Lasting Longer In Bed: 10 Proven Methods That Work, From Mental Games To Flexing Your Pubococcygeus

By   |  June 1, 2014

In the vast world that exists under the covers, perhaps nothing is so misunderstood as premature ejaculation – a condition where, in the simplest of terms, certain men have trouble lasting very long in bed. It is the butt of an endless onslaught of jokes and the cause of just as many worries, as millions of guys around the world lose evermore confidence with each new “sexual enhancement” drug that is released.

You wanna know the truth? Nearly every guy, at some point in his life, has struggled with or worried about lasting longer while making love.

I first wrote this article back in 2009 to cover a hot topic that not very many writers were willing to cover. To my surprise, approximately 50% of the users coming to this page over the past few years have been WOMEN and not MEN. Turns out, guys are so self-conscious about this issue that their ladies end up worrying about it too. But in a large number of cases (and Google searches), ladies seem to be researching solutions out of shame, or guilt – NOT because they are upset or disappointed with their beau.

How can I help my boyfriend last longer in bed?” is one of the most popular search terms bringing users to this page. For that reason, I decided to re-write this article a bit. (In the latest version, you’ll find a bit more information for the ladies.)

Background On Premature Ejaculation

As explained on Wikipedia, premature ejaculation is a broad term that many doctors and specialists consider to exist when a man reaches climax before his sexual partner does in more than 50% of their bedroom encounters. PE has also been described (somewhat erroneously) as occurring if a man reaches climax within two minutes of penetration; however, a survey by Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s demonstrated that up to three quarters of men in the world usually reach climax within two minutes. Of course, with pharmaceutical companies spending $3 billion per year on advertising, not to mention the sexual overload of modern pop culture, it’s no wonder that “lasting longer” is a practically daily concern for so many people now. In any regard, most sex therapists these days simply understand premature ejaculation to be occurring whenever a lack of control interferes with the “well-being” of one or both romantic partners. Wow!

Again, here’s the point: Nearly all men have “suffered” from some form of poor bedroom performance at some point, if they are sexually active. It’s not something to be ashamed about, and in fact, its quite normal most of the time. And, ladies, at no point should you ever feel that you’ve “failed” as a woman or lover. That being said, there are some simple – yet rather helpful – tips that anyone can try, in order to last a bit longer:

Common Methods For Lasting Longer

1. Squeeze your penis. Perhaps the most practical tip around. If you squeeze your penis just below the head during bedroom activity (you may have to, you know, pull out for a minute), you can significantly reduce blood flow, which is the main cause of over-stimulation. Plus, the head of the penis is the most sensitive part, in general – all the more reason for this approach. Simply squeeze gently for a good 5-30 seconds (or however much time you can spare). Use the downtime for something less stimulating, i.e. kissing. Ladies: if your man becomes sensitive easily, you can also take control by pulling him out every so often and squeezing his Johnson for him just below the head with 2-3 fingers. Obviously, this shouldn’t be done in such a way that ADDS stimulation, i.e. no grab-and-jack.

2. Think disgusting thoughts. Definitely not practical, but hey, it really works for some guys. Look down and imagine you are sticking it in Quasimodo or something. I don’t know, you decide. Anything that makes you want to throw up and is a complete turn-off. Ladies: this is probably NOT one of the methods you could/should help with…

3. Cause pain to your body. Okay let’s qualify this: cause pain to your body somewhere else besides your shlong. For the record, this is also a good way to pass a polygraph test – causing pain during “true” answers increases blood flow to the body – thus, increased blood flow that occurs during “lies” appears to be at normal levels. The concept is the same for genital stimulation: causing pain to another area of the body distracts your brain to focus on the most urgent matter at hand, which is ALWAYS pain. Biting your tongue is usually a favorite strategy, and easy to accomplish under the sheets (or at the police station). Ladies: again, this is probably not one you should help with – in worst case scenarios, your man has been secretly craving a round of S&M and causing him pain might actually get him off!

4. Only go tip deep. Recall Vince Vaughn’s monologue in Wedding Crashers where he proposes playing “a little game called ‘just the tip’ … just for a second!”:

“Janice, I apologize to you if I don’t seem real eager to jump into a forced awkward intimate situation that people like to call dating. I don’t like the feeling. You’re sitting there, you’re wondering do I have food on my face, am I eating, am I talking too much, are they talking enough, am I interested I’m not really interested, should I play like I’m interested but I’m not that interested but I think she might be interested but do I want to be interested but now she’s not interested? So all of the sudden I’m getting, I’m starting to get interested… And when am I supposed to kiss her? Do I have to wait for the door cause then it’s awkward, it’s like well goodnight. Do you do like that ass-out hug? Where you like, you hug each other like this and your ass sticks out cause you’re trying not to get too close or do you just go right in and kiss them on the lips or don’t kiss them at all? It’s very difficult trying to read the situation. And all the while you’re just really wondering are we gonna get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions? Perhaps play a little game called ‘just the tip’. Just for a second, just to see how it feels. Or, ouch, ouch you’re on my hair.” — Jeremy Grey, Wedding Crashers

“Just the tip” shouldn’t require much explanation. After you are well into a passionate go, taking a break from the deeper action is wise – perhaps even mandatory – if you don’t want to finish too soon. As a bonus, your madam will also probably appreciate the change-up as it has the ability to “reset” some of her own areas of stimulation. Obviously, it may take some practice to find an… angle? depth? that feels good to her while still giving him a pause from the drilling. Ladies: this is a perfect place for you to help out, as most guys think that pounding away at you like a jackhammer is what girls want. Kindly suggest (or better yet, simply maneuver) a “shallower” approach from time to time.

5. Slow. Down. A simple tip, but it’s one that everyone forgets when the lights go out. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Not only is going in “deep” severely overrated, but rapid-fire gunnery is as well. Don’t worry boys – unless you signed a contract recently for a reality TV show without knowing it, there shouldn’t be anyone outside of your partner judging your libido. There’s probably a time and place for speed demons in the bed; as your relationship grows and your skills improve, these times and places will become more obvious to you. In the meanwhile, you are trying to figure out how to last longer – and slowing down is not only more romantic to most girls, but sets the stage for endurance as well. It becomes a bit of a mental game as the minutes tick onward, so show some self-control and work on your pace. Ladies: you know what to do.

Popular suggestion from readers: practice masturbating alone, but stop before you are going to climax. Then, repeat. Such a cycle can help you develop a physical – and psychological – stamina when it comes time for the real thing.

6. Take some sort of break. Let’s be honest: one of the main reasons why so many guys worry about their stamina is because they’re spending so much time fapping to porn clips on the web. In other words, guys notice that Fabio can last for nearly 45 minutes (!) in that latest Jenna Jameson video, and start to believe that its normal behavior. In fact, however, if you cut out the 20 minutes of slap and tickle in the beginning of most adult “performances” – and factor in the Viagra and Caverject injections that some guys take before the shooting begins – the truth begins to emerge. On top of that, you’ll notice quite a few camera angle changes and tricks; for example, the crew may stop filming for a minute here and there to take still shots (photography). In some scenes, i.e. doggystyle medleys, the male actor isn’t even inside her at all (this stunt is also used in many Hollywood blockbusters with A-list stars who can’t – or won’t – do the real thing). So stop beating yourself up, men. Fabio’s other secret is that he takes frequent “breaks” whenever he becomes over-stimulated – whether it be “going down” on her for a minute, changing positions, grabbin’ a BJ here and there, and what not. Ladies: one of the best ways you can help out. If your guy forgets to take breaks, give one to him. Yes, that was a euphemism.

7. Clear the tubes beforehand. If you don’t want to be a minuteman on a big date, or screw up a romantic night with your woman, then it never hurts to unload your gun before you go out – and it usually helps you last longer later on. There is really no better way to illustrate this point than quoting from There’s Something About Mary:

Dom: You choke the chicken before any big date, don’t you? Tell me you spank the monkey before any big date. Oh my God, he doesn’t flog the dolphin before a big date. Are you crazy? That’s like going out there with a loaded gun! Of course that’s why you’re nervous. Oh my dear friend, please sit, please. Look, um, after you’ve had sex with a girl, and you’re lying in bed with her, are you nervous? No, you’re not, why?

Ted: Cause I’m tired…

Dom: Wrong! It’s ’cause you ain’t got the baby batter on the brain anymore! Jesus, that stuff will f**k you’re head up! Look, the most honest moment in a man’s life are the few minutes after he’s blown his load – now that is a medical fact. And the reason for it is that you’re no longer trying to get laid, you’re actually… you’re thinking like a girl, and girls love that.

Here’s an easier way of saying it: don’t bring blue balls to the bedroom. And a quick disclaimer – if you are going to clear the tubes, make sure you have at least a few hours to regenerate the dumbbells. The last thing you want is a limp sausage on a big night.

8. Practice flexing your pubococcygeus. This is probably the best kept sex secret in the entire universe. Both men and women have what are commonly referred to as Kegel muscles, named after Dr. Arnold Kegel. These are the muscles that you squeeze when you are trying to stop peeing or pooping mid-stream. It’s extremely difficult for most males (and females) to stop peeing, because we never practice flexing these muscles. If you can build up strength and control of these muscles, however, not only can you learn to “hold in” your ejaculation for longer, but you can also have larger ejaculations (that, as a side benefit, also shoot farther) because you will be able to blast more semen out of your system. Blowing your load with force – now THAT has some serious primal benefit. Not only so, but rumor has it that some guys have learned to jack themselves off using only their Kegel muscles. That is crazy stuff. Ladies: this exercise is of just as much benefit to you as it is to men. Turns out, excercising your Kegel muscles can help tighten the vagina, and even help you perform Pompoir (a.k.a. “playing the flute” or “the Singapore grip”).

9. Alcohol. More of an inaccurate home remedy more than anything else. Alcohol DOES indeed often help men last longer in bed, but the reasoning is somewhat backwards logic. Ever since magic elixirs like wine, beer, and whiskey were discovered by mankind, they’ve been used to numb pain and kill bacteria, among many other sorts of things. Alcohol not only numbs the body’s senses, but it also significantly thins the blood (lowers pressure). Therefore, drinking alcohol before sex often decreases feelings of stimulation, and indirectly helps men “last longer” because they cannot achieve an otherwise typical erection. The effects tend to differ greatly between various men – not to mention the health issues associated with regular alcohol consumption. Tread carefully in experimenting with this solution, as it may breed more negative than positive results.

Alternative (healthier?) solution suggested by readers: WEED.

10. If all else fails… “those” drugs. I’d rather not suggest it, but with millions of men around the world using drugs like Cialis and Viagra to obtain harder, longer-lasting erections, this option needs to be mentioned. As in most cases, medicine should be used as a last resort as it usually puts additional strain on internal organs like the liver and kidneys (as does alcohol, of course). There IS however, a major side effect to these drugs: as with alcohol, “penis drugs” can often decrease genital sensitivity. So, even though you might be sporting a massive boner and feeling pretty good about yourself, you may end up not feeling very much of what goes down. And now, with brands trying to obtain permission to sell these drugs over-the-counter without a prescription, they will probably be much easier to obtain. Lastly, please keep in mind that most of the “NATURAL POTION!” products you see for sale at 7/11 to increase libido or “shoot farther!” are merely gimmicks, and should be avoided, unless you like wasting money on ginseng and crap like that.

Update 6/1/2014: Article significantly re-written. First published 3 November, 2009.

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  4. GINSENG actually works.
    Maybe the article writer had some cheap stuff or something.
    It’s worked for me over and over again.
    Use it with these other tips would presumably work better.

  5. Actually Im sure I will get flak for this but 3 to 5 minutes according to nature is how long sex is SUPPOSED to last because the actual biological purpose of sex is propagation of the species so “making love” isn’t necessary.

    Older men do not on average “last longer”, unless you mean orgasm climaxing. The reason is, when you get older you tend to NOT get it as much so your stamina and other sexual related functions go down to a level where you can still follow the biological imperative of reproduction so 5 minutes or so and youve blasted.

    Now, of course as selfish mammal apes that’s not gonna fly, especially for our partners so we have to use these methods.

  6. I struggled with PE for a LONG time. Well over 10 years. I’ve tried weed, pills, alcohol, everything. Al that does is take something special like sex, and mask it with stimulants. You never get the true feeling and emotional connection of sex. Look, this might sound gay as hell, but your lady wants it. Now, back to my story. I used to cum just barely after getting it inside. I thought my life was screwed. It gave me anxiety and I flat out avoided it sometimes which ruined relationships. The secret… Fucking kegels man. Holy s**t, I did them consistently for 1 week. I went from seconds to 7-10 minutes. I continued to do them and pair that with slowing my breathing, fucking pure magic. If you suffer from this, please get on a consistent kegel rhythm. I would actually do them about 4 times a day. Holding the ‘flex’ for 5 seconds, then 10, then 20. Then I would pulse flex it for 60 seconds. I can’t believe how much this has changed my life and it can for you too.

    • I highly recommend practicing the kegel muscles as well.. I can now stop myself even if I arrive at “the point of no return” with my kegel muscles. After stopping the first one, I can easily last for half an hour and I could only do 7 minutes on average before (the trade off is not being as hard but still hard enough so no problem)

    • I will try it , thanks

  7. I have sex and I don’t last for long, I release quickly under just a minute.. pls help me out

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    • I can last longer without ejaculate up to three hours and I was learn that from fulukia siau on facebook.

  9. When your fixing to cum just started eating her out or finger her it gives you a break and it’s helping her to and will help you in the long one

  10. I normally have sex with my girlfriend three times a week but I disscovered that, in the first round I release quickly but for the second round I find it very difficult to release…
    please I wanna know if it is normal…… thanks.

    • its very normal okay the first ejaculation comes very fast but the subsequent ones delay

  11. Wash dick with veneger water and have fun for one hour !m! Proven myself

  12. Empty the pipe earlier in the day.

    Get some lidocaine cream. Rub a little on 30-45 min prior to the act. Wipe off excess with warm water.

    Have fun. can get the cream over the counter at most pharmacies.

  13. Yeah I used to struggle with premature ejaculation. One of the must frustrating things …. bringing women home only for them to get pissed and leave after they realize they wasted the entire evening for TWO MINUTES… AHHH

    kept reading articles like this and eventually found this free course in the comments that helped me last all night … — saved it and I know this can help you.

    Hope this helps some of you,

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    Share your opinion if you know some other resources with great tips!

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  15. My problem is this after meeting d woman i see dat i dont enjoy sex becos when am about having fun i will now see my penis falling flat and not able to rise up again and i dont last to 5min please what drugs can u recommed for me i need solution

  16. why do man last long in bed?
    with my ex he would last for about 4minutes but With my current boyfriend he can take 10 on his first round and i would like to know why

  17. i love my boyfriend but he gets desappointed in himself because he cant last as long as me and these tips just might do the trick for me to help my lover turn that frown upside down. thank you so much for the tips and keep up the good work.

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    • I always have multiple orgasms when my husband
      Goes down on me and kisses my neck and sucks on my nipples. All my senses are alert so when I orgasm from his tongue he puts himself inside me and im practically coming again from the sensitivity. Hair pulling spanking and light choking help get me there faster too. The faster he makes me cum the less he will worry about finishing early.

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  20. This article even says 3/4 of men last under 2 min. maybe we are asking the wrong questions, why do women take so long? It’s an evolutionary advantage to cum quicker. And if the woman objects, you simply move on to the next one – again, evolution to spread as much seed as possible

  21. If you have access to Tramadol, a synthetic opioid, take 1 or 2 & given a little time to digest.. who’s ready for a marathon? Lol.. when u finally feel it building up about to shoot.. …. … nope… nope ….yeah.. yes.. YES. its explosive and intense to say the least. .. .
    Goodluck guys!

  22. I need to f**k & cum 5-6 times or my dick wont get soft & its frustrating to sleep with a hard on. Sometime i didn’t let my girl sleep because i was pounding her even when she sleep. She fight & sleep saying she is tired & sore, after 10 minutes my dick is inside her. This goes on whole night.

  23. One joint 30 minutes before the action will do the trick. Works for me!

  24. Smoke some THC and you’ll last longer.

  25. I had six encounters of sex but failed to f**k the ladies due to premature ejaculation and sometimes lose erection before penetration how best can i overcome all this.thanks in advance

  26. sertraline, its generic for Zoloft, believe me it works if fact at above 100mg you may not be able to ejaculate at all.

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  28. FOR GIRLS. Best advise.

    Okay I cant help answer to everyone’s question. But I will type in general and random. Girls who really love their guy and want him to last longer. I recommend to ask on his fetish of what he love or want to do. Trust me this will help later on. First you gotta plan how you want to help him and also because to satisfy yourself. Duuhh.

    Give him a BJ get him off first and tell him its really okay first is fast and u like it. Then for example his fetish is footjob use it on the next round to get him up. It will be 2 times easier to keep applying on his fetish to get him up again and again after a cum.
    You can also do the squueze pis tip trick like what it says on this site.

    Second I recommend using dick sleeve. Its like a condom but shape like a dick and some have different textures too. Go search it out. You can use that on maybe on the first round also. And for girls dont fake orgasm if u did orgasm your pussy will pulse by itself like you can feel few contractions by itself. If u keep faking it you are not helping your guy, yeh make him turn off by a bit by telling him than help him and be straight and introduce him the penis sleeve. And underdstand how he can go again and again. Remember fetish is a strong thing.

    If u wanna make her cum yea its true that it is not a race. You dont need to be worrying about your penis size too. If she asking you about this than she is not good in bed and also I dont think she know what is multiple orgasm. He is just asking too much. So anyway it is all about knowing the girl and how her body works. As we know women is more on the feeling and biggest thing is their mind and how u make her imaginations run wild before you start whereby we are more on sight to be stimulated.

    Let her blow you first and till you cum. Then go tease her lick her spine from her neck till her ass and legs like every single inch. Than next hmm I dont need to teach about doing her ears and breast and nipples too you should know that. Remember all this needs to be done in slow and normal speed. Massage her boobs and inner thigs helps to stimulate her too. Its all about makaing her feel more and more non stop. Than lick her pussy slowly tease her. And lick her clit while fingering straight or do the g-spot fingering. Remember do this while licking her and sucking on her pussy gently depends on how hard she can take it. COMMUNICATE!

    Next for tools i can recommend is magic wand vibrator. She dont nee to fake orgasm anymore. By the 4th round im sure your dick is indeed lack of you cumming but hey try this. Put the magic wan on her clit and put your dick inside her dont move. When she is going to orgasm you can feel her cumming and going crazy orgasming whole your dick is inside feeling her pulse and pulse. While she is cuming than you move your dick and start fucking her all together (remember magic wand still on her clit area find the nice spot that she feels better). I bet she will never forget the feeling in her whole life. And she love you crazy on bed.

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  30. Try taking a s**t on her chest before coutus. The smell and sight of your own s**t will make you last for days and she will enjoy it too… Trust me!

  31. 2 light beers before sex works for me. Don’t over drink or you’ll lose the boner..

    Pull out if you have to ..think about making the b***h come first..

  32. 11 inches and a unforgettable 30 minutes. Will travel. Drop me a line ladies. Discretion is promised.

  33. Try a two natural herbs called Yohimbine and horney goat weed. They can both be bought over the counter and they work wonders. The combination of the two will cause longer erections, faster recovery time, and they will also give you energy to stay up later so you won’t fall asleep and leave your partner unsatisfied, they also do not show up on drug tests. The only side effects from these two herbs that I have found were an upset stomach and insomnia for the night that I had taken them. The upset stomach is caused when I took them on an empty stomach. The insomnia was caused by to much of the Yohimbine. I am not a big person I only weigh about 150 so a full pill of Yohimbine is too much for me, so I have to use half of a pill. So depending on your size and metabolic rate you can play around with how much of a dosage you need.

  34. thamk you so much to whoever wrote this article. this has been my only problem but i practiced number nine and it worked. now im fuking awesome. thanks again

    • Hi R U . Can You Explain me Plz what is Practiced number nine so I can solve my problem too. Thank you

  35. Ok, honestly ladies, if you want your man to last longer. It’s not so much as lasting longer more like staying uplonger. Simply put, suck him off before hand. He’ll get off quick, then immediately after words jump on him or have him jump on you either way. The feeling is totally different and he’ll stay hard due to this fact (if not he doesnt deserve a d*ck). If you’re into it, try 69 so that he’s getting you ready for when it’s time for him to actually do something for you. My gf doesn’t complain about how long i last normally, but sometimes she wants more than 7 or 8 minutes. That’s how we discovered this. I’ll get mine through oral in 2 or so minutes. Then jump on her (she claims it was the 1st time she’s had an orgasm with guy on top) and I’d stay up for at least 20-30 minutes. Face it guys, if you can’t get a girl off in that time frame…go be a monk. Well I hope this helps you all out.

  36. here the trick …. get off then have her suck you hard again and you good 2 go …. but remem it go bouth ways you must return the fav

  37. Breathing in and out hour nose helps also and think of food or sports lmfao it helps!!!!!!!

  38. 1- pee before sex, pee can really push your semen out.
    2- Bj help a lot, while she is doing it, concentrate your kegel muscle which is like you re tightening your butt, so you do not bust first touch, at some point you should not feel any climax or ejaculation ready to shoot out, you will feel that you re ready to last.
    3- go down on her too, which will prepare the way and put her on the same level as you.
    4- find 3 main hotspots : lick inside of her ears( this is unhealthy but can be crazzzzzzzy good feeling) her breast, and under her breasts which is mainly on the bone, suck softly on it, warning she will go wild.
    5- penetrate slowly: do be too fast you will humiliate yourself, calm down it s not a race, when you have the tiniest feeling you ll ejaculate, stop, kiss her, tell her that you love her, ask her if she is enjoying it so far. or get your d*k out let her grad it and rub it on her clit( she will go wild) meanwhile you re getting it together, and there you go she will bust it before you.


  39. Reading this made me realize i dnt prematurly ejaculte i last about 15 to twenty mins on average 4 my first ejacultion and i can put a few more down b4 i get soft but i was just gunna let my fellow potheads kno bud smoke causes quicker ejaculation due to increased bloodflow and hightened senses of feeling but increased bloodflow can cause a harder erection key word Can not always.(hint thc gets u high by passing blood cells on its way in ur lungs so blow smoke in her vag she probably will queef but it works better than coke u will make her sing after that) while alcohol and opiods can make u last longer but take feeling away. ps kiggles do work i started doing them when i was sixteen and well u read the statistics and i think i exceed them now but i will say if ur not pleasing ur women u just need some more time 2 find out what she likes and how she likes it and i bet that will give u the best results

    • you know, all these posts about smoking pot. It doesn’t work. My man smokes a LOT and he hardly ever lasts more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time. This has been a consistent issue for years, and he’s smoked all the time we’ve been together.

  40. im 17 years old i havnt used any off these tips or taken any drugs and the longest ive lasted is almost 3 hours the shortest is 30 mins its pittyful that you guys have to look this stuff up

  41. I have a problem my gf comes too quick and then her pussy goes all dry and every time I complain she accusing me of fucking other girls thats. Why it takes me very long to come in fact sometimes I have stop it even I am not done really dont know what to do anyone can help please Guys :////

  42. lol, i f**k my gf all the time, im 16 and weve been having sex for over 6 months like 5 times a week. I used to last like 2 minutes now i can pound her out for like an hour. If i have a condom on i can shred her for like an hour and a half. Buy the Perfomax condom by durex and youll kill your girl for over 30 minutes no matter how long you last. First time i used it i lasted forever. But make sure shes not on top otherwise youll loose your hard on. You gotta do the work with this magic rubber. Practice makes perfect. Just f**k until you last long.

  43. 2. is so ficking wrong, why should the guy have to imagine having sex with quazimodo. the guy has to enjoy sex aswell, it shouldnt be a challenge lol. the guys who wrote this obvioisly are virgins

  44. what an awkward thing…eating but not feeling the taste of it.controlling may work..but if you can feel what you are eating, what is the use? One way…watch pro movies and memorize and see the shots that hit you…your feeling will be burning all the time…

  45. When you’re young and it’ difficult to climax, sometimes it’s caused by low testosterone. My husband is a cop, ex-football player, as hot and as muscular as they come. Rocks my word but he has a hard time getting to the climax. Turns out, he has low testosterone. The Dr. gave him testosterone gel and he rubs it in on his chest every night, (or I do) and MAN, what a difference a getting your testosterone levels in balance make! Go to the doctor and have him check your Testosterone Levels! You’re too young to suffer like this!

  46. i dont know that masturbation really works. my bf does it on the regular but still cant hold it for more then a minute when we actually have sex. and im not sure how to bring up the idea of actual foreplay.

  47. steam up your penis and put some pepper….then you will reallylast

  48. Are you serious man? I’ve got the best solution out. get this. right before your girl is ready to cum and you are ready to bust but just can’t get there, have your girl stick a finger covered with tabasco sauce up your ass and rub it in a circular motion. your will blow a huge load in here faster than you can say first down

  49. This just bothers me. I’m 18 with a 7″ d*ck. I’ve been the jock all through high school and now the same in college. I’ve recently gotten serious with this one girl and have stopped sleeping around with other girls. With all the other girls, I can make them all orgasm without trying, including my girlfriend. The thing is after I give her 3 orgasms, she can’t go anymore to let me get off. I get close in that time but I just can’t quite reach it. She has tried sucking me before, hand jobs, everything. Nothing seems to work and its irratating. Any suggestions on what I can do?

  50. Ladies, there is so much that you can do to make your men last longer but as we all know relationships should be about giving equally. If you man is a fast shooter have hi, knock one out before you commence the ritual. This is to ensure a litlle bit longer staminia. What women fail to notice is that as we boh age certainthings are becoming to repititious. Same position same nioght gown what ever the casual sexy wear is. You ladie need to step it up. Strip for your man one night, invite a girlfriend over to record movies for you. He will be thinking abouthis performance and what she thinks that there woill be more effort on his part oto lkast long if. But she has to be attractive but not mot attractive than you. We all have those friends. do not be afrad of suggesiing toys. Men usually do not disagree becasue then they are in control. Plus, if he fails then you have a back upplan to get yourself off. I understand we men can be selfish but then there are4 those who want to plewase and get ovver excited. So you can definitely look at it as “I’m so F”n” fine I can make him ejaculate in minutes. But fore most ladies get out of the routing and get on line there is a lot out there BDSM f**ting Inser***ns and lots of kink. Surprise your man with a video photo or tablet and tell him that you awant to try that who knows a cetain kink mihgt be the trick. If al alse fail a 1/5 of tequilla never fails.

  51. my fiance` is 10 years older than me but he is very physically fit and healthy,when we are doing the foreplay he is very attentive however when we finally get to down to business he is very quick on the draw and we have tried a lot of these different methods i am ready to buy toys but i don’t want him to feel bad or any less of a man so what else can i do? suggestions

  52. Another good one is turn the TV on before and while having sex watch the television it will distract your mind.

  53. My man last about 10 seconds the first round and about 15 the second round. I am really in love with this guy. I would love to marry him but to think I have to deal with this problem of never being satisfied anymore is a bit much. What is there’s for a woman to do to help the situation

  54. I guess I’ll suggest these to my current boyfriend.
    My previous one would take up to 45min to an hour to cum… and now my current one cums super quick and I am mostly not satisfied.. I hope these work.

  55. Guys.. did you ever realise that sex is the only fun you can have without laughing???? This of that when fucking and see how long you last!!!

  56. if the chick is hot, I’ll do anything for her. I’ll be her personal toilet, she can fart in my face, take a s**t in my mouth & pee too. Love it!

  57. sex is great i wanna get a foreplay by sucking him to death, licking his dick and all the way.. I want him to do the same to me, I want big bulks and buns and big dicks.. usually men with big bulks have small dicks, so i wanna have the same.. btw i am a man too..

  58. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now and he just dont last in bed:( we do foreplay and when we do f**k Its amazing while it lasts then he jus busts….i used to not say anything but its gone on for so long i cant take it anymore idk what to do he says that this has never happened to him b4 so it makes me feel like ok doin somethin wrong…when i do give him a bj or handjob to get him off first so we can do it and last longer it never happens….sex is the only thing we argue bout and it makes me feel like s**t Cuz he feels like s**t plz help i need some advice Cuz i do love him i jus really need a good f**k Im tired off feeling like he would rather geta bj or watch porn and masterbaite than f**k me

  59. I wish there was a real cure, 20 years is to long to have this.

  60. It’s a fact. At one point or another we all have to deal with PE. It’s nature workings its tricks on us. It’s only recently in human history that men have to focus on pleasuring women. Sadly for much of our history women were simply used and often and because life wasn’t as comfortable as it is nowadays for all kinds of reasons, ejaculating quickly was a practical solution. So it’s a matter of training yourself. No shame in it. Sure some women won’t understand but what’s important for guys is not to compare themselves to the porn they watch. porn stars train themselves to get to that point, and so can you. Other than, practice makes perfect which trains you to control your mind and your arousal.
    The penis is muscle, and most of us simply don’t train it. If you are lifting weights, if you are building stamina running 10 miles, then add 20-30 minutes daily doing kegels, and masturbate focusing on you and your breathing, instead of porn or the girl. It’s that simple.

  61. When I first got to college I was stoked on the number of chicks. I’m a stud what can I say and did my best to conquer the ladies. From time to time I thought to myself if I could do something to boost my performance. Promescent was the answer and the chicks don’t even know that I am using something. I recommend it to the all the playas out there who wanna dominate in bed.

  62. Sex before. Marriage is sin! No matter. You last long

  63. Satisfied i jerkoff fast and last 30minutes since i was 15 now im 18 and fucked my girl for 20 minutes i guess masturbating for awhile will help also keep your head clean

  64. Some of the tips on here are pretty questionable.. you wanna know how to jump start a girls orgasm so she can finish about the same time you do?.. Deffinitely foreplay before hand gets me in the mood and gets me really excited for his d*ck. There’s a point in foreplay where the outside is so stimulated that the inside actually craves for his d*ck. so if you get her excited enough, by the time you put it in, it’s like an explosion if your well enough edowed, which my boyfriend is (: Another great tip that i saw on here is letting the girl get on top and rocking her back in forth while you’re deep.. that is deffintely correct & that’s how i got my first orgasm. it’s not all about the “g spot” on the inside, it also has everything to do with the outside.. However i’ve found it easier with the guy on top and he’s deep inside and pretty much laying his body on mine and rocking up an down.. when done right, it’s a sealed deal for her orgasm. You’re giving her that deep inside stimulation and rubbing against the outside which is sure to make her cum quick, and after that.. you’re all set to go. Another foreplay tip if you’re both into making her finish before you actually have sex.. DO IT! make her finish and then immediately put your d*ck inside.. i’ve litterally came again and again seconds after finishing with foreplay. it is an indescribable feeling. And most deffinitely take it slow sometimes. as much as i love to be pounded out when it’s hot and heavy, i also enjoy lots of deep kissing and slow movements. that’s sure enough to get her going too.. I hope this helps some of you guys looking for ways to please your girl & deffinitely BE SAFE.

  65. Just masturbate i jerk offf fast and i last like 30 minutes ps im 13

  66. Also switching positions every now and then and letting her ride me to give me a little break worked great, or letting her give me a bj helped. I feel i was less focused on cumming and more about what was happening.

  67. i just recently lasted about an hour to the thanks of alcohol, the trick is not to drink too much or else you might have a problem getting an erection (whiskey dick).

  68. thanks,with these ways listed above, i am the best partner.

  69. F**k a grapefruit, the acid burning your penis will help you last longer

  70. Hi i bumped into this page, and wanted to share my thoughts: my man lasts an hour without any drug, lotions or potions, we are both 40, hes acsually better now than when we were younger, he was my first at 14, we lost touch for 25 years and recently reconnected…and sex is great, one hour of straight f*cking not including foreplay…after 15, 20 minutes he ready for round 2…I get off so many times so many diffrent ways…and the best part is his wife has to deal with the b*llshit, she pisses him off and he comes and f*ck the hell out of me….I wouldnt change him for the world

  71. Drink 3 beers or so before you have sex and you’ll last longer. Works for me lol

  72. 3 minutes later for your new post n this is how it’s broken down…30 secs to wake him, 30 secs to remove his clothes,30 secs to get him hard, 30 secs to ride him, 10 secs for him to cum, 10 secs to get off of him, 10 secs to yell at him, 15 secs to get back online and 15 secs to complain again. Smh lol I am so sorry for your wasted time. Lol

  73. Ive been trying the kegals for awhile an ithere pretty strong just idk how to use them during sex do u just flex them it seems to make me wanna come faster? Any help? An i also heard masturbation to quickly can cause u to PE to

  74. do slowly without great punches will simply wok last long.also unfill the tank before the battle is a admirable point. thanks

  75. Don’t be surprise!sometimes,i last 2hrs afta drinking a lil dry gin called calypso or regal.if i dnt take it;i cn last 20minutes.Advice:Dnt focus ur mind wen u are banging her.secondly,pulse 4 little while and remove ur nimrod and insert it again.thats d secret guys.

  76. I fucked a block of cheese and I may have got her pregnant, WHAT DO????

  77. See, SEE! What the fu*k did i just say??!!??!!

  78. So tired of being pissed off after 10 seconds. Im about to wake him up and ride him but i guarantee ill just be unsatisfied once agin…. ill let u know…

  79. I need a man to last longer

  80. pls some one help me out here my relationship is crashing i need hlp pneumonia method to astir longer on bed

  81. Here is a women point of view. As much as you guys would like to think that your studs 85 percent of the time your not. Im 39 years old and married and the sex just flat out sucks. Last about 2 seconds. I understand all the forplay been there done that but some times a women just wants to get laid. When it takes longer to get your underwear off theres a prob. I have made him go to the docs everything theres nothing wrong. So how can a man be so selfish. Sick of crying my self to sleep.

  82. I am a bondage gimp man and my girlfriend is a penguin any advice to make my tentacles last longer? Btw I’m 7 years old. Thanks!

  83. if ur man dosnt satisfy u….then f**k him…..heez nt a man….

  84. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  85. How i fit mke my dick big 2 4k 20 years n above girlz

  86. My man makes me come by just looking at him. So I’m assuming It’s because of my sexual attraction to him and plus I know what he’s capable of. But here’s a tip that helped me in the past. Have your man eat you until you feel your climax coming. Then stop him immediately and have him stick it in and go for it. It worked like a charm every time previously for me.

  87. My man makes me fun by just looking at him so I’m assuming that its because of my sexual attraction and what i know he’s capable of. But here is a tip hat helped me in the past. Have your man eat u until you feel ur climax comin then stop him and have him immediately stick it in and go for it. It worked like a charm every time previously for me.

  88. Does No.8 actually work?

  89. well, men were made to be brave but nothing is more stronger than being in bed with the person you do love. i have liked the comments and i do thank you

  90. Tanks 4 d tips. I‘m goin to put to test tonite.

  91. Me n my husband have tried all of this and over the counter drugs but it just don’t seem to help him last longer.. The foreplay is great and we have several toys but I would rather it be him inside me then the toy but he never last more than 1 min. And ideas he can’t take n of the sex pills anymore due to his job the do drug test n the pills show up in them

  92. It’s easy for guys to last longer in bed with Deferol capsules. Deferol lets the fun last longer for everybody and no numbing.

  93. FUK A REAL MAN!! Like me ill.last till ur PUSSY DRY!!

  94. My bf his jus not sattisfying me at all in bed I want a good f**k! But I do enjoy the foreplay but how do I get him to last??

  95. Tanks guys for all the comments I’ve read some usefull tips but yeah tanks guys

  96. I have 6 months having sex with my bf. He is the first guy in my life but I haven’t reach an orgasm …what should I do?

  97. just get your mind off the s**t when do it..pretnd as if diaz no one wit u, it does magic 4 me

  98. It pains wen i cant satisfy my gal

  99. Try thinking of a complicated task that you know and like well. Then go over the task in your mind. Works great for me. I tie fishing

  100. I got a girl Im realy in to that wants me to stay over night When her dad goes outa town Next week i need help now i last 6 mins on average. Does smokein green realy help?

  101. Hey have your man jack off a couple times before you have sex or jack him off. Or you could always get you a toy and have him use it on you. That would do 2 things it would please you and make him want to please you better than the toy would. If that doesnt work make him go slow and stop wen he feels the ejaculation coming on and trust me he can feel it and play with yourself the hole time.

  102. would love to the frustraited wife and hi in a crazy wild 3some

  103. Yall too funny!

  104. Frustrated wife I will fu*k the sh*t out of you

  105. i need help, my husband lasts like 30 seconds in bed we have been married for six months i have never been satisfied after sex ever, dont know what to do. Please help

  106. Before having sex go down on her make her aquart and then f**k f**k her brains out works ever time from me (xiaco)

  107. Number 2 is not relevant in this town, Quasimodo would look like Jenna Haze compared to some of the swamp donkeys round here.

  108. This works like magic.

  109. id say keep your mind off it while your doing it, it helps a lot for me.

  110. Pop an adderall before you go to town. Works wonders

  111. You are all pussies.

  112. Ive always noticed that taking painkillers, xanax, or alcohol helps last longer. i believe it is because the painkillers make you kind of numb, which doesnt it make it feel that great, but still good. xanax and alcohol slows down your thoughts which also help you last longer. ive pounded for a good 30minutes-1 hour on lortabs ^^. i love them, wish i had them everytime i was fucking!

  113. smoke a blunt after drinking you’ll never stop even if u just smoke you will last longer. no idea y

  114. Ephedrine and vodka in combination used to work great but I don’t drink anymore and ephedrine is off the market. Anyone ever tried a c*ck ring? Was curious if they work.

  115. I lasted an hour and a half without using any durgs or whatever (im 16) well thats my record but dman sometimes it takes 45 seconds im goin crazy!

  116. Hi,
    1. Get the girl on the top and let her play.
    2. Do not think too much about sex.
    3. Do not let the girl touch the sex at the begiing.
    4. But when it is about to come let squeees the testicanls (2balls) heavily till you get ache.
    5 let her bit you.

  117. My girlfriend is so smokin’ hot…I wasn’t able to last more than 2 minutes with my eyes open. A good friend told me his secret for lasting longer in bed is Deferol capsules since it controls premature ejaculation. Deferol definitely works for me too and it helps me go longer. Now, It’s easy to satisfy her with my eyes open and the lights on.

  118. i hink number 10 is all wrong the drug to give a go has to be, hands down marijuana. you can last as long as you want and sex feels so much better and you get better control. plus its healthy complete non-harmful and natural unlike all those pills your taking which are made up of bunch of chemicals that could be harmful and some lead to some serious health defects

  119. don’t worry some day it will gradually get better, besides you can always rest and go at it again later. Back in my day the women i was in lust with was taught to keep herself locked , anyway for me just rubbing up against her would cause an ejaculation, but as time passed and the more sex we had the less of a problem premature ejaculation became. No one back then knew about oral sex , I learned about it later with a younger ,horny women who would respond with many orgasms prior to penetration. But alas as you age your desire diminishes and you need more stimulation to get off. So don’t worry take the way it is for what it is and explain to your mate how excited you get and that you need to spend more time with her to get it right and to love her whole body and practice oral sex on her, she will probably enjoy every moment and so will you.Be safe!

  120. you shuld b start from up, u asked her would u like long just come up to me i m sure she trough 7time water.

  121. Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Cheers

  122. try to use different sex positions,this will delay a man.also when you ar about to ejaculate,just try to think of something weird. zambia

  123. To make a girl climax. Works everytime have her on top grab her hips and rock her back and fort. While she is all the way down. I learned that it hits the clitorus at the same time. She will climax in less than one minute. I have never met one that could resist it. I even had one that never had a orgasm and it work for her to.

  124. saco con el dedo , porque con la verga ya no puedo

  125. explanation should be more easier

  126. Estan pendejos todos aqui a la verga ponganse cocaina en la punta de la verga y que la mujer se la unte en toda la cabeza del pito y duraran minimo dos horas sin pedo saludos desde Colombia

  127. All of my college boyfriends take Deferol, a non-prescription climax control supplement for men so they last longer in bed. They know that longer sex is better sex, and better sex means more sex. I won’t tolerate guys that leave the party too soon. Deferol works and guys can buy Deferol online at and Your girlfriends and you will appreciate this climax control capsule. Deferol works without numbing.

  128. Oy vey

  129. Don’t panic! Tοο many people аrе being pushed over thе edge, rіɡht tο ejaculation, bесаυѕе thеу mentally bеɡіn tο panic whеn thеу feel close tο orgasm.

  130. Use masturbation as a way to train yourself to last longer before you ejaculate. Bring yourself to the edge of ejaculation – then exercise your will-power and stop! Do this with dedication and focus, so that you don’t tip over into ejaculation.

  131. Thanks for the tips, another good tip that never fails to deliver is to give her oral sex before penetration, you are guaranteed to give her multiple orgasms with this one.

  132. thanks for the tip now if only i can get my penis to stay hard and how to make it bigger

  133. 6. Get a long slow bj first whilst giving cunnilingus. :)

  134. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but there is no 6.

  135. Much as I hate to say it, the main problem is as WildWendy said: men look at sex as nothing more than stress relief and instant gratification. It’s also the main reason for sexual dissatisfaction among women. If guys actually took the time for actual foreplay, not only would they notice their woman being more responsive and active (and more open-minded to suggestions), they’d also learn that by getting a woman all hot and bothered before hand (that doesn’t mean just getting her wet enough to stick it in), it makes it easier for her to come through intercourse. With that in mind, it doesn’t really matter overmuch how quick you blow your load (unless you blow it the moment you put it in).

    On the other hand, though, porn and romance movies/novels have screwed things up to no end. Through porn, men have been conditioned to believe that a woman wants an 8″ (or bigger) dick plowing into her like a jackhammer for nearly an hour and that a woman is open to anything. Through romance movies/novels, women have been conditioned to believe that sex consists of love and tenderness (which it can, but it’s not a requirement), as well as hours of sex with that same 8″ dick that brings her to an earth-shattering orgasm and only THEN does the man come. This is so disproportionate to real life that it’s no wonder men look at sex as a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am affair while being secretly disappointed because they’re not as big as the guys in porn while women are openly disappointed with the lack of pleasure, size, their general distaste for sex (the rare sex loving woman notwithstanding).

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