to upgrade to Vista, or 7.

    And keep in mind XP is 10 years old and its still a stable OS.

  230. rawr says:

    Also Laptops are overpriced in general and aren’t worth the money unless you absolutely need them.

    And those programs can be used on windows too, not sure if its legal but they are there.

  231. rawr says:

    Well then you sir are a sap and the perfect consumer to buy into apples BS.
    Good day.

  232. Tim says:

    A computer is just a computer not a religion keep it on mind

  233. Zoom-in says:

    Damm hate Mac fanboys I don’t mind a Mac but fanboys are the worst

  234. Zoom-in says:

    Asus sx-a1 I meant xd

  235. Zoom-in says:

    Let’s see how you run bf3 mw3 skyrim on the Mac without bootcamp. With high resolution @Tucusam . You can’t cuz is for PC plus Asus g74 ax a1 is better than a Mac do some research about them

  236. Sam says:

    What do you do on Mac stay cool and be on tumblr and Facebook YouTube on there free time ? Soo boring

  237. TucanSam says:

    RAWR: thats a desktop, and yeah the mac pros haven’t been updated in like 2 years so Ill give you that. But the MacBook Pros are probably about 200-300 overpriced. To me, yes thats worth it. And no, garageband, final cut pro, iMovie, and several other programs that escape my memory at the moment cannot be run on a different operating system. Your argument is definitely a straw man.

  238. Zoom in says:

    17 inch mac prize was so wow really?

  239. rawr says:

    So a few MBs of software that you can probably run on a different OS is worth $1,500 more?
    I say $1,500 more because I can make a PC that has better parts then a Mac Pro 8 core ($3,499.00) for $1,993.37 and none of the parts I picked are on sale all are standard price, and that is total price with tax and shipping cost.

    Ya I understand not everyone needs a system like that but that is just a example of how overpriced they are, and that a bit of extra software don’t justify the $1,500 extra.

  240. Zoom in says:

    When it comes to games get a Pc hands down.

    Buying a mac just to put windows on it is a complete waste of money.

  241. Sam says:

    Just saw one of the pro tools not working properly at college

  242. Squirrel with Coffee says:

    That’s funny Bob, because you sound just like any person who has a Mac at home. Of course no have ‘no problems’. I am an I.T. engineer at a tv station that uses NEW Mac’s for video editing and THEY SUCK. They crash frequently, you have to delete files when Final Cut Pro messes up, start in safe mode or whatever they call it to make disk permission repairs, and deal with driver issues for Aja video capture cards that work fine for hours then suddenly sometime is wrong and everything crashes. They are catching viruses, contrary to what fan boys say. Android is getting viruses; anyone who knows Linux/Unix will tell you that viruses do exist; they just need root access to mess things up and most users are not smart enough to get anti virus. The people where I work are constantly messing with settings; even with limited access accounts. They have a cheat sheet on the walls by the video editing machines for the capture settings because things are messed up some bad so often. Final Cut requires you to delete preferences are a troubleshooting procedure. That’s great. These machines have huge video cards for display(not capture) and they still suck. They are Nvidia based with 2gigs of DDR3 on board and the machine still struggles to achieve high frame rates. No, I’m not a Windows fan boy. I’m am currently trying to get Ubuntu to work on an HP Touchsmart without problems. I just know s**t when I see it, and I see it everyday.

  243. Bob says:

    Wow, this whole thing is hysterical! The majority of the arguments in the comments for both sides are just plain either self righteous or completely uninformed. So many of you need to do some real research and get your “it’s better because I say so” ego out of the way. Thanks for a great laugh!

    I won’t argue one way or the other, I have my preference and honestly don’t give a sh*t what you think. My machine works perfect for my needs, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters to me. I use both Mac and PC regularly, and know the ins and outs of both fairly well.

    I will say, though, that about half of the original poster’s “reasons” against the Mac are either mis-informed or just plain wrong if he’s looking at current generation machines. Some of those “reasons” might have been valid like 5 years ago, but clearly the OP hasn’t had any real experience with the current gen hardware and OS.

  244. Zoom in says:

    People have a tendency to think Apple is innovative, but its not true.
    Apple just makes things pretty and then doubles the price.

    That is why they scrapped their OS in favor of UNIX, and their hardware in favor of Intel chips.

    Everything that they sell now was taken from the PC world. Their original GUI was stolen from Xerox, the mouse was stolen from Zenith(the TV company).

    Palm has been using touch screens on phones for years. Apple is not innovative, they just take other people’s idea’s, pretty them up a bit and then throw them into the marketing machine and make them popular.

  245. tim says:

    And if i was doing a music audio then it will be a different story. But i dont do music audio so there’s like not really a point for me to buy a mac, it will waste a bunch of money just for browsing the web. Boring. (in my opinion).

    Would be easier to just get a notebook. No problem . Asus g74jh sx-a1 all the way. Love that laptop.

  246. tim says:

    Then what do you do on a mac then ? facebook, tumblr youtube? only just browse the web?. *kinda boring to me* i just get a netbook . Be easier to just get a pc. No problems at all.

  247. LUKE says:

    Lets see how you run mw3, bf3, and skyrim on high resolution settings. Without bootcamp .

  248. LUKE says:

    Can you play bf3 and mw3 on high resolution on the mac then? and skyrim? Without the need of windows boot camp?. Lets see how it runs it. No you can’t cuz is on the mac.

  249. TucanSam says:

    Steve. how does thinking two finger right clicking is harder prove that everything on a mac is harder? Secondly being able to take two fingers and click anywhere on the trackpad rather than being relegated to a single spot is easier.
    Thirdly apple doesn’t sell “crap hardware” you’ve given no evidence to support this either. Core i7 cpus, SSD’s, good hard drives, AMD radeon graphics cards. Does any of that sound like crap hardware?
    Now I never said windows sucks so I don’t know where this iSheep is coming from, I know that Apple sells their hardware for more than what it costs, but bundled with the software.. I find it worth it,

    Rawr: you can make mac software without apple telling you what to do. I have programs on my mac that didn’t cost me anything, i didn’t buy them through apple, and they’re great.

  250. AARON says:

    Loled ye remember mac fanboys a computer is just a computer not a religion.

    Treating this like a religion loled

  251. Steve says:

    I like how TUCANSAM basically proved my point for me. It always takes more steps to do something on a mac than on a PC.

  252. AARON says:

    Rainbow spinning beach ball of death.

  253. AARON says:

    loled isheep. mmmrroooo icow.

  254. Steve says:

    apple is the least innovative company out there. They take the credit for everyone elses ideas and sell it at twice the cost. People like tucansam buy into their s**t and think spending more means better quality. The only thing apple does right is marketing there low end hardware to death and tricking people into buying it.

  255. Steve says:

    @TUCANSAM. You have no credibility anymore. Using 2 fingers is somehow easier than clicking one button? Stop with the act. You’re the biggest isheep ever.

  256. Aaron says:

    Windows copy apple?:

    Absolutely not. I can’t see any resemblence between Mac OS X and Windows 7 unless you count the fact that both have icons being on the desktop.

    Otherwise every OS tries to have an “OS is fantastic, that it? iss very graphical and easy to use.” Except for linux, they purposely go out out of their way to make things difficult for end users.

  257. rawr says:

    Windows didn’t copy their OS if your talking about the look they wint with what was popular, and Windows was made biased off of user ideas I know this because I submitted some ideas as well.

    And no you cant play Skyrim legitimately on Mac with out some emu or bootcamp.
    And Im sure you can run any program that Mac has on windows. Or any other OS.

    P.S. Blue screens are normally hardware failure that has nothing to do with the OS only Bluescreen I ever got was because my graphics card crashed when it over heated. And I have no idea why its called the blue screen of death because it saves all your data in a memory dump so you don’t lose anything before it shuts down. So yes if your Windows OS crashes that’s your fault whether or not you know it or want to admit it.
    P.P.S. Calling me a anarchist doesn’t make any since in what way am I rebelling against the law or the “system”. I called you a commie because Apple only lets you use programs that they make or endorse you cant just go and make software for Mac and have people downloading it without apple stepping in you only have the choices that apple lets you have so even if you think you made a choice there never really was one in the first place.
    And pretty much all of Apples ideas aren’t their own, but apparently if they released it first that means it was their idea. So it doesn’t matter how long someone else was developing it if it sold first then it was your idea? Ex. The first mouse was made by Canadian engineers and soled to Microsoft but apple somehow got wind of it and quickly released their own inferior version before Microsoft.

  258. WILSON says:

    Personally, unless someone wants to go to court over patent infringement, this whole “who copied who” debate is little more than fanboys howling at the moon. Does it really matter? I don’t think so.

  259. WIlson says:

    I too started with windows xp, vista, and 7 .

    who cares…both systems are great!

    Did Microsoft copy the mac? Answer that and maybe you have the answer…but then who really cares?

    Use what you like and what works for you, all of these fan boy P–sing contests just distract from enjoyable, enlightening dialog.

    Happy computing to all.

  260. nike says:

    Windows copied the style?. They look so different from a mac.

  261. nike says:

    Windows copied the style?. They look so different than a mac.

  262. TucanSam says:

    Yes, Xerox agreed to let Apple use the GUI technology (apple didn’t take it, they paid Xerox and Xerox agreed fair and square) but the interface wasn’t even remotely the same, (you’re absolutely right Apple didn’t invent the GUI) BUT, they made it what it is today. Windows copied the style (loosely yes, but a task bar, folders and whatnot was copied from Apple by Windows.)

  263. nike says:

    Windows copy the mac? Loled wtf not even close of the copy on the mac they both look very different.

  264. Matt says:

    Tucansam”At least Mac made their own OS and didn’t copy like windows did.”well sir u are wrong the basis for mac OS came from the xerox alto,the first desktop with a gui.which apple took the rights from xerox for the gui and was the basis of the modern OS.so thank xerox not steve jobs,steve & like crooks took the rights from xerox and mircrosoft likewise took from apple.lol get ur facts straight.

  265. nike says:

    I rather use right clicking or left clicking with the touch pad buttons cuz is just comfortable and easier to use.

  266. nike says:

    Can you play mw3 and bf3 then with high resolution without bootcamp? .

    I never had a blue screen of death on my pc. at all and is still working fine.

    I don’t mind a pc or a mac. Both laptops are cool .

    But i HATE Mac FANBOYS. They just never shut up .

  267. TucanSam says:


  268. TucanSam says:

    RAWR: the programs aren’t even half as good. Im not communist, I really don’t know where you pulled that from because Mac’s have plenty of choices with third party software, not as much as windows but its generally better quality stuff because you’ve got to be really into macs to develop for an OS with 15% market share.
    P.S. My windows OS didn’t fail because of me, blue screen of death? not my fault. At least Mac made their own OS and didn’t copy like windows did. (I can play that game to you anarchist b*****d)

    Steve: Well, my bad about the copy and paste but I really think two finger clicking is easier than right click because you can click anywhere on the trackpad. My macbook was configured for that right out of the box. Yes for the mouse if you do want the right side to be right click it does require configuration. But the magic mouse also is configured for two finger click straight out of the box.

  269. rawr! says:

    Windows computers have all that crap too but in most cases its free, and if you don’t like that then you can chose a new programs of the 1000s there are, have fun not having choices you commie b*****d.

    P.S. If your windows OS fail’s it’s because you fail and don’t know how to use it, or you don’t know how to read. On the first few boot of windows it offers a tutorial to walk you through all the things you need to know. Does Mac have that? at least Microsoft didn’t steal there OS core from Unix.
    P.P.S PC DOESN’T EQUAL WINDOWS!!!! There are other OS you can get on a PC hell even Google has one now!

  270. Steve says:

    I just got around to reading your posts and where did I ever say you couldn’t copy and paste? The article says that, but I never commented on it. Check your eyes.

  271. Steve says:

    And by the way .. my point wasn’t that a mac doesn’t have a righ-click feature, it was that it’s not as simple as right-clicking. If you need 2 fingers or have to change settings on a mouse than it’s not real right-clicking.

  272. Steve says:

    @TUCANSAM. Are you honestly that much of an isheep? You can’t right-click without doing a few steps first and you know this. “On the mac you just click on the trackpad with two fingers, boom done.” That doesn’t sound like simply right-clicking does it? And if you have a 2-button USB mouse you have to program the mouse to right-click. Example:

    1. Select System Preferences. Then select “Keyboard & Mouse”.

    2. Change the setting on the right side of the mouse to be the “Secondary Button”

    Yeah, thats so “easy” to a non-techy person.

  273. TucanSam says:

    Well I don’t have kids, Im in college. And i do use my mac for multimedia (guess who’s the industry standard for film making and music editing? Macs) So what do you mean by single purpose? Yeah I said computers are for productivity but I meant that in the way that gaming rigs are really only good for gaming, other things like multimedia stuff and web browsing, theyre a little bit slower.
    I dont hate PC’s Ive had a bunch of PC’s, I just prefer Macs. Yet it irks me when trolls like steve have comments such as “Macs suck and it takes a huge process to right click and you can’t copy and paste”- stuff like that, that is just riddled with lies. Eh, it bugs me. I know were totally off track but I just had to get that out there.

  274. semen says:

    i think it is safe to say almost every household has kids and games will make its ways into your computer via borrowed games or downloaded sharewares. whoever says computers are really made for productivity is narrow minded. they are millions of consoles, handhelds sold every year- guess what they are underneath – same computer. gone are the days gaming devices are made from hardware chips only.

    besides, kinda silly not to buy a general purpose pc for multimedia, gaming, browsing, emailing, productivity.

    instead, waste money on a single purpose expensive mac (productivity only for adults or paperweight to kids) and have your kids buy a plethora of entertainment devices – xbox, psp, ipad, etc.

  275. nike says:

    i don’t mind a pc or mac. Im main pc. And has zero problems. Cz i choose the right laptop, is specs , graphics card, and performance. And brands there are brands out there besides a hp and a dell.

    Gotta love the Asus Products. Should check them out.

  276. nike says:

    really not that expensive? seems expensive to me .


    13-inch: 2.4 GHz : $ 1,399.00 2.8 GHz: $ 1,698.00

    15-inch: 2.2 GHz : A$ 2,099.00 [ohshit] 15-inch: 2.4 GHz A$ 2,499.00

    17-inch: 2.4 GHz : A$ 2,899.00 [ almost $3000 wow ]

  277. TucanSam says:

    Steve is a dumbass. You can easily right click on a mac, in fact its easier, and it IS the same. I have a macbook pro and a HP. On the mac you just click on the trackpad with two fingers, boom done. And for what you get they aren’t that overprices, maybe $200 overpriced. You get iLife and other utilities and programs that are fully activated and preinstalled. Not to mention Macs have nicer amenities than PC counterparts. Sure the hardware price for price is skewed towards the PC side. But when i get on my computer guess what? I don’t have to deal with windows. Oh, and to set your wallpaper on a mac, right click, and click set as wallpaper. Just like on a pc. I really dont know what you’re talking about. Oh, and my macbook pro has had ZERO problems. My HP? Hahahaha well I had to reinstall Windows.

    Matt: you’re right Macs are terrible for gaming. But I don’t play video games sooooooo, Im fine with that. If you play games and prefer PC’s more power to you dude go for it. But gaming vs non gaming isn’t a computer argument for me because computers are really made for productivity.

  278. rawr says:

    All this arguing is pointless
    FACT:Mac’s suck
    FACT: PC’s are the best comps and cheapest you can get( especially if you make them yourself)
    FACT: PC doesn’t equal windows.
    FACT:What OS you use is a matter of opinion, based on your preferences, whether or not you want to admit it.
    FACT: Skyrim is not for Mac

    P.S. If you have to use boot camp to run things that don’t work for mac, why not just save money and get a PC?
    And if you don’t like windows its not like windows is the only OS you can run on a PC, I’m sure someone made a OS that’s like OS X or w/e OS Mac’s use. Well the point is with PC’s you have options while with Mac you only have one option and I’m not a communist, I like to have choices.

  279. Toby says:

    And not just the brand dell there are other brands as well than dell + hp.

    Like. Sony, asus, alienware, sager, MSI , and so on.

  280. Toby says:

    So many games on the pc. There was skyrim, bf3, mw3, and theres a lot more out there this coming year. So much fun.

    In my opinion, i would choose a pc over a mac. Mac is just not fun for me.

    And people just wanted to be cool on there mac just cuz is Omg shiny. And most likely ended up goes on tumblr and facebook most like of the time.

    Or the really important thing to get a mac for them was to do studio, audio tech, something like logic pro. Which is the reasons why they buy a mac. But some people just buy a mac just cuz is cool and shiny and s**t.

    And hey. Some, Sony vaio’s laptop’s and Asus g73 jh are shiny too.

  281. Steve says:

    Yeah I know … 3rd post, but I forgot to add that BF3 & MW3 were made for PCs and not even out for mac. Too bad. Mac sucks and you know it, Bucky.

  282. Steve says:

    Every mac enthusiast I ever met is stuck in the 90s when it comes to games. It’s either Marathon or Diablo. Get over yourself! We as PC gamers have everything not 2 games.

  283. Steve says:

    @BUCKAROO. Try playing BF3 or MW3 on the highest quality on all settings.. I can, but can you? Good luck. Let me guess, you’re still playing Marathon?

  284. Buck =Hunter5 says:

    I love my Mac… The graphics suck Huh? I have the new Mac book pro 15 inch and the graphics are better than any computer I’ve seen..

  285. you'reanidiot says:

    graphics suck on macs? oh really?

  286. Fox59 says:

    Ha! Spot on!

  287. Steve says:

    Not to mention there are tutorials for mac on how to set your desktop wallpaper. Ever been to a website for wallpapers? On a PC the tutorials are right-click on the image and hit set as desktop background. Simple. Sometimes trying to be different overcomplicates everything. My buddy has a mac and he was blown away on how easy it was to change wallpapers on a PC. I right-clicked the desktop and hit next. And I’m thinking .. this is normal .. what are you blown away about.

  288. Steve says:

    @SIA. What I love about mac people is they always have an answer for everything. Someone will come on here and try and school you. But the funniest part is it always takes 15 steps to do it. Rather than 1 or 2 with a PC. Example would be “right-click”. apple people will try and say they have the same thing, but it’s not it at all. There are more steps involved and it’s not as simple as simply right clicking. If apple was as user friendly as they say it is why are there tutorials on how to right-click on a mac? Go on Google right now and look up “apple right click” and there are tons of tutorials. On a PC the tutorial would be one line…right-click.

  289. Sia says:

    Mac is a total waste! You cannot even remove one photo from your photo stream! Remarkable. S

  290. Nike says:

    be cool and stay on facebook and tumblr.

  291. PS says:

    Spot on.
    Plus, I go to college, and it seems like 90% of people nowadays use macbooks. its starting to look a lot like communism.

  292. Nike says:

    Yeh people. Please do some research thx

  293. Steve says:

    @ANONYMOUS. 4 years are also mastering Fisher-Price Laughtops. The iPad is in the same category as Fisher-Price. An absolute joke. It’s a giant iPhone. Nothing special. @PIZZACATG. Where are you getting your facts? Off apples website or commercials? Every PC user that posts on this board goes off of personal and professional experience. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about or you are lying. apple sells overpriced (yeah overpriced) old hardware to suckers like you. My buddy has a macbook pro and its giving him so many problems I can’t even count. I built my computer from the ground up and its been working like a charm. My last PC I built lasted 10 years. No lies. Either I’m really good at picking hardware or you’re just a complete d*******g. I wouldn’t be surprised if you buy walmart (eMachines) PCs.

  294. matt says:

    hey anon Mac may be intuitive,show me how the mac can play BF3 and such without windows(bootcamp) or windows emulators(such as wine)oh im sorry macs cant play a given PC game til 4 years later if at all. in the gaming community if u use a mac u are 2nd rate.now for everything else i agree, but since imma a gamer im inclined to disagree with your thesis.

  295. Anonymous says:

    DUMB. Everything you think the Mac can’t do, it actually can. Unfortunately, you are too dumb to figure out how to use one of the world’s most intuitive machines. 4 year olds are mastering the iPad, dude.

  296. semen says:

    my last pc is an athlon 1.2 ghz. i dunno why you have to buy one every 3 years?

    it was serving well for many years. was still surfin with firefox on 2000 and xp till early this year when i upgraded (core i5, 8 gb ram, gtx560 ti) only because it is showing its age when handling complex websites and animated ads. so dont bullshit me with 3 years crap.

    if anything, mac don’t last as long. why? if history serves as a lesson…

    apple has been flip-floping on architectures – 68000, powerpc, x86 and maybe arms in 2013 (rumors?) thus breaking software apps in the process. xserve was ditched. on the software front, carbon, java and rosetta was ditched. jvms on windows was ditched because of legal battle. how can c++ developers be comfortable with working with obj-c++ without worrying that one day apple will think it’s an ugly stepchild and ditched it for pure obj-c once again.

    even 3rd party software ditches mac support quicker than on windows. firefox 4/flash 10.1 was still working on windows 2000. but the same cannot be said for tiger and powerpcs. i no longer have a legacy machine to test later versions. a lot has to do with the real world where antiquated corporate machines still runs windows 2000/xp. on the plus side, it benefits home pc users with extended support from 3rd parties. also, maybe it’s due to availability of older sdks and tools. i mean when ios 4 came out, developers were pushed to upgrade to snow leo and newer xcode, even though leo wasn’t that old.

    but worst of all, form-over-function is what will kill your mac quicker than pc. while the heat in those sleek small form factors will throttle your cpu, but the surrounding trapped heat and delibrately spun-low fans will killed your hard drive and graphics chip.

    when all is said, macs are built with same parts, assembled by the same overworked factory workers. doesn’t mean it has better built and quality. all it takes is for one worker to accidently broke a surface mount parts in the logic board and you’ll have a partially working lemon. i used to have a pentium mobo and broke a transistor. god knows what its function was, but computer continues to run but i was never comfortable with it.

  297. SammyRay says:

    I don’t care that I spent like €600+ more than I should have. I wanted the light up buttons, the apple on the back and the 8 hour battery life.

    I couldn’t care less, i’ve been using windows for over a decade, and have grown to be wary of buying a computer every 3 years. So I went and bought a mac.

    And I like it, it’s intuitive.

  298. PizzaCat says:

    LOL, many PC fanboys here, SOUR GRAPES..

    If its about Mac (hardware), I can understand because they are ‘expensive’ not ‘overpriced’.. Looking a spec sheet makes you feel that you can have same config for cheaper than Mac… then reconsider everything with Top Notch quality.. from PSU, Case, Accessories and all.

    Again, your takes on OS X, its quite lame.. OS X is still the best OS for professionals..

    However I don’t like any pre-built systems.. If you guys have problem with other stuff, don’t use it. I use what I like..

    I USE A PC, but not Windows Only..
    OS X86 on a PC is simply way to go..

  299. alex says:

    just a real life situation – I spent about $500.00 on my desktop (I built it myself) and i play SC2 on Extreme graphics. My friend spent 1400 on his mac and plays on low….. I dont really feel like much more needs to be said if you have ever seen the difference between the two…

  300. George says:

    Like ALL amazing things… macs have lovers and haters! It’s nice of you that you took all this time to write this and prove how great a mac machine is!

  301. Nike says:

    Mac is just boring for me.

    Just saw a mac user going on facebook and tumblr ( not doing music production and such ) .

    Is easier to get a pc. Besides spending that money on a mac.

    mac 13 inch: $ 1,399.00 , 2.4 GHz . 2.8 GHz= $ 1,698.00

    15-inch: 2.2 GHz: $ 2,099.00 15-inch: 2.4 GHz = $ 2,499.00

    17-inch: 2.4 GHz : $ 2,899.00

    ” . . . . . “

  302. LOCO says:

    Oh and one more thing –

    Young PC users are more likely to co-own an Apple product of some kind.

    Young Mac users are more likely to co-own a………? Indie emo scarfs?

    So I really wonder where have they gotten all those PC rumors from…Hmmmm….

  303. Steve says:

    I completely agree, loco. In fact, my entire Lock Screen is customized to my liking. You can change everything from the Start button icon to the toolbar color changing to the current weather. It’s amazing. Have you noticed apple hasn’t done anything innovative? They take the credit for everything someone else already made. I’ve heard so many apple users say apple invented the first all touch screen phone…when in fact LG (Prada) made the first one. Then theres the people that say they invented the tablet. Tablets have been around for years and apple just made one look somewhat pretty. It’s still a piece of s**t inside. I know firsthand apple’s own routers crash their own computers. I’ve been in the retail business for years and hear it all the time. “It doesn’t work with my apple computer” to “It crashed my apple computer I want my money back.” All the apple users that post on here aren’t using facts. They are trying to make their case look better than it really is.

  304. LOCO says:

    I definitely do share the same points, here’s my takes

    1. The right-click command has WAY more functions than an OSX right-click menu. Not only that, but within ANY “Open” or “Save” dialog window boxes (Yes, EVEN WITHIN PROGRAMS), you are even ABLE to right click in the directory area and do the SAME functions in Windows! OSX never has this amount of accessibility-flexibility. In OSX, the same old bullshit answer you keep getting is, “Well, that’s why we call it The FINDER!” Yeah, stick it up your Finder!

    2. Another echo – and that is Macs are just simply overpriced. And those who say, “Don’t complain and be happy” – please. STFU. I may not be a hungry child from Africa but I also don’t have to deal with your yuppy bullshit.


    I owned both a Macbook Pro and a PC Desktop for 3 years straight.
    Now, this might sound like a “conspiracy theory”….but guess which one crashed way more often? 

    Mention a PC hanging, and reactions are like bread popping outta toasters. Like “part of life”.

    Mention a Mac hanging, and it’s like you just insulted Oprah Winfrey.



    5. I may not be an avid videogamer, but having videogames on OSX – is like having 8-bit Nintendo-bleep sounds on Blue Ray Disc. Oh, but then again you can play a Blue Ray on Windows too.

    6. Windows has just so many more cooler, ‘smaller’ nuggets of software that can be of immense help even in the most specialized software. True, when you have many 3rd party plugins available, you will obviously run into some problems once in a while, but I’d rather take that chance than driving to a Mac store and depending on a half-wit who’s only trained to give textbook answers to the average yuppy.

    7. Windows is 100 times way more customizable than OSX, all the way from the most technical details to the visual GUI.

    8. The whole world can use USB 3.0, but Apple insists on Firewire ports ONLY for their products. Wow, anarchy that’s in the same league as Martin Luther King, right?

  305. Rob says:

    Awesome thread! My two cents: I’m a Systems guy and work exclusively in the Windows environment. But I did purchase a MacBook Pro specifically for Final Cut Pro. Then FCP X came out. Now I have buyers remorse. My solution is to run Windows off the Mac and use both OSes.

    However, I still do encourage people who are not logically minded to purchase a Mac. That’s why a lot of starving artists use their parents’ money to purchase a Mac. They’re artists, not scientists.

    @Steve: You’re awesome and I agree with you 100%. But I think you have to accept the fact that many people today don’t want to do things themselves. They like driving to the Apple Store at the mall to depend on a pimple-faced “Genius” to do everything for them. But most importantly, people like shiny, pretty things over functionality.. Why else would women spend thousands of dollars on jewelry that provide no functional benefit? Personally, I find Mac lovers endearing, like children who get excited when the ice cream truck passes by. If only us PC supporters could reclaim that kind of innocence…

  306. ??? says:

    So what are the prizes on the macs? Do some research? and Take a look? who really needs to spend that much money on the mac?. If you’re not doing music production?.

  307. Luke says:

    Smell a fanboy coming

  308. anon says:

    Who actually needs a gaming laptop? Not very many. For gaming a desktop is the right choice. Intel graphics are for many people the best choice. Your point #3 is not very serious at all. Your point #1 is no point at all.

    The only plausible argument you made was the fact about Macs being overpriced.

    Everything else was not why Mac sucks, but why OS X sucks. When I buy a computer I buy it for the hardware. Ever thought of installing Linux on Mac? That’s perhaps the most sensible thing you can do with a Mac. Overpricing is still an issue though, but MacBooks are great if you’ve got Linux on them.

    Continuing on the matter of OS. Some argue in favour of Windows, like saying Windows has become a great OS. Windows was still usable (although some think not) ten years ago. Unless you’re a gamer I see no real reason to get Windows. Perhaps it’s cheaper than Windows (I wouldn’t know) but you can get Linux for free.

    The thing that makes the least sense to me is this PC vs. Mac stuff. What do all these people think a PC (or Mac) is? Mac is a PC. Well, some of them are (as there are Mac servers too).

    And at the commenter nicknamed “Get your facts straight”, you should get yours straight too. Neither FreeBSD and Linux are different, that’s true. But neither of them are Unix.

    And statistic tell nothing aside from what they show. The fact that majority of people do something doesn’t tell anything about the sensibility of it.

  309. Andy says:

    PC’s are faster than macs, there overpriced, and slow down, have lots of errors. Short and sweet, Windows will last forever if taken care of, so will mac, games work better on windows, Windows is cheaper, and MAC is overpriced, Mac for schoolwork etc, but on a windows, for LOT cheaper, you can still get everything a mac has, and have some extra cash in your pocket.

  310. Steve says:

    @MICHAEL. Who the hell cares if Photoshop was on a mac first. The point is Photoshop is just as good or better on a PC. My employees and I use Photoshop CS5 on our PCs and have no issues.

  311. Mike says:

    I find a mac, boring.

  312. Michael says:

    There is so much wrong with these reasons but the main one I have is Photoshop was on Mac first.

  313. Ben says:

    Amen to what you have said. I have been using PCs for years and can’t complaint and now that I am starting to get the hang of Linux, Why would I ever buy a Mac?

  314. LUKE says:

    Ye the reason for people to use mac for is Logic. Mac’s are good for music production.

    If they’re not doing music productions. Well i don’t really find what’s the purpose to buy a mac. Would be easier to get a notebook rather than spending that money on the mac.

  315. formermacfan says:

    i think to give some balance here… a lot of people have been with apple for awhile and some (like me) work in creative industries that pc’s were friggin disasters for over past years… having said that i think apple is looking down the barrel with windows actually being a great os now.. economic downturns – eventually $$ are going to get to people and i think they will start to turn away.. particularly with companies like asus making just as pretty/shiny laptops and desktops at half the price. to be honest the only thing i like mac for (and use it for) is Logic, which is still one of the best music production suites around. Admitedly, i prefer using Avid’s Pro Tools heaps more and for all out there who say Macs don’t crash – give me a break! can’t tell you how many times i’ve got that stupid crash screen with Pro Tools.. apparently its because of the stupid mac when it goes to standby – causes corruption upon waking.. what a load of crap!

  316. Luke says:

    typical mac fanboy pc’s are cheaper and yet SOMEHOW have better processing speed, graphics and ram. Why the hell would someone by a 1500 dollar mac when they can get a $600 pc with better specs.

    Idk why everyone gets mac it makes me sick.

  317. Luke says:

    Don’t buy a mac, here’s why….. They’re overpriced BIG TIME! Compare the Macbook White to the Dell Inspiron N5040. The Dell Inspiron N5040 has better specs eg. Intel i3, 3 GB RAM, $400, and a 320 GB HDD. Now for Macbook White: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, $1000. The Dell is $600 less than the Macbook White and it has better specs.

  318. WAHH says:

    Woot mw3 and bf3 is out. So much fun.

    People just wanted to buy it just cuz is all shiny and s**t.

    They just wanted to be cool and stay on facebook, tumblr, all day unless you’re doing music production. Other thing else. If you’re just only browse the web. Get a notebook. Rather than spending that bunch of money to be a mac.

    Not worth buying the mac really.

    Could also photoshop on a pc too. A program call Adobe Photo Elements 8.0

  319. WAHH says:

    Woot mw3 and bf3 is out. So much fun.

    @TIM ye is true. On the mac there’s nothing really fun about it.

    People just wanted to buy it just cuz is all shiny and s**t.

    They just wanted to be cool and stay on facebook, tumblr, all day unless you’re doing music production. Other thing else. If you’re just only browse the web. Get a notebook. Rather than spending that bunch of money to be a mac.

  320. Steve says:

    @TUCANSAM. Everyone I know with a mac can’t keep up with my PC. You’re full of it.

  321. TucanSam says:

    You obviously don’t know how to use os x, you can minimize windows (that’s what the yellow button is for you derp) you can switch application even better than windoze (spaces, expose, or mission control). And Steve, what are you talking about? Windows has the registry and all of those drivers which slow down the os, os x doesn’t which means parts for parts macs are faster…. And to whoever said macs are horrible to upgrade, I’m not sure what you’re trying to upgrade but you must not know what you’re doing. I haven’t had any struggle with the ram or had drive on my mbp.

  322. Steve says:

    @TIM. macs don’t even come clost to the speed of PCs. I hope you were being sarcastic.

  323. tim says:

    On the mac there’s nothing really fun about it. Yeah it’s fast … so what?

  324. Brandon says:

    Danielle is talking on the cellphone while driving her minivan.

  325. WAHH says:

    can’t play games with high resolution on the mac -.-

  326. Derp Herpistan says:


    I’m intrigued by your argument; why don’t we have sex in front of my webcam and you can tell me more?

  327. Carl says:

    Macs are built for the image, but they do have one selling point over PC’s. not that it matters to a consumer

    Because of the set hardware, when professional grade software such as ProTools or Photoshop get developed for use with Mac’s, there are only a few possiblities for hardware configoration. Therefore, this software ‘should’ be more stable on a Mac.

    Having said that, I run Protools on a PC and I find it works just as good, if not better.

  328. Brandon says:

    @DANIELLE. They got viruses because you didn’t know how to use them properly, that is why you had to get a Mac…simply because you were too stupid to use a PC properly. PC’s can work for 10+ years if properly maintained…but you wouldn’t know anything about proper computer maintenance would you? iPad is not a Mac, stop trying to compare them. What does Mac have available for students that PC doesn’t meet and exceed? Learn your s**t, b***h.

  329. Steve says:

    @DANIELLE. Did you know that a lot of top schools are using Kinects hooked up to PC’s (not macs) as a science tool for their classrooms. Did you know that 95% of schools and offices still use PCs? Did you know I’ve been a PC user for over 15 years and have yet to get a virus? Everyone I know that has a teacher with a mac in college hates it. Everytime a mac teacher gives a word or powerpoint document to a PC user it doesn’t work correctly. Danielle, my sweet danielle … I would love to go in more detail, but your little brain couldn’t handle it.

  330. Danielle says:

    Oh have had many different computers and lap tops, and they all got viruses or trojans no matter how protected they were. Eventually they just don’t work after that no matter what you do. No matter what brand either, they all get them. You know it and we know it. You are in denial ! Yes Apple isn’t compatible with a lot of stuff but then in that case why would you want it then???? Have you even seen what Mac has available for students? If you had you would know it’s way better. Also you actually talk to teachers and they all say they wish they had the means house macs at school. Did you know a lot of top schools are now choosing iPad as a Science tool for their classrooms in middle school???? Yes teachers would rather use Mac because it is better for students in fact it blow everything else away.

  331. Danielle says:

    I guess if you don’t have the money or can’t figure out how to use a Mac then it is a unwise purchase! Anyone who has had any type of PC that has converted to the ” dark side of Mac” knows after a short time how much better Mac is! Mac rules for a reason, also I download tons and my kids go on those sites that you get all the viruses from ( free gaming sites ) , and we have never had any issues with viruses or trojans! If i want to play games I use my iPad. I suppose if your the D&D type a mac isn’t a great option but who would want to be A D&D nerd anyway!

  332. Steve says:

    @SETHATHI. I’ve been in the retail business for over 10 years and the majority of complaints and returns are from apple users saying the device isn’t compatible with their computer.

  333. Sethathi says:

    You ever try and upgrade the hardware in your Mac? It’s a horrible experience. It’s like replacing parts in an iPod (what a coincidence).

  334. WAHH says:

    Some people just buy a laptop without doing any research do they ?

  335. Get your facts straight says:

    I agree Mac sucks for many reasons. For one it has no decent package management system. You can’t even properly uninstall applications for f**k sake.

    However, you got one thing really wrong. FreeBSD is not Linux. OSX is based on FreeBSD which is a type of Unix operating system. Linux is also a type of Unix but they are not the same.

    Oh, and Windows sucks a big bowl of chubbies too.

  336. Steve says:

    Do your research. Look on Google and you’ll see that 95% of schools and offices run Windows. Most computer software is developed to run on Windows. 92.21% of the market share is PC vs 5.11% mac. If you go to Best Buy right now you have to look on the box and make sure its mac compatible. Rather than knowing right away its compatible with PC. I like how you through these numbers like 80% at me, but have nothing to back it up. Go on Google right now and you’ll find I’m right.

  337. Steve says:

    @BALLSHUNG LAO. You are a complete moron. I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials since it’s release and have yet to get a single virus. Guess how much it costs? NOTHING! So add that $540.00 back onto the cost of a mac. I’m talking about a fully capable computer. A fully computer doesn’t need lighted keys or a steal case to work! Your whole debate is a bunch of garbage. The Price difference is still nearly $1000. You can live in your dream world and pretend you’re getting a deal. You are exactly the kind of retard apple loves to trick. Wow you get lighted keys and a metal case. So lets add $1000 to the price tag. My wifes HP has a LED screen, fully interative trackpad, and nice speakers for $700.00. I bought that for her last November. You obviously don’t do any research. Did you notice I wasn’t bias at all in my last post? I actually went direct to apple and dell’s site. I didn’t go on froogle to find the best deal.

  338. Ballshung Lao says:

    For everyone that believes Apple sucks, then why are they still able to compete with windows? I did the math for you. let’s say this:

    A Macbook Pro is about $1,800 where I come from. I had my mac for 7 years without it ever failing on me so i’m going to propose 5 years into the life spam of a mac.

    A windows computer with the same functions as apple (YES IT HAS BLUETOOTH for that idiot steve) cost about $700 a peice.

    This leaves us with $1,100 dollars in difference. A lot? Yes.

    In the years i have had my mac, i torrented movies, games and many of my softwares (sorry, i’m not going to purchase adobe premier for that rediculous price). Never once has my shut off speed on my mac ever slowed down, or have i ever received a virus. For window, to get the same satisfaction you will need a GOOD protection system.

    A good antivirus cost ruffly around $70-80 a year. As sad before, if my mac lasted 7 years, then 7 * 80. this brings down the difference cost of $540.

    The cost of the softwares in a mac (which are not utter s**t for this guys sakes) cost around $50. at the end, the cost is reduced to $490.

    The new macbooks have light up keyboards, tiled letters, fully interactive trackpad, nice side speakers, LED screen. All these features are YET to be seen on a Windows computer worth 700 or less, so the price will drop again to $400.

    At the end of the day, the comparison isn’t much different. Mac’s are made on a alluminum piece of metal. absolutely love it except the edges does dig in to your arms a bet. Windows, PLASTIC.

    Price = $350 difference.

    Have any of you thought why we mac users BUY a mac? No, we don’t use it for gaming (it would be stupid to anyways) for me, i use it for school. At my school, over 80% of the students that use a computer carry a mac. are they all stupid fucked up kids? No.

    Mac’s are used to do serious work like editing, writing, or to anyone that just likes an expensive system for internet streaming, then that too. OH, and also, when the mac runs out of batteries, it saves ur work for you.

  339. Steve says:

    MacBook Pro 17-inch (applestore.com)

    2.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM — 2x2GB
    750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
    AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5
    MacBook Pro 17-inch Hi-Res Glossy Widescreen Display
    SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

    $2,499.00 (as of (11/1/2011))

    Dell XPS 17 (dell.com)

    2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2760QM processor 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.50 GHz
    4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 Memory
    750GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 550M 1GB graphics with Optimus
    HD DISPLAY 17.3″ HD+ (900p) LED Display with 2.0MP HD Webcam
    Tray Load Blu-ray® Triple Writer (reads and writes CDs, DVDs, BDs)

    $1,454.99 (as of (11/1/2011))

    Please explain to me why I would ever spend over a thousand dollars more and get less? apple obviously is catering to the dumb. There is barely any specs on their computers. I don’t even know if the macbook comes with something as simple as bluetooth built-in.

  340. WAHH says:

    Most likely everyone mentions Dell and Hp brands. Besides those two brands. There are other brands too.

    Like. Sony Vaio’s, Asus, Lenova . Alienware, Sager.

    So many choices out there. And different specs.

  341. B.J. says:

    People buy them cause they are tasty, crunchy, and somewhat slimy. :D

  342. Brandon says:

    Be honest with me…

    When someone is looking to buy a new computer (a laptop in this case), who HONESTLY considers Macs as a viable choice?

    Everyone mentions PC-distributors such as Dell and HP, but never Mac.

    So what draws people to buy one? I really don’t understand the mentality.

  343. Steve says:

    Wow.. no BLM to bore the hell out of me with his long posts.

  344. Sean says:

    Anything from Apple is a study in how to market people into believing something that isn’t true. They manufacture Dell PCs, put them in a shiny aluminium box multiply the price tag by a factor of two or three, then somehow convince people it’s worth it. Sure OSX is superficially pretty (I wouldn’t use the word polished though), but it’s wallpaper on terrible underlying usability flaws. Look at maximise behaviour, Apple’s interface engineers prove how truly clueless they are right there.

    Under the hood Mac’s hardware wise *are* PCs, so lets stop pretending that there’s some magical mysterious hardware wizardry under that flashy case. You’re getting nothing that you can’t get from Dell for at least half the price. I built my own Dual Xeon workstation with the specs of a £4000 Mac Pro for ~£1500, then installed Linux on it and got a system that is faster and more stable than the Mac piece of crap I also unfortunately own. Mac’s aren’t more polished than PCs, they’re just more expensive, and distract people from all their faults with shiny cases and eye-candy animations.

    Throw in the down right disgusting business practices that company employs (Seriously, I don’t like Microsoft, but compared to Apple they’re the LESSER of two evils, that really is saying something) and I can quite happily say that the world would be much better off if Bill Gates had never bailed them out in the nineties and they had gone bust. Now that Steve Jobs is dead, and the company and it’s users are very much based around his cult of personality, I hope that the company will finally, and permanently, vanish.

  345. Dave says:

    I am switching from a Mac to a Thinkpad. I’ve mostly used OS X and Macs for the past decade, and frankly, both have gone downhill. My Mac Book was breaking down physically (cracks galore despite handling with kids’ gloves), and don’t get me started on the overheating and noise. I was also sick of the lack of compatibility for certain freeware programs and the fact that my basic, cheap work PC laptop would get better wireless connections in most places than my Macs. Frankly, I now believe Windows 7 is better overall operating system. No platform is perfect, but Windows 7 does what I need and gives me more options from a software perspective.

  346. Steve says:

    @BLM. I use the scroll bar every time I go on this site. What bothers me about people who debate is they always act like if they don’t do it than everyone doesn’t do it. I get that you don’t use it, but don’t imply that no one does. And just because you didn’t actually say no one uses it doesn’t mean you didn’t imply it. I can totally see you coming back here and going “I never said that”.

  347. Hank HIll says:

    Just gonna switch my WOrd document from my pc to mace and…BWAAAAAHHHHH! it crashes every time!

    Thats it Mac, I’m gonna kick your ass!

  348. WAHH says:

    ^ This. . . . ye

  349. Steve says:

    @BLM. Correction. Nearly all mac users are profoundly stupid. Not some.

  350. BLM says:

    Again, those are older arguments. Adobe got help from Apple a year or so back to get better performance, specifically for internet video. That’s most of what Flash is used for these days, and as you said, H.264 is where everything’s headed right now. (Sadly, it’s a copyright-encumbered format, so it’s not like all’s well there either, but I digress.) “Until Snow Leopard” still means it hasn’t been an issue for the last two years.

    And I can only say “citation needed” for the assertion that PC users tolerate GIMP. The *nix world seems okay with it, but PC and Mac users always wish it were more like Photoshop. I love the idea of a FOSS image editor, but I always found the windows unwieldy in Windows.

    1. People use those buttons? Scroll with the trackpad/scrollwheel/PgUp+PgDn and close with Alt+F4 or Cmd+W. I haven’t scrolled with the scroll bar since I can remember. Mouse acceleration and speed can be changed in System Preferences > Mouse, similar to Windows.

    2. Lion has Copy (Cmd+C) and Move Here (Cmd+Opt+V). Works the same as Windows cut and paste.

    3. Yes, some users of all OSes are profoundly stupid, outside the more niche distros of Linux. Windows gets its annoying in here through UAC and registry bloat, Mac does drag-to-Applications and ~/Library/Preferences bloat. The best here is still Debian-style apt-get. Here’s Mozilla’s video (VIDEO!) on how to install Firefox on Windows starting from the desktop: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/video/?video=upgrade-win . And yes, they have pictures elsewhere.

  351. semen says:

    people aren’t complaining about flash crashing on mac. it’s just they are complaing how much cpu and heat flash is using/generating relative to windows’s version of flash. but mac users dont look inwards at what is wrong with their architecture.

    1.apple did not lay the foundation for hardware assisted h.264 till snow leopard.

    2. they are using all integrated, small form factors machine with tiny fans set to low rpms (again form over function crap).

    mac users are the worse, if a graphical app does not conform to human interface guidelines – even when off a couple of pixels, they freaked out. pc users can tolerate different gui from realplayer, safari, vlc, gimp, etc. mac users are nuts. i can see why they are special people.
    it takes a special people to think its better to have

    1. close, minimize, maximize button on the left (far, far away from scroll button). i guess watching porn while your boss is in the room is hard for you. compounded with the slow acceleration of your mouse.

    2. no cut and paste. sometimes while dragging files you could accidently let go of the finger and drop it in different folder.
    have fun looking for it. apple cant even understand this simple fact.

    3. installing an app requires dragging an app into a folder is better than double clicking it?
    i mean firefox’site used to have a special page (with pictures – how embarassing) to show people how to drag their program into folder for mac users. OMG – they dont need to have one for linux, windows. I mean how bad is it when special people need special instructions on a supposingly easy to use system.

    Sorry pc for life.

  352. BLM says:

    “PC people can live without Apple.”

    Cool, just make sure you don’t derive any benefit from Google, Facebook, Twitter (or anything running Ruby on Rails), etc. A lot of Mac users there, and you wouldn’t want those nasty Mac germs. What’s perhaps even more terrifying is that companies are using a ton of virtualization and remote development servers nowadays, so you can’t even verify whether the employee is really using Mac or *nix. The only company requirement for the employee’s computer is dumb terminal functionality. Also, refuse to sell to Mac users. Remember, you can live without them. Viva OS fanaticism.

  353. BLM says:

    Okay, fine, I’ll bite. Macs aren’t for games. I said that. If you play games, use a PC or get a console. Period. Duh. I don’t play games, although if I did I could boot into Windows. Shockingly, you can have multiple OSes on a machine, and if you do any non-trivial programming, it’s always a good idea. It takes seconds to boot into another OS.

    Firefox for Mac and Chrome for Mac have no issues. I say this because I develop extensions and know what goes into each. And hey, now that Chrome’s making a push for native extensions using GCC, guess which platforms are going to be less troublesome. It’s also an easier dev environment, second only to Linux. Both are cross-platform. Flash is the same on OS X, and it’s the Apple hardcore that are hysterical in how they exaggerate its issues. I’ve never had my Mac crash while using YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo or a Flash-based page. Skype works too, and the same goes for Google Talk video chat, plus there’s FaceTime. Before Office 2011, Office for Mac sucked, but the MacBU did a great job (also, Keynote is light years better than PowerPoint for 40% of the cost). The only thing lacking is native add-in support, which I do miss. OS X doesn’t have native DirectX support, obviously; it’s a Microsoft product and MS has no reason to port it. The same goes for Linux. For Java, like many of the above, Macs used to really lag Windows, but it’s negligible now (I’m using 1.6.0_27, latest is 1.6.0_29).

    Also, when having trouble with a router, the problem is almost always between the keyboard and chair. Routers (including Linksys gaming ones) have web interfaces for setup. You connect, go to 192.168.xxx.xxx and set it up. I’ve set up wireless routers for myself and my family using a Mac. It’s not hard or hack-y. Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, etc. have GUIs for network connection management, too. Install discs are silly.

    I’ve said it a million times now, but I use PCs. I like them, especially for the productivity suite, and I recognize their power for gaming and the importance of reach. For things like text editing (multilingual support, Asian handwriting recognition, far better console Vim, TextMate), coding (see previous, plus the full Xcode is free while Visual Studio Ultimate is $12,000, a tightly integrated command line, plus a wide variety of compilers and language support), music (GarageBand vs what? Sound Recorder?), photography, workflow (multiple desktops, desktop assignment, multitouch-based window management, Spotlight search, good default mail/calendar/chat/contacts apps) and other personal wants, a Mac suits me better. If you prefer Windows, cool. But maybe you should stick to liking your OS instead of getting bent out of shape that someone else likes something else and, perhaps most horrifyingly, has good, personal reasons for doing so.

  354. WAHH says:

    And you see the mac users going to facebook , and tumblr, most of the time. As what i had seen.

    Using a mac is just boring. In my opinion base.

    Cannot w8 for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 to come out. So excited.

  355. Steve says:

    @BRANDON. I’m sure BLM will be back to answer that for you.

  356. Brandon says:

    Is DirectX even compatible with Mac?

  357. Steve says:

    @SEMEN. I completely agree. BLM was trying to give me this long spiel about how easy it is to make software for the mac. blah blah blah. Even if he was right, I don’t give a s**t. The point is there are way more developers making software and games for the PC. So it’s a no brainer I’m going to go with PC over mac. I want more selection. The 2 biggest games (Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3) of the year are PC and game console only. Not mac. Not to mention BF3 was made for the PC and ported over to consoles. Not made for mac and ported to PC. In fact there are companies (eg. Aspyr) that only port games from PC to mac because mac sucks so much. Its pretty funny how apple people will be quick to say “get an iphone over a Windows Phone because the iphone has more apps”, but they won’t get a PC over a mac. PC has more software and they actually work the way they are intended to. Without the need of bootcamp.

  358. semen says:

    steam for mac sux
    flash for mac sux
    firefox for mac sux
    office for mac sux
    chrome for mac sux
    skype for mac sux

    maybe mac sux?
    i mean the arrogance of mac users. so blinded, they only see flaws in others but not in themselves. so easily brainwashed by hip ads.

  359. Steve says:

    I like the fact that I can go to a computer store blindfolded and buy hardware that’s compatible with a PC. apple users have to look at the box and find that one line that says mac compatible.

  360. BRANDON says:

    Semen pretty much summed it up…Mac doesn’t have any of those advantages.

  361. semen says:

    sorry love my pc.
    love the price.
    love the vast selections of makes and models.
    love the freedom to install linux/windows without refit or bootcamp crap.
    love the vast selection of form factors and case.
    love the way most old software still works on windows even accelerated game titles.
    love the vast selections of softwares – cads, editing, games.
    love the fact flash/firefox/chrome/adobe reader/java all works better on windows.
    love the fact, my athlon pc ran for the longest time.
    i am my own tech. support. my pc is busted, i fix it myself. saves time getting back up in hours only.

  362. BRANDON says:

    Apple should just drop all their failed efforts in the computing industry and just stick with handhelds. I seriously don’t know what attracts people into buying a Mac anyway.

  363. Steve says:

    And like I said earlier hardware is never compatible with apple. I gave the apple nuts son a Linksys Gaming Adapter and guess what? He couldn’t get it to work becaues you can only configure it with a PC. Of course, like a typical mac user … he calls it a piece of junk. I get it back and get it up and running in 5 minutes. I use it with my Xbox 360 and it works perfectly. I sell a lot routers, gaming adapters, etc and the majority of returns are from apple users that can’t get it to work with their system. And a lot of the times apple branded routers crash their computers. I sold a apple router to a customer and the installation disc that came with it crashed his OS and everytime the mac loaded the OS it would freeze. This is all true and very sad. Until that customer complained I didn’t know routers even needed to be installed. Every router I’ve encountered you never had to install anything. Of course, apple likes to overcomplicate everything to be different.

  364. Steve says:

    @JA. I’ve never met anyone with just a mac. They always have a PC. Whether its a piece of crap or not they always own a PC too. In fact, I know the biggest apple nut there is and he has to have a PC in his basement because the place he works requires you to have one.

  365. JA says:

    I agree with STEVE, especially the part “PC people can live without Apple. Not the other way around.”:)
    There is no alternative for Windows, but there is Linux for OS X.

  366. JA says:

    The hard drive of my iMac, which I bought a year ago, now says, “This driver has a problem which cannot be repaired. See an authorized apple store.” Really? I have a three-year-old PC which still runs great without any problem. I did not expect to pay such money for a junk.

  367. Steve says:

    @WAHH. Nice. I just bought the ASUS Crosshair V Formula a few weeks ago. Amazing motherboard along with an amazing processor.

  368. Wahh says:

    Just bought a Asus g74 sx-a1 is really awesome For gaming and my work. Mac is just too boring for me.

  369. Wahh says:

    Just bought a Asia g74 sx-a1 is really awesome For gaming and my work. Mac is just too boring for me.

  370. vish says:

    Everything written here is wrong. Period.

  371. Steve says:

    The problem with us PC users is having to deal with apple users. They don’t know when to shut up. I posted this before, but I’m saying it again. I was at a wedding and I pulled out my Windows Phone to check my email. Some kid came up to me and said “apple invented the touchscreen phone and Windows Phone is a knock-off.” That’s just plain ignorance. Nearly all apple users I’ve dealt with are completely ignorant. I’ve never gone up to someone and said “you’re stupid for using mac”. That’s really the main reason why PC people hate apple so much.

  372. Steve says:

    And I respect your opinion.

  373. BLM says:

    Also, my school (University of Tokyo) uses Macs predominately. The only non-Macs I’ve encountered were a handful of Bloomberg terminals, which run Windows (and communicate with a *nix server). They switched just shy of a decade ago. In several of the Ivies, Macs have majority market share among students. I’m aware most people use Windows, and again, I’ve never bashed it. But Mac users like myself can get along just fine.

  374. BLM says:

    Uh, what? The US military uses Linux for many things. The DOD just released a minimal distro of their own, actually. NASA uses Ubuntu, a specific Linux distro, frequently. Plenty of government agencies use Linux: http://goo.gl/ijZuT . Some things use Windows; I never argued otherwise. But you’re the one who seems to think *nix is “off-brand.” Maybe my sarcasm detector is just off, but I highly recommend you never say that to a computer scientist.

    And yes, Macs cost more, but I pay more because I get more. It makes me more productive. Try, just try, setting up a decent coding environment for ROR in Windows. If that’s too bleeding-edge, try the same for C. It’s just much easier to get programming work done — C# and VB .NET aside — in *nix or OS X. There are many other uses for computers, but many people I know who use Macs — and do so productively — do it because it performs for programmers (and visual designers, and musicians, etc.). I also like having the US extended keyboard (versus fiddling with scim and anthy on *nix or *shudder* Character Map in Windows) as I type in English and Japanese. I stumbled across how to sync all my photos with Flickr accidentally, whereas in Windows I had a hacked-together script doing the work for me. For me, in these areas, Macs just work. I can see my keys at night, boot Windows and Linux, and painlessly manage multiple desktops and windows. Your mileage may vary.

    I really, really don’t understand how you think this is a swipe on Windows. I stated clearly, very clearly, several times, that Windows was good at several things, and that for most enterprises Windows makes a lot of sense. I stated — again, very clearly — that I use Windows on a near-daily basis. I don’t hate it. I maintain a few C#-based Excel add-ins, actually, and I boot/virtual-boot into Windows for some of that work (Macs the machines run Windows very well). What I don’t get is the Mac hate. It feels like a stubborn refusal to admit that some people are enjoying a system different than your own, and being productive while doing so.

  375. Steve says:

    and schools.

  376. Steve says:

    @BLM. Mac’s cost more in the long run. You admit that. So I really don’t have much else to say. Oh and keep in mind that the US military, NASA, Self-checkout machines, and a lot of cash registers use Windows. Tons, tons of important work.

  377. BLM says:

    @Brandon, um, actually I posted something and the moderators didn’t send it because it contained the word “s***”… which I was quoting from Steve.

    No, I’m back. My stories are real. I had a ThinkPad in college, and it’s held up fine, just the customer service has been obnoxious. It still runs, but it’s not worth much. My gf has a Sony Vaio. If you think I’m lying about that, consider the enormous recall Sony had last year or so because of fan issues. I suppose it’s also inconceivable for you that Sony would make bad batteries. For a long time, Dell had some of the worst customer service out there (http://goo.gl/aUi3m … sorry, I think that link to an independent study also says Apple has the best). And you’re right, I did have a Gateway. Gateways also have had great service in my experience (again, something confirmed by studies), and it’s held up for five years. The initial hard drive had problems early on, but I got it fixed in two days. It’s happily dual-booting Windows and Ubuntu.

    Also, Apple sells hardware and software. Microsoft sells software, but this is a deliberate choice, and they license OEMs. When you have a problem with an Apple phone, you go to Apple first because they’ll fix it more quickly. My personal struggles were with AT&T (not an iPhone, but Windows Mobile). If you think AT&T has good customer service, you’re crazy, period. I refused to do business with them after that, but I then had to help my girlfriend get her deposit back ($500) when we moved overseas. They wouldn’t believe us because the documents weren’t in English (headwall), so we had to have a professional translator verify our translations. I’ve used Verizon and had no problems with them. And yes, you’d be right to point out that it was Apple’s choice to go with AT&T. It’s one I didn’t support and for that reason refused to buy an iPhone in the US.

    Look, these are common customer service issues. Fans, hard drives and monitors fail. Sometimes the manufacturer is just awful, but most of time these are just hard to avoid, and replacement costs are built into the price. What I care about is how a company responds after being notified of these problems.

    And you may think you’re Mr. Fix-It, but when a device is under warranty, you take it to someone whose repairs won’t void the warranty. I’ve replaced fans, hinges (which require the near-complete dis/reassembly of the computer), all kinds of cards on my ThinkPad and gf’s Vaio. I built my desktop in high school and have built the software from the ground up, too, running Arch and Gentoo. But you can’t fix a dead pixel or a busted hard drive platter, and when fans inside break they can cause other damage, too.

    Also, I never, never said Windows was costly. Macs cost slightly more in the long run. In return, you get a tight integration with hardware and software, good customer service and the same solid support for programmers you get from Linux. If you don’t believe me, try doing something simple for web programmers, install thin, a solid production server for Ruby on Rails apps (hint: it’s “sudo gem install thin” on most *nix and OS X. And it’s equally simple to set up things like PHP to near your production environment.)

    That’s not something that’s for everyone, and in most cases — including at my own company — the right choice is to use Windows as few stray from the productivity suite (Office is top-notch). But for personal computers it’s a very rational choice for me.

  378. Brandon says:

    I don’t think BLM will be back after that humiliation Steve.

  379. BLM says:

    @Steve. Actually, I do have a Gateway T-6836 — and it’s held up the best of all my machines. It’s happily dual-booting Windows and Ubuntu. (The hard drive did completely fail once, and I got it replaced in two days. I have a paid account on Dropbox, so no data was lost.) It was an IBM ThinkPad I had in college and, again, it’s held up and my complaint is with the customer service hassles. Sony Vaios actually had a recall last year for fan issues (my gfs model was not included), so the idea that it’s made up strikes me as, well, amusing. (And they’re famous in Japan for failing just after warranty expires, hence the “Sony timer” swipe.) But hey, whatever it takes for you to believe. I’m not blaming Microsoft software for these — heck, I didn’t even bash Windows in the whole post — just talking about my relative experience with personal PCs and Macs. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, there are plenty of customer satisfaction polls for computers (hint: Apple’s at the top… and light-years beyond Dell): http://goo.gl/59e6y . This isn’t because Apple users are stupid or enthralled, but because it’s actually pretty painless.

    As for costs, I never, never used the word “costly” in describing the OS purchase. In fact, I stated quite clearly that Windows only adds $100 or so to the cost of a new computer (i.e. the discount you can negotiate for getting a computer without Windows). In the long run, Macs cost more, but it’s less than people think when you consider resale value and the internals. Some people are interested only in the productivity suite, and for them I’d always recommend Windows. I suppose it most depress the religious, but there’s important, productive work going on outside their favorite OS.

    My point about the phone is that Apple sells hardware and software. Microsoft sells software and goes through OEMs. Those are choices made for Mac and PC users. When I had a problem with my iPhone, I took it to Apple, not my carrier. It was a mere dead pixel, which is a common manufacturing issue, and the service was great.

    I also love the idea that you think I’m a Mac user incapable of fixing problems with my devices. I’ve replaced fans, hinges (which, by the way, often require the near-complete disassembly and reassembly of the laptop), several kinds of cards. On the software side, what can I say? I’ve used Arch Linux and Gentoo. But when a device is under warranty it’s a smart thing to have someone certified replace it instead of risking your warranty.

    As for your company being based solely online, there are some smart companies out there that are online and don’t use Windows. Like Google (http://goo.gl/aUi3m). There are smart ones that use Windows “exclusively” (for whatever they’re selling; most webservers are *nix). OS choice doesn’t meaningfully limit anyone.

    As a side note, if you’re claiming it’s *nix that’s the “shitty, off-brand OS,” keep in mind that it runs most servers, ATMs, supercomputers, etc. Tons, tons, of important work

  380. Steve says:

    I also forgot to metion you’re right, time is money. My company is solely based online and I’m not taking any chances with apple screwing up my work. For over 10 years I’ve been relying on Windows for my company. Just like 90% of the world. I’m never going to install any offbrand OS’s and pretend it’s Windows. Just use the programs the way they’re supposed to be used… on Windows. Period.

  381. Steve says:

    @BLM. I’ve never had any issues you’re talking about. Which makes me to believe you’re just making it up to help your story. A buddy of mine has a Dell desktop. His motherboard failed a few months ago and Dell came to his house to replace it for free. He paid absolutely nothing. Replacing a Windows Phone is not a PC or Microsoft issue. It’s the cell carrier. I accidentally crushed my old Windows phone and Sprint sent it Next Day Air after I called them. It seems to me you either owned a Gateway or Walmart (eMachines) brand PC and have some no name cell carrier like Metro PCS with your Windows phone. Don’t blame Microsoft or PC’s, blame yourself for not taking the time to do some research on what brands to buy. My PC never crashes. The only time my PC ever crashed was because my CPU fan failed. Replaced it for $25.00 and it’s good as new. Unlike apple users and I’m self sufficient and can take apart my own computer to fix it and not have to lug it over to an apple store. The cheapest way to have Windows isn’t to install some s**t offbrand OS and pretend it’s Windows. Most people know at least one person in college. You ask them to buy it for you through Microsoft’s online store. It costs $30.00 for Windows 7 Professional. Yeah, $30.00 is “costly”. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  382. BLM says:

    Also, if cost is a big factor, you shouldn’t be using Windows, period. That productivity suite costs money, and those OS upgrades cost money. You can negotiate with plenty of computer stores to discount computers by $100-150 to not install Windows. Take it home, install a distro requiring minimal effort like Ubuntu or Mint, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars. Download Wine and you can run many Windows programs just as easily as in Windows. This is the cheapest way to do things by far.

    And something I forgot above is resale value. It’s like how that Honda Accord may cost more initially, but you get more of it back when you sell it. My PC from above in college is worth nothing — I gave it away — although it was expensive at the time, and my girlfriend’s three year-old Sony is worth maybe $200-300 or so after paying five times that (thanks, Sony timer). MacBooks are depreciating slower than that. Really, the price differential between PCs and Macs just shows up in different areas. Depending on how you use your computer, either one could be a relative bargain.

  383. BLM says:

    This is getting a little ridiculous. I’m a recent Mac convert — coming from Linux, so I’m well aware of the open-source alternatives. I’ve used Windows at work for many years and at home most of my life. They’re all fine, and honestly, the parts of one OS are often interchangeable with those of another with minimal effort. Like Office? It’s available on Macs, as is iWork (and Keynote is fantastic), plus the LibreOffice suite, which is FOSS (COM add-ins are more difficult, of course). Like POSIX? You’re fine on OS X and *nix and just need Cygwin on Windows or GnuWin32 to just get the GNU toolchain. Like a certain programming language? With rare exception (e.g. Ruby’s slowness issues with Windows), they’re available and extremely similar everywhere. Like not having viruses? They’re easy to avoid on *nix and Mac machines, and Windows users just need one of the many free antivirus implementations. Like games? Well, er, I guess you probably do want a PC for that. Like some piece of hardware? Even *nix has great driver support now. Like make utilities? They’re not that hard to install on Windows. No one’s limited to the out-of-the-box functionality of any of these OSes. And anyone who can’t figure out how to do these things most of the way — or list them as failings for another OS — should abstain from this argument.

    The real differences are in polish, user experience, customer support, etc., and you pay for them. My conversion, really, is just on those non-OS issues: I had a PC in college that some idiot knocked over when my roomie had a party. It was under warranty, yet the repairs cost $750 (didn’t cover physical damage) and took two weeks. I had a Windows phone that turned off intermittently. Replacing it took three weeks and a great deal of negotiation, plus I paid postage. I had to replace the fan soon after. My girlfriend’s PC arrived with a dead fan, and the battery’s dead after a year. I had an iPhone with a dead pixel in the corner, and I went to the Apple Store a few miles away and they replaced it in 15 minutes. My MacBook got a huge dent in the body from me dropping it, and they replaced the unibody quickly. The biggest thing for me is that iStuff works the way I want it to, does it cleanly and without hackery, holds up, and Apple doesn’t waste my time with customer service. On secondary machines — or ones I want to keep simple for the end-user; my computer-illiterate mom uses Ubuntu — I’ll install *nix, and I’ll gladly use Windows at work. Simple as that.

    The fact is, time is money, ease-of-use is money, and on those dimensions a Mac works better for me. Your mileage may vary. But this OS religion stuff is pretty silly.

  384. BRANDON says:

    I love that every PC user is providing accurate, detailed facts and opinions to back up their claims. I think it is ridiculous that no Mac users have followed that example. Learn to argue fanboys, otherwise you are saying PC’s are better by default.

  385. Steve says:

    And if you want to make that ridiculous argument that you’ll have to pay for antivirus every year let me tell you this. Microsoft Security Essentials is FREE and Norton Antivirus over a span of 10 years is $400.00. Based on my research you save an average $800.00 buying a PC or an apple computer. So you’re still saving money if you actually pay for antivirus.

  386. Steve says:

    @CHEAPER THAN WINDOWS. First off, dslreports.com is not reliable in any way shape or form. They are about as reliable as Wikipedia. It’s all user based crap. That article was made by “rjackson edited by tmpchaos”. I could go on there right now and post why Windows is cheaper in the long run. I’m going on personal experience. I have PC’s that are 8 years old still working great. The only thing I upgraded on the PC in the last 8 years was a new CPU fan ($25.00)and Windows 7 ($30.00 because my daughter used her student email). That’s $55.00. You aren’t going on personal experience, you’re going on some stupid article some random guy made without anything to back it up. I’ll be honest, I’m not writing this on my 8 year old machine, but the point is it didn’t fail and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to keep it up.

  387. cheaper than windows says:

    macs do appear to cost more upfront. but over time, that is not the case. Windows pcs cost more


  388. Fuz says:

    Mac is just too boring for me.

  389. Steve says:

    I also forgot to mention that you also want to be a PC because the majority of hardware only works on PC’s. Don’t believe me? Go on Amazon.com and look at all hardware with a 4-1/2 or higher rating. The only reason they get a 1-star is because apple people say it doesn’t work with macs. It’s truely pathetic. I’ve never bought any type of hardware for my PC and said “damn, it only works with macs”.

  390. Steve says:

    @machead. You’re kidding right? There are 2 types. PC people and PC wannabes. Why? Because mac people can’t live without Microsoft. They have to use bootcamp, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. PC people can live without apple. Not the other way around. I own a Windows Phone and Zune software. So I will never buy an ipod, iphone, or install itunes or quicktime. So I like how I’m not dependant on another company I bash, but you apple people hate PC’s yet want to be one by installing bootcamp and having to use Microsoft Office for school. Funny how PC people do their research and apple people have no idea what they are talking about.

  391. RonweelD says:

    Nice 602 comments. must keep them in your doughebags.

  392. John says:


    Mac people and d********s. Oh wait, those are one and the same.

  393. machead says:

    there are only 2 types of computer user, the mac people and the mac wannabes

  394. Fuz says:

    Smell a ignorant fanboy coming.

  395. jack says:

    Im on a mac book laptop. Selling this for a Asus g74. Life will be so awesome when mw3 and bf3 comes out.

  396. George Burns says:

    This has to be one of the lamest articles that I have ever read on Macs.

    First, your argument about photoshop is flat out wrong. I use Photoshop CS5 along with Lightroom 3, Final Cut Pro, DvD Studio Pro and Sound Pro simultaneously every single day and have yet to have it crash, stop responding or otherwise cause a problem.

    The one advantage of a Mac is the hardware and OS being in sync. Someone else mentioned it but it certainly bears repeating. I have six iMac’s in my office and the oldest is six years old. I two PC’s one of which is three years old and cannot run the simplest of applications.

    Btw, there is a reason that Apple has now surpassed Microsoft as the worlds largest company, so the futile attempt to make Apple sound like a has been product is just that, futile.

    As an avid bird hunter, I will use the time old cliche – That dog just won’t hunt.

  397. Zvezdoros says:

    My first post! :)

  398. hei says:

    Buying a mac just to put windows on it is a complete waste of money.

  399. FUZ says:

    Ye macs are good for editing videos too.

    I don’t mind a Pc or a mac.

    But mac fan boys really need to shut up.

  400. semen says:

    a little overated mac for editing videos. for one, pc can harness more powerful gpus for hd contents and we can rip hd contents from bluray for trailer clips.
    mac — more overated than i thought.

  401. Brandon says:

    ROFL i dont even know where to start on this topic to many mac fan boys ok i will start off by saying no im not a fan boy of pc or mac but i am a fan boy of my money and what better way to spend my money then get top of the line for it then something that is alredy outdated like a mac…. ok Fuz your rite mac will never run a games better then windows cause for 1 it was built for a pc and on a pc.. so mac’s have a few things they are good for battery life is good on macbook its good for work but and video editing..maybe cause that takes alot of CPU power and mac’s have a slim chance or none at all of beating pc on CPU power…. so ok i just built a new computer last week and i have a Intel core i5 2500k 24/7 clock 4.8ghz best clock 5ghz 16GB of ram and a GTX 570 overclock to a 580 and a little small stuff but all in all cost me 1500 dollars i want to see a mac any mac out run my computer at 1500 dollars i will go mac for life and it looks cool too thats a + not the same old gay Gray or whit look mac has had sicne the stone age

  402. Anonymous says:

    You can use right click idoit. You just have to make sure your settings are correct.

  403. Fuz says:

    . only idiots had there fustration on the of it . Don’t really had a problem on my pc and is still stable. Excuse me games can run games better on mac ? Let’s see how you play it with high resolution and play cod with it. You can’t cuz is on the mac.

  404. Troy says:

    Ok, so give me 2500 dollars (price of macbook pro) and I’ll get a laptop that
    is superior in every way. The standard price of a laptop is around 700 dollars
    and those are on par with macbooks. If you’re going to pay top dollar, why not get top of the line?

  405. Maccy says:

    1: I think the fact you put Mac’s ads as your top statement why mac would suck shows how much of an angry fanboy you are. Advertisement is always about making your product look better than the others, and often, make it look better than what it already is. Its always been that way, Mac is just no exception. I think that in fact, the way it makes SO much PC users angry shows how actualy effective those ads were, and following that logic, it would mean that its a reason while its actualy good: Because they know how to grab attention, and that, in marketing, is PRICELESS.

    2 : Honestly I think nobody gets it for this one. If you REALLY wanna compare the prices of the hardware, don’t just look at what’s inside the box, look at the box itself. Most PCs are made out of simple plastic, and most of their components polutes alot. Apple, on the other hand, makes their computers out of glass and aluminium. Not only is this better looking, more durable, it also is more environment friendly because its easily recyclable, and the very production of the computer doesn’t polute as much as the one of your basic computer. Oh, and did I mention those materials are also much lighter? Yes, these things are good, but its obvious it comes at a higher price, but when you think about it, it could be worth it. Look at an hybrid car and one that isn’t. Yes, the hybrid is more expensive, but it polutes less. Yes, being environmental friendly IS pricy nowadays, much more than you think. And also, aside from the hardware, the software is just great. I’ve used both Mac and PC for years, and sadly, using a PC often results into alot of frustration because of its unstability (due to the fact it uses directories, making it harder to delete applications, creating lag and requiring your computer to use way too much files at the same time that it could. Mac’s Unix base is much more stable. Yes, I know Linux could be a Mac alternative, but I would only recommand Linux to programmers – for it is very good at those kind of things, but for everyday’s stuff, along with creative things, like art in general, and that’s a very loose term, Mac is more user-friendly and reliable), and that adds up to the price tag too.

    3 : Here’s a good quote from Steve Jobs: “You can’t ask people what they want and do it, because once it will be done, they’ll want something else…” And also, who needs a blue-ray on your computer, while you could just buy an actual Blue-Ray and have it on your TV (or if you’re a gamer, buy a PS3 instead while you’re at it). Apple is great at saying “no”. They know what works, and what doesn’t. If they think their computers don’t need something, they wont add it. Simple as that. I’ve never seen anyone around me with a PC using a Blue-Ray, nor do I see any interest in having one while I already have a Blue-Ray player at home on my big flat TV screen.

    4 :
    Excuse me? Mac was out there WAAAAAAAY before Linux. And also, Apple NEVER stole Unix. Unix was an open-source free system, that means, anyone can use it, and do whatever they want with it, no stealing involved. And Linux, yes, is good, but not for the same things as Mac. If you want something user-friendly, easy to use, with great proffesionnal softwares, especialy for music and graphism, Mac OS X is the way to go. If you’re the power-user type who rather get the job done himself, and go the hard in order to program his own applications and all that jazz, Linux is just great at that. Then again, its two worlds, two different things. And then again, the headline saying Mac stole linux (Mac was out there way before it) already shows you are quite mislead.

    And about that, why not saying Linux stole Unix as well instead of putting the blame on Mac? I think you’re just changing the way you say things just in order to have people to agree with you.

    5 : You really, really never used one. First of all, on mac, its not called “right click”, we call it “secondary click”, because we know it will just confuse those lefties out there. And I use Photoshop, and using the secondary click does the same damn thing as on a PC. Even for games (yes, you can play on a Mac, just not was well as on a PC, but you still can) its the same thing. And who needs a delete button, when you already have your backspace, or just use your secondary click to select the delete function ;)

    – It does, actualy.
    – That’s weird, how come everyone at school uses RocketDock on their PCs, which is a ripoff of Mac’s dock?
    – Actualy, the “X” button closes a windows, really, it does. Its the “-” button that minimizes it. And the reason it seems like its just minimized is because of the way OS X controls the program, which reduces DRAMATICALY the amount of CPU you need to sue.
    – Using Alt-Tab is completely a waste of time on Mac. Plus, its not Alt-Tab, its CMD-Tab (or Apple-Tab). Exposé is much faster. Then again, shows how much you don’t know about Mac.
    – Don’t be lazy, just freaking expend it. I mean, is it really, THAT, hard? Plus, OS X lion allows you to view them in fullscreen.
    – I currently have 101 images opened in a single iPhoto window. Then again, you have failed. And also, to view many images at the some time without iPhoto, select them all, and then double click, they will all open in a single Preview window.

    WOW! *rolling on the floor laughing* you really never used OS X xD. Macs are meant for multi tasking because its Unix, no need for directories, and that is very effective at multi-task. And its been proven the Photoshop works better on Mac (same thing for Valve games running on steam. YES, valve ran tests, the mac is five times more stable~)

    8. Less hardware choices = less compatibility problem risks = more reliability. Its a Con that comes with a Pro.

    9. Valve themselves admitted their games run better on Mac. Intel sandy bridge graphics on Macbooks are good. And finaly, OnLive (do some research about it)

    10. Back to my answer at your 8th arguement.

    All I see here is a rage article from an angry Fanboy.

  406. Fuz says:

    Macs are not for gaming at all! A) most games wont run on them! and

    B) They wont be powerful enough! Or you will pay a lot more for less power.

  407. MARK says:

    To me, the Mac is and always has been, a computer platform intended for people with insignificant technical affinity/understanding. Since the vast majority of people fall into that category, it is understandable why a platform like the Mac would be popular. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs sees this vast majority of people as a great opportunity to benefit from their lack of understanding using a good marketing strategy. The same marketing strategy that has already established a line of products that cost a lot more than similar products, not only without offering a substantial benefit for the extra cost, but effectively and artificially limiting the functionality and interconnectivity of the products for the purpose of Apple’s own benefit. If the PC stimulates its user to solve problems by thinking, the Mac teaches its user to solve problems by paying. People thinking less and less, that’s exactly what this old world needs, don’t you find? Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Think, McFly, think!

  408. fuz says:

    Well what do people do on there mac?.

    Browse the web, why spending that huge amount of money for?. Buy a netbook.

    Music production audio : Get a mac. Don’t get a mac book pro.

    Bootcamp? : Proves that they want a pc.

    Pc: Really good in my opinion there are other brands and is asus, sony. And whats interests on the PC. Is that there are so many choices out there.

    I also choose carefully what brand to buy a laptop and is specs.

    Only idiots had a virus i never got a virus. + problems. + There are tons of games out there.

  409. semen says:

    first of all, mac osx is a locked down version of freebsd which is lagging behind its cousin linux in hardware support. so how can your mac pro be customizable if someone stick a non-supported peripheral in your machine. will “it just work” like in linux or windows? how can you claim mac is customizable when support for devices are subpar. can you simply stick any model of nvidia/amd card in your mac pro? windows benefits through 3rd parties vendors and linux through community.

    you buy an imac, can you customize/change your monitor? the recent imac 2011 has hardware sensor built into hard drive. looks to me more lock-down. is the integrated power supply in mac mini 2011 swappable?

    as your opinion on linux, not friendly, last i heard samsung tab is so alike ipad that apple is taking up lawsuits. linux can be polished by samsung/google. look mac took freebsd and is less polished than linux in its raw state. if it can be polished to the its current incarnation. i am sure ubuntu/fedora can given the right incentive.

    so stop deluding yourself and the world. the whole world cant be wrong choosing pc.
    for price – right choice.
    for peripheral – right choice
    for games -right choice
    for surfing – right choice – i heard firefox and flash sucks on mac by hipsters
    for customizing – right choice – down to any brand, case, cpu, ram, videocard, ethernet,soundcard
    for 3d modeling – right choice – we have the premium drivers directly from amd/nvidia.
    for support – right choice – can take your warrantly expired pc/laptop to any technician and dont have to wait for apple geniuses to tell you every problem is logic board replacement and be charged a hefty sum.
    for software investment -right choice – on a mac, you’ll be told to buy the next version of the broken software when you upgraded your os. windows takes great care in not breaking the tons of games, business apps. while not perfect, atleast its an effort.

  410. Geoff says:

    I’m sorry but this whole article just felt very hamfisted. I regularly use both OSs and they both have their pros and cons. I do not consider myself a mac fanboy. However, believe it or not “hipsters use it” and “there is no right click” are not very strong arguments. The hipster portions are really just the author venting about hipsters and can be ignored on the basis of being, frankly, completely subjective and a little ignorant. I do completely agree with the author that Macs are overpriced. Just look at what Steve said (nice comparison btw Steve) in his comment. Now, the argument about apple ignoring mainstream trends is interesting. I agree that the firewire effort was totally transparent and retarded. However, yes, in fact, macs do have HDMI ports. And no, of course they don’t have BluRay drives in them. How many people do you know that have a computer with a BluRay drive? Maybe if they JUST bought their computer, but I personally don’t know a single person who has one. “Mac OSX is merely a locked down version of open-source Linux”, though accurate, has nothing to do with anything. Linux requires you to type in commands to accomplish anything halfway decent. It will NEVER become a mainstream OS outside of geekdom. The average computer user can’t even burn a CD without a god damned CD Burning Wizard. Now, the points about the interface and mouse actually made me laugh. It was like he sat down at a Mac at his school library, used it for ten minutes, got frustrated because he didn’t want to spend the 20 minutes it takes to learn something new and wrote an article to rant about it. Seriously, “no right click”? Macs have been that way for a long time. If you don’t already know how to right click on a mac or that Command+C is the same as Control+C on Windows, you don’t know enough about Macs to write an article about them. Yes, the gaming isn’t as good on a Mac as on a Windows. However, a lot of people in the comments seem to be under the impression that Macs can barely run Solitaire. Just this morning I was playing Dragon Age on my Mac on the highest settings. But, yeah, newer games don’t run as well on Mac as on Windows. “Mac Mail, iPhoto, GarageBand, iChat, and Quicktime suck”. Yes they do, but so does Microsoft Paint. Do you use it to edit your photos because it came bundled with your OS? Of course not, you spend five seconds on Google and get a better program. “Macs are not customizable” is a straight up lie. I promise you, you can open up your computer and swap out components. Steve Jobs will not burst through your front door with an assault rifle because you wanted to add more RAM. Does it violate the warranty? Sure, but that’s only like 2 years long, and if you need to swap out components within those first two years, you probably should have just purchased a better computer to begin with.

  411. BRANDON says:

    I lol’d so hard when Blee said that “Mac is superior and provides the best graphics for gaming”. Go play Black Ops @ 1920×1080 with 8xMSAA SuperSampled, 16xAnisotropic Filtering, all effects enabled at maximum resolutions, and never dropping below 75fps.

    You can’t, because it is a Mac.

  412. matt says:

    blee i would have to say u are wrong if you knew your tech history you would know that apple and microsoft both stole the idea of the gui and of the design of the modern PC from xerox that right i said xerox.show how much apple fanboys looks stuff up before they start hating on the flexibity of the PC.and to those problems you were saying PCs had,if those are really issues to you you are just abusing your computer and/or computer illiterate if you can’t figure out how to fix it yourself lol.heres the link to the xereox computer i talked about.

  413. Steve says:

    @archie. Windows is most definitely plug and play. You can plug basically any printer, scanner, or even phone into Windows 7 and it’ll install automatically. You obviously have never used a PC.

  414. semen says:

    total rubbish from mac users.
    before my recent core i5 upgrade, my ancient pc was an athlon 1.2 ghz. dude, that is old.
    it’s just the web has changed, animated ads everywhere on the web. got too slow to surf – upgrade was due. so to reiterate, not only is it cheaper, it is more durable than any mac.

    mac is not magically more durable, search on internet, tons of logic board replacement.
    in many case, that logic board replacement will cost you more money than a newer machine, should your applecare expires.

    so the rubbish you mac users are spreading. my bro is still using a 5 year old dell inspiron laptop. money is better spent elsewhere like games. even these days with linux there is no reason to buy any os other than windows for gaming exclusively. there is nothing inherent in os x that makes it better than windows for gaming or linux for the other stuffs.

    oh for that one who comments on windows filesystem, search on internet what linus torvalds think of your osx filesystem.

  415. Archie says:

    Why always start a fight and get personal?
    Both Mac and Windows have been around for years – both have their share of faithful and convinced users. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages and their right to exist. Common annoyance for both are the respective fanboys that believe “their” system should dominate the world and claim the other sucks.
    I love my Mac, actually I´ve several, but this doesn´t mean I despise Windows and its users and call them stupid b*stards. My Macs are stable, the portables have excellent batteries and when traveling I network connections just work without adjustments of network profiles. My Macs are used for office work, graphics, Internet and as an entertainment center. I´ve also upgraded my 2007 Macbook with a SSD-disk, which is something I wouldn´t even have considered with a Windows based system, partly because a Windows system from 2007 is not worth the effort and partly because migrating to a new drive is (softwarewise) a pleasure on Mac.
    I DO run Parallels and Windows7 because there is some specialised software I need and some tools I love (ACDSEE). Yes, Macs are more expensive, but in my PERSONAL experience they are more durable. No, Mac is not the only answer, but they are fun. Yes Windows is standard and cheaper, but no it´s not plug and play neither. So loosen up, give both systems a real TRY before judging.

  416. Blee says:

    Oh, and if you’ve ever had truncated filenames thanks to Windows, plus not being able to delete files with long filenames, switch to Mac.

  417. Blee says:

    PC files will open on a Mac but not the other way around. If you want to install Windows on Mac OS, you can. Anyone typing Mac in all uppercase has probably never used a Mac and also needs to go back to grade school after so many typos. The creative types use Mac. Boring database users are into PCs. The two are vastly different, except that Microsoft copied the Mac interface right down to the trash can. Windows exception errors are rampant. Software must be installed in a sequence. Mac is the original plug and play, whereas Windows is “plug and pray.” Apple software such as iTunes and products like the iPod and the iPhone are extremely popular and have revolutionalized technology as we know it. Windows doesn’t ask if I want to install updates; it just starts installing Update 1 of 12, 2 of 12, etc. until it shuts down but takes its time in doing so. I don’t get the blue screen of death on the Mac. I own an HP desktop, an iMac, and a MacBook. Apple makes good on any replacement parts, fixes, or even the entire Mac as it’s all covered under warranty. The PC dies and you have to replace the entire motherboard or worse. With Apple, you deal with tech support right here in the United States. I’ve never gotten a Mac virus but have had to remove them from the PC after visiting a web site to download freeware or opening an email with attachments. There is more software for Windows but I have everything I need on a Mac. The interface is cleaner. Most Macs have far better built-in displays. Some PCs don’t have crappy resolution but for illustrations, the Mac provides a crisp, clear image. Visually, the Mac is superior and provides the best graphics for gaming, etc. The 2.7 GHz per seconds on this iMac we use to watch programs on is good enough for us.

  418. semen says:

    overpriced but decent at everything sucks.

    overpriced but excel at everything rocks like gaming laptops.
    underprice but decent at everything rocks like acer.

    my folks bought a 299 buck acer desktop. it is rock solid for surfin, emailing, flash videos, etc. for their intent purpose, a cheap reliable windows 7 pc is adequate and does the job well. no need to spend 800 for a cheapest mac mini.

    first dont ever listen to mac users – they are hypocrites. they claimed their system are so stable but yet they are the ones who always complains and trashes:

    1. adobe flash plugin for crashing and overheating their cpus. how can mac be superior to windows when their platform cant let people who just spent 2-3 times the money to browse the web where flash is prevalent everywhere. yeah html5 is the future… not immediately for a long time to come. even linux users dont complain about flash anymore, they’ve been quite stable both 32 and 64 bit. statiscally even less share than mac, why is flash not crashing and overheating the cpus of linux users.
    but no, to mac users it is never their system, but the fault of adobe. right when your system is designed crammed inside a small chassis like a mac mini or inside a hot monitor or fans that spins slowly so it is quiet or never laid support for h.264 acceleration till snow leopard. keep blaming others.

    2. gaming not designed on mac will not run natively as fast. dude, your homemade drivers will never let it performs better than drivers provided by the gpu manufacturer. till they let nvidia/amd distribute their drivers, you’ll be performance short and cycles behind the latest bug fixes.

    3. skype sucks. not so according to my folks who communicated back and forth on a pc with their siblings. if your ichat is so great, why arent they ported like quicktime or itunes. here on pc, we have options of wide variety of headphones and webcam to choose from. god even knows if half of those peripherals have driver support on mac.driver support is everything and pc is number 1 when it comes to driver support for variety of webcams, printers, graphics card, camera raw formats, ethernet.

    when people argue that mac is inherently more stable than their windows counterpart, i say bullshit. when you buy an acer, hp desktop/laptop, you think they never ran a battery of tests on their product line before shipping. i mean these are pcs destinned to ~90% of world users. imagine the amount of RMAs and tech. support. i mean a defective product is a defective product from manufacturing. it happens in assembly in a factory with thousands of workers. it happens to acer,hp,etc. but that dont mean pc sucks, it just mean you unfortunately got a lemon that slipped out of the factory.

    so mac users, back to your boring wonderland. if not for gaming, surfin, what good is a mac for the rest of the world who are not into music editing.

  419. Y says:

    People that bootcamps on the mac. That proves that they want a PC.

  420. Steve says:

    People that use macs are so stupid I heard this guy say that macs upgrade the RAM automatically. Are you f-ing kidding me?

  421. Steve says:

    I could care less about the actual article. I still hate macs and people who use them.

  422. Daniel says:

    The new line of Macbook Pros are overpriced but decent at everything. Stable and fast and you can install windows on it too. Its actually good for gaming! Black ops runs at 50fps on full settings on windows (on mac partition) and 30 on mac. I got a 2500 dollar one as a gift and am more then happy with it.

    I had LOADS of permission and functioning problems with Vista when it first came out and still hate that experience. Macs ARE more stable, I’ve never had a crash on it and have had 2 on windows 7. That said, I still prefer Windows because of better gaming performance and a right click.

    I don’t think your a Windows fanboy, but you are exaggerating, a LOT.

  423. MARK says:

    Do you really “love” a fact, Josh? Are you really laughing out loud? Who on earth will take you seriously? Apple sells ridiculously overpriced computers with serious limitations both in functionality and connectivity. Loving it or not, laughing out loud ot nor, that is the fact.

  424. Josh says:

    I love the fact that all PC religious people have to call the mac users 10-12 year olds lol. Just goes to show you got nothing else

  425. Josh says:

    Oh Christian, obviously you don’t know how to use adobe products well since you can alter screen modes on the mac to have it as black, windowed, or panels. Such a fool.

    Just one more thing… If mac sucks so much… then why does every electronic company out there imitate apple… Just look at samsung and their galaxy tablet and phone.. lol.. they are not even allowed to sell them. Samsung must be a bunch of mindless monkeys to do that what a stupid idea what did they think was gonna happen…

  426. Josh says:

    I love the fact that I went through all 10 reasons and found them all false lol. By the time I got to 6 I was thinking is this thread sarcasm directed toward the windows religious fan girls?

    I could prove every 1-10 incorrect so easily but I am not gonna waste my time. Hater with a small dong wouldn’t have the brain power to do such simple tasks anyway. Have fun with M$ Windows8, now that is a true masterpiece of fail.

  427. Steve says:

    Ha. I hope you’re joking. If that ever happened the computer would be overpriced and have old technology. That’s all apple ever does. They do what Nintendo did with the Wii… used old hardware and added a motion sensor controller.

  428. y says:

    And there is a reason if they both work together, they will make one awesome computer.

  429. Christian says:

    I could not agree more.
    Being an interaction designer and for years and years hearing about how great Macs were I finally talked my work into getting me a Mac Book Pro. I was blown away and instantly I became a larger fan of Windows. After spending a few weeks trying to do things the Mac way I finally figured out how to customize things to work like a Windows, now I am somewhat satisfied but like your article I have a list a mile long of things that suck about a Mac. My favorite gripes are the fact that I can only resize a window from the bottom right corner, that maximize doesn’t really maximize, some applications like Dreamweaver (that are panel based) leave gaps that cause me to constantly select out of the application that I am trying to work in, the application is not connected to the application that I am working on, drag and drop is seemingly way more difficult than it needs to be, finder just sucks ass all around and stuff that is supposed to work like automatically connecting to my networks, and printers don’t work (at least consistently). How about no address bar, no bread crumbs.

    Interestingly some of my complaints seem to be solved in OSX Lion, too bad Lion crapes on VPN and our IT department wont let us install it.

    Windows is by no means perfect but for many features they are way better than Macs. I am not a total Mac hater though. Even though this machine is way way way over priced, the hardware is pretty impressive (minus the missing connections mentioned), the ability to pin any folder to places (Why cant Windows do this?) is pretty cool, and the really quick start up and shut down is soooooooo nice.

  430. semen says:

    windows is designed to operate on generic devices whereas mac is designed to work on subset. i mean hardware manufacturers & microsoft works hand in hand to create drivers that snap into system with double click. sure its not perfect but it is WAY BETTER than an os that is originally designed around a couple of configurated model. those os will break with various different 3rd party drivers and kernel versions because they werent designed to be used like windows pc. we can use different version of drivers regardless of microsoft making small uncoordinated updates. but with mac, you’ll think differently about buying next one. it’s an ecosystem created by a flexibly-designed os hence pc users have so many peripherals which led itself to be the premiere platform for gaming, multimedia, business, etc. pc rocks. windows 7 rocks.

  431. semen says:

    dumb mac users,
    windows is known as a plug n’ play os whereas mac is not.
    try installing a printer that is not in your device list on mac, and see how many new user will find it intuitive install the other vast majority of printers that is well supported on windows but lacking on mac. i mean you’re better off buying bundled products or products that is endorsed by apple. ofcourse that means a LIMITED choice of printers and perhaps buying directly from apple store also means apple tax.

    sucks to be a fruit.

  432. Steve says:

    And I highly doubt you had any problems with a printer. You’re just another tool who can’t find any legimate reason to dislike a PC and are making up reasons. If you look at nearly all hardware on the market it’ll always say Windows XP, Vista, 7 compatible … and oh yeah MAC too. MAC has such a small market in the computer world. All hardware is made to work perfectly with Windows computers and if the manufactuer gives a s**t they’ll TRY to find time to make it work with a MAC. If you don’t know how to install it than you’re the “idiot”. I have Canon and Brother printers and both took less than 5 minutes to install.

  433. Steve says:

    @SIGEL. You sir, are the idiot who can’t keep his computer from crashing “dozens” of times a day. Are you that fucking stupid? Who’s the idiot now? My Sony VAIO Laptop with Windows 7 has yet to crash on me since I bought it 2 years ago. My business is based solely online and I need a computer that won’t crash or I’ll lose money. The only time a Windows computer will ever crash is if you install s**t off brand hardware. I’ve seen first hand the mac OS crash because of flash video or installing the wrong software. I’ve never seen a PC crash due to flash video.

  434. Sigel says:

    There are not two types that buy MAC, there are at least three. I quit buying Windows based computers because they crash on me dozens of times each day, my MAC crashes about three times a year. My MAC runs about eight times faster than my Windows laptop and it doesn’t ask me five times whether this is what I wanted to do or not. I don’t have to buy three or four security programs to install before I can even use my Windows computers. I had one day I spent seven hours trying over and over to install a printer on my Windows laptop in between bouts of being on hold with “tech support” who kept sending me to “the other guy”. Windows said it was Toshiba, Toshiba said it was the printer software, etc. When I tried to install the printer to my MAC I plugged the cable in and my MAC laptop asked me if I wanted to print a test page. That’s it. When I bought my MAC laptop I got about a six times better computer than ANY of my six Windows based laptops.

    So… at this point I’m wondering if you have ever even touched a MAC computer. Not one thing you mentioned matches my experiences with Windows OR MAC. The software options for MAC are limited but mostly because there are idiots like you that insist that Windows works better despite the fact that they don’t.

  435. orange says:

    10 year old ignorant fanboy. grow up if you hate pc’s why go on to this piece of artical. about it and say stupid comments about the pc. I got a pc and a mac. And i can tell that mac fanboys are the worst and should keep there mouth’s shut. They’re just another child who fills up the population of Apples. Because that’s the only brand you buy. Because it’s easy for your simple mind.

  436. SAMM says:

    viruses are only an issue if you go looking for them. I have never had virus issues. Don’t download 1k size files from Limewire, don’t download junk from warez sites, and don’t click random links in emails sent from total strangers. Keeping your computer virus free isn’t rocket science, its common sense. Most the people I know who have had virus issue download all those stupid “free” wallpapers and junk online and get filled with malware and spyware, then wonder how it happened.

  437. cookies says:

    I do not mind a pc or a mac but MAC Fanboys suck. Stick with your favorite platform and enjoy it.

  438. colonel_sanders says:

    would love if freebsd mandate a clause in their license to acknowledge their source, so instead of “OS X”, it will be “OS X FreeBSD”. isnt it cool. that will help spread the BSDs.

    I dont think linux inherits BSD. have to check the license to see if any attribution to any BSD inside.
    I mean in the *nix world, solaris is an OS, maintains its own kernel source,
    Windows is an OS as its maintains its own NT kernel. OS X like gnome, kde are graphical on top of freeOS. arent they called Desktop?
    gnome has its gvfs, but that hardly makes it an OS. i could be wrong. but lame anyways for a billion dollar company to not write something new like microsoft. kudos m$oft.

  439. Steve says:

    MacBook Pro 15-inch (store.apple.com)

    15-inch LED Display (1440 x 900)
    2.0GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M (256MB GDDR5)
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB Hard Drive (5400 rpm)
    SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

    Price: $1,799.00


    HP dv6tqe series (hp.com)

    15-inch Full HD LED Display (1920 x 1080)
    2.0GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M (1GB GDDR5)
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    750GB Hard Drive (5400 rpm)
    SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support

    Price: $1,049.99


    Price difference of $749.01. mac fanboys are retarded to spend that much.

  440. Steve says:

    Buy a mac for college and get $100 to spend on the mac app store < Buy a PC for college and get a free Xbox 360. Wow apple, really? What a lame idea to get people to buy a mac. Microsoft knows what they're doing.

  441. Stephen says:

    Plus the computer is built for the OS, Macs tend to last longer and perform better for long periods of time because of this. The article also acts like Apple is the only company that has profited from the use of BSD. Linux is based on BSD and plenty of companies are making money off of that. Hell, BSD is a copy of AT-T’s software. What a terrible article.

  442. Stephen says:

    Or you parents owned Macs and you just grew up using them. As for it being a watered down version of linux, I can still do everything in terminal that I can with linux. Linux is fun on older machines, but I use mac for my take everywhere laptop.

  443. Samm says:

    Um besides getting a brand call hp or a dell. You should also check.

    A brand named: Asus, and sony.

    And do research on is specs and do some research on the computers.

    Don’t just buy a computer.

    Check is specs. And brand first. Cuz there are other brands out there than a hp and a dell.

  444. Paul (Graphic Design Student) says:

    I guess this mite be an ok article about people who don’t have it required for their major to have and use a mac book pro for for their major. I have grown up using pc’s since I was a little kid. I would say that most people don’t really need to have a macbook or macbook pro but they can be a lot! less frustrating sometimes then pc’s I had actually planned on getting a dell my senior year of high school and hoping it would last me thew at least two years of collage classes. Since the desktop I had broke(It was 4-5 years old so I knew if was going to probably die soon ). I bought a new dell laptop and I didn’t have any issues even thow it even had vista on it, and about 11 months went by I was doing a normal recommended system update and in the middle of it it said WINDOWS SISTEM UPDATE FAILURE!!! I had to call back and forth between dell and Microsoft talking to people in a different countries to hopefully get my computer workable instead of just a black screen. I had easly spend and wasted over a weeks time of just being on the phone trying to actually get some help before my warranty was up. THAT WAS LITERALLY LIKE HELL!!! I was at least I guess able to get most of my word documents, pics, and music off but my programs, and even normal desktop were gone…, But the computer was never workable afterwards it would blue screen and crash randomly while on it, so ya… I had to switch anyway to a mac since my school required it for being a graphic design major, their is a learning curve to switching to a mac, but I do like it alot better that I don’t need to worry or waste much of my time with virus’s or freezing, also at least I haven’t had any issues with BS like that with owning my mac! I have had nightmares from hp using cheep used parts that led them to a law suit they make amazing printers tho but I would never buy an hp computer again, if your looking for a great pc, sony, asuse and Toshiba ive heard are really good, I use to say dell was also good bud idk if they are anymore or if that would be considered a Microsoft issue. Also if you dont like or want a mac then dont buy or get one, lol. Mite as well save your money if you can (I would if I could). Just do what you wanna do and what fits your situation, I like features on both opperating systems, I would say that there are alot of people that have mac’s tho for some of the reasons stated but dont go around assuming everyone who owns a mac is like that! I would probably still be a pc guy if my school didn’t require it for me to use a mac, lol. Also I know enough about computers to build them, so you cant say I just dont know how to use a computer. Hopefully when I actually have the money to, im planning to build my own computer :P. Hope this helps, just remember a mac isn’t nessary for most people so if you can get by with a pc then why not if you do need or want a mac then just get one, lol Good luck
    btw: I do know that mac’s are also pc’s since they are both personal computers, lol. as for gaming just get a xbox like I have also on that note hm… rrod? lol, nothing is perfect! get what ever you want I dont see the point in bashing eather side

  445. VENOM says:

    No computer is perfect. macs are good for some stuff and pcs are good at everything else. my only complaint for macs is that the price is too d@mn high

  446. VENOM says:

    when it comes to macs, the price is too d@mn high

  447. Nick says:

    Ipods are fine.

    I would never buy a mac for one reason – if it breaks it costs heaps to fix. On one laptop you gotta be careful not to knock off the power connector because the battery is stuffed. On the desktop the wireless network is broken and periodically the keyboard locks up. As for all the keyboard shortcut problems and stuff, whatever. The mac mouse is annoying though.

    There are far more games and programs for people who aren’t using macs.

    Learn to use your computer before telling us why macs are so great and ” Stfu”.

  448. James says:

    Pc always breaking? nah is due to the people how they treat there computers.

    Same goes for a mac.

    So if the mac breaks. All you had to do is buy a new one.

  449. Steve says:

    @DAVE. Wow. Use your brain. Since you’re talking about fixing and refurbishing computers you’re an absolute douche bag. Microsoft is a software company. They don’t make any computers. Dell, HP, Sony, Samsung, etc make the computers and use Microsoft operating systems. The only reason you would get more PC’s coming in to fix is because PC’s outsell “macinsux” 10 to 1. If apple could step it up and somehow sell more computers you’d get more in to fix. Make sense? Or are you really that stupid?

  450. Dave says:

    Mac’s are the best and PC’s suck I worked in a PC refurbishing company fixing microsux machines although I would like to thank PC for always breaking and in these tough economic times it is great to have a job. Keep it up PC!!! If we all had jobs fixing PC problems the unemployment rate would be 0%.

  451. james says:

    If mac is so great the most important was that you cannot play the games.

    Unless they had to bootcamp that s**t up. Which was kinda like. Really?

  452. Steve says:

    @semen. Where the hell have you been all this time?

  453. semen says:

    i hate it when mac users are told they cannot game on a mac, they always reply it is not for gaming, that is why they have console or bootcamp. similarly with bluray(1080p + lots of extras) vs itunes (720p). why can’t they humbly conceit to defeat? what a bunch of sore losers.

    pc has/will always been/be a test bed for game developments/moddings/patchings. how else are you gonna stick quad sli videocards when no such motherboards exist in a mac world. gamers/developers aren’t gonna wait around for apple to support their latest gpus when they can stick new videocards instantly on their pc. there is not much models to choose from. just look at entry level macs currently, they support only amd/intel. on entry level pcs, one can choose amd/intel/nvidia.

    the other thing with apple is they dont surrender control over to hardware manufacturer for drivers fearing compromised stability, etc. but they dont realize, these manufacturer test their hardware with games full-time and release patches to drivers frequently, while apple is busy patching safari, ichat, making more advertisement, etc. they are not in the business of testing games full-time. therefore, they will always lag behind official hardware manufacturer’s driver patches for games. gamers like to be in charge of breaking their system if it means they can finish the game with updated drivers(hate dangling games with no endings). system rollbacks are meant for that. try relinquishing a little control for the mac, even if it means open doors for more tech. support, returns, warranties, etc. microsoft does it for years.

    more choices, means more customizations, shows more characters in its users. i mean if you go to a lan party, everybody have different rigs, configurations. it’s exciting! if the whole world suddenly adopted macs, they will all have the same grey aluminim imacs. it’ll be a bland, boring iWorld with lots of annoying, snobbish iHipsters. then, according to annoying george, he wont be livin in style coz everybody has what he has and dress/annoys like him. so, keep the mac world small if you still want to delude yourself as part of the elites. because, there’s nothing special about a mac – same parts (cpu), software (firefox), but different attitudes (annoying snobs) in the daily usage of a personal computer user. yes, mac is not a pc, but an narrowly-configured-specs of pcs with a semi-closed-roman-numerized-kittyname os (freebsd is kinda open). whereas windows is a closed os with schemeless-version-names (9x->2000->xp->vista->7) for broadly-configured-specs of pcs.

    truth is …
    mac can have trojans, malwares, etc.
    firefox, adobe readers/flash, skype all runs better on windows. ported unix apps like gimp/scribus all have smaller footprints, despite mac sharing unix underpinnings. weird, yeah… microsoft, adobe, skype, gimp, scribus all sucks… something must be very inherently wrong with your logic/architecture.

    pc can game better.
    pc can harness the multi gpus better for graphics, videos, scientific works.
    pc have better thermal handling (different form factors, coolings, waterproof). most wd hd has max temp. of 60.c. certainly wouldnt wanna game/edit with it in a small form factor pc.
    pc has much better drivers for opengl because gpu makers dont necessary release all tech. specs (ip rights) which means your driver must emulate missing features in cpu but are available in official drivers. so dont delude yourself, that mac will be a premiere gaming platform even if the usage stats will someday grows a percent.

    now by removing optical drives, games/blurays/dvds/photo-albums must be play via external optical drives. if i need a tv capture capabilities for video clips, i need another usb peripheral whereas i can neatly insert/hide these peripherirals via pci-e in a pc case. what supposingly is a neater iDesktop is now cluttered with wired modular devices stacking like different-size iBoxes. right now, i am still backing up on optical discs coz i read e.m.p. from lightning can fry controller circuits even unplugged or plugged with a ups. maybe cloud services are for the better. like some famous dude says, real men dont backup, they ftp-mirrored.

    so if a pc can game, browse, graphics/video-edits, updates better, where does that leaves mac? despite all the iFads, iFarts still stinks… i heard steve jobs is leaving his iJob. sad, a healty competitor does help microsoft innovates windows 7. fantastic os, reasonably priced. gone are the days, any os maker can charge an exhorbitant sum for an os when alternatives like linux exists. if microsoft/apple were to price their entry level os in 4 digit range, their usage stats will drop very fast. we are lucky to live in a great age where free os is out-of-infancy and ready to serve desktop/server wise so we dont have to pay the price of commercial unix of yesteryears. it is still okay to pay for a commercial offering if and only if they are priced right.

  454. Steve says:

    @semen. I can’t believe I never used that argument. I’ve been a PC gamer for 10 years. Anyways, I completely agree that PC users will spend $300-$500 on a new video card just to play a few new games. So it’s ridiculous that people say PC users are “too cheap”.

  455. semen says:

    first, george belongs in the “Most Annoying Crap” users – as you can see annoying….

    Let see, mac users always tell guests in their forums, that a mac retains most of its value despite the age. well, that is a tell-tale sign mac users are CHEAP trying to passed their aging desktops to unfortunate people when you can get a new pc for that sum. not very nice people mac users, since they go around bragging about it after selling it.

    what options are there?
    hardware wise, you get limited model you can choose, mini, imac, mac pro. software wise, you need bootcamp to install windows, you need refit to install linux.

    options means i can tailored different graphics,sound,ethernet cards. look at this iteration, nvidia is dumped in favor of intel/amd. i mean it sucks for users using linux. it needs bootcamp to install windows, it needs refit to install linux. options means i dont need hacks to install another OS.

    pc users are certainly not cheap. they regularly track/update according to directx iterations. if games requires more gpu/cpu power, they merely upgrade cpu/videocard accordingly. imagine a power users updating all their quad sli videocards + power supply for the newer eye-candies that comes with newer directx. I mean a single top-of-line single videocard is $500. Imagine when a total overhaul is necessary, a new quad sli motherboard + cpu + 4 videocards + new psu will probably be more than your imac. Dont forget, some pc case is expensive. you claimed to know how to throw money and live with style with your fruit embossed desktop. pc users can throw money on eye-candies where it counts most – in games where you are starring at all time. i mean you smile when you walk by your fruit embossed desktop. i smile when i walk by my glowing desktop+keyboard. but i still smile when i game with my sli + physx whereas yours’ or your kids’s smile will turn to frown when all effects are turned to high and stutters. here is where reality sets it, pc rocks for your money.

  456. George! says:

    Mac doesnt suck at all!
    Its a beutifal computer with lots of options.
    You guys are to poor to buy a mac and i pity you.
    You all probably never heard of style and live in crappy houses with aids infected cats. So f**k you who like your loser pc! MAC IS THE FUTURE

  457. Govagent77 says:

    I always been a diehard PC user ever since Windows 3.1 as for MAC’s can you upgrade them with better hardware no, can you install an better OS no, I can built my own hardcore PC that over powers an overpriced MAC. PC will rule forever!!!

  458. Rons-An-Idiot says:

    I agree with musical… there are plenty of programs that you can download for free on torrents and such that can do the same if not more than a gay mac can. I’m so sick of you mac fanboys. you guys don’t know s**t and say, “well PCs have virus’s and Macs can’t get them.” well the truth is there is just as many viruses on a mac(trojan/virus), the way I see it is anything that will f@$k up anything(software/hardware)on your computer is a damn virus and as long as you’re not an idiot on any computer you’ll be fine. what are you mac fans trying to prove and you say, “you PC guys say just as much crap about Macs.” well one because it’s true, 2 we wouldn’t b saying anything unless you guys didn’t open your damn mouth all the time and 3 Macs just blow so much D1ck just like women that is why you see a lot of women with Macs and not just cuz they blow but because they think Mac is so simple(which it kinda is) cuz you are so f@$king limited and restricted. Why can’t you guys(fanboys) get it through your head that PC is better in everything(Macs aren’t better @music)you can download the same music programs(not exactly the same but do the same thing if not more), simply everything. you have a problem or need a certain driver(simply anything)you download it and usually you can get it for free if you know where to look. a PC can do anything, theres no restrictions(b careful if u don’t kno what you are doing). My PC is just as fast as any MAC if not faster and can do 10x more, and guess what it will be that way in 3 years too because unlike the Mac which you’re restricted and can’t download the right stuff you need, I can always keep my PC up to date. One of my PCs I’ve had for 5 years and is faster than when I got it, it use to have windows 2000 or something and it has windows 7 and never has a problem, because I keep it up to date and it is just like a new computer you can buy from bestbuy or where-ever(just as fast as any Mac) and it’s almost a decade old. Now please tell me a Mac that can do that, and that is if it stays in one piece and doesn’t blow after 1 or 2 years. Mac just cannot keep up and will never keep up with PC. I swear a mac is just straight up communism(no offence to anyone, I’m just making a point), you have to do whatever it has and can’t do what you want(restrictions). Pretty much with PC you are free and there are no limitations, the sky is literally the limit. Just because you Mac fanboys wanna suck Macs or Steve Jobs D@$K, well I know why you guys are always pissed and saying all this sick because technically you got butt-raped(and he didn’t even use any lube) by Steve Jobs cuz you paid double the price than you would have paid with PC and you can’t do half the sh1t with your limitations. Well I hope this gave you guys a good point of view(sorry if it was vulger or disturbing in anyway), you guys just piss me off sometime with this Mac is better BS when it is far from true. Take it easy

  459. Musical says:

    As for music production, there are plenty of programs that work for PC and many people make professional music with PC as opposed to MAC. The music production element may have been true ten years ago for Apple, but it’s not anymore. Professionals that dominate the market (from ten years ago) may swear on the Mac, but all of their musical accomplishments can be done just as easily on the PC, especially with the widespread boom of VST and VSTis…And amazing cross OS or even Windows only DAWs.

    The same can be said for graphical production (remember all those people that would swear by Apple ten years ago – the same that still swear by Quark?)… Yeah…

  460. Gabe says:

    They can’t play a single game and the ones they can play suck or cant be played right due to the lack of right click

  461. Steve says:

    @ron. Don’t even start with that crap. I’ve NEVER seen any Windows user come up to a macboy and tell them they’re stupid for using it. You mac creeps will actually go up to a guy using a PC and tell them they’re stupid. Who the F%CK does that! But in the end PC will always win. It’s funny how you mac fanboys take up only 7% of the computer market and act like you’re making a difference. Good job.

  462. IN MY OPINION says:

    When only they just want to be cool browsing the web on there macs. But if not doing those music productions and editing, there’s no really a point of buying a Mac . . . Only thing that apple has done well are iTunes and ipods.

  463. Uknowit says:

    @Ron you dumbass. You’re just jealous Mac Is the shittiest os ever built. Windows nt is better than Mac. And why isn’t Steve jobs dead. Apparently he’s a total douche in real life. I figures that a douche would make macs. The only things that apples done well is iTunes and iPods. Macs are for people too stupid to use windows or linux.

  464. Ron says:

    Judging by the comments, looks like the majority of Windows users are just as smug/stupid/sensationalistic as they claim their Mac counterparts to be.

  465. semen says:

    new mac mini removes optical drive and switch to intel hd. people still have backup photos on dvd-rs. i really hate apple. back & forth, back & forth. no stability. no wonder many people dont adopt it.

  466. IN MY OPINION says:

    All i like about the apple store, was just the ipod + the iphone. I dont mind them though. But i do not buy a laptop of the apple store, Cuz i do not really need a mac.

    I do not wanted or choose to buy a mac cuz i am not doing music productions. Therefore i do not really need it.

    What i had seen. On there macs. You would see that most people would like to go on facebook. All the way and youtube. Tumblre emailing.

    Macs are good for music productions but what i have seen is that they dont do that.

    Just wanted to be cool and stay on facebook.

    It would be just be easier to buy a pc.

    And although i still use a pc. And is still fast, and get a decent anti virus. Do not get a nortan antivirus cuz that gives you viruses, use a avg antivirus and is free.

    Although when buying a pc. Don’t just say that pc is slow and stuffs.

    Before buying a Notebook. Don’t just buy a notebook of the pc. Should check what brand it is, and check is performance. About is processor, installed memory (RAM) and system type.

    Once . Check all of that, and be happy with it. Everything’s going to be okay.

  467. Steve says:

    Mac is the first OS where I ran out of memory on a MacBook pro because I had too many apps open. I don’t open that many but seems to me I could get better performance from my Android Cell phone.

  468. Steve says:

    It is pretty sad when Eclipse which runs reliably on pretty much everything I ever ran it on, Windows Vista, NT, 7, CentOS, Ubuntu, Redhat, but put it on a Mac and it fails for no apparent reason. I am not blaming Eclipse, I blame mac for stupid OS that doesn’t support industry standards.

  469. Steve says:

    Spot on, now that I have had the oppotunity to use a Mac, I find that it truly does suck, in fact it sucks almost as much as windows. Alas, when will Linux be recognized for the superior operating system that it is.

  470. semen says:

    heard about 22 fake apple store in china on bbc news. apparently the employees workin in the apple store did not know they are working in a fake shop. i thought these employees were geniouses, they cant tell from a counterfeit ipad (thicker, heavier, icons dont seem right). hehehehe. no wonder you take your machine in for repair, it is always logic board problem.

    none of these bullshits happen in the real pc world.

  471. semen says:

    bootcamp sucks. mac wants the first partition, windows wants the first partition, linux is happy with any partition. problem is xp sp3 patch makes assumption windows is on first partition, here is where you have too much hassle to work around installing the service pack. mac machines are not all rosy like the fanboys make it – get a mac and install both os. furthermore, you need refit to install free linux.

    binaries are fat – just look at ported unix apps like gimp, scribus, etc.
    mac shared more unix underpinnings than windows, yet same ported linux apps are smaller on windows. running fat binaries will use more of your mem,cache, etc.

    worst of all, flash + firefox all runs better on windows. you can here mac users complaining all the time. guess developers like a bigger and more stable pc platform.
    problem is mac changes all the time breaking compatibility whereas microsoft is serious about not breaking compatibilit of all the binaries investment ( like cads, games, graphics) that users bought which is why business and gamers still runs their pc platform. apple will probably tell you to buy another version of your app.

  472. Steve says:

    Exactly. I’ve been saying that for years. If you honestly use bootcamp you’re a PC wannabe. Get a PC and make your life easier. Morons.

  473. IN MY OPINION says:

    And what’s what I look at the previous if people that bootcamp with a Mac just to play the games and other stuffs, that proves that you want a pc.

  474. Your Mother says:

    This article and most of the comments were written by idiots.

    1. This is just stupid. Obvious ignorant generalizations. Since you probably don’t know what that is, I’ll give you an example: Any blogger who writes about Macs only being to use single click is a c**t.

    2. They are overpriced, I wouldn’t say ridiculously.

    3. Trying to please everybody isn’t always good business. Generally ignorant point that doesn’t even seek to explain why those choices were made.

    4. Yes, it is, and how is that a bad thing? Linux is not user friendly, Mac’s are. Learn to play.

    5. Yes, there is right click. So, it’s safe to say you haven’t used a Mac at this point.

    6. Too many points to really care to rebut. Almost all wrong. X out of a program does not keep the program running at full potency, this is on a per-application implementation so hardly a con.

    7. This is plain dumb. Stop using a mac from 1998, and linking to a random article and calling it fact. Let’s look at articles that mention window’s viruses.

    8. Wrong. App Store.

    9. Wrong. http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/performance.html

    10. Wrong. Further proof the writer doesn’t use macs.

    I use both Windows and Macs, they each have their benefits. The writer should have spent more time researching real problems with Macs instead of wasting half of his points hating on Steve Jobs.

  475. seamen says:

    Chris you are a koolaid drinking no brain fandom!

    Apple suck, i have a macbook pro and i can’t even use a ssd on the junk!!

  476. Steve says:

    People act like Windows users get the blue screen of death for no reason. You get it if hardware is fried or you put some off brand s**t in your computer. I’ve never had a blue screen from a software issue. I got the blue screen last week because one of my RAM was shot. Now why is that a bad thing? It let me know it was dead. Once I replaced it, it was all fine. Mac’s on the other hand if you install software the OS doesn’t like you can’t log back in the OS. That’s how pathetic the OS is. And I’m saying that through personal experience. I installed software that came with my new modem and after I restarted it wouldn’t let me log back in and it kept coming up with an error. I had to reinstall the OS. I hate apple.

  477. In my opinion says:

    + I hate fanboys .

  478. In my opinion says:

    Never get a virus on my pc.

    Only idiots gets a virus.

    My laptop is a asus gaming laptop.

    I could do most of my stuffs, and gaming. So much fun.

    Macs: Are good for music productions.

    If you guys only browse the web. Get a netbook.

    Both had there both thumbs up and downs.



  479. joker says:

    no micah,

    mac cannot browse porn, minimize/maximize button are on the wrong side ( imagine scrolling on right hand side and boss walks by: mouse must travel all the way too the left).

    plus closing the windows keeps program running in background. (imagine after closing the browser, a malicious site keep popping porn ads in new windows).

    pc all the way or atleast linux for porn.

    so to sum it up.
    if not gaming, cheap laptop is better for daily browsing.
    if not showing off, cheap laptop will leave more benjamins in your wallet.
    if not gay, pc is the right crowd to hang out with. kidding,

    i wanted to like mac if only they allow mac to be installed on my gaming rig legally. at least windows are allowed to be installed on custom rigs, virtual machines, etc.
    guess apple is too restrictive, plus they can switch architecture overnight , i mean 68k->ppc->intel->arm??? plus ati->nvidia->ati. i mean if i invest in a machine and i like nvidia for linux, i am screwed.

  480. Micah says:

    Mac is good for music production and browsing porn sites.

  481. Badger says:

    I went to an apple store and took a look at everything there. I picked up a mouse and tried to do a few things. What a joke. Intuitive? That is the word I have been hearing about Mac’s since the beginning. I have been in I.T. for 37 years. The mac operating reminded me of IBM’s OS/2. Functionality changed for the sake of change. OS.X is very similar to OS/2.

    Apple owners (and that is for any apple product) are pretty full of themselves.

  482. Jason says:

    There really is no reason to invest moneys on a Mac, considering that for the same moneys you can get 2 decent laptops or even a great Sony VAIO (those “beasts” have everything for every kind of user), that they can last you 4 years (i’m still running a VAIO FZ11Z and the thing continues to do its job without any problems, while my Macbook Pro has been in and out of Apple centers for graphics problems).
    Fact is that Apple, unlike many other computer manufacturers, doesn’t have good engineers, hence why after 1 year the thing breaks itself down. If they had good engineers, probably Macs could had been good solid machines. But, since Apple’s primarly goal is to rip-off people with absolutely no knowledge about computers/softwares/hardware, they simply don’t give a damn if they sell s**t, or overpriced junk.
    People are happy to shell out their pockets to Apple?? Good for them. But, after having used for 2 years a Mac computer, and an iPhone, and had bad experiences with them, i won’t be buying Apple products anymore. And this is “computer revolution”?? F**k me.
    Sony, ASUS, HP, Dell, Alienware, that is “computer revolution”, and innovation. Not a freaking locked-down OS, or a crappy hollow alluminium box that can’t do its job correctly.

  483. Chris says:

    You have obviously never used a Mac in your entire life.

    1. There is a “right click.” There is an option in system preferences to click the bottom right side of the trackpad or to tap with two fingers to use the right click function. The right click doesn’t just copy/paste, either. Different programs provide different functions. Simply right clicking on a word gives you the option to search your computer for the word, search google, look up in the mac dictionary, cut/copy/paste, use the built in speech to say the word, and provides spelling and grammar as well as substitutions and transformations.

    2. The clock is able to show the time, AM/PM, 24-hour, seconds, the day of the week, and yes, the DATE.

    3. You can drag files into different applications without having them visible. All you have to do is drag the file to the dock and have it hover over the application’s icon, which shows you all the open windows (visible or not) using that application that you can then drag the file to.

    4. Macs can’t get PC viruses. So, that rules out any viruses made for PC’s. And of course people will make viruses for Macs, just as they made them for PC’s. And sure, you can open enough applications to freeze up your Mac. Yet your PC is famous for its virus prone operating system.

    5. You say iLife is limited in what it can do? How stupid are you? Plenty of famous musicians and bands have used Garageband to publish songs, and some even record tracks for Apple that you can use for your own songs in Garageband. There are over 1000 professionally recorded loops that you can use to create music. Does Windows have ANYTHING like this? I think not.

    6. You can customize much more than your wallpaper on a Mac, including your screensaver, highlighting color, dock size and magnification amount, dock location, window minimizing effect and much more. But the reason for the Mac having less customization features than PC’s is that it works better that way. Apple improved their interface so much over the years that it makes using the computer more intuitive and easy.

    So there’s some hard truth. Now shove it up your ass and smoke it.

  484. Mac Owner says:

    Macs suck!!!! Since the Intel Switch, there is no motivation at all to buy an overpriced piece of crappy, poor crafted, hardware from apple. Not only that the OS still looks like Win 95 with desktop animations and bigger icons, but without a useful taskbar. This was fine years ago, with the great G4 but now you go a step backward in computer evolution when sticking to a Mac. You know why you normally just get a year guarantee for MacBooks and stuff? Because after 1 year and 2 weeks your LogicBoard will be defective. You don’t believe me? Go to ebay and look at how many newer MacBooks with LogicBoard defects you see. And then search google for ‘my macbook doesn’t turn on’. Then after one year the LCD Screen on your MacBook degrades so much, that you won’t believe your eyes when comparing it to a ‘new’ MacBook. The Battery also won’t have half as much of its capacity after year. SpareParts are tooo expensive, to repair your mac, so you just sell it as defective or throw it away and buy a new one. Also because if you are that lucky guy to have a mac lasting for two and more years, you have to be concerned that your system is too old to install the newest OS 10.X (remember the G5 guys, right?). Ahh, and before i forget, that fucking crappy case, that just breaks by normal use…. EWWWW No more Apple. And I could continue for hours… and by the way: My Osx86 Hackint0sh is faster than a comparable MacPro, but I still prefer WinXP and Win7 kicks ASS!

  485. Steve says:

    Jake, regardless of the article, people hate apple users and the company. The company is run by a bunch of money grabbing cocky a******s. Don’t believe me? Do some research on when the iphone had antenna problems. They handled that so poorly it was pathetic. Jobs basically said you’re idiot for holding it that way. Whatever macbook pro you buy will be 2-3 times more expensive than a PC. My friend who’s a mac nut just bought a cable modem and tried to install the software on his macbook and it crashed his entire computer. He has to reinstall the entire OS. I’ve never heard of anyone having that problem on a PC. So if ONE problem screws up I have to reinstall the OS? That’s sad. I know another mac nut who saw me right-click my desktop and hit “next” to switch to the next wallpaper and he said “WOW it’s that easy to change the wallpaper?” Do I even need to say more? Is it that hard to change a wallpaper on a mac that you’re that amazed by what I just did.

  486. Jake says:

    There is no reason to hate macs (or mac users) so much. I’ve tried both os’s long enough to realize what a pain it is to use Windows (for me personally). Accordingly, my next computer purchase will be a $1200 MacBook pro. However, that doesn’t mean that I will go around commenting on how much all pc’s suck. My suggestion for you is to grow up. if you hate macs so much, simply don’t use them.

  487. Josh says:

    I used a Mac for two weeks on my Work Ex.
    At first it was quite good – but the annoying niggles started to show: No right click, drag and drop creates links, you need to remember 35 trillion key commands, the delete button doesn’t delete files (I couldn’t find a use for the delete button), infact, all the buttons near the delete button do nothing, you can delete programs without a prompt (I managed to delete the Control Panel, no warning and I couldn’t get it back) and more…
    There was also two monitors, but the off buttons act as the systems power buttons so both monitors were constantly eating up power.
    Also, it was a Mac G5 – the PowerPC chips were great, since Apple switched to Intel, the great PowerPC chip has been dumped and Intel Macs suck.

  488. Oooo says:

    I do not mind a
    Mac or a pc both systems are great
    but I hate mac apple fanboys. And maybe how they use them? Cuz basically if they are just all browsing the web then get a netbook . If the software that must be need that is on Mac only then get a Mac book air don’t waste
    The money on the Mac book pros. And into gaming and doing work ? Get a Gaming laptop not a mac

  489. Steve says:

    apple tv < Xbox 360. A buddy of mine has apple tv and it kept freezing while we were watching NetFlix.

  490. lolroflol says:

    My mac died just like bernie mac :(

  491. rayray says:

    mac is uber gay

  492. hpfan says:

    I like this article. It’s very true and very to the point, MAC DOES SUCK. Even when I was in high school mac’s of all types where the lousiest pile of garbage ever introduced into the computer world. Calculators where more useful. Even now there glitches surpass any amount of use or or performance they could ever be worth. I’, way off the trends or any hype, I’ll take AMD’s powerful processors over intels little bit faster but way more liable to pop, junk any day. Laptops are trendy, there only true use is for those high mucky mucks that take there work with them to get away from there wives and MAC is for old ass games that still havnt gotten past 16 bit performance.

    If it’s not a computer then its a kids toy. Thats all I can say about that.

  493. LOLED @ THE FANBOYS says:

    Ye and most of the people that are using a Mac of what I have seen basically, all just go on Facebook , tumblr, twitter.
    If just only want to browse the internet, buy a netbook. If you wanted to play games buy a gaming laptop. If your into music productions. Get a Mac book air. Or a Mac book pro 13 inch the prices of the 15 inch and the 17 inch was just ewww. Other than that , if people just all browsing on the Internet. Then get a netbook. There is no point wasting money on the 15 inch plus the 17 inch. And of cuz even though I just felt like saying the same stuffs on my previous post I never got a virus on my pc and have no problems of it. Get a decent anti virus like the avg And is free downloadable. Oh and one last thing do not get a norton antivirus cuz that antivirus is stupid and is crap.

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